Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship

The Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship provides full tuition for master’s degrees in counter-terrorism and homeland security, or diplomacy and conflict studies, at the prestigious IDC Herzliya’s Raphael Recanati International School, located near Tel Aviv.

Cullum #ClassName
703342014Alexander Bastoky
722042015Amy Saxton
750292018Sean O’Brien
748122018Lexie Johnson
745132018Scott Buchanan
761032019Jacob Pettit
760072019David Mitchell
770022020Ashley Lasiter
78595A2021Pedro Santiago-Bonilla
779142021Talley Griffith
778422021Cali Evans
779142021Talley Griffith
794972022Ben Spiro
786632022Konrad Babraj
789532022David Gorshein
801952023Tony Marco

Barry Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation was established by Congress in 1986 to serve as a living memorial to honor the lifetime work of Senator Barry Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years in the U.S. Senate.

Cullum #ClassName
760762019Jesse Palmer
761862019Madeline Ryu
774972020Jenny Wang
766992020Matthew DiBiase
773382020Nathaniel Schlosser
779552021Kalei Hering
791402022Ryan Kreiser
791962022Veronica Lucian
796382022Felita Zhang
804972023Edward Tang
805912023Aidan Wright
2024Justus Gabriel
2024Nathon Segovia

Carnegie-Mellon West Point Scholarship

The Carnegie-Mellon West Point Scholarship provides full tuition for master’s degrees in international relations and politics, or information technology strategy, from Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Politics and Strategy.

Cullum #ClassName
782202021Ryan Murphy
796092022Joshua Williams
794312022Sarah Rutherford
789892022Lauren Harpole
787062022Seth Bolden
805932023Chiara Wurdack Simmons
803502023Matthew Porter
801452023Jacob Lapin
797252023Seth Benson

Draper Laboratory Fellowship

The Draper Laboratory Fellowship Program sponsors 50—60 graduate students each year, providing full tuition coverage and a monthly stipend for the duration of the student’s degree program. Fellows are typically enrolled in an engineering, science or mathematics Master’s or Ph.D. program.

Cullum #ClassName
714292015Paul Asare Agyapong
716942015Kyle T. Geiser
719222015Zachary T. Lee*
723042015Frederick R. Ulrich*
724992016Blake Bequette
727922016Austin Herrling
738352017Leonard R. Kosta
738392017Adam B. Kratch
739012017Samuel A. Mahle
741232017Adam F. Reynolds
743192017Bryce D. Wilkins

*Scholarship declined

East–West Center Fellowship

The East-West Center at the University of Hawaii awards 100 grants each year for two years of graduate study dealing with the Asia- Pacific region. Grants are awarded to 34 U.S. students and to 66 representatives of nations from East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Cullum #ClassName
483741991James C. Ku
485561991Thomas F. Pettit
493091992Charlie H. Kim
508041993David G. Williams
543961997Daisy C. Mo
544311997Victor S. Olshansky
548211998Eric A. Blomstedt
561041999Kenneth S. Kondo, Jr.
569292000Scott P. Handler
570422000Austin K. Kim
576912001Richard T. K. Chen
578752001Jeffrey J. Han
584312001Susan J. Woo
586372002David S. Chang
587632002John D. Finch
589522002Kenton E. Justice
591782002Ashleigh B. Pipes
595292003Evan W. Brainerd
597662003Steven M. Hemmann
599042003Michael S. Lee
609382004Jason J. Nam
616082005Christopher M. Gin
617542005Michael S. Kolton
619032005Kha M. Nguyen
621162005Tomio J. Toyama
623582006Tom L. Cai
623902006Wei C. Chou
627062006Michael N. Lee
628502006Allison Y. Y. Pan
632042007Mary E. Boyle
633262007Heather P. DiSilvio
638862007Marya J. Rosenberg
640182007Daniel A. Vallone
643352008Michael J. Duda
644452008Nicholas J. Hanauer
646212008Cole J. Livieratos
658262009Andrew J. Pulaski
659192009James R. Sessions III
665732010David K. Lee
692652013Duncan Aylor
694372013Robert Delaney
719372015Kaiwen Lin*
724902016Drew Beckmann
2020Owen Ou

*Scholarship declined

Fulbright Scholarship

The program was begun in 1946 by Congress and is administered by the State Department.

