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This episode features a conversation with Brad Genser ’07, Founder and CTO at Farther.

Brad Genser is Founder and CTO at Farther, the first digital family office that pairs expert advisors with intelligent technology to manage your entire financial life in one place.

At Farther, Brad provides the vision for using technology to deliver an elite wealth experience for clients. Prior, Brad was at Goldman Sachs in New York where he founded and led an Artificial Intelligence team dedicated to Private Wealth, and was an advisor on a team which managed more than one billion dollars in assets for clients. Brad graduated from MIT with an SM in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He also graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2007. Brad is a two-time Iraq war combat vet and was awarded two bronze stars.

In this episode, Brad discusses the importance of fostering relationships as a leader, managing over a billion dollars in assets, and how he received two bronze stars while serving in the Iraq War. Brad also talks about the valuable lessons learned during his time in the military, which aided his efforts in founding the next great financial institution.

Episode Timestamps

(02:00) Segment: AAR
(03:00) Walking hours
(04:30) Beast Barracks
(09:30) Impactful classes at West Point
(11:30) Mentorship
(16:15) Fostering relationships with NCOs
(18:45) Mental health suggestions for veterans
(21:30) Segment: Sit Rep
(26:45) About Farther
(30:15) Valuable lessons from the military
(36:00) Segment: SOP
(39:00) Segment: Giving Back

“You’re going from doing this huge thing, living at the very edge of life, to starting over and being like the new person who is sitting there pushing paper back and forth. And, I think that adjustment is a very jarring thing. It is not something that is abnormal, but it is something that people need to go through and deal with. The advice here, as I’ve gone down this journey, is realize that it will take time to adjust to your stage and give yourself time to recover and rest”

— Brad Genser ’07

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