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WPAOG Employee Phone Numbers

Address Changes 845.446.1644
E-mail: address@wpaog.org
Archivist/Cullum Files 845.446.1647,
E-mail: archivist@wpaog.org
Death Notices 845.446.1617,
E-mail: dnsreport@wpaog.org
Memorial Articles 845.446.1647,
E-mail: memorials@wpaog.org
Register Updates E-mail: register@wpaog.org
Advertising/Subscriptions 845.446.1645,
E-mail: Ads@wpaog.org
Class Services 845.446.1614,
E-mail: class-services@wpaog.org
Class Funds Info 845.446.1656,
E-mail: classgiving@wpaog.org
Societies Info 845.446.1612,
E-mail: society-support@wpaog.org
Career Assistance / Membership 845.446.1618,
E-mail: careers@wpaog.org
Prep Scholarship Program 845.446.1523,
E-mail: Laurie.Fontana@wpaog.org
Gift Shop 845.446.1670
E-mail: giftshop@wpaog.org
Web Site Login E-mail: loginhelp@wpaog.org
Gift Processing 845.446.1658,
E-mail: giftoperations@wpaog.org
Academy Advancement 845.938.3700,
Reunions (USMA Staff) 845.938.3700 / 3024
Memorial Affairs
(USMA Staff)
Joy Pasquazi
E-mail: Joy.Pasquazi@westpoint.edu