Cullum #ClassName
614962005David H. Cowan
616112005Jeffrey D. Glick
625872006Stephanie L. Hightower
62794*2006Sean N. Miller
629552006Jacob T. Sheehan
636282007Daniel C. Lennox
640182007Daniel A. Vallone
641672008Nathaniel D. Bastian
649672008Kahlil M. Tawil
693372013Steven Burroughs
698832013Hamid Nasir
701392013Paul N. Tindall
703342014Alexander I. Bastoky
714012015Courtland R. Adams
717072015Daniel C. Glockler
719372015Kaiwen Lin
719382015Jon K. Lindefjeld*
723042015Frederick R. Ulrich*
724582016Michael Auten
728262016Colby Hyde
729132016Amos Lee
742522017Nathanael R. Thomas
737312017John F. Hadley
752772018Isaiah Valdez
748352018Carolyn Kehn
744562018Miranda Bass
2018Ulysses McGinnis
762772019Samir Streatfield
757502019Stephen Gracza
759382019John “Jack” Lowe
756382019Benjamin Denn
771472020Sarah Morrow
769182020Bryce Johnston
766012020Mary Cerbone
770362020Anchor Losch
775072020Haley Watson
767312020Deanna Edgar
766852020AnnaMarie Dear
784342021Tyler Skidmore
781982021AnnMarie Moolenaar
779842021Adam Hoxeng
779452021Chris Hebert
794932022Josiah Spain
790652022Adam Johantges
790392022Kristina Hughes
789202022William Frangia
786832022Reed Bauer
797882023Anthony Cappetta
798372023Edward Custy
797352023Annesley Black

*Scholarship declined

Gates-Cambridge Scholars

Gates-Cambridge Scholars receive a full scholarship to pursue any one- or two-year master’s program at the University of Cambridge.

Cullum #ClassName
589632002Scott M. Katalenich
584892002Matthew R. Adams
601512003Joel D. Schumacher
607922004Steven D. Kreeger
610442005Heather I. Ritchey
625172006Jennifer L. Gonser
627162006Jessamyn J. Liu
638772007Andrew B. Robinson
650322008Zachary N. Watson
648622008Robert G. Rose
646812008Michael J. McMahon
652302009Jon M. Chachula

Knight-Hennessy Scholars

Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive full scholarships to pursue a graduate degree at Stanford University.

Cullum #ClassName
722482015 (won in 2020)Aaron Spikol
755272019Kenneth Brinson
773622020Arelena Shala
766852020AnnaMaria Dear
783912021Kalista Schauer
795452022Anna Tovkach
804702023Christopher Sowinski
799662023Pierce Garver
798202023Alma Cooper

Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship

Lincoln Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) supports the professional development and education of active-duty military officers through the Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowships, awarded starting in 2011. Fellows are master’s degree students from all of the military academies, Training with Industry officers, and Senior Service School attendees. Officers may conduct research in space control, air and missile defense technology, communication systems, cyber security, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, tactical systems, homeland protection, air traffic control and engineering.

Cullum #ClassName
491081992Deborah M. Ellis
703232014Stuart P. Baker
714472015Seamus J. Bann
719222015Zachary T. Lee
722512015Leo C. St. Armour
723042015Frederick R. Ulrich
723722015Christopher W. Wink
724662016Benjamin E. Barclay
726622016Neal T. Eichenberg
730542016Roberts G. Nelson
731732016Marc C. Samland
732372016Jonathan R. Spirnak
733152016Willahem W. Wan
733652016Jinny Y. Yan
734592017Gabriella Barrera Gutierrez
735722017Liam J. Comidy
736532017Ezra M. Engel
737282017Jarrett M. Guyer
743522017Jessica H. Zhu

*Scholarship declined

Marshall Scholarship

In 1953 the British Parliament created the Marshall Scholarship program to “commemorate the humane ideals of the European Recovery Programme (Marshall Plan).” The purpose of the program is to identify and finance 40 young Americans of high ability to study for at least two years in the United Kingdom leading to a master’s or equivalent degree.

