The Value of the West Point Network with Dave Alberga ‘84

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This episode features an interview with Dave Alberga, West Point class of 1984, and Board Director of GovX, Citadel Defense, and Batch. In this episode, Dave talks about his experience and training as an Infantry Officer, how he values his West Point education, and what it takes to build a billion dollar organization.

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Dave has assisted in the launch of numerous start-up organizations, including their growth into large companies. He led The Active Network from pre-revenue to $480M in annual sales, and a $1 billion dollar exit for investors. Prior to Active, he served as COO of the CitySearch city guide business, helping to lead it into a successful IPO and investor exit. Dave holds an M.B.A. and an M.A. from Stanford University.

Episode Timestamps

(02:01) Attending West Point and cadet experience
(17:11) Experience at IOBC and diversity at the academy
(22:25) Transitioning into the civilian world
(25:16) Takeaways from graduate school
(27:34) Value of the West Point network
(30:57) Building a billion dollar organization
(34:10) Final thoughts


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“I didn’t really have a sense for the level of education or the quality of the education I got at West Point when I graduated because I really didn’t have anything to compare it to. What’s really an interesting observation for me is that the more time I spent in my career, the more time I spent at grad school or with other really smart people who had gone through really good undergraduate programs, the greater realization I had that I got a really terrific education at West Point. And that’s not propaganda. Let’s be clear, I wasn’t the greatest student at West Point. There were some things I was really good at, right, and it was mostly once you threw a rifle in my hand. I did okay in the classroom, not great. Despite that, I have come to the realization that the education I got, and that rounded education you speak about, in the foundational kind of skill set across a wide variety of functions, was a really great place to start. I got a much better education than I even knew, and it’s taken me a long time to wrap my arms around that and understand that.”

—Dave Alberga ‘84

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