Osterndorf ’76 Releases “Finnegan Begins Again”

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COL (R) Brian E. Osterndorf ’76 released the book “Finnegan Begins Again,” about fictional LTC Finnegan, who has served in the army for 24 years. Now he’s transitioning out, and for once in his life, he faces a decision more important than regular versus light beer. With no readily marketable skills, he has a series of misadventures and ends up in . . . the Army, with a big “A”-the unwieldy leviathan that recruits, trains, and supplies the little “a” army. And it’s not a great fit.

In “Finnegan Begins Again,” readers will meet Mamzelle Reynard, the barbecue queen of the South and the owner of Tiger Corp, a new government contractor; COL Harvey, the Army’s innovative and risk-taking program manager; “Sad Sack” Sanders, the former Army Acquisition Corps contract specialist; and a memorable collection of military veterans that save the day on a different type of battlefield.

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