Cullum #ClassName
403621983Lawrence J. Kinde
423631985Leslie A. Lewis
430981986David B. DesRoches
433551986Timothy A. Knight
434321986Paul C. Marks
460091989Patrick A. Brown
462221989Michael R. Greene
467391989Lisa A. Shay
473221990Edward P. Hoyt
477681990Michael J. Thorson
480281991Richard O. Burney
510611994Raymond L. Eason
516011994E. Scott Rhind
526131995Hans Pung
532931996David T. Johnson
541071997Guy L. Filippelli
545321997Jose D. Salinas
576042001John B. Barker
585242002Brian C. Babcock
590622002Anne C. McClain
593822002Kenneth W. Wainwright
593902002*Erica J. Watson
598222003Seth A. Johnston
599802003Bre G. Millard
612322004Joseph Z. Wells
614632005Jay J. Choi
616412005Anne M. Hammerstrom
619672005James M. Powers
624092006Peter J. Crawford
624332006Kent C. Debenedictis
633492007Charles D. Eadie
636722007Matthew C. Martel
637962007Ethan M. Orwin
643022008*Jason G. Crabtree
648742008Melvin J.K. Sanborn
656512009*Joshua A. Lospinoso
679992011Jeremy D. Smith
703752014Alexander B. Brammer
709872014Ahmad I. Nasir
729692016Ian Mauldin
741512017Samuel R. Ruppert
756612019Robert Drummond
755072019David Bindon
761972019Madeleine Schneider
771272020Lynne Mooradian
782482021Langdon Ogburn
795372022Henry Thompson
794402022Emma San Martin
789752022Tommy Hall
805412023Marley Wait

*Scholarship declined

Mitchell Scholarship

This scholarship, established in 1998, funded by the government of Ireland and other donors, is administered by the US-Ireland alliance, and is intended to foster continued ties between the two countries by sending talented Americans to study in Ireland each year. Approximately 12 students are awarded one year of fully funded graduate study at the University of their choice in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Cullum #ClassName
589042002Jeannie Huh
599802003Bre G. Millard
616542005Sean A. Healy
639612007Erin A. Stevens
729972016Megan McNulty

*Scholarship declined

National GEM Consortium Scholarship

The National GEM Consortium is addressing the critical shortfall in the production of American engineering and scientific talent. The mission of The National GEM Consortium is to enhance the value of the nation’s human capital by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the master’s and doctoral levels in engineering and science. Cadets compete for the MS Engineering Fellowship. Through the GEM Consortium corporations, universities, and U.S. government labs partner to provide GEM Fellows full tuition and fees as well as practical engineering summer experiences. (Info since 2012)

Cullum #ClassName
684422012Samuel D. Ellis
692432013Antonia L. Allen
702702013Jarrett V. Mackey
706632014Derrick R. Hall, Jr.
720382015Brittney L. Murray
731432016Jonathan J. Richards
729992016Alfred L. McQuirter
739842017Chris C. Monroe
741382017Matthew M. Rodriguez
594772018Justin Alexander
754152018Jadon Long
759952019Patrick Meehan
758282019Carlan Ivey
771412020William Morningstar
772632020Adaya Queen
774462020Alajia Thornton
775462020Michael Worth
766182020Michael Clark
771172020Bendie Minu

*Scholarship declined

National Science Foundation Fellowship

Provides for three years of study leading to a master’s or doctoral degree in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, or social science, or in the history and philosophy of sciences.

Cullum #ClassName
238191962Rudolf E. Penczer
244191963George T. Hamilton
245451963James R. Hannigan
244201963Lionel R. Ingram
244181963Gary K. Klauminser
244251963James D. Lang
249311964Randolph L. Harris
249571964Mont Hubbard, Jr.
249261964Raymond E. Knell
249211964Jere M. Richardson
249381964Kenneth E. Sprague
255021965Gordon A. Long
255381965Camden W. McConnell
261161966John H. Boyd III
261131966Terrence E. Durbin
260871966Charles L. Moore
261831966Paul M. Root
266691967Terry D. Hand
272481968Andrew L. Dull
279591969John E. Furneaux
279721969Hugh J. Donohue, Jr.
280001969Arthur L. Faris
280301969Michael J. Speltz
310491973Jay C. Willis
320181974Willis F. Marti
321901974Dwight A. Helton
328291975Peter L. Guth
363081979Albert M. Bleakley, Jr.
369001979Paul E. Roege
372411980Jonathan D. Bray
380281980William K. Wray
417651984Patrick M. Wray
442011987Michael F. Garceau
446581987Daniel Rodriguez
447281988*Christine S. Siegwarth
461641989Andrew Fedorchek
488801992Terrence F. Alger II
550871998Malcolm G. Haynes
607522004John H. J. Kang
641672008Nathaniel D. Bastian
656512009Joshua A. Lospinoso
656942009Brian M. McCord
661702010Elizabeth A. Betterbed
662792010Iain J. Cruickshank
663052010Brandon N. Dotson
684422012Samuel D. Ellis
703232014Stuart P. Baker*
710352014Damon M. Paulo
709672014Geoffrey A. Moores*
720752015Rachel Oliver*
728542016Lisa Jones
731732016Marc Samland
735562017Travis Chewning-Kulick
734592017Gabriela Barrera Gutierrez
738392017Adam Kratch
739012017Samuel Mahle
752032018Garrett Simon
761862019Madeline Ryu
773382020Nathaniel Schlosser
771272020Lynne Mooradian
767852020Truman Gabriel
780372021Rachel Kinnison
796382022Felita Zhang
796332022Alexa Zammit
794502022Gillian Schiffer
790282022Ty Homan
805772023Jacob Willis
804702023Christopher Sowinski
799032023Bryn Ellwein

