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Lifetime Giving Societies

The Lifetime Giving Societies are the premier recognition categories for the West Point Association of Graduates. The total of all gifts received by West Point or the Association during a donor’s lifetime determines membership in this giving society. The generosity of these donors has been transformational for the Academy.

Giving Levels and Benefits
Members are recognized for their generosity with benefits determined by giving level.
• Thomas Jefferson $10,000,000 or more
• Dwight D. Eisenhower $5,000,000 to $9,999.999
• Douglas MacArthur $2,500,000 to $4,999,999
• Ulysses S. Grant $1,000,000 to $2,499,999
• Omar N. Bradley $500,000 to $999,999
• Benjamin O. Davis Jr. $250,000 to $499,999
• Henry H. (Hap) Arnold $100,000 to $249,999
• John J. Pershing $25,000 to $99,999

Donors inducted into the Lifetime Giving Societies are invited to special Academy events, recognized in the Annual Report of Gifts, connected to a personal WPAOG liaison, receive exclusive access to Academy officials, and more.

If you have any questions or for more information on the Lifetime Giving Societies, please contact Jenna Accomando, Senior Coordinator of Advancement Services, at jenna.accomando@wpaog.org or 845.446.1579.


See Also

2018 Lifetime Giving Society Donors

Thomas Jefferson Society
$10,000,000 or more

Lee and Penny Anderson ’61
Bill and Carol Foley ’67
Fred and Marlene Malek ’59
Vinnie and Teresa Viola ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. Wilber ’69

Dwight D. Eisenhower Society
$5,000,000 to $9,999,999

Charles and Betty Ewing ’51
GEN (R) and Mrs. Alexander M. Haig Jr. ’47 (P)
Mark B. Hoffman ’69 and Alexsis de Raadt-St James
E. Douglas and Jean C. Kenna ’45
James V. Kimsey ’62
Herb and Trudy Lichtenberg ’55
COL (R) Samuel R. Martin ’46
Secretary and Mrs. Robert A. McDonald ’75
Col (R) Nicholas E. Powel USAF ’32 In Memory of
his mother Lelie Dent Powel
Bob and Marcia Randall ’56
Mr. Absalom T. Webber Jr. ’51

Douglas MacArthur Society
$2,500,000 to $4,999,999
Frank J. Caufield ’62
GPD Charitable Trust
BG (R) and Mrs. James K. Herbert ’30
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Higgs ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert H. Johnson Jr.
Marshall and Susan Larsen ’70
William D. and Jan Mounger ’48
William F. Murdy ’64
Bernard Petrie ’46
Anonymous (2)

Ulysses S. Grant Society
$1,000,000 to $2,499,999

Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Ackerman ’56
George F. (Rick) Adam ’68
Bill and Susan Almon ’54
Rand and Jessie Araskog ’53
Mr. Joel D. Aron ’48
Eugene D. Atkinson ’66
Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillip Barger ’50
Tosh Barron
Tom Barron ’65
Harry Bettis ’48
Col (R) Harry F. Boone USAF ’42
Frank and Susan Borman ’50 (P)
Benjamin F. Breslauer ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Bundy (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Chitty ’66
MG (R) and Mrs. Neal Creighton ’53 (P)
COL (R) Richard L. Curl ’56 (P)
Maj Gen (R) and Mrs. Thomas C. Darcy USAF ’32
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Dow (former ’66)
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Drew ’78
GEN (R) and Mrs. Clyde D. Eddleman ’24
Tom and Gloria Faulds ’64
Ron and Nancy Floto ’65
George and Maureen Gilmore ’71
Jodie and Sandy Glore ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gorsky ’82
Col (R) Robert B. Griffith USAF ’47
Louis and Barbara Gross ’54
Jack and Gloria Hammack ’49
Tom and Char Hand ’82
David and Sheryll Harkins ’62
Edward G. Harshfield (former ’62)
Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Hayford ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Healy ’86
Mr. H. Hugh Hickok
Ken and Lucy Hicks ’74
COL (R) Woodson F. Hocker ’27
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan T. Horwedel ’53
Dr. Ted and Laura Hromadka (former ’72)
COL (R) and Mrs. Clarence J. Kanga 1919
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Knight
Mr. Lee B. Ledford Jr. ’41
Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr. ’45
Mr. Alan A. Lichtenberg ’51
Paul D. Mango ’81 and Dawn S. Rucker ’82 (P)
Nancy and Edwin Marks ’49
MG (R) and Mrs. Joseph A. McChristian ’39
MG (R) Carl and Mrs. Jo Ann McNair Jr. ’55
Michael and Linda Mewhinney ’66
COL (R) Lee and Julianne Miller ’34
Ron and Suzanne Naples ’67
Anthony and Kristin Noto ’91
Dick and Marie Nowak ’64
MG (R) and Mrs. George H. Olmsted 1922
Bill and Joyce O’Meara ’59
Mr. Hugh C. Parker Jr. ’45
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Patterson ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Perryman ’64
Tom and Jane Petrie ’67
BG (R) and Mrs. Palmer E. Pierce 1891
Stewart and Lynda Resnick
Mr. William J. Sandbrook ’79
George and Betty Ann Schaefer ’67
LTC (R) Allan P. Scholl ’50
Brent Scowcroft ’47
Celestine and Francis J. Sehn
Roland and Lynne Smith ’78 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Speairs ’72
William and Diane Spurgeon ’81 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. John H. Stokes III 57
BG (R) Paul and Mrs. Josette Thompson ’29
George and Cindy Tronsrue ’78 and
the Tronsrue Family Foundation
Robb and Lydia Turner ’84
Jim and Florrie Tuthill ’48
Mr. Timothy C. Tyson ’74 and Mrs. Amy J. Tyson
Mr. Richard J. Weyhrich ’52
Jack and Mary Lois Wheatley ’50
Mr. And Mrs. Robert A. Whitfield ’48 (P)
Bill and Ann Willoughby ’60 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. York Jr. ’60
Anonymous (2)

Omar N. Bradley Society
$500,000 to $999,999

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Adams ’65
Roger E. Ailes
LTG (R) and Mrs. James D. Alger ’35
Mr. Fred J. Archibald ’45
MG (R) J. E. Bastion Jr. ’33
Thomas W. Beasley ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. William J. Bennett ’40
Annie and Daniel Berce (P)
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Richard and Sandra Bowers ’68
Herman and Iris Bulls ’78 (P)
Bob Carpenter ’67
Dr. James C. and Dorothy P. Castle ’58
Robert A. Cenci ’67
Mr. Phillip A. Clough ’83
Brian and Grace Concannon ’79
Mr. Neal L. Creighton ’89 and
Dr. Dukhee Rhee-Creighton
BG (R) and Mrs. Marcel G. Crombez ’25
Richard L. and Kathryn W. Dalzell ’79
Bill and Mary Deatherage ’73
Clay and Cyndy DeGiacinto ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. DePinto ’86 (P)
BG (R) William J. Deyo Jr. ’26
Mr. Douglas C. Doan ’79
Albert and Natasha Dombrowski ’88
Stephen and Lucy Draper ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. John G. Driskill ’52
Tom and Paige Dyer ’67
Bob and LaDorna Eichenberg ’46
Charlotte Feng Ford (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert G. Fergusson ’36
William E. Ford (P)
Mr. Michael Franzino ’71
John and Janet Garrison ’82
Mr. Gary T. Giglio ’89 (P)
Ms. Tanya Giglio (P)
Mr. Albert H. Goering ’49
Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Groves Jr. ’58
Anthony and Michelle Guzzi ’86
Joe and Beverly Hardin Jr. ’67
John H. F. Haskell Jr. ’53
Mark W. Hebrank ’76
COL (R) and Mrs. George W. Heck
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hurley ’65 (P)
COL (R) Frank B. Janoski USAR ’74 (P)
LTC (R) Louis R. Jones ’48
Mr. Paul Kalmanovitz
Caren and Thomas Kilgore ’80
The John E. Kirkpatrick Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knapp (P)
Lt Col (R) Robert M. Kraft USAF ’29
1LT Zoe R. Kreitenberg ’16
Steven G. Lamb ’80 and Susanne Reichelt Lamb ’80
BG (R) and Mrs. John H. Dudley ’30
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Lichtenberg
Scott and Lucy Lichtenberg
Denny and Mary Long ’48
LTC (R) Darrell and Cheryl Massie
COL (R) William Mastoris Jr. ’50
Col (R) and Mrs. John C. McCawley USAF ’32
LTG (R) and Mrs. David F. Melcher ’76 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Miller ’73 (P)
Denis F. Mullane ’52 (P)
MG (R) Douglas J. and Jeanne O’Connor ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Carter Pace JUN ’43
MG (R) and Mrs. George S. Patton ’46
Richard D. and Donna C. Plumley ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pritchard Jr. ’70
GEN (R) and Mrs. Roscoe Robinson Jr. ’51 (P)
Mr. David J. Roux and Mrs. Barbara W. Roux
Alan and Florence Salisbury ’58
Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation
COL (R) George E. Lear ’50 and
Ms. Mary Ellen Shepherd
Marty Silverman
BG (R) C. Coburn Smith ’31
The Steve and Barbara Spiva Foundation (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Stevens ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Warren R. Stumpe ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Sullivan ’85
Thomas and Sandra Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Les Szabolcsi ’78
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jack Teague JUN ’43
Mr. Walter W. Thiede ’30
COL (R) and Mrs. Joel F. Thomason ’39
Frederick and Kimila Ulrich ’66 (P)
Mr. Vaughn G. A. Vasconcellos ’78
Will and Denise Weathersby ’87
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles R. Welsh ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Walter L. Winegar ’39
A. Ross Wollen ’65
Michael and Barbara Wynne ’66
Anonymous Class of ’68
Anonymous (3)

Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Society
$250,000 to $499,999

