The Six Attributes of Success

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This episode features a conversation with Herman Bulls ’78, International Director & Vice Chairman of JLL.

JLL a company Herman Bulls has been a part of for a successful 32 years. Herman also serves on several high impact public, private, and not-for-profit boards including USAA, The American Red Cross, The Military Bowl, Comfort Systems USA, American Campus Communities, and the WP Association of Graduates. He is the President and CEO of Bulls Advisory Group, a real estate and management advisory firm he founded 20 years ago. 

On this episode, Herman dives into the important differences between networking and connecting, how he draws upon his military experience in the private sector, and the 6 critical skills that he believes leads to success. 

Episode Timestamps

(02:45) What drew Herman to go to West Point
(04:45) How Herman viewed his early career after West Point
(16:15) The difference between networking and connecting
(19:19) The power of paying it forward
(22:00) The common theme of the various boards Herman sits on
(27:55) How Herman draws upon his military experience in the private sector
(30:45) What Herman’s day-to-day looks like
(36:25) How Herman thinks about his career currently
(39:26) The SOP – The Standard Operating Procedure
(42:27) The 6 critical skills to be successful
(53:42) The things Herman has always wanted to implement & now can

“You may forget what people say. You may forget what people do, but you never forget how people make you feel. And I know that’s so true for me. And that doesn’t mean you’ve got to tell people what they want to hear. Because leadership is about being able to have tough conversations and tough discussions. And people may not be happy, but in the end, I don’t want to be liked. It’d be great if I’m liked, but I do want to be respected and that’s critical.”

—Herman Bulls ’78

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