Army leaders gather at Fort Moore’s Maneuver Warfighter Conference

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Top Army leadership from the Pentagon and major commands gathered at Fort Moore on Sept. 12-14 for the Maneuver Center of Excellence’s Maneuver Warfighter Conference. The annual event, hosted by MG Curtis Buzzard ’92, MCoE commanding general and Fort Moore’s senior commander, focused on the way forward for large scale combat operations, including presentations on maneuver modernization, multi-domain operations, robotics, electronic warfare, and data literacy as well as holistic health and fitness.

“For three days, we get to hear from the leaders of our Army. We get to focus on driving change and meet the challenges of Army 2030, shape the Army of 2040, and build a common visualization of where we’re going,” Buzzard said, emphasizing the importance of the MWFC.

Buzzard also mentioned the Army pivot to large scale combat operations, combined arms in a multi-domain environment, transparent battlefields, and the proliferation of unmanned systems as topics to be covered and discussed.

“We are at the epicenter of the changing character and immutable nature of war at the Maneuver Center of Excellence. This is exactly what we do: we focus on building the foundation and delivering trained and combat ready Soldiers and leaders to the operational force while also developing and integrating the doctrine and capabilities for the future,” Buzzard said.

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