Mr. Bernard W. Abrams ’47
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Adams ’62
Bill and Franke Albrecht ’74
Stephen O. Allaire ’69 and Mary R. Connolly
COL (R) Arthur W. Allen Jr. ’39
Mr. William L. Allinder ’74 and Dr. Mary D. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy G. Anderson ’78 (P)
James and Patricia Anderson
Mark and Valerie Andreotta ’74
Bob and Cathie Baldwin ’69
Linda and Jimmy Balkcom and Family ’67
John and Peggy Beier ’39
COL (R) George and Hannah Bell ’50
LTG (R) and Mrs. Austin W. Betts ’34
Bob and Kay Boehlke ’63
Jack and Annis Bowen ’45
Mike and Bette Rose Bowers ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Bowling Jr. ’68
Mrs. Vincent L. Boylan (W ’39)
MG (R) John H. and Mrs. Jeannie Buckner JAN ’43
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert C. Cameron ’40
Bill and Starr Campbell ’70
Mr. Patrick J. Carroll Jr. ’61
Marshall N. Carter ’62
Lisa and Chris Casciato ’80
Charlotte L. Casterline M.D. and
Peter F. Casterline M.D. (P)
John and Deborah Cavalier ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cheever Jr. ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Chesnauskas ’56
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert W. Child 1919
Douglas and Melissa Cifu
MG (R) and Mrs. Ralph C. Cooper ’29
Doctor R. Crants ’66
Mr. John D. Crary ’29
COL (R) Robert E. Cron ’30 and Mrs. Elnora H. Cron
COL (R) Ernest E. Cross ’56
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel B. Cullinane JUN ’43
BG (R) George W. Cullum 1833
COL (R) John M. Daley ’58
Ms. Sharon M. Damon
LTG (R) and Mrs. John J. Davis ’31
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Delano ’51
Daniel W. Derbes ’52
Gabe and Dot Disosway ’33
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Donahue ’46
MG (R) and Mrs. Charles S. D’Orsa ’32
John and Pat Eberhard ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Egelston ’54
COL (R) and Mrs. Donald A. Elliget ’35
Mr. Jerry Elliott
Mrs. Theodore D. Ellsworth (W ’28)
O. George and Nancy Everbach ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Filippelli ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Bertram P. Finn ’62
Col (R) Harry E. Fisher USAF 1920
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. French Jr. ’48
Buck and Kelly French ’89
Kevin C. Gaynor ’66
Sloan and Margaret Gibson ’75
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Lawrence N. Gordon USAF ’46
Mr. Andrew Gottesman
Mr. John R. Grace’46
Mr. Richard E. Graf ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Seldon B. Graham Jr. ’51
Bill and Jamie Graves ’82 (P)
Ms. Ann Gray (W ’33)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Grosvenor
Tony and Joanne Guerrerio ’69
Mr. E. Davisson Hardman Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Harris ’74
Mr. Francis Q. Hoang ’95 and Dr. Tracy Kruzick
Ambassador and Mrs. Alfred Hoffman Jr. ’56
Mike Hood ’67
Mr. Christopher Hsu ’92 and Mrs. Juliane Hsu
Cheng Yu and Wei Wei Huang ’76
Mr. Henry L. Ingham II ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Lawrence L. Izzo ’67
Hjalma, Laura, Len, and Nancy Johnson
Linda and Ken Johnson ’69
LTC (R) Richard A. Johnson ’46
Ed and Jerry Jones ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Jordan (P)
Etta and Nathan Kantor ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kaye
Ephesians 2:10 - Kim Family Fund ’88
Ambassador and Mrs. Robert M. Kimmitt ’69
Mr. and Ms. Albert E. Knauf Jr. ’65
Tim and Pam Knight ’86
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul H. Krauss ’40
Ralph and Anita Leonard ’52
COL (R) George E. Lightcap ’24
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Lilly ’70
MG (R) Bernard Loeffke ’57
Honorable Clare B. Luce
Mr. Patrick J. MacArevey ’78 and
Ms. Jean Baderschneider
Steven A. and Karen B. Madden (P)
MAJ Brian and Mrs. Judy Mahoney ’88
Marie Lewis Matthews and Edward Matthews
Mr. Robert R. McComsey
Dr. David H. McCormick ’87
Mr. Thomas H. McNiel ’45
Mr. Richard K. Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill A. (Pete) Miller Jr. ’72
COL (R) Scott F. Miller ’72
Andrea and Robert Minutoli ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Morris ’86
LTG (R) John W. Morris JUN ’43
Mr. Jerry Mupo
Wayne and Mary Ellen Murphy ’69 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Randall M. Pais ’67 (P)
LTG (R) Dave R. Palmer ’56
BG (R) Jack A. Pellicci ’60
Mr. Virgil M. Price II
MG (R) and Mrs. Fay B. Prickett 1916
Mrs. Holly A. Rebelez ’88 and
Mr. Darren M. Rebelez ’88 (P)
Edmund J. and Mary L . Reinhalter ’52
Mrs. James L. Richardson Jr. (W ’30)
Jack and Donna Rust ’49
GEN (R) and Mrs. H. Norman Schwarzkopf ’56
Nancy and Pete Selleck ’77 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Shaffer ’68
Mr. Mark D. Shattan ’91 and
Ms. MyLinh B. Shattan ’91 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Joe H. Sheard ’53
Bob and Tuke Shoemaker ’46
Thomas and Dorothy Shull ’73
Bill and Annie Slenker ’69
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Spears ’70
MG (R) Adrian and Dr. Florence St. John II JAN ’43
BG (R) and Mrs. Leroy J. Stewart ’22
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sweetnam ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Swift ’66 (P)
Bill and Paula Trivette ’70 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. William H. Vail Jr. ’38
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Diane Van Trees ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Roderic B. Vitty ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. Francis E. Voegeli ’42
Jerry and Rita Waldor ’50
Mrs. DeWitt Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Wallace
1LT (R) Arthur E. Watson Jr. ’26
Mrs. John A. Weeks (W 1918)
Shawn and Maria Weidmann ’85 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Whalley ’84
Tom and Susan White ’67 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. White
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Wilby ’67
COL (R) George R. Wilkins ’35
Mr. Randy A. Wilson ’69
Steven and Vicki Wilson ’70
COL (R) Hilbert M. Wittkop USAF 1922
Bob and Marie Yaap ’69
Anonymous (3)

