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Summary of 2030 Strategic Plan

WPAOG’s 2030 Strategic Plan reflects the Long Gray Line’s ethos of service, culture of philanthropy, and network of lifelong relationships. During the next ten years, WPAOG will continue to unlock the power of the Long Gray Line to advance the complementary parts of our dual mission, thereby enhancing graduates’ lives and increasing affinity for West Point’s mission to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets.

Our planning process was comprehensive and integrated. Volunteer leaders, individual graduates, external consultants, and WPAOG staff participated. Industry experts reviewed our alumni services, communications services, data analytics capabilities, and infrastructure needs. WPAOG’s Enterprise Risk Management process informs our plan and its execution, and this ten-year plan aligns with USMA’s Strategy and its Campaign Plan.

Goal 1: Serve the Long Gray Line
The human-centered design review of our alumni services suggested that our new or expanded services should focus on moments that matter, that is, on life transitions, visits to West Point, and at other times when graduates, as well as cadets, might reasonably expect WPAOG to be helpful. In addition to this line of effort, we will improve technical services for volunteer leaders, and we will continue to refine and integrate WPAOG’s superb suite of digital and print communications.

Goal 2: Serve West Point
In 2021, WPAOG will commence a seven-year comprehensive campaign supporting USMA’s academic, physical, military, and character programs as well as WPAOG’s programs. Through alumni activities, we will continue to inspire cadets to become active graduates and will support USMA diversity initiatives. WPAOG will continue to support USMA with professional services such as investments management and construction management, and WPAOG will support the USMA Strategy through an exploratory initiative to revitalize communities adjacent to West Point.

Goal 3: Provide for WPAOG’s Future
WPAOG is the primary steward of the Long Gray Line’s financial assets, data, records, infrastructure, and reputation. Priorities include performance assessment, risk management, data surety, development of data analytics capabilities, expansion of the alumni center,  maintenance of the Long Gray Line’s history, development of management and staff, and maintaining WPAOG’s commitment to diversity.