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This episode features a conversation with John Robb ‘91, Founder and Managing Director of The Stone Creek Group.

John is the Founder and Managing Director of The Stone Creek Group, which is an investment management and business advisory firm based in Denver, Colorado. Prior to Stone Creek, John was a Senior Vice President & Managing Director with Bernstein Global Wealth Management. John is the former chair of the Investment Committee for the West Point Association of Graduates and has served on the Committee since 2004 and is part of the West Point graduating class of 1991.

In this episode, John unpacks his investing methodology across the various funds and organizations he’s managed capital for. It was fascinating to hear how his experience working with West Point AOG helped shape his vision for creating his own firm.

Episode Timestamps

(01:45) AAR—After Action Review
(05:30) Life after West Point
(08:30) How John got involved in Bernstein Wealth Management
(11:10) How John thought about investment management early in his career
(13:30) Get involved with local societies earlier rather than later
(15:20) The difference between investing at Berstein and AOG
(22:10) The Sitrep—The Situation Report
(25:15) The unique characteristics of investing West Point’s endowment vs. other universities
(27:40) The best advice John gave to his daughter and how he’s made career decisions
(30:25) The early fears and challenges John had to overcome when starting Stone Creek
(35:45) What Stone Creek is today vs. what John thought it was going to be in 2016
(44:35) How to manage your time
(49:45) How to think about long-term investing
(56:15) John’s mentors and how they’ve helped him
(59:40) SOP—Standard Operating Procedure

“My daughter just graduated from college. And my oldest son asked her, ‘what’s the best advice dad ever gave you?’ She said: ‘Simple, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to find another room.’ My career has been defined by being around talented people.”

—John Robb ‘91

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