*Maiden name is Meyer

Rhodes Scholarship

In 1903, Cecil Rhodes provided for the 32 annual scholarships for Americans who seem willing and capable of “fighting tomorrow’s battles.” The scholarships allow for two to three years of study at Oxford University in England.

Cullum #ClassName
69601923Francis R. Johnson
76271925Standish Weston
76291925Charles E. Saltzman
84901929George A. Lincoln
87881930William Whipple
88101930Irvin R. Schimmelpfennig
90331931Charles H. Bonesteel III
90411931Edward M. Parker
90581931Lawrence H. Rogers
93421932James McCormack, Jr.
93501932Roger D. Black, Jr.
95931933Alden K. Sibley
104851936William M. Connor
130491943George A. Rebh Jan
134591943Bernard W. Rogers Jun
152871946Wesley W. Posvar
152881946Milton A. Strain
152891946Amos A. Jordan, Jr.
161671947Roger R. Bate
167731949Richard T. Carvolth III
167801949Dan L. McGurk
173491950James M. Thompson
180181951Andrew C. Remson, Jr.
185011952Charles R. Wallis
195321954John C. Bard
195381954Ames S. Albro, Jr.
195581954Dale A. Vesser
201641955Lee D. Olvey
201651955John T. Hamilton
201741955Martin C. McGuire
201761955Harvey A. Garn
206471956B. Conn Anderson, Jr.
206501956Richard D. Sylvester
211411957James R. Murphy
216771958John O. B. Sewall
222341959James F. Ray
222351959Stanley M. Kanarowski, Jr.
222361959C. Powell Hutton
222421959Peter M. Dawkins
222451959John S. Grinalds
222551959Michael J. Gillette
227331960Robert E. Montgomery, Jr.
227521960Paul L. Miles, Jr.
232831961Howard D. Graves
232841961Larry D. Budge
249301964John A. Hottell III
254901965John B. Ritch III
260821966Wesley K. Clark
279501969Howard J. von Kaenel
287501970Jack C. Zoeller
302271972Timothy T. Lupfer
311221973Philip R. Lindner
319991974Kerry K. Pierce
336881976Danny M. Davis
336901976Justin S. Huscher
337141976Richard Morales, Jr.
356331978Lonnie D. Henley
375001980Andrea L. Hollen
398311982Ricky L. Waddell
404421983Mark S. Martins
447911987John K. Tien, Jr.
451991988Douglas E. Fraley
455551988John A. Nagl
462001989John M. George
472231990Carolyn A. Ford
474011990Jennie M. Koch
525681995Eric Oliver
535231996Jennifer D. Oliva
538441997Adam K. Ake
558181999Walter R. Cooper III
574162000Melissa I. Sturm
575282000Elizabeth O. Young
575272000Chee L. Yew
572122000Craig M. Mullaney
571742000Nicholas O. Melin
576322001Seth A. Bodnar
590872002*Zachariah R. Miller
592992002Robert J. Smith
593902002Erica J. Watson
595122003Keith W. Benedict
597652003Daniel I. Helmer
610212004Amber M. Raub
613282005Michael D. April
621512005Jin R. Wang
627582006**Cheikh O. Mbengue
366332007Timothy J. Simmons
643022008Jason G. Crabtree
656512009Joshua A. Lospinoso
661702010Elizabeth A. Betterbed
668522010Alexandra P. Rosenberg
696522013Kiley Hunkler
701192013Evan Szablowski
706362013Calla E. Glavin
709032014Erin W. Mauldin
9252802017Christian E. Nattiel
744402018Simone Askew
774772020Daine Van de Wall
785302021Evan Walker
776452021Tyrese Bender
793692022Holland Pratt
791962022Veronica Lucian
789062022Krista Flinkstrom
787022022Hannah Blakey
805992023Kai Youngren
805712023Margaret Williams

*Died in pre-Ranger School training before starting
the program.
**Awardee is an international cadet.

