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Dancing with Uncertainty

Category: Grad News
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This episode features a conversation with Socrates Rosenfeld ’04, Co-Founder & CEO of Jane Technologies.

Socrates is the founder and CEO of Jane Technologies, the cannabis industry’s first online marketplace that recently raised $100M.

On this episode, Socrates provides a framework for making tough decisions and doing what feels right, how he turned journal entry dreams into reality, and the power of feeling comfortable in life’s uncertainties.

Episode Timestamps

(03:00) Transitioning from the military to the private sector
(07:10) First stop post-deployment: Guatemala
(11:15) Turning journal entries into reality
(16:30) Leaving McKinsey and taking the leap and how to take it for yourself
(20:40) Starting a company with your family
(25:25) What launch day of Jane Technologies was like
(28:50) What Socrates is focused on today with Jane and what he envisions for the future
(33:30) Segment: The SOP
(37:35) Segment: Giving Back

“If we can just start to feel comfortable in our uncertainty and embrace it and be patient with it and understand that this is a process that’s evolving for, can stay true to ourselves. Beautiful things emerged from uncertainty. And it’s really hard, man. It’s easy for me to say. It’s very hard to do. But I find that the true artists of life, the people who tend to redefine themselves across different chapters of their lives that continue to grow, they’ve been able to dance with uncertainty and embrace it and use it as a, as a stage to grow. Man, the sooner we realize that as veterans, life becomes not this thing that you must endure, but this dance that you get to experience.”

—Socrates Rosenfeld ’04


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