West Point Association of Graduates: Becoming the Most Connected Alumni Body in the World Part 1

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This episode features part 1 of a discussion between the honorable Robert McDonald ’75, the new Chairman of the WPAOG Board of Directors, and Todd Browne’85, the president and CEO of AOG.

Bob and Todd share their mutual and individual goals and vision for AOG. The organization continues to grow and is aimed at fulfilling its mission to serve the Long Gray Line by becoming the most highly connected alumni body in the world.

As a highly distinguished leader and civil servant, Bob shares insights and his vision for AOG. Complementing his vision, Todd discusses more immediate strategies AOG is implementing to ensure growth, connections, and valuable services to members of the Long Gray Line. Their efforts are geared towards supporting the US Military Academy and Margins of Excellence that drive West Point to continue to be the world-class institution it’s been for over 150 years.

Episode Timestamps

(04:00) Robert McDonald discusses new role as Chairman of the WPAOG Board of Directors
(06:00) WPAOG Initiatives for 2022
(07:30) Importance of alumni being connected
(09:00) AOG as a hub for connection
(09:35) AOG Activities, Initiatives, Programs
(10:50) Human Centered Design and West Point Graduates
(13:40) AOG Moments that Matter
(17:20) Transitioning and Life After the Military
(22:05) Design of AOG
(26:03) Making Connections with other Graduates
(27:15) Where Does AOG Want to Be
(31:20) Personalization and Outreach for AOG
(33:20) Comfort and Connections Between Graduate Entrepreneurs
(35:50) Importance of Data to Help Graduates
(38:00) Guiding Graduates
(40:00) Advice for How Graduates Can Better Connect with Eachother
(44:50) Finding My Next Mission

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