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Road Closure

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Happy 154th Birthday WPAOG

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Today, we reflect upon the distinguished legacy of the West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG), an institution founded in 1869. This momentous occasion marks an enduring commitment and service to the United States Military Academy.

At its inception, WPAOG was borne out of the visionary initiative of Robert Anderson, Class of 1825, who corresponded with Sylvanus Thayer, Class of 1808, widely revered as the “Father of the Military Academy.” United in purpose, they proposed the establishment of an association dedicated to preserving and advancing this illustrious educational institution.

On May 22, a gathering of 15 graduates convened within the office of Dr. Horace Webster, Class of 1818. During that event, seven resolutions were passed, encapsulating the mission and ethos of the newly formed Association. Of particular significance was the adoption of Article II of its Constitution, which stipulated the promotion of cherished memories and the cultivation of fraternal bonds among the Academy’s graduates.

A testament to its distinguished standing, WPAOG operates as the primary organization with explicit authorization to solicit private funds on behalf of the United States Military Academy, as formally acknowledged by a Memorandum of Agreement. As a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, the Association’s philanthropic endeavors are dedicated to fortifying the “Margin of Excellence” at West Point, lending vital support to over 170 cadet activities, cultural immersion programs, scholarships, and essential facilities.

We stand united in celebration of WPAOG’s unyielding commitment to foster unbreakable bonds among the Long Gray Line and perpetuate the legacy of our alma mater. With great pride, we envision a future where WPAOG stands as the epitome of alumni connectedness on a global scale. Together, let us honor our alma mater, nurture the spirit of camaraderie, and contribute to the lasting impact of this extraordinary connection.

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