Dr. Edward Teller Receives Thayer Award

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As a distinguished physicist, educator and author, Doctor Edward Teller has rendered more than half a century of outstanding service to the United States and its citizens.

Through his contributions to our nation’s scientific and national defense programs, both in and outside of government service, and to the education of American youth and in his embodiment of the concept of a citizen’s duty to his country, Edward Teller has exemplified the ideals which have inspired and motivated generations of West Point graduates.

Doctor Teller has, through his personal achievements, markedly raised the level of our understanding and use of chemical physics, molecular physics, nuclear physics and quantum theory. He has played a major role in the development of national programs to explore the peaceful use of nuclear explosives and the harnessing of thermonuclear energy. As an advisor to many national organizations, he has done much to enable the United States to continue its position of world leadership in scientific research and the peaceful employment of its discoveries. In recent years, he has focused the nation’s attention upon the impending energy shortage and has suggested means by which this critical problem may be resolved. As an educator, he has inspired students and teachers alike and given dedicated support to the vitally important part science must play in the education of our youth.

Through his long and selfless service as a scientist, teacher, author and public servant, Edward Teller has made significant and lasting contributions to the security and welfare of the United States. The devoted nature and high integrity of his labors and their profound successes across a broad spectrum of endeavors symbolize the values of “Duty, Honor, County” expressed in the motto of West Point.

Accordingly, the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy hereby presents the 1986 Sylvanus Thayer Award to Doctor Edward Teller.

Thayer Award

Since 1958, the West Point Association of Graduates has presented the SYLVANUS THAYER AWARD to an outstanding citizen of the United States whose service and accomplishments in the national interest exemplify personal devotion to the ideals expressed in the West Point motto, “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”
The Sylvanus Thayer Award is funded by a generous endowment from E. Doug Kenna ’45 and his wife, Jean.

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