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship

Awarded by the Rotary Foundation since 1947, the scholarship provides for two years of usually graduate study in a country other than their own, plus a stipend and travel expenses. It is the largest and most international privately sponsored scholarship program in the world with more than 1200 scholars selected annually.

Cullum #ClassName
222481959Douglas N. Campbell
469951990Walter B. Andonov
582032001Riley J. Post
591392002Robert B. Padgett
616902005Russell J. Isaacs
617972005Paul A. Lushenko
639622007Gregory J. Stevens
645282008Tyler C. Jost
650572008George B. Wilson
651342009Thomas Anderson
651982009Brent T. Bubany
652952009Brady K. Dearden
654592009Robert T. Hammond
654962009Andrew K. Hill
655132009Richard D. Houghton
656232009Bryan D. Lee
656512009*Joshua A. Lospinoso
659992009Erik J. Tomsen
661362010Benjamin C. Backsmeier
662792010Iain J. Cruickshank
663662010Margaret C. Fountain
666012010Anthony C. Lupo
666302010Tyler G. Matthews
666392010Jonathan D. McCann
666582010Stephanie A. McKiernan
668502010Brennan T. Roorda
670952010Orlando R. Zambrano
679062011Nathan Ramia
672532011Robert R. Burgin
682442012Catherine Ball
682572012Robert Baxter
682812012K. Merlin Boone
684092012Brooke Dearden
687492012Kyle Maggard
687602012Derek Marchant
688552012Nicholas Normandin
690832012Brian Tsien
691742012Clark J. Yuan
692362013Justin Adkins
693982013Nathan Combs
697502013Adam Leemans
701412013Sean Toal
703002014Taylor S. Allen
704112014Michal J. Cantrell
706112014Katherine M. Fredieu
706782014Allyson I. Hauptman
708642014Connor D. Love
709342014Sarah K. Melville
711512014Luke J. Schumacher
712152014Alexandra Sutherland
712362014Louis S. Tobergte
713772014Robert G. Fetters
715602015Micah M. Clark
717942015Robert A. Hume
719382015Jon K. Lindefjeld
720952015Nicholas A. Pappas
723772015Walter Woo
723432015Austin C. Welch
723722015Christopher W. Wink *
733312016Michael T. Westrom
736652017David T. Farr
737472017Natalie A. Herbert
742522017Nathanael R. Thomas
734712017Alexandra M. Bell
749362018Seamus Matlack
757692019Grant Hall
775072020Haley Watson
765152020Annette Bell
783182021Cheyenne Quilter
782802021George Pavlakis
782272021Maxwell Myers
779002021Anthony Giachin
789512022J. Caleb Gordon
788992022Javier Fernandez
805332023Vani Verma
800942023Kyle Kass

*Scholarship declined

Schwarzmann Scholarship

Founded by Stephen A. Schwarzmann, a one-year master’s degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where scholars may choose one of three disciplines, Public Policy, Economics and Business, or International Studies studying China’s role in global trends.

Cullum #ClassName
730902016Alex Parra
725282016Joseph Broderick
730882016Regina Parker
740542017Collin Parker
735952017Don Stanley Dalisay
739452017Mark J. McGinnis
739502017Timothy B. McLaughlin
741532017Bethany G. Russell
749772018Netteange Monaus
752612018Bradley Torpey
2018Duy Ngugen
755972019Kevin Colton
757472019Eva Gould
772762020Samuel Reichenthal

Soros Fellowship for New Americans

Soros Fellows receive $90,000 for up to three years of graduate study at any graduate program in the U.S. To apply, cadets must be a U.S. citizen under 30 who is either an immigrant, the child of two immigrant parents, a naturalized citizen, a permanent resident, a DACA recipient, or adopted from outside the United States.