Henry H. “Hap” Arnold
Society $100,000 to $249,999

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Abshire ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Acevedo ’75
Jeri and Glen Adams ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Rex M. Adams ’83
COL (R) Thomas J. Agnor Jr. ’46
Dr. Alan B. Aker ’68
Mrs. Marwa Al Khalifa (P)
John H. and Joyce T. Alban Jr. ’60
Dave Alberga ’84 and Christine Cernosia
Paul W. and Leigh Ann Albers ’72
James and Patricia Albo ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Aldrich ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Allbright (P)
Mr. Carl B. Anderson Jr. ’44
Mr. Joseph B. Anderson Jr. ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph C. Arnold ’64
Norman R. Augustine
1LT (R) Leslie E. Babcock Jr. ’44
COL (R) and Mrs. William A. Bachman MAANG ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Ball Jr. ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Rand A. Ballard ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Banez ’93
James L. and Donna Barksdale
Honorable Rhesa H. and Claire Barksdale ’66
MG (R) William L. Barriger 1918
William and Jacqueline Barry ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bartlit Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bartocci ’78
Mr. M. Eric Bassel ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bassil ’83
Vane and Anna Bates ’55
BG (R) and Mrs. James H. Batte (former ’39)
COL (R) Dwight E. Beach Jr. ’59 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Norman E. Beatty ’63 (P)
Bob and June Beck
BG (R) and Ms. Richard A. Behrenhausen Jr. ’61
BG (R) Randall and Maryanne Bell ’59
Scott Belveal ’92 and Carolyn Belveal ’93
Tim and Julie Bensley ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Benson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Bentley III ’70
LTC (R) Michael D. Berendt ’78 and Ms. Joan Sgaggio
Jack and Linda Bergen ’64
David P. Beurket ’57
Mrs. Mark Bilodeau (W ’72)
Fred and Virginia Birch ’49
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bishop Jr. ’58
Mr. Earl H. Blaik 1920
Mr. Robert M. Blaik (former ’52)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Boron ’74
Mr. Michael G. Boulegeris ’83
Mrs. Marcellus Bounds (W ’49)
MG (R) Guy M. Bourn ’74
Mike and Barbara Bowers ’64
Mrs. Albert Bowley (W 1897)
Smitty and Samia Bradstock ’77
Irma and Norman Braman
Mr. and Mrs. James Q. Brett ’30
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Britt Jr. (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Keirn C. Brown Jr. ’69
CPT (R) Trent E. Brown ’13
John ’90 and Kristin Bruellman
COL (R) and Mrs. William J. Burke USAR ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Burnison (P)
Jack and Bonnie Buttine ’72
Mr. Adrian Cales and Ms. Annmarie Neri
COL (R) Alexander H. Campbell 1917
Mr. and Mrs. Kim M. Campbell ’76 (P)
Rick and Becky Cantwell ’75
Mrs. Paul W. Caraway (W ’29)
Ms. Melissa Carbone (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. Hugh J. Casey 1918
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cater ’70
The Cesped Family ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. John Palmer Chandler ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Charron ’83
LTG (R) Daniel W. and Susan B. Christman ’65
COL (R) Robert H. Clagett Jr. ’42
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas R. Clark ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Clarke ’92
COL (R) George W. Cocheu 1903
COL (R) and Mrs. Howard B. Coffman Jr. JUN ’43
Mrs. Joseph M. Colby (W ’29)
Mrs. Paul W. Cole (W 1917)
LTC (R) Frank P. Colpini ’54
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Conklin ’56
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Cook II ’48
Norm and Linda Cooney ’66
John M. Cragin ’50
Mr. Conrad L. and Mrs. Evelyn Crane (P)
Ralph and Mary Grace Crosby ’69
Honorable and Mrs. Richard D. Cudahy ’48
COL (R) John F. D’Agostino ’78
Gen (R) James E. Dalton USAF ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Dauch ’83
Mr. James L. Davis ’83
LTC Clair M. Conzelman ’26 and Mrs. Deane Davis (P)
GEN (R) and Mrs. Michael S. Davison ’39
Mrs. Miles M. Dawson (W ’25)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack De Leon Jr. ’79
Mr. and Mrs. John Dean III
Paul and Carol DeCoursey ’68
LTG (R) and Mrs. Joseph E. DeFrancisco ’65 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. William B. DeGraf ’50
Mr. Dan L. Denison ’62
Dr. John R. Denton M.D. ’60
Carol and Peter M. Derrico
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Devine ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Di Silvio (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. John E. Diefendorf ’34
COL (R) and Mrs. David S. Dillard ’39
Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Dorman ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Druckenmiller
MG (R) Robert L. Dulaney 1923
COL (R) Jack V. Dunham ’47
Elizabeth and Bruce Dunlevie
Mr. James C. Eberle ’71
John Edelen ’84 and Debbie Edelen ’92
Robert E. Eisiminger ’88
Bruce and Patricia Elmblad ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Etherington
Mr. William A. Evans ’62
Mrs. Jan K. Evans-Houser (W ’46)
Mrs. Elaine Fabick
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fagg ’49
COL (R) and Mrs. John A. Feagin Jr. ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Finley ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Finley ’86
LTC (R) and Mrs. Elliott G. Fishburne III ’62 (P)
Col (R) and Mrs. Sydney G. Fisher USAF ’40
Honorable and Mrs. Donald K. Fitzpatrick ’57
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fitzpatrick ’45
Kenneth P. Fleischer ’81 and Catherine Ferrara
Ms. Victoria A. Floyd
Katie Broberg Foehl and Edward A. Foehl ’65
John and Nancy Fogarty ’71
Thomas A. (Tony) and Ann Forster ’58
John and Deirdre Fortson ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Philip J. Frank AUS ’46
Joseph and Constance Franklin ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Frazer ’46
LTC (R) David E. Freshwater USAR ’79
Mark and Barbara Fullmer
COL (R) and Mrs. Howard M. Gabbert II ’54
Col (R) and Mrs. Charles L. Gandy Jr. USAF ’45
Mr. Edgar W. Garbisch ’25
Dr. James R. Gardner, COL (Ret.) ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Darius W. Gaskins Jr. ’61
Cary and Ann Gaylord ’69
Parker and Gail Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Giles Jr. ’44
Ms. Grazia Girod
LTC (R) and Mrs. Mark R. Girolamo USAR ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Girouard ’82 (P)
Mr. Carl Goldstein
Ms. Lynn Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Goldstein
Mr. David M. Gordon ’86
Honorable Ramsay L. Gorham and
Mr. Frank D. Gorham III (P)
COL (R) Harold S. Gould ’25
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grebe ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Greene ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gretsch
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Grigsby (former ’66)
Millard and Lynette Hall Jr. ’78
Nicholas and Mihaela Hallam ’99
Gil and Mary Hallenbeck ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Halligan ’45
James R. Hamilton ’57
LTC (R) and Mrs. John R. Hamilton ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. Dale W. Hansen ’68
Betty and Frank Hart ’54 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hartman ’79
Mrs. Herbert B. Hayden (W 1907)
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Oliver G. Haywood USAF ’36
Doug and Pat Heckman ’81 (P)
Bruce and Susan Heim ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Dana P. Hendershott (P)
Mr. Lonnie D. Henley ’78 and Ms. Sara P. Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Henry ’31
Mrs. Frances R. Hesselbein
Andee Hidalgo-Ott ’87 and Rosanne Hidalgo-Ott ’88
LTG (R) and Mrs. Jerome B. Hilmes ’59 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Holden
Dutch and Megan Hostler ’68 (P)
George and Cindy Houghton Jr. (P)
Ellen W. Houlihan ’82
MAJ (R) Thomas W. L. Hughes Jr. ’50
LTG (R) and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hunzeker ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Justin S. Huscher ’76
Harold and Lois Igoe
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Jamar Jr. JUN ’43
Col (R) Lewis M. Jamison USAF ’49
LTC (R) and Mrs. William M. Jewell Jr. ’53
LTC (R) and Mrs. Fred B. Johnson ’68 (P)
COL (R) Frederick E. Johnston 1897
Craig and Teri Jung ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Jurek ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Leonard Kaplan USAR ’39
Laurence B. Katz
Kevin and Jessica Kearns ’91
GEN (R) and Mrs. Donald R. Keith ’49
LTC (R) and Ms. Michael T. Keith ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle J. Kellman ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kimmitt ’72
Lt Col (R) John T. Hamilton USAFR ’55
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kofalt ’64
LTC (R) and Mrs. Johann R. W. Kohler ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. William G. Kosco ’62 (P)
COL (R) Orrin C. Krueger ’31
Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski ’69
Mr. John Daniel III ’77 and Mrs. Carla Joy Lafayette
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Lamneck ’77
MG (R) and Mrs. Donald R. Lasher ’52 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Lasker
Fred and Maralee Laughlin ’65 (P)
BG (R) and Mrs. James B. Lee AUS ’52
LTG (R) and Mrs. William J. Lennox Jr. ’71
Nina and Rob Leslie ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Lessar III ’95
Mr. William and Mrs. Genevieve H. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Lewis ’65
COL (R) Charles E. Leydecker ’33
Richard T. Lilly Jr. ’55
Ms. Linda Lindsley (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Linton JAN ’43
MG (R) Robert M. Littlejohn 1912
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lopiano ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Lowrey ’60
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Joseph M. Lunsford ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Luster ’81
COL (R) and Mrs. David K. Lyon ’52
Mr. James P. Mackin ’88
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Madoff ’87
Dick and Dorothy Maffry ’42
Robert and Anne Mahowald ’72 (P)
Mr. Charles E. Main (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Shon J. Manasco ’92
COL (R) and Mrs. Frederick T. Manross 1923
Jon A. Marshall ’73
David and Suzanne Martin ’68
COL (R) Jack W. Martin ’51
COL (R) John R. and Marsha A. Martin ’74
Mr. El Roy P. Master ’42
Dr. and Mrs. David V. Mastran ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mathers ’88
BG (R) John A. Maurer ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. McBrayer ’74
Barry and Jill McCaffrey ’64
Mr. George R. McClelland ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Chalmer K. McClelland Jr. ’33
Mr. James McClure Jr. ’46
Bob McClure ’76
John and Deb McConaghy ’71
Rusty and Peggy McCormack ’64
Bob F. McCoy ’64
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Robert F. McDermott USAF JAN ’43
Mr. Vincent McDermott ’85 and
Mrs. Kim McDermott ’87 (P)
Mr. Timothy P. McFadden ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. McGue ’69 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. James S. McHone ’70
Karen and Mark McLaughlin ’88
Mark R. McLaughlin MD
Mr. Thomas K. McManus Sr. ’27
Mr. William D. McWilliams III ’55
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Merkel Jr. PhD
GEN (R) and Mrs. Edward C. Meyer ’51
Peter and Phyllis Meyer ’64
Bob and Daenira Meyer ’73
Tom and Diane Middaugh ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Miller III ’68
Mr. Norman L. Miller II ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Mischler ’69 (P)
LTG (R) John H. and Karla F. Moellering ’59 (P)
Col (R) and Mrs. Kenneth L. Moll USAF ’50
Mr. Thomas Morgan Jr. ’83 (P)
Todd and Pamela Morgenfeld ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mueller ’89
Chaplain (COL) Owen J. Mullen
Mr. Thomas C. Munz ’59
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murff ’63
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Murrell ’30
Mr. Albert H. Nahmad
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nail Jr. ’96
Mr. Donald Nelson ’67
Mr. Daniel D. Nettesheim ’95 (P)
Dr. Sheila Newsom ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert W. Newton ’55
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nicholson
The Honorable and Mrs. R. James Nicholson ’61
COL (R) John and Mary Northrop ’72 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. John R. Nygaard 1917
GEN (R) and Mrs. Raymond T. Odierno ’76 (P)
Walter and Francie Oehrlein ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Owen III ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Paci ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Parcells ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Paternoster ’74
COL (R) David R. Pelizzon ’81
Marie and Eugene Petraitis
COL (R) and Mrs. Samuel W. Pinnell JUN ’43
Mr. William A. Pogue ’50
David and Audrey Polonitza ’02
COL (R) and Mrs. Ronald E. Prier ’72
J. N. Pritzker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Prosser ’60
COL (R) Carroll H. Prunty ’28
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Psihas ’51
COL (R) and Mrs. Lawrence H. Putnam ’52
Randy and Linda Quirk
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rabaut ’70
MG (R) and Mrs. Louis Rachmeler ’47
Bob and Mary Ann Ranalli ’59
Kate and Joe Reeder ’70
LTC (R) Jack J. Reid ’68
LTG (R) and Mrs. William H. Reno ’61
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert R. Reynolds ’75 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Rising Jr. ’41 (P)
COL (R) Robert S. Rivers USAF ’44
John and Patricia Robb ’91
Thomas C. and Trecia S. Roberts ’64
Mr. E. Norwood Robinson ’45
Col (R) and Mrs. William C. Robison USAF ’49
Mr. William D. Rogers ’82
Bill and Sandy Rollins ’74
COL (R) and Mrs. Coleman Romain 1920
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Rosenblum ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Roth Jr. ’51
Ms. Mary S. Roy
LTC (R) and Mrs. Donald D. Rule ’24
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sadler ’52
MG (R) and Mrs. Charles E. Saltzman ’25
David R. Sanchez
COL (R) Chester C. Sargent ’45
LTC (R) and Mrs. James J. Satterwhite ’59
Carlton G. Savory M.D. ’67
CPT and Mrs. James G. Schleck USAR ’91
LTC (R) and Mrs. Andrew G. Schnabel ’71
MG (R) Robert A. Schow 1918
Frederick and Marion Schremp ’67
Col (R) and Mrs. Paul J. Schwehm USAF ’57
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Schweitzer M.D. ’68
Mr. Timothy M. Seebach ’52
Dr. David R. Segal and Dr. Mady Segal
MG (R) and Mrs. Wendell B. Sell ’40
LTC (R) Edwin and Mrs. Renee Selman ’83
Dr. James E. Seltzer ’58
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Severson ’67
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Seymour ’86
COL and Mrs. Harold C. Shablom Jr. USAR ’83 (P)
COL (R) Wade and Missy Shaddock ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sherman ’51
Mrs. John B. Sherman (W 1918)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Shipley ’73
COL (R) Wilbur E. Showalter ’39
Mr. Charles J. Simon
COL (R) Winfield W. Sisson ’30
LTC (R) and Mrs. Peter M. Sload ’87
COL and Mrs. G. Sidney Smith ’61 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Smith ’62
Greg and Colette Smith ’69 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Don M. Snider ’62
Ms. Luella V. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Sonstelie ’66
Mr. Frank J. Sposato
Mr. Clark A. Spurrier ’84
LTC (R) Richard E. and Yvonne S. Stanier ’52
R. Scott and Kathryn Steinfort Foundation (P)
COL (R) Nancy J. Stevens USAR ’81 and
Dr. Dirk E. Stevens ’81 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Stevens
Rollie Stichweh ’65
Barbara and Cris Stone ’64
LTG (R) and Mrs. Howard F. Stone ’55 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Theodore G. Stroup Jr. ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Randal W. Studer ’74
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sullivan III ’72
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Robert F. Swantz USAF ’49
Timothy R. Sweeney ’76
Dr. Gerry Tate, Ph.D (former ’77)
Tom and Monica Teesdale ’71
Mr. Kevin S. Terrell ’90
Stanley and Corinne Thevenet ’48
Mr. and Ms. James J. Thome Jr. ’93
Mr. Louis V. Tomasetti ’52
BG (R) Timothy E. Trainor ’83 and
COL (R) Donna M. Brazil ’83 (P)
Richard M. Traut ’55 and Charron F. Traut
MG (R) Clement A. and Mrs. Leah W. Trott 1899
COL (R) and Mrs. Corbie R. Truman ’44
Mr. Robert T. Turfe ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Uhler ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart M. Vockel Jr. ’47
Mrs. Joe J. Volpe (W ’53)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wakeman ’82
Robert J. Walcott Jr. ’78 (P)
Mr. Charles R. Wall
LTG (R) John F. Wall Jr. ’56 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Walsh ’84
Roger and Rinny Ware ’59
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Watkins ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weathers Jr. ’64
LTC (R) and Mrs. Doyle J. Weishar ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. David E. Wheeler ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. James M. White ’60
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Whitmore ’59
Doug and Debbie Williams ’67
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Williams ’80 (P)
Capt (R) and Mrs. Morton D. Williams USN
Mr. John B. Wing ’68
Jim and Donna Winner
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Winner Jr.
George and Donna Winton ’67
Pat and John Withers ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wolff ’76
LTC (R) Robert Wolff PhD USAR ’65 and
Mrs. Phyllis Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Woltz ’66
BG (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Wood 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wood JAN ’43
MG (R) and Mrs. Sidney C. Wooten ’30
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Wright MD ’47
Mr. John J. Wuchter ’45
Mr. Brian L. Wynne (P)
Austin and Penny Yerks ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Amit Yoran ’93
Mrs. Roy A. Young (W ’52)
Stephanie and Timothy Young (P)
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Zadel ’65
Honorable Joseph and Mrs. Lynda Zengerle ’64
BG (R) Kenneth F. Zitzman ’32
Anonymous (6)

