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This episode features a conversation with GEN (R) Barry McCaffrey ’64, Retired United States Army Officer and Current News Commentator.

For his service in the military, McCaffrey was awarded three purple hearts, two silver stars, and two distinguished service crosses, the second-highest U.S. Army award for valor. In 2010, McCaffrey received the West Point Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy’s Distinguished Graduate Award. He also served in U.S. President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet as the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

In this episode, McCaffrey talks about his time at West Point, including relationships with classmates, being a cadet, and the mentorship gained while in attendance. He goes into his time in Vietnam and the military’s recovery after the war, as well as his post-military experience working for the Clinton administration. McCaffrey also provides insight into what he thinks makes a great mentor and leader.

Episode Timestamps

(01:30) Interest in Military and Father’s Impact
(02:43) West Point Experience
(04:29) Closeness of Classmates
(05:38) Seeing MacArthur’s Speech in Person
(07:35) Being a Cadet
(08:50) Mentors and Leaders at West Point
(10:25) Vietnam War Experience
(16:27) Rebuilding the Military and Recovery from Vietnam
(19:20) Leadership Experience
(23:35) Post-Military Experience in Government
(26:35) Working with President Bill Clinton
(30:50) Leadership Lessons Across Career in Military and Civilian Life
(40:09) SOP: Favorites Mentors and General Powell
(48:17) Core Habits and Routines to be a Successful Leader and Better Person
(52:42) Giving Back Segment: Advice for Someone New in their Career who wants to be a Great Leader
(56:35) Use and Power of Twitter

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