The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, President and 12 to 16 Directors. They will serve for not more than nine consecutive years. The function of the Board of Directors is to manage the affairs of the Association. Directors must represent all members of the Association without being partial to any particular constituency. Meetings will be held a minimum of four times a year.

The Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, President and 18 Advisors-at-Large, 18 Class Advisors, and 18 Society Advisors. The function of the Advisory Council is to provide advice on the affairs of the WPAOG to the Board of Directors. Further details are available in the Advisors Handbook. While the Advisors-at-Large will be elected by the AOG’s membership at its annual meetings, the Class and Society Advisors will be selected by classes and societies by processes of their own choosing. Meetings will be held a minimum of two times a year.

A WPAOG Director Or Advisor Must:

1.  Act in the role of a fiduciary and adhere, from a legal perspective (this applies to Directors but not Advisors), to the three standards: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and the Duty of Obedience.

2.  Serve as an outstanding role model by exhibiting selfless leadership and undisputed integrity that personifies the ideals of “Duty, Honor, Country.”

3.  Demonstrate commitment to the mission of WPAOG (To serve West Point and the Long Gray Line) and support the vision of WPOAG for the Long Gray line to be the most highly connected alumni body in the world.

4.  Be accountable for timely attendance at all Board, Committee and Task Force meetings.

5.  Commit the time, energy and personal resources to attend all meetings well prepared to actively engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussion.

6.  Exhibit stewardship by participating in annual fundraising campaigns in a manner that is personally significant and assist in donor cultivation and solicitation, as needed.

7.  Share knowledge by mentoring less-experienced board members, and graduates and be willing to be mentored by board members with more experience.

8.  Be nominated and provide critical background information in accordance with our Director and Advisor Nomination Policy.

Class Advisors

Prior to annual meeting each class of USMA that shall be celebrating during the next calendar year the 8th, 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th or 58th anniversary of its graduation will elect or select a Class Advisor and notify the Association of its choice.

Society Advisors

One-third of the advisors shall be chosen by the Societies each year. The nominating committee shall advise all West Point Societies of which Societies or groups shall choose Society Advisors that year.

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