1958’58 is Great
1959None So Fine As ’59
1960Go Like ’60
1961Second to None
1962Can Do
1964Stars in Store for ’64
1965Strength and Drive, ’65
1966Fame Will Mix With ’66
1967None Will Surpass ’67
1968No Task Too Great for ’68
1969Best of the Line, ’69
1970Serve With Integrity, ’70
1971Professionally Done by ’71
1972Proud and True, ’72
1973Proud and Free, ’73
1974Pride of the Corps, ’74
1975Courage and Drive, ’75
1976Spirit of ’76
1977Esprit de Corps
1978Proud and Great
1979Top of the Line
1980Pride and Excellence
1981Strength as One, ’81
1982The Select Few
1983Proud to Be ’83
1984Best of the Corps
1985For Excellence We Strive ’85
1986Courage Never Quits
1987Our Country We Strengthen
1988No Task Too Great
1989We Strengthen the Line
1990The Proud and Mighty
1991Duty Shall be Done
1992The Brave and the Few
1993Defenders of the Free
1994With Courage We Soar, ’94
1995With Honor We Strive
1996For Freedom We Risk
1997With Pride We Defend
1998Duty Will Not Wait
1999With Duty in Mind
2000With Honor in Hand
2001Til Duty is Done
2002Pride in All We Do
2003Protector of the Free
2004For Country and Corps
2005Keeping Freedom Alive
2006Never Falter Never Quit
2007Always Remember Never Surrender
2008No Mission Too Great
2009For Your Freedom and Mine
2010Loyal ‘Til the End
2011For Freedom We Fight
2012For More Than Ourselves
2013Defending the Dream
2014Forever One Team
2015For Those We Lead
2016With Honor We Lead
2017So Others May Dream
2018With Strength We Lead
2019So Freedom Will Reign
2020With Vision We Lead
2021Until the Battle is Won
2022For many, Stand the Few
2023Freedom is not Free
2024Like None Before
2025Together We Thrive
2026For Country We Commit
2027Earned Not Given