The Honorable Robert A. Lovett Receives Thayer Award

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As naval officer, cabinet officer, statesman, international banker, and business executive, Robert A. Lovett by his distinguished leadership has advanced his country’s welfare in peace and in war for more than forty- seven years.

As a combat naval aviator in Europe during World War I, as Assistant Secretary of War for Air during World War II, as Under Secretary of State when he was one of the architects of the Marshall Plan, as Deputy Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Defense during the war in Korea, as a personal advisor to President John F. Kennedy, as a participant in national and international policy-making, as a partner in an important private banking house and as a director of numerous business enterprises, this distinguished citizen has long served his country and the world outstandingly in the highest positions of responsibility.

By his long and dedicated duty to his country, he has greatly enhanced its honor and strength. Accordingly, the 1964 Sylvanus Thayer Medal is hereby awarded by the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy to Robert A. Lovett.

Thayer Award

Since 1958, the West Point Association of Graduates has presented the SYLVANUS THAYER AWARD to an outstanding citizen of the United States whose service and accomplishments in the national interest exemplify personal devotion to the ideals expressed in the West Point motto, “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”
The Sylvanus Thayer Award is funded by a generous endowment from E. Doug Kenna ’45 and his wife, Jean.

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