Eileen Nixdorf Moritz ’96 Receives Bronze de Fleury Medal

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Eileen Nixdorf Moritz, a 1996 USMA graduate, received the Bronze de Fleury Medal in 2023 for her work as the regional DVA Program Manager. She serves as primary advisor to the South Pacific Division Commander, Senior Project Executive, and district leadership in the execution of eight DVA Major Construction and Seismic Projects valued at $5.3 Billion.

As the largest DVA program in both value and number of projects within USACE, Moritz’s operating practices have been adapted for use by the enterprise and codified within the program’s Enterprise Program Management Plan as the template standard. She has shepherded five projects through the acceptance process, making her one of the most valuable subject matter experts within USACE for the DVA program. She has also identified numerous programmatic issues on policy and guidance since the program’s infancy and continues to provide valuable guidance at all levels of program delivery.

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