Linking the Long Gray Line: WPAOG Career Transition Program

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WPAOG has provided career services to graduates for decades. Starting in 1994, WPAOG partnered with the other federal service academies to hold a quarterly Service Academy Career Conference (SACC), a job fair exclusively for service academy grads. This forum has provided resources for hundreds of grads transitioning from military service to the corporate environment. While today WPAOG continues to hold SACC, the range of services offered has been enhanced to help graduates through all kinds of career transitions.

For example, grads can enroll in the WPAOG Career Transition Program, which will guarantee them access to a dedicated transition coach and unlimited one-on-one assistance to support them at every step of their job search: resume-building, interview prep, salary negotiation, and more. The Career Transition Program also gives them access to Korn Ferry Advance, a professional career training program offered via WPAOG’s partnership with Korn Ferry, a top global executive search firm.

Finally, WPAOG’s enhanced career services includes the Career Navigator Program, which allows job-seeking grads the ability to leverage WPAOG’s 50K-plus geographical and industry grad-advisor networks to obtain more holistic transition support, beyond the simple career search.

In survey after survey, grads have reported that the type of support they want most from WPAOG is career services. As one of the priorities of the West Point Ready Campaign, the Long Gray Line Fund and Endowment supports all WPAOG’s efforts, including the Career Transition Program, to achieve its mission to serve West Point and its graduates.

Graduate Testimonials

“Starting a second life and beginning again is no easy task. Your family, your psyche, your confidence will all be shaken at some point. WPAOG helps you stem this blow. They will prep you and keep you confident as you endure, adapt, and overcome. Based on a recommendation from a close friend, WPAOG was my first stop after I decided to retire. The team helped me prep my resume, gave excellent recommendations, and made connections expanding my network I will have for the rest of my professional career, most likely my life. Teaming up with WPAOG was my smartest move—just happy it happened early in my transition.”

—LTC (R) Eric Musgrave ’01

“I reached out to WPAOG in early 2022 with the intent to change jobs. I wanted to take my time, so I didn’t rush into a new job that wasn’t the best fit. WPAOG’s one-on-one coaching, specifically with resume reviews, how to optimize my LinkedIn profile, connect with grads, and navigate the offer/acceptance process ultimately gave me the confidence to accept an offer with a 46% salary increase. Had I not been job searching with WPAOG Career Services by my side, I would have settled for a lesser offer far earlier in the process.”

—CPT Nicholas Dignacco ’14

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