John J. Pershing Society
$25,000 to $99,999

Dr. Martin L. Abbott ’90
James and Nancy Abcouwer ’75
Mrs. Stacey Abernethy
GEN (R) and Mrs. John P. Abizaid ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Ache Jr. ’50
Mr. Alan Ackerman
MG (R) and Mrs. Lawrence R. Adair ’74 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph W. Adamczyk ’72 (P)
COL (R) Eric D. Adams ’86 and Dr. Kristin K. Adams (P)
Mr. Peter L. Adams
Mr. Richard B. Adams ’67
LTC (R) and Mrs. Ronald K. Adams ’68 (P)
Mr. Randolph J. Agley
Mr. Joseph F. Albano ’71
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Alberto
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Alexander ’85
GEN (R) and Mrs. Keith B. Alexander ’74
Dr. Mark A. Alexander – The Norman E. Alexander Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Alexander ’63
COL and Mrs. Curtis J. Alitz M.D. ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Allar ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Allbright ’72
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Allen (former ’74) (P)
Col (R) Forrest G. Allen USAF ’28
Mrs. Marene N. Allison ’80 and Mr. John H. Allison (P)
GEN and Mrs. Daniel B. Allyn ’81 (P)
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Robert J. Almassy USAF ’64
Col (R) and Mrs. James L. Altemose USAF ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Altmeyer ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Alverson ’67
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Alvord
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Z. Amacker ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Anthony Ambrose ’68
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Amiot (P)
COL (R) Robert M. Amrine ’64 and
Mrs. Heike Gottler (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. William S. Anders USAR ’77 (P)
COL Lisa Diane A. DiCiro ’86 and
Mr. Curtis W. Andersen ’86 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Anderson ’74
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Anderson ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Granger Anderson ’22
Lt Col (R) Millard O. Anderson USAF JUN 43
MG (R) Roland B. Anderson ’38
Mr. Taz L. Anderson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Andress ’62
LTC (R) and Mrs. Frank W. Andrews ’37
Mr. Edward P. Andrews ’53
Mr. John F. Andrews Jr. ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Andrews Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Andrews (P)
Mr. Paul M. Angresano ’84
LTC (R) John P. Angstadt ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Anthony ’81
Honorable Mahlon Apgar IV
Ms. Dotty Appelbaum (P)
Lt Col (R) Luther E. Armstrong Jr. USAF ’44
LTC (R) and Mrs. Rolfe G. Arnhym ’53
COL (R) and Mrs. Archibald V. Arnold Jr. ’45 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Harvey L. Arnold Jr. ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Jan P. Askman ’67
Mr. Donny Atkins ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Leighton C. Atteberry ’65
COL and Mrs. Thomas H. Auer (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Avery ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Axley ’65
MAJ (R) Donald N. Babb ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard R. Babbitt ’73 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Babulak
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Backof DDS ’75
COL (R) Clark N. Bailey ’24
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas H. Baird ’61
Lt Col (R) Willet J. Baird Jr. USAF ’51
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Baker ’83
Col (R) Marlin R. Baker USAF ’55
Drs. Alvan and Linda Balent (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ball Jr. ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Clark T. Ballard ’63 (P)
LTC (R) William H. Bamber ’46
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bannantine ’78
Mr. Stephen K. Bannon (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Bantz ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul F. Barber ’65 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. William J. Barkovic ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel G. Barney ’61
Col (R) and Mrs. Arthur D. Barondes USAF ’48
COL Chris and Lory Barra ’89
Mr. Charles H. Barris
COL (R) and Mrs. Max R. Barron ’63
Lt Gen (R) and Mrs. Edward P. Barry Jr. USAF ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bartolotta ’78 (P)
Mr. Timothy Bass
Mr. Walter D. Bauchman ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Raymond C. Baugh ’59
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Bauleke (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Baxter ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Beach III ’84
LTC (R) Richard S. Beahm ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Beale (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Beale III ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Beam ’79
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Beam ’78
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul S. Beaty ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett C. Beaudry ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Becker III ’68
Mrs. Velma Becker
Mr. Edward G. Beddow ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Beierschmitt ’68 (P)
Dr. Margaret H. Belknap ’81 and
Mr. Leslie H. Belknap ’81
Stacee and Oliver Bell ’82 (P)
MG (R) Raymond E. Bell ’27
BG (R) Raymond E. Bell Jr. ’57
LTG (R) and Mrs. Dennis L. Benchoff ’62 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Calvert P. Benedict Jr. ’71
MG (R) and Mrs. Calvert P. Benedict ’46
Bill and Barbara Benedict ’71 (P)
Douglas P. Bennett ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Bennett ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Bennett ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bennett ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bentley ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen R. Benton ’74
Mr. Joseph C. Berenato ’69
MG (R) and Mrs. Joseph L. Bergantz ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Truman K. Berge USAF ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Bergman ’62
Gregg and Susy Berman
COL and Mrs. B. Hudson Berrey Jr. MD ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Berry ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Berry ’78
BG (R) Robert W. Berry
LTC (R) John R. Berti ’60
Mr. Albert L. Bethel ’44
COL (R) John M. Bethel 1918
COL (R) and Mrs. William R. Betson ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bickel II ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. W. Biddle III (P)
Mr. and Mrs. G. Peter Bidstrup ’53
Eleanor and Michael Billig (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Bird Jr. ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. William C. Bishop ’46
Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Black ’78
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford P. Black Jr. ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Black ’86
COL (R) Paul J. Black ’26
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jesse E. Blackwell ’56
COL (R) Thomas D. Blaney ’67 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Blatz ’83
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Blevins ’68
LTC (R) Timothy D. Bloechl ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Bluedorn ’85
MG (R) Roger Blunt USAR ’56
Honorable and Mrs. John M. Bodley (former ’46)
COL (R) Henry R. Bodson ’41
BG (R) Daisie D. Boettner ’81
Dr. Terrence D. Bogard (former ’69) and
Dr. Ann L. Bogard
Mr. Douglas J. Bohrer Jr. ’93
Dr. Marc H. Boin ’78
LTC (R) Aubra N. Bone ’57
LTC (R) Mitchell E. Bonnett Jr. ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Borchelt ’88
Mr. Brian T. Borders Esq. ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. John A. Bornmann Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Boroff (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. John W. Boslego ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Bossieux ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Bouckaert
Mr. and Mrs. Brent D. Bourne ’91
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bowden ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Bower ’82
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Bowman ’78
Mr. Brian M. Boyer ’99
Mr. Richard M. Boyle ’54
Gen (R) Mark E. Bradley USAF ’30
Mr. Robert S. Bradley ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles N. Branham ’22
Earl G. Bragg ’87
Lt Gen (R) Arnold W. Braswell USAF ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Braun ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bray ’92
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Breen ’86
Ms. Katherine Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Brennan ’69
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Brennan ’66
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Brettell ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Briant (P)
Heber C. and Shirley S. Brill JUN ’43
Mr. David W. Brillhart ’46
CPT (R) Robert H. Brinson Jr. ’41
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome I. Brisman ’52
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Britain ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert S. Britt III ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Frank W. Brittain ’69
Mr. Paul M. Britton
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brock ’87
Col (R) and Mrs. Charles U. Brombach USAF ’39
Mr. James J. Brooks
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Brooks ’76
BG (R) Leo A. Brooks Jr. ’79 and Mrs. Debbie R. Brooks
GEN Vincent K. Brooks ’80 and Dr. Carol P. Brooks
LTC (R) Glenn J. Broussard ’70
GEN (R) and Mrs. Arthur E. Brown Jr. ’53
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Brown ’70
COL (R) and Mrs. David W. Brown ’80
Mr. Edward A. Brown ’52
Gordon and Laura Brown ’67
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Brown Jr. ’84
BG (R) and Mrs. Gerald C. Brown ’64
Mr. Peter K. Brual ’83
Mr. James Bryce Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Buckheit Esq. ’84
COL (R) Carl A. Buechner ’39
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Bullotta ’57
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert M. Bunker ’58
BG (R) and Mrs. Vonna F. Burger ’24
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Burkett ’81
COL (R) and Mrs. Scott H. Burner M.D. USAR ’72
BG (R) and Mrs. John C. Burney Jr. ’46
Bladen and Julia Burns
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jonathan K. Burns ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Burns ’85
COL (R) and Mrs. Thornton A. Burns Jr. ’56
COL (R) William E. Burr II ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Burrell ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Burrell III ’71 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Bush (P)
Col (R) Dennis L. Butler USAF ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Butler ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. John R. Byers ’51
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Byrnes (P)
COL (R) Robin R. Cababa ’69 and
Ms. Claudia M. Akroyd
COL (R) and Mrs. Jelks H. Cabaniss Jr. ’44
Ms. Kimberly Cafferty and Mr. Christopher Vento (P)
Mr. Konrad L. Cailteux ’77
COL (R) George B. Calhoun ’54
Mr. Howard H. Callaway ’49
Mr. Vanderick J. Camacho ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Camp 55
Mr. Russell E. Canfield ’78 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Capelli ’80
Mr. and Ms. Sean M. Caplice ’91
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Gail H. Capp ’79
Mrs. Magdaline C. Caradimitropoulo ’81 and
Mrs. Victoria Robinson
Mr. Bruce Carbonari
BG (R) and Mrs. Richard G. Cardillo ’55
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles N. Cardinal ’75
Mr. Peter G. Carey Jr. ’92
COL (R) and Mrs. Timothy S. Carlin ’82
Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Carlo ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Christian R. Carlson ’83 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Carlson ’98
Mr. Peter P. Carnegie ’95
Mr. Philip M. Carpenter III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Carr Jr. ’64
Mrs. Truman W. Carrithers (W ’30)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome N. Carter ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Carter ’58
COL (R) Leslie D. Carter Jr. ’48
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Donald L. Carter USAF ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Casey ’67
COL (R) and Mrs. Stanley D. Cass ’57
Mr. Roland S. Catarinella ’46
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cates ’67
Mr. Stephen J. Cavoli ’92
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gary A. Cecchine ’64
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Carl P. Cecil ’79 (P)
Mr. Ronald C. Celeste Jr. ’84 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cerasoli ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Chain
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Chaloult ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Lance F. Chambers ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Champion ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Chandler ’89
LTC (R) Alan A. Chapman ’63
Mrs. James E. Chappell (W ’59)
COL (R) and Mrs. Emery J. Chase ’65 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Irving M. Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Young D. Chase ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chavara ’71
Mr. Rafael Checa ’83
LTG (R) Robert D. Chelberg ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Chen ’96
Ms. Joan T. Chesarek Greene (W ’38)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chiappinelli (P)
Lt Col (R) John B. Chickering PhD USAF ’45
LTG (R) and Mrs. Richard A. Chilcoat ’64
COL (R) John H. Chiles ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Chludzinski ’81
Mr. Min W. Chong ’94
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Chory ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard E. Christianson ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Benedict J. Chu ’90
Mr. and Mrs. John Cicerelle Jr. ’77 (P)
Mr. Daniel Cicero
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Ciferri ’71
Mr. John J. Cimral ’75 and Dr. Laura S. Cimral
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Citrone
COL (R) Daniel D. Clark ’62 and Mrs. Janet Long
GEN (R) Mark W. Clark 1917
COL (R) Paul Clark Jr. ’30
MG (R) and Mrs. William N. Clark AUS ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Clay ’72
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Clemm ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Clouse ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Clouser ’88
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Frank L. Cloutier USAF ’60
CPT and Mrs. Brian C. Clymer USAR ’02
LTC (R) Elwood A. Cobey ’68 and
Mrs. Mary-Lou Cobey
COL (R) and Mrs. Harrington W. Cochran ’41
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton H. Coddington Esq. ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael F. Colacicco ’69 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colamedici
Ms. Joyce A. Colfax
Mr. Ryan Colich
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Coll ’65 (P)
LTC (R) Leanne M. Collazzo ARNG ’86 and
LTC (R) Edward C. Collazzo USAR ’83