Cullum #ClassName
649672008 (awarded in 2014)Khalil Tawil
698832013 (awarded in 2018)Hamid Nasir

Southampton-West Point Scholarship

The Southampton-West Point Scholarship provides funding for any one-year master’s degree at the University of Southampton.

Cullum #ClassName
767392020John Erskine
782622021Mia Padon
786792022Clara Bartram
799932023Alicyn Grete

Stamps Scholarship

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation provides for a two-year undergraduate study program where recipients pursue enrichment activities in their areas of interest.

Cullum #ClassName
725282016Joseph Broderick
728542016Lisa Jones
730452016Ian P. Myers
730902016Alex Para
734592017Gabriela Barrera Gutierrez
737282017Jarrett Guyer
740042017Edmund “Patrick” Mullen
741512017Samuel R. Ruppert
740042017Patrick Mullin
737282017Jarrett Guyer
734592017Gabriela Barrera Gutierrez
2018Joy Schaefer
750872018Remington Ponce-Pore
749812018Shawna Moore
746322018Haley Duke
2019Peter Zhu
762502019Andrew Solomonides
761882019Ashley Salgado
760762019Jesse Palmer
757632019Whitney Gunderman
774242020Patrick Sutherland
773382020Nathaniel Schlosser
771822020Robert Norwood
759012020Maya Kuang
769402020Jacob Keith
768912020Adam Hug
766852020Annamaria Dear
2020Daniel Berardino
783182021Cheyenne Quilter
782482021Langdon Ogburn
782272021Maxwell Myers
781982021AnnMarie Moolenaar
781512021Leighton McAlpin
780372021Rachel Kinnison
777672021Zoe Contagonas
777512021Hunter Choy
796382022Felita Zhang
793422022Nolan Pearce
791962022Veronica Lucian
791402022Ryan Kreiser
2022Adam Johtanges
790282022Ty Homan
789752022Tommy Hall
786832022Reed Bauer
805992023Kai Youngren
805912023Aidan Wright
804972023Edward Tang
804952023Michele Szegda
2023Caleb Suh
800942023Kyle Kass
799932023Alicyn Grete
797252023Seth Benson
796862023Deana Arbelaez
2024Martayn Van de Wall
2024Paul Trackey
2024Lily Schur
2024David Sang
2024Maximillian Renfro
2024Tristan McKenzie
2024Jorge Hurtado
2024Justus Gabriel
2024Sophie Cohen
2024Skyler Chauff
2024Aaron Calhoun
2024Alexis Bradstreet
2024Fahad Abdulrazzaq
2025Zoe Winston
2025Pierson Ederle
2025Valentin Shatilenko
2025Olivia Raykhman
2025Emily McCallum
2025Grant Lee
2025Katherine LaReau
2025Bethany Jablon
2025Sarah Cao
2025Briana Brasko

Truman Scholarship

The Harry S. Truman Foundation awards two-year graduate scholarships to promote careers in public service to the nation. Study can be at any accredited university in the world.

Cullum #ClassName
499251993Benjamin C. Block
500381993Craig P. Cummings
513581994Rafael R. Lizardi
514641994Todd R. Morgenfeld
532691996Victoria J. Hulse
53523J 1996Jennifer D. Oliva
538441997Adam K. Ake
552391998David I. Malkin
558181999Walter R. Cooper III
564691999Kevin J. Terrazas
572692000William W. Parsons
575282000Elizabeth O. Young
576322001Seth A. Bodnar
581032001Garrett Meyers
585242002Brian C. Babcock
590872002Zachariah R. Miller
593902002Erica J. Watson
598222003Seth A. Johnston
599802003Bre G. Millard
607922004Steven D. Kreeger
612322004Joseph Z. Wells
616792005Anne C. Hsieh
622882006Jonathan D. Bate
627162006Jessamyn J. Liu
633492007Charles D. Eadie
636612007Todd A. Mainwaring
649652008Christopher M. Tarney
668522010Alexandra A. Rosenberg
671932011*Marc C. Beaudoin
677082011*Kelly E. MacDonald
698832013Hamid I. Nasir
709032014Erin A. Mauldin
709872014Ahmad I. Nasir
715132015Daniel B. Brownfield
720322015William W. Moore**
761882019Ashley Salgado Padin
2019Hope Hack
771822020Robert Norwood
796382022Felita Zhang
2024Martayn Van de Wall

*This scholarship is awarded in second class year before a Cullum
Number is assigned.