Dr. and Mrs. Craig E. College ’78 (P)
Mr. Robert K. Colville
Mr. and Mrs. Bret E. Comolli ’82
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Condos Jr. ’67
Mr. Gary G. Conlon ’78
Mr. Kevin G. Conlon ’81
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Connolly II ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Connolly ’82
Mrs. William D. Connor (W 1897)
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Connors ’70 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Conover
COL (R) and Mrs. Roger F. Conover USAR ’48
Mr. Charles J. Conz ’80
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cook ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cook (P)
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Peyton E. Cook USAF ’51
Mr. Byron W. Cooper ’86 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. John B. Copley ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Corapi (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Cordova Jr. ’46
Mr. Ira Coron ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Correll Jr. ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Boo Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Cosentino ’66
COL (R) Paul A. Coughlin ’51
COL (R) Thomas E. Courant ’52
Miss H. Louise Cowgill
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Cox ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Steven J. Cox ’77
Mr. Curtis W. Cozart Jr. ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Crabtree ’91
Mr. Robb D. Craddock ’91
COL (R) John E. Craig ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Craig ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Crane ’84
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Craven ’75
COL (R) James L. Creighton Jr. ’82 and
LTC (R) Tamasine N. Wood-Creighton
Mr. Robert J. Cresci ’66 and Dr. Mary Beth Cresci PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Croak ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Croskrey ’82
LTC and Mrs. Chet H. Cross USAR ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Cross III ’70
Mr. Rufus C. Crow Jr. ’62
Mr. Forest W. Crowe ’47
LTC (R) Ralph H. Cruikshank Jr. ’66
Dr. Craig P. Cummings ’93
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert F. Curran ’36
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Curran ’72 (P)
COL (R) Harold E. Curry ’45
LTG (R) and Mrs. John H. Cushman ’44
Mr. Leo J. Cyr ’78
Maj (R) and Mrs. James L. Dade USAF ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Daffron ’78 (P)
Bob and Ellie Dagle ’57
LTG (R) and Mrs. Dell L. Dailey ’71 (P)
LTC (R) Ralph D’Alessandro USAR ’68
Mr. Raymond T. Dalio
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Daly Jr. ’64
Mr. Garrett Sanderson Jr. (former ’51) and
Mrs. Virginia Daly
Mr. Karl D. DAmico ’78
COL (R) and Mrs. Howard H. Danford ’52
Mr. Charles G. Dannelly ’37
Mr. Stephen C. Darrah ’65
Mr. John H. Darrow ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. M. Thomas Davis ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Davison (P)
Terrall and Margaret de Jonckheere ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. De Rosa (P)
GEN (R) and Mrs. John R. Deane Jr. ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dedekind ’83
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael Deegan ’72
COL (R) Donald E. Deehan ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Rollan J. DeGeare ’92
Mr. Thomas J. Deierlein ’89
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Delaney ’82
Mr. Kyle P. Delaney ’89
Nick and Martha DeMiro ’89
Lt Col (R) James R. Dempsey USAF JAN ’43
Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Dempsey III (former ’67)
COL (R) Henry C. Demuth 1917
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Dencker ’69 (P)
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Lee A. Denson Jr. USAF ’56
Mrs. Rinaldo V. DeNuzzo
The Reverend Joseph J. Deponai ’74
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry M. Dermody Jr. ’65
GEN (R) and Mrs. Jacob L. Devers 1909
Mr. Francis A. DeVito
Mr. Joseph P. DeVito
Mr. Timothy B. Dewald
LTC (R) Steven M. Di Silvio ’74 and
MAJ (R) Elizabeth L. Di Silvio
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dials ’67
Mr. James Dicke II
LTC (R) Charles W. Dickinson JUN ’43
MAJ (R) and Mrs. David L. Diedrich ’76
LTC (R) and Mrs. Daniel W. Dienst ’55
Cortlandt and Martha Dietler
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett L. Dietz ’73
Mr. David T. DiGiacinto ’75
Mrs. Frances P. Dillard (W ’50)
John and Diane Dimmer (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DiNallo Jr. ’88 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DiNome ’81
Mr. L. Todd Diorio
COL Philip J. DiSalvo ’79
LTC (R) Deirdre P. Dixon ’84 and Mr. Paul A. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Dixon Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dixon Jr. ’40
Mr. Henry P. Dobbelaar Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Docksey ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Dodd ’95
Mr. Thomas E. Dolan
COL (R) and Mrs. Philbert C. Doleac Jr. ’70 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ross S. Dolgoff ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Doll (P)
William J. Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Donald ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Hugh J. Donohue Jr. ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. John M. Dorr ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert F. Dorris ’59
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Mitchell S. Dossett USAR ’74
Mr. Edwin L. Dottery ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dougherty (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Dougherty Jr. ’49
MAJ (R) Richard K. Douglas ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Dowd III ’81
Dr. Robert H. Downey Jr. (former ’54)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Leslie B. Downing 1920
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Doyle ’74
COL (R) Michael E. and Mrs. Kristin L. Doyle ’88 (P)
Mr. William J. Doyle III ’85
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Drake ’44
Mr. John M. Draper ’74
MG (R) and Mrs. Philip H. Draper Jr. ’29
LTC (R) and Mrs. Patrick J. Driscoll ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. James H. Drum ’37
MG (R) and Mrs. James E. Drummond ’55 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Duffy ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Duke ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Williams L. Harrison Jr. ’52
COL (R) and Mrs. Andrew L. Dull ’68
COL (R) and Mrs. C. Hilton Dunn Jr. ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dunn ’87
Mr. Peter C. Dunn ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Durkin Jr. ’79
COL (R) Joseph A. Durso ’77
COL (R) and Mrs. Harry V. Dutchyshyn ’52 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. William F. Dworsak ’62
BG (R) Albert J. Dye WVANG ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Dyer ’54
BG (R) and Mrs. Edward L. Dyer ’72
CPT (R) Edward J. Dyke III ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dyke (P)
COL (R) Clifford C. Early 1905
COL (R) and Mrs. John E. Easterbrook ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. John C. Eberle ’66
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Ebner Ph.D. ’50
COL (R) and Mrs. James M. Ecklund M.D. ’83 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Edelstein ’60
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Edleson ’79
Mr. Sean D. Egan ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Rudy H. Ehrenberg Jr. ’63 (P)
Mr. Stephen K. Ehrenberg ’92 and
Mrs. Sherri R. Ehrenberg ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Eich ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald P. Eichelberger ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael D. Eiland ’61
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas I. Eisiminger Jr. ’84 (P)
Mr. Archie Elam ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Elgort (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Ellenbogen ’65
Sewell and Mary Elliott ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce H. Ellis Jr. ’63
Mr. Robert J. Ellis ’54
Mrs. Edmund D. Ellis (W 1915)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Ellison (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. William J. Ely ’33 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan B. Elzinga (P)
Col (R) and Mrs. Frederick C. Engelman Jr. USAF ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Eno (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Epling ’84
COL (R) and Mrs. William Y. Epling ’54 (P)
CPT (R) and Mrs. Gerald S. Epstein ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles D. Erb USAR ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Erbes ’73
Mr. Treavor K. Erney ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Evans ’88
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel M. Evans Jr. ’64 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Evans ’83 (P)
COL (R) William J. Eyerly ’24
MG (R) and Mrs. John C. Faith ’47
COL (R) and Mrs. Stephen M. Fall ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Willard G. Fallon ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farley ’88
Father and Mrs. Michael J. Fay ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Featherstone ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Noel I. Fedje ’57
Mr. Louis O. Feeney
Sean and Kate Feeney ’80
Mr. David C. Fergus and Dr. Anne H. Fergus (P)
Ms. Charlotte Ferguson (W ’50)
Mr. Darwin W. Ferguson ’30
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Ferguson ’83
Jim and Linda Fero ’60
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold A. Ferrando ’78
Mr. Peter N. Fikaris ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. Francis A. Finelli ’79
BG (R) Luke W. Finlay ’28
BG (R) and Mrs. Patrick Finnegan ’71
COL (R) Arthur T. Fintel ’62
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas C. Fiser ’75
Mr. Elwood J. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Fisher ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Fitzgerald ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. FitzGibbon ’64
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. FitzHarris ’73 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fitzpatrick ’74
Mr. Thomas Flannery
Charlie and Dale Anne Fletcher ’72 (P)
CPT (R) and Mrs. Walker H. Flint ’60
COL (R) James and Dr. Twila Floyd ’71
Mr. and Mrs. A. Theodore Flum ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Flynn ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Flynn ’85 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. George C. Fogle Jr. USAR ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gordon J. Folse ’78
LTG (R) Eugene P. Forrester ’48
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Fortescue
GEN (R) and Mrs. John W. Foss ’56
Mr. Gregg Foster
COL (R) Robert T. Foster 1918
COL (R) and Mrs. William G. Foster ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fox Esq. ’74
LTC (R) Lawrence J. Fox Jr. ’45
Mr. Joseph P. Fragnito ’95
Mr. and Mrs. R. Reed Fraley ’68
Mr. Herman L. Frank
LTC (R) Robert T. Frank ’65 and COL (R) Mary E. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Franke ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas R. Frankenfield ’71
GEN (R) and Mrs. Frederick M. Franks Jr. ’59
BG (R) Harvey R. Fraser ’39
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Frauen ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Frawley ’84
LTC (R) and Mrs. William F. Freccia ’67
Norman E. Fretwell ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Louis C. Friedersdorff Jr. ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Frum ’97
COL (R) Stephen J. Frushour USAFR ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fuehrmeyer Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Fuller ’66
Honorable and Mrs. Robert N. Smith MD JAN ’43
Mrs. Mary Frances J. Furlong
Mr. Dale K. Furrow ’88
Mr. F. Daniel Gabel Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gal (fomer ’58)
Mrs. Albert Galik
Col (R) and Mrs. Nathaniel A. Gallagher USAF ’50
Col (R) and Mrs. Nathaniel A. Gallagher USAF ’50
Mr. Graham W. Galloway ’82
Mr. Philip B. Galton (P)
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Gantsoudes ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph A. Gappa Jr. ’50
Ms. Ellen S. Garber
Maj Gen (R) E. B. Garland USAF ’27
Mr. and Mrs. Royal R. Garms ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Thom P. Garrett ’66
Will and Anne Gates ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Gaydos ’78
Mr. Bill Geis
Mr. Daniel Gelman
Dr. and Mrs. John D. George Jr. ’58
Mr. and Mrs. William H. George ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Gephart (P)
LTC (R) John A. Geraci ’72
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Geraci Jr. ’74
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Gerard ’68
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gerlach ’71
Mr. Grant S. Geyer ’93
Dr. Mark Gibbons ’86 and Dr. Janice Gibbons
LTC (R) and Mrs. Todd A. Gile ’86
MG (R) and Mrs. Clair F. Gill ’65 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard M. Gilligan Jr. ’62
Mr. Jeffrey T. Gilling ’79
LTC (R) David D. Gilpatrick ’55
MG (R) Charles H. Gingles M.D.
Mr. Francis J. Giordano ’83
BG (R) and Mrs. Frank R. Giordano ’64
MG (R) and Mrs. Einar B. Gjelsteen ’23
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Glass (P)
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Frederick W. Glauner ’53
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gleason ’62
Mr. S. W. Godbey (former ’79)
Mr. Wayne R. Godfrey II ’72
COL (R) William L. Golden ’57
LTC (R) Richard R. Goodell ’68
Dr. Timothy W. Goodly ’85
LTC (R) and Mrs. Harry C. Goodson III ’57
BG (R) Samuel M. Goodwin ’40
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gorczynski ’83
MG (R) and Mrs. Fred A. Gorden ’62
GEN (R) and Mrs. Paul F. Gorman Jr. ’50
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard V. Gorski ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Rodney C. Gott ’33
Dr. Robin Gottesman
LTG (R) and Mrs. Charles P. Graham ’50
Mr. and Mrs. W. George Grandison ’66
Holly Grange ’82 and David Grange (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Rodney F. Grannemann ’61
LTG (R) and Mrs. Ernest Graves Jr. ’44 (P)
Mrs. Howard D. Graves (W ’61)
LTG (R) Richard G. Graves ’58 and
Mrs. Beverly S. Graves (P)
Mr. Colin S. Gray
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dennis L. Gray USAR ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. Norman D. Greczyn ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Green ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. Gilford D. Green ’40
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Greenhill (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Gregoire ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Greif (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Grieco (P)
LTC (R) Arthur R. Griffin ’59
LTG (R) and Mrs. Thomas N. Griffin Jr. ’56
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grimshaw ’62
Ms. Barbara Grofic ’82
BG (R) and Mrs. John V. Grombach 1923
LTC (R) Brian Grosner ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grout
GEN (R) and Mrs. Alfred M. Gruenther 1919
Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Guarino ’82
Mrs. Elizabeth Guenther (W ’65)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Guernsey ’69
Mr. Sebastian Guglielmino
Mrs. Patrick William Guiney
Ms. Ginni Guiton ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Gunnels ’77
LTC (R) and Mrs. Vincent F. Gwiazdowski ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Haas ’75
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Frederick L. Hafer USAF ’46
LTG (R) and Mrs. Franklin L. Hagenbeck ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Hahn ’52
COL (R) Barrett S. Haight ’59 and
Dr. Barbara K. Haight (P)
COL William H. Haight III ’81 and
COL Catherine G. Haight ’81 (P)
GEN (R) Ralph E. Haines Jr. ’35
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Haines ’69
Mr. Joseph B. Hajost Jr. ’82
Mr. Bradley C. Hall ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Leland W. Hall ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Max N. Hall ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Hall ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Hall ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Hall III (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas M. Hall Jr. ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles R. Johnson ’55 (P)
Mr. Thomas K. Hallett ’88 and
Chaplain Karen Hallett ’88
COL and Mrs. John B. Halligan ’85
Mr. William J. Halligan (former ’24)
BG (R) Rebecca S. Halstead ’81
Mr. Ralph M. Hamaker
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert J. Hamilton III ’72 (P)
Mr. Marcus K. Hamilton ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hammond Jr. ’66 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Hammond ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hanau ’66
Mr. Philip L. Hancock ’92 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Terry D. Hand ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan P. Hanlon ’88
COL (R) and Mrs. John H. Hanna ’70
Mr. Joseph A. Hannan ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Hannigan ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hansinger (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Lawrence K. Harada USAR ’82
Dr. Norris B. Harbold Jr. ’56
MG (R) and Mrs. William L. Hardick ’31
Mr. and Mrs. Rush F. Harding III (former ’76)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Harmless ’71
BG (R) and Mrs. Gilbert S. Harper ’70
Ms. Emily A. Harrington ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. James S. Harrington ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. John B. Harrington ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Harris ’77
Mr. Curtis A. Harris ’78
MG (R) and Mrs. Richard L. Harris ’51
Mr. Phillip G. Harris ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Matthew C. Harrison Jr. ’66
Mr. Renny Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hart ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Harter ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Harting Jr. (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Hartley ’98
COL (R) Richard S. Hartline ’45
BG (R) and Mrs. Clarence B. Hartman NYG ’64
Col (R) and Mrs. Harry C. Harvey USAF ’41
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hasbrouck Jr. ’55
LTG (R) and Mrs. Henry J. Hatch ’57
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jay A. Hatch ’78
Mr. Harold M. Hatfield Jr. ’64
Carl and Denny Hattler ’56
Mr. Henry W. Haunss Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz J. Hausmann ’70
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Hay (P)
Mr. Brandon C. Hayes ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hayes Jr. ’75
MG (R) and Mrs. Harold I. Hayward ’44
Mr. John T. Head III ’92
Col (R) Randolph C. Heard USAF ’45
Mr. James W. Heavener
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hebert ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. William F. Hecker Jr. ’65 (P)
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Theresa Heller (P)
Mr. Dennis Heller (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Heller Jr. ’84
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hemmy (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman W. Henderson ’89
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas L. Hendrix ’72 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul T. Hengst ’77
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph R. Henry ’68
COL (R) William A. Henry ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert M. Hensler ’68 (P)
Mr. Bert C. Hensley ’83
COL (R) Edward G. Herb ’33
BG (R) and Mrs. James A. Herbert ’45
COL (R) and Mrs. Morris J. Herbert ’50 (P)
Dr. Paul H. Herbert ’72
LTG (R) Rhett A. Hernandez ’76
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Herre ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. John D. Herren ’58
COL Stephen P. Hetz ’75 (P)
Mr. Julio E. Heurtematte Jr. ’57
Dr. Alfred Y. K. Hew Jr. M.D. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Heyne ’67
COL (R) James R. Hickey ’79
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Dan W. Hickox Jr. USAF ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Heston W. Higginbotham III ’61
MG (R) and Mrs. George A. Higgins ’72 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Hill (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hill ’69
Professor Theodore P. Hill ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard M. Hirata ’58
Mr. Dennis W. Hitzeman ’69
Col (R) Edmund R. Hobbs USAF ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hochlowski
LTC (R) Charles B. Hodell ’61 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hodge
MG (R) Henry C. Hodges Jr. 1881
Mr. Howell L. Hodgskin Jr. ’52
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard A. Hoefert ’75
COL (R) Francis R. Hoehl USAF ’32
Mrs. Roy A. Hoffman (W ’44)
COL (R) and Mrs. Hugh F. T. Hoffman III ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Theodore F. Hoffman ’34
Mr. James A. Hoffman II ’78
John and Debbie Hoffman ’82
MAJ (R) Daniel L. Hogan Jr. ’84 and
MAJ Sandra M. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hogan ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Joris M. Hogan ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Mark N. Hogan USAR ’81
COL (R) and Mrs. JB Holeman ’64 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Terence C. Holland Ph.D. ’68
Mr. Bradford Holle (former ’51)
LTC (R) Kendrick Holle (former ’51)
MG (R) and Mrs. John W. Holly ’73
Mr. Robert W. Holmes ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron F. Hood ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoopes ’75
LTG Reynold N. Hoover ARNG ’83 and
Ms. Kathryn Kirmayer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hopkins ’71 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Kenneth D. Hopper ’72
MAJ David A. Horan
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Horn ’67 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Horner Jr. ’81
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas G. Horst ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Horstman ’77
COL (R) and Mrs. Lukas E. Hoska Jr. ’37
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Houssels Jr. ’45
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Houston ’86 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dan R. Howard USAR ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Gregory A. Howard ARNG ’75
BG (R) and Mrs. Russell D. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Holly C. Howlett II ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James Hradecky ’86
LTC (R) and Mrs. Randolph B. Hubard ’29
John B. Hubard ’60
W. T. Huckabee III ’57 and Nancy Huckabee
COL (R) and Mrs. Seth F. Hudgins Jr. ’64
Mr. C. K. Hudson ’65
Lisa M. Benitez ’88 and Gus Huerter ’90 (P)
Lt Gen (R) and Mrs. James D. Hughes USAF ’46
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John B. Hull JUN ’43
Mr. and Mrs. Graham L. Humble ’52
COL (R) Daniel H. Hundley ’24
LTC (R) Robert L. Hunt ’54
Mr. Michael H. Hunter ’93
LTG (R) and Mrs. Oren E. Hurlbut ’33
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Hurley ’80
CPT Beirne C. Hutcheson ’14
CPT Beirne Hutcheson ’14 and
The Hutcheson Family (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. David N. Hutchison ’46
LTC James E. Illingworth ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Edgar J. Ingmire ’37
LTC (R) Robert A. Ironside Jr. ’54
Mr. Henry D. Irwin ’41
Ms. Drusilla Isaacs
COL (R) William L. Jackman ’64
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jackson ’70
MG (R) Jeffrey A. Jacobs USAR ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. Jonathan A. Jacobsen ’72
Mr. Jeff Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jacoway (former ’61)
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore V. Jagmin (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. John R. James ’67
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin T. James ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Jarman ’69
Mr. Joseph P. Jaskolski ’03
MSG (R) Marvin A. Jeffcoat (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jefferies ’55
COL (R) and Mrs. James P. Jennings (former ’27)
CPT and Mrs. William G. Jeter USAR ’91
COL (R) A. George W. Johnson ’41
Mr. Andrew R. Johnson
Mr. Gregory B. Johnson ’68
Mr. Jace R. W. Johnson ’81
COL (R) Jay D. Johnson ’68
LTC (R) John and Mrs. Mary Johnson ’65 (P)
Mr. Kenneth P. Johnson (former ’52)
Col (R) Lloyd E. Johnson Jr. USAF ’38
Lynn and Charleen Johnson (P)
COL Robert D. Johnson
COL and Mrs. Robert E. Johnson ’75
Mr. Robert W. Johnson IV
MG (R) Ronald L. Johnson ’76
Mrs. Rosalynn G. Johnson ’92
COL (R) and Mrs. Samuel H. Johnson ’82
COL (R) Melvin H. Johnsrud ’50
Mr. Roy A. Johnston
COL (R) Alan W. Jones Jr. JUN ’43
MG (R) and Mrs. Lincoln Jones ’58
Mr. Michael A. Jones ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Noel T. Jones ’75
Mr. Wilbur S. Jones Jr. ’67 and Ms. Joyce Jefferson
LTG (R) and Mrs. Larry R. Jordan ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jordan (P)
1LT (R) John H. Jorgenson II ’67 and
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Joyce III ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Joyce
COL and Mrs. Kerry C. Kachejian USAR ’82
Mrs. Parker C. Kalloch (W 1910)
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin F. Kamm Jr. ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert P. Kane ’73 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Hahn S. Kang ’84
Mr. Jeffrey J. Karsonovich ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Kaster ’72 (P)
COL (R) Thomas and Pamela Kastner ’82 (P)
LTC and Mrs. Brent A. Kauffman ’93
BG (R) and Mrs. Daniel J. Kaufman ’68
Dr. Louis A. Kaufman ’53
COL (R) and Mrs. John P. Kaylor ’27
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kazmarek (P)
LTC (R) John J. Keane Jr. ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Chad W. Keck ’67
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry C. Keebler III ’73
BG (R) and Mrs. Daniel J. Keefe ’76 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Keegan ’55
Mr. Stephen Keehn ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Keenan ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Kellar ’86
LTC (R) Brian C. Keller ’79
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Keller ’74
BG (R) James H. Keller ’39
Lt Gen and Mrs. Joseph K. Kellogg Jr. (P)
Mrs. Melinda M. Kelly ’94 and Mr. Walter M. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kelly Jr. ’68
MG (R) and Mrs. Richard S. Kem ’56 (P)
Mr. John W. Kemp ’99
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Cintia Kempkes ’94
Mr. Fred Kennedy
LTC (R) and Mrs. Graham G. Kent ’47
MG (R) and Mrs. Richard D. Kenyon ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Kenzie ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kerwin
COL (R) Homer W. Kiefer Jr. ’52
Lt Gen (R) William B. Kieffer USAF ’38
LTC Raymond A. Kimball ’95 and
LTC Mindy A. Kimball ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kimmey ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Kimzey ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. King Jr. ’57 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. King III ’94
Mr. and Mrs. John B. King ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. King Sr.
Mr. Randall L. Kinnard ’67 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert C. Kinsloe Jr. ’56
MG (R) Robert L. Kirwan ’48
COL (R) and Mrs. John A. Klevecz ’71
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Klingberg ’54
LTC (R) Ronald and Mrs. Linda Knight USAR ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Knoblock ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Knowles ’79
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Koch ’67
Mr. Oscar F. Kochtitzky Jr. ’48
Mr. and Mrs. H. Frederick Koehler ’57
Mr. John A. Koehler ’95 and
Mrs. Jeannine M. Koehler ’95
Mr. Perry L. Koehler ’82 and
Mrs. Paula G. Hartman-Koehler ’82
BG (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Kolditz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Kopinski Jr. ’79
Steve and Janet Korach ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kornacki ’74
Mr. Leonard A. Kortekaas ’87
LTC (R) Adam A. Koscielniak ’30
LTC (R) Stephen R. Kostek ’78
COL (R) Donald P. Kotchman ’79
BG Deborah L. Kotulich USAR ’90
COL (R) C. Wilmarth Kouns ’39
Dr. and Mrs. Maxim I. Kovel ’57 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kozuch ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Kramer (former ’22)
LTC (R) Dan P. Krebill ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Kren ’46
COL (R) Robert H. Kreuter 1920
Mrs. David Krimendahl (W ’49)
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kuhn Jr. ’65
LTC and Mrs. Martin R. Kuhn ’85
COL (R) Fred W. Kunesh ’27
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Kurkjian ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Kurtz ’73
BG (R) Harry R. Kutz 1911
Col (R) and Mrs. Nicholas W. Kuzemka USAF ’63 (P)
LTC (R) Brigitte W. Kwinn ’84 and
Dr. Michael J. Kwinn Jr. ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Ladeveze ’00
Col (R) and Mrs. William H. Lake USAF ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lamb Jr. ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Lambert ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Lambert ’60 (P)
J. Lammie ’53
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Landgraf ’67 (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. James E. Landrum Jr. ’36
Mr. Richard H. Lane ’31
COL (R) and Mrs. Ollie L. Langford ’59 (P)
Mr. Paul Lansky ’54
COL Thomas Lanyi USA, Retired ’67
Mr. Richard C. LaPerch ’81
Bill LaPerch ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Larson ’68
Mr. Andrew J. Lasala Jr.
MG (R) Edmund C. Lasher ’29
Mr. Bruce A. Laskow
MG (R) and Mrs. Jerry B. Lauer ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry C. Lawrence ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Lawrence ’85
LTC (R) and Mrs. James E. Lawson II ’76 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gerald N. Lebel ’75
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Chris J. LeBlanc ’72
COL (R) Joseph N.G. LeBoeuf ’74 and
BG (R) Maureen K. LeBoeuf (P)
COL and Mrs. Brent L. Lechner D.O. ’93
COL (R) and Mrs. Jack A. LeCuyer ’66
Jerry and Martina Ledzinski ’65 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lee (former ’68)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Lee (P)
CW5 (R) James M. Lee AUS ’72
LTC Rance A. Lee ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee ’45
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry A. Leonard ’70 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard E. Leonard ’53
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Leone ’69
LTG (R) and Mrs. Bennett L. Lewis ’50 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Leyerzaph ’64
Mr. Frank A. Libby Jr. ’74
Mr. Richard Lichtenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lieb ’68
Mrs. Sachi Liebergesell
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Litwin ’71
MAJ (R) Priscilla M. Locke ’80 (P)
Lt Col (R) Samuel W. Lockerman USAF ’50
Mr. Robert F. Lockett Jr. ’86
BG (R) and Mrs. Benjamin C. Lockwood Jr. 1911
Miss Cherry L. Lockwood
LTC (R) and Mrs. Lawrence S. Lodewick ’50
Mr. Douglas W. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Lomnitzer
MG (R) and Mrs. John E. Longhouser ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Longo ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Looney ’58
LTC and Mrs. Joseph C. Lopez
Mr. Thomas D. Lopez ’93
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward J. Lorentzen ’68
Mr. Victor L. Losure ’86
Todd and Maggie Loudenslager ’80 (P)
COL Frederick C. Lough USAR ’70 and
Ms. Mary E. Mullin (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Freed Lowrey Jr. ’67
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert D. Lowry ’66
Neil and Virginia Lucey
Mr. Robert T. Luckese ’50
LTC (R) Robert A. Lundy USAR ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Timothy T. Lupfer ’72
Mr. Matthew P. Lynch ’91 and
LTC (R) Ingrid W. Lynch USAR ’92
LTG (R) and Mrs. Ricky Lynch ’77
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas J. Lynch ’82
Mr. Walter J. Lynch Jr. ’84
MG (R) Nelson M. Lynde Jr. ’29
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael W. Maasberg ’69
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Gaylord MacCartney USAF ’48
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Macchiavelli ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Macdonald Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall S. MacGibbon ’79
LTC (R) Scott W. MacKay USAR ’76 and
Ms. Elizabeth Meyer
LTC (R) and Mrs. John R. Mackert ’49
Mr. Edward E. Mackey ’64
John and Carol MacLean ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. MacPherson ’85 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. James W. Madden ’59
MG (R) and Mrs. Albert J. Madora ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. Brian W. Magerkurth ’81 (P)
Mr. Thomas P. Maginnis ’60
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert B. Magruder ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mahr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maiberger (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Main ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Malachosky (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. James R. Malcolm ’77 (P)
Mr. Jerome J. Malczewski ’85 and
Mrs. Linda J. Malczewski ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Mandel (P)
Paul and Elizabeth Mandry ’60 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Mangels ARNG ’53
BG (R) Nikitas C. Manitsas ’45 and
Dr. Hildegard Manitsas
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Manley ’78
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jeff A. Manley USAR ’78 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mannle Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Mapes ’89
Mr. Stephen J. Marcuccilli ’68
Mr. Dario U. Margve ’78
Mr. Eddie L. Marion ’67
Mr. Robert J. Mark Jr. ’89
Mr. Marvin E. Markley ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Markowski ’64 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Herman S. Marmon ’60
COL (R) Len Marrella ’57 and Dee Marrella
GEN (R) Robert T. Marsh USAF ’49
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marslender ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Murro M. Martens ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Martin ’82
LTC (R) and Mrs. Williams S. Martin ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Martin (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas G. Martin USAR ’71 (P)
Mr. Thomas E. Martinez ’70
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Marvin ’72 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Marziale ’84
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Masciello ’71 (P)
COL (R) Walter E. Mather ’41
Mr. and Mrs. Toney A. Mathews ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Matsumoto ’58
LTC (R) and Mrs. William H. Mattfeld ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Matz Jr. ’84
Michael and Tani Mauer (P)
Mr. Clarence S. Maulsby 1916
Mr. John P. Maultsby ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Maus ’87
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Maus ’61 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mayer Jr. ’68
MG (R) and Mrs. George Mayo Jr. ’40
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas L. Mays USAR ’73
Donna M. McAleer ’87
Ted McAleer ’87
James and Barbara McAree ’83
Mr. and Mrs. John I. McBeth ’69
Mr. Joseph J. McCann Jr. ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McCarthy ’61
LTC (R) and Mrs. James M. McCarver ’63 (P)
LTC Michelle McCassey and Mr. Everett McCassey
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles A. McCauley 1870
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. David M. McCloskey ’90
Mr. and Mrs. William W. McClung ’56 (P)
Mrs. Lyn McConnell (W ’45)
COL (R) Frederick J. McConville ’59
COL (R) and Mrs. Lester F. McConville ’73
Mr. Michael S. McCord
Mrs. George E. McCormick Jr. (W ’26)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. McCracken ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James P. McCready
The Reverend and Mrs. Walter C. McCrillis ’55
Mr. Robert M. McDannell ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. McDevitt ’85 (P)
Mr. John J. McDonald ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. McDonald ’72
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. William L. McDonald Jr. USAF ’63
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McDowell ’88
COL (R) John D. McElheny ’36
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McGarry ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Harry I. McGavisk ’83
Miss Dorothy Horton McGee
LTC (R) and Mrs. Donald J. McGrath Jr. ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. McGrath (former ’63)
Lt Gen (R) Thomas G. McInerney USAF ’59
Mr. David J. McIntyre
COL (R) and Mrs. Graham W. McIntyre ’53 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Clarence E. McKnight Jr. ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. McLane ’68
Mr. William F. McLaughlin ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. McLean
COL (R) and Mrs. David G. McLennan ’34
Ms. Alice M. McMahon
Mr. Edward J. McManus ’92
Mr. Jeffrey G. McMillan ’89
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McNaugher ’68
Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. McWatters MD ’64
Col (R) Eugene B. Mechling Jr. USAF ’49
The Reverend and Mrs. Ivan R. Mechtly Jr. ’52 (P)
BG (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Meese ’81 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Arthur C. Meier II ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Meinhold ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Danford R. Meischen ’69
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Melesky ’71
Mr. Buford H. Melton ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Mendell ’55
LTC (R) Paul E. Meredith ’27
Miss Carolyn Mewborn
Mrs. Robert G. Meyer (W ’29)
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Michel ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Migaki ’76
Ms. Susann M. Miguel ’84
Dr. and Mrs. R. Clifford Mihail (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Milinski ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. Bruce F. Miller ’63
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles A. Miller ’58
CPT and Mrs. David A. Miller
Dennis and Patricia Miller ’74
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dyson R. C. Miller ’60
LTC (R) and Mrs. Fred R. Miller ’51
Mr. John E. Miller ’49
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Miller ’92
COL (R) and Mrs. John T. Miller ’54
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Robert B. Miller USAF ’39
Robert and Rose Miller ’73 (P)
Mr. Robert W. Miller Jr. ’71
Ms. Constance J. Milstein
Mr. Neil J. Minihane ’90 and
Mrs. Bridget S. Minihane ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Mintz ’51
Rory and Lena Miott ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Mislinski ’78 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Misurek ’67
COL (R) Charles J. Mitchell ’73
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hurley Mitchell ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Mitchiner ’88 (P)
Mr. Bryan P. Mix ’87
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert W. Mixon ’74 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Kelley B. Mohrmann ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Molzahn Sr. ’77
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Monday (P)
Honorable and Mrs. Michael Montelongo ’77
Mr. Thomas L. Montrone ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Moody II ’87
COL (R) and Mrs. Gordon K. Moore ’74
Mr. Harley L. Moore III ’65 and Ms. Myrna O. Valdez
COL Joanne C. Moore ’91 and Mr. Kenneth C. Moore ’91
MG (R) and Mrs. William C. Moore ’52
Mr. Thomas J. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Morehouse ’83
Mr. James B. Morgan ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo M. Morillo ’87
LTC Harry E. Mornston III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Morris Sr. (P)
Mrs. Dawn M. Morris ’90 and Mr. Shannan Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Morris ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Morrison ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Morrissey ’65 (P)
Mr. Paul F. Morton III ’88
Dr. Richard W. Morton ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Moseley Jr. ’65
Mr. Dale B. Mowry ’74
LTC (R) James P. Moye ’78
Mr. Christopher W. Mozina ’83
Mr. Daniel L. Muchow ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward J. Mueller ’72
Col (R) and Mrs. Richard M. Mullane USAF ’67
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mulligan Jr. ’83
COL (R) Clayton E. Mullins ’33
Mr. Matthew G. Mulroney
COL (R) David C. Muntz ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Muntz (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. George J. Murati ’72
Col (R) Edward C. Murphy USAF ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Murphy Jr. ’73
COL (R) Kevin P. Murphy M.D. ’83 and
Mrs. Jodi V. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Murphy ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Murrill Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Musser Jr. ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Jerome B. Myers ’77
Dr. Nakizito N. Kazigo ’95 and
Mr. Matthew C. Myllykangas ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Ross L. Nagy ’68
MG (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Nardotti Jr. ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan B. Nason ’66 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Natalini ’67
Dr. Hanford Ndlovu and Dr. Beverley Hall-Ndlovu (P)
LTC (R) John O. Neal Jr. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Neal ’65
LTC (R) and Mrs. William R. Nealson II ’74
Dr. Arvid R. Nelson
COL (R) and Mrs. Francis A. Nerone ’53
COL (R) Jack A. Neuberger ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Newell ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Nicolais ’56
LTC (R) and Mrs. Wayne B. Nicoll ’57
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Niekerk ’78
Mrs. Victoria L. Nilles ’83 and Dr. James T. Hardy
Mr. Steven ’88 and Mrs. Kristen Nitsberg
Scott and Kathryn Nix ’69
LTG (R) and Mrs. Max W. Noah ’53
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Noble Jr. ’86
Jon Gray Noll ’70
Col (R) Wayne A. Norby USAF ’49
COL (R) Thaddeus M. Nosek ’40
Mr. Michael Nowakowski
COL (R) and Mrs. Frederick L. Nuffer ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Nunn (P)
BG (R) and Mrs. Louis M. Nuttman 1895
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jack J. Oakley ’73
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Oaks III ’61
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Brien ’59
Mr. John L. O’Brien ’83
LTC and Mrs. Seth D. O’Brien MD ’94
Mr. and Mrs. William G. O’Brien ’91
COL (R) and Mrs. James T. O’Connell Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. O’Connell ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. O’Connor ’89
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. O’Connor Jr. ’68
Mr. Robert F. O’Connor ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. O’Connor ’79 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. O’Day ’91
LTC (R) David O. Odegard USAR ’78
Mr. Thomas and Kristin O’Donnell ’91
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas J. O’Donnell ’79 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard C. Oertel ’74
Mr. and Mrs. C. Theodore Ogren ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Ohotnicky ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Randall G. Oliver ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan D. Olson ’67 (P)
LTC (R) John V. Olson USA, Retired ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Tadahiko Ono ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Roderic E. Ordway ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. O’Reilly ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E. Orlian JUN ’43
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Orsini ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Orzetti ’87
Ms. Carolyn C. Osborn
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Edward A. Osborne Jr. USAF ’60
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael T. Ostrom ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. O’Sullivan ’63 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Toole III ’90
Mr. James W. Ott and Ms. Patricia Corea
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ouellette ’67
COL (R) LeRoy B. Outlaw ’68 (P)
BG (R) and Mrs. Richard P. Ovenshine 1919
Darrell and Melissa Overcash ’83
Mr. Rufus M. Overlander III (former ’60)
Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Owens ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Owens ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Pace ’77
Mr. Ronald Paduchak ’90 and
Mrs. Stephanie E. Paduchak ’90
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Elmer G. Pahre USAF ’52
COL (R) Kenneth R. Pakula ’62
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Palamar ’82
BG (R) Donald J. Palladino ’58
GEN (R) and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer ’24
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Pappas ’66 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Paradies ’82
Mr. Earle L. Parker Jr. ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Parker III (former ’57)
GEN (R) and Mrs. Theodore W. Parker ’31
Mr. James E. Parkman
LTC (R) Howard N. Parks ’50
Col (R) and Mrs. Charles H. Parsons II USAF ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Paske ’65
Col (R) and Mrs. Michael L. Patrow USMC ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Patten ’70
COL (R) Jerry K. Patterson ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Patterson ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. William S. Pavlick ’72 (P)
Drs. Gregg and Kathy Pearson ’82
Mrs. Howard L. Peckham (W 1918)
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Peffers USAR ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Penczer ’58
COL (R) Raymond A. Pendleton ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin J. Perez ’68
Col (R) and Mrs. Irving R. Perkin USAF ’41
Mr. Tim E. Perley ’80 and Dr. Penny Axelrad
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph P. Perovich ’80 (P)
BG (R) Miller O. Perry ’31
Mr. Antony E. Peters ’93
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael P. Peters ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall C. Peterson ’78
Mr. Terence E. Peterson ’85
GEN (R) and Mrs. David H. Petraeus ’74
Mr. William M. Petre ’41
Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph C. Petrone ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Pettit ’91 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph J. Pfanzelter ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Pfeifer
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Thomas J. Phillips II USAFR ’55
Mr. John G. Pickard ’39
Mr. Phillip B. Pickering ’52 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. William J. Pieper USAR ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Forest E. Pierce (P)
Dr. Daniel W. Pillasch ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil M. Pinkley
Col (R) Frederick E. Pirkey USAF ’55
Ms. Margaret (Peg) Piro (P)
Mr. David F. Piske ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Plaas ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Plack ’85
Mr. Michael A. Plaia ’94
Mr. Steven C. Plank ’89
MAJ (R) Mischa A. Plesha USAR ’93
Mr. Frederick B. Plummer Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Polanowicz ’84 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. John S. Polickoski ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Pollard III ’65 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Grady R. Poole Jr. ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Portante ’73
Ronald (Ron) Porter ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Powell ’79
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Power (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert D. Powers ALARNG ’72
Mr. Michael J. Pratt ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Egbert Pravinkumar (P)
Mr. Michael O. Preletz ’60
MAJ (R) and Mrs. James D. Price ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Frank L. Prindle ’74
Mr. John M. Prindle and Mrs. Gleam Davis (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Gil P. Provine
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Pruitt ’76
Mr. Donald E. Pruitt Jr. ’90
Lt Gen (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Pursley USAF ’49
Emory and Johanna Pylant ’65
Mr. Joseph P. Quinn ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Bernal Quiros ’57
Mrs. Mariam J. Radford
Mr. Charles K. Ragland (P)
Mr. William R. Raiford ’52
Mr. John S. Rainey
COL (R) and Mrs. Donald A. Ramsay ’53
COL (R) and Mrs. James B. Raney USAR ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. James F. Ransone Jr. ’54
Mr. Michael D. Rapalje
Mr. Richard L. Rapp
COL (R) and Mrs. Frank C. Rauch ’61
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Ravitz (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Ray Jr. ’87
Dr. Bruce A. and Dr. Jane Raymond (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. George A. Rebh JAN ’43
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Rehm ’45
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Rehm ’52 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Brad D. Reid USAR ’83
Mr. Brian M. Reidy ’97
Mr. John F. Reilly ’58
GEN (R) and Mrs. Dennis J. Reimer ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Remick (P)
Mr. Richard H. Repetto ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Resnick ’94
BG (R) and Mrs. Richard L. Reynard ’58
Mr. Martin A. Reynolds and Mrs. Susan Reynolds
COL (R) and Mrs. John T. Rhett Jr. ’45
Mr. Joseph C. Rhyne ’71 (P)
Mr. Stephen K. Rhyne ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen D. Rice ’71
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Rich ’78
MG (R) Darrie H. Richards JAN ’43
MG (R) George J. Richards 1915
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gerald A. Richardson ’56 (P)
GEN (R) and Mrs. William R. Richardson ’51
Maj Gen (R) Graham W. Rider USAF ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Riehman
LTG (R) Thomas M. Rienzi ’42
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael G. Ritchie ’71 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Ritter ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Lee K. Rivas Jr. ’96
CW5 and Mrs. Kenneth D. Roach
Col (R) Charles W. Roades USAF ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. Donald J. Roberts ’58
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce H. Robertson ’51
Maj Gen (R) Edwin W. Robertson II USAF ’47
COL (R) and Mrs. John M. Rocco USAR ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Roche ’84
LTC (R) Alan J. Rock ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert M. Rodden ’44
Dr. William C. Roden ’71
Mr. James A. Rodrigues ’52
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard A. Rodrigues ’73
Dr. Daniel Rodriguez ’87
COL (R) and Mrs. Zigmund J. Roebuck ’65
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roedy Jr. ’70
Mr. Karl Roes
GEN (R) and Mrs. Bernard W. Rogers JUN ’43
COL (R) Thomas E. Rogers ’47
COL (R) and Mrs. John C. Roggow USAR ’72
Dr. Raymond Rollings ’72 and Dr. Marian Rollings (P)
MAJ Molly A. Root ’86 and Mr. Michael K. Root ’86 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rosenblatt ’49
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry Ross ’26
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ross
BG and Mrs. Alfred T. Rossi P.E. (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Rossi
COL (R) and Mrs. Harry E. Rothmann Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rountree ’69
Mr. Jason T. Rowe ’95
Rick and Judy Rowe ’71
LTG (R) Edward L. Rowny ’41
LTC (R) and Mrs. Renard R. Rozzoni ’74
COL Stephen B. Rubright ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ruckman ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dean E. Russell ’74 (P)
John and Betsy Russell ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas B. Russell ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Russo (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Ruth ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Ryan III ’83
COL (R) and Mrs. John B. Ryan ’70 (P)
John and Lisa Sabino ’96
GEN (R) and Mrs. Crosbie E. Saint ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Salomon
LTC (R) Ronald L. Salvador ’54 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Salvatore
Mr. Henry L. Sanderson ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Sandison ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. Sandlin (P)
Gregory V. Santillo ’98 and Anna Fiordilino
Honorable Harold J. Sarbacher ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Sauer (P)
Mr. Scott M. Sauer ’86 and Mrs. Cynthia M. Sauer ’86
Mr. William S. Saum (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. E. Duston Saunders USAR ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gregory M. Saunders ’76
Mr. Karl R. Savatiel ’65
Lt Col (R) John H. Saxon Jr. USAF ’49
Mr. Gary M. Saxton ’82 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Scanlan ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schaaf (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Paul S. Schaefer ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Schaefer ’75
Richard and Marcia Scheiner
Mr. and Mrs. Tad F. Schinke ’82
Dr. and Mrs. Roger B. Schlemmer ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlessinger (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Schmutz ’84
LTC Darcy L. Schnack ’96 and
Dr. Troy A. Schnack PhD ’96
Mr. Joseph S. Schneider ’72 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. William P. Schneider ’46 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schnurr (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Schofield III ’60
Mr. G. Scott Scholler ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. David E. Schorr ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Schow Jr. 59 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Schroeder ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Schultz ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Schulz (P)
Jill Schurtz ’86 and Beth Ford
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. David G. Schwartz JUN ’43
LTC (R) and Mrs. Karl O. Schwartz ’63 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Frederic M. Schweiger USAR ’54
COL (R) and Mrs. Carl B. Sciple ’61
Mr. and Mrs. James I. Scheiner ’65
MG (R) and Mrs. Bruce K. Scott ’72 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Willard W. Scott Jr. ’48
COL (R) and Mrs. Mark W. Scott ARNG ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Seaworth ’93
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Seaworth ’65 (P)
LTC (R) Fredrick Seeger ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Seldin
LTC (R) Donald E. Sells ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Senft
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Serrao Jr. ’80
COL (R) and Mrs. Hubert T. Servis ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Setzer Jr. ’69
Mrs. Tracy S. Seymour ’85 and
Mr. Glenn G. Seymour ’85
Mr. Scott T. Seymour ’91 and Mrs. Gail C. Seymour ’92
Mr. Michael S. Shannon
Robert I. Shapiro ’59
James A. and June M. Sharman ’82
GEN (R) and Mrs. Walter L. Sharp ’74
Katherine Ward Shattuck ’96
Mr. Herbert L. Shatzen ’76
Gen (R) John A. Shaud USAF ’56
Mr. Frank E. Shea ’36
Mr. Daniel Sheehan
Dr. Kevin P. Sheehan ’78 and Ms. Julia A. Spicer
RADM (R) and Mrs. Michael W. Shelton USN ’67
Mr. David J. Shepard ’87 and Ms. Marilou J. Shepard ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shephard Jr. ’77
Dr. Stephen M. Sheppard ’72
MG (R) and Mrs. Stan R. Sheridan ’51
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shields ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Shike ’79
GEN (R) and Mrs. Eric K. Shinseki ’65
Mr. Mike Shirota
Mr. N.B. Forrest Shoaf ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. George B. Shoener ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Shuba ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Shulits ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shults Jr. ’92
Mr. Allan D. Sicat ’98 and Ms. Dreama L. Sicat ’99
Mr. Brian Sichol Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Sider (P)
LTC Louis Siegel
Mr. Lavelle B. Sigg (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen A. Sihelnik ’74
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John D. Simar ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Simcox ’62
COL and Mrs. Joseph A. Simonelli Jr. ’87
LTC and Mrs. Daniel E. Simpson ’88
Mr. Bernard S. Sines
Mr. and Mrs. Guerdon S. Sines ’51
Mrs. Richard C. Singer (W ’20)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Singlevich
Mr. Robert Sinnott
LTC (R) Ronald A. Skarupa ’62
COL (R) Winfred G. Skelton Jr. ’50
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Skinner Jr. ’87
COL (R) and Mrs. Norman A. Skinrood ’35
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Skown ’62
Mr. Thomas J. Slaggie ’62
Mr. Ellis D. Slater
Mr. and Mrs. Brett G. Smith ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Smith (P)
Mr. David M. Smith ’71
LTC and Mrs. David R. Smith ’87
Dr. Erwin L. Smith (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Smith ’53
Mr. Frederick G. Smith
Mary Ellen and Frederick J. Smith ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. Grant M. Smith ’72
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Harold L. Smith USAF ’30
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Smith ’66
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smith ’50
Mr. Kurt P. and Mrs. Lori Smith (P)
Ms. Nicole Smith
Mrs. Rayburn L. Smith (W ’45)
Maj Gen (R) Perry M. Smith USAF ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Smith (former ’53)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Smith ’79
LTC (R) and Mrs. Wayne C. Smith Jr. ’49
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Smith
Gen (R) and Mrs. William Y. Smith USAF ’48
COL (R) Charles O. Smithers III ’79 and
Dr. Maureen Smithers
COL (R) and Mrs. Samuel W. Smithers Jr. ’50
Mr. Charles Smithgall
COL (R) Kathleen G. Snook ’80 and
COL (R) Scott A. Snook ’80 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Snyder (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Snyder ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard V. Sommer (P)
Mr. Bill C. Song ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Y. Song ’88
LTG (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Sorenson ’73
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Sorley III ’56
MG (R) and Mrs. Herbert G. Sparrow ’33
LTG (R) and Mrs. Stephen M. Speakes ’74
LTG (R) and Mrs. Gary D. Speer ’72
Mrs. Susan I. Spieth ’85 and Mr. Robert E. Spieth
Mr. Marc Spilo
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Spreen
LTC (R) Richard H. St. Denis ’70
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert J. St. Onge ’69 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stahle JAN ’43
COL (R) and Mrs. Kweon Stambaugh ’72
Mr. John Stanley Jr.
COL (R) Warner D. Stanley III ’62 (P)
Mrs. Hubert G. Stanton (W 1911)
COL (R) and Mrs. George J. Stapleton ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Stark ’54
Dr. Robert E. Steckler (P)
Mr. David P. Steinmann
Mr. James P. Stephenson ’65
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Mark W. Stephenson ’80
MG (R) and Mrs. Richard E. Stephenson ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Herbert I. Stern ’41
Mr. Paul Stevens ’60
COL (R) John G. Stevenson ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stewart ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Stewart ’73
Col (R) and Mrs. William R. Stewart Jr. USAF JAN ’43
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stidd ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Stilwell III ’60 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Stimmel
Karen K. Stoner ’80 and John K. Stoner ’80
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Storb ’45
Mr. Michael C. Strathearn ’75 and
Dr. Jeanne P. Strathearn DDS
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Strati ’55
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry E. Strickland Jr. ’50
COL (R) and Mrs. Stephen H. Strom ’70 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Todd B. Strubbe ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Struble ’63
Ms. Mary Stuart
COL (R) and Mrs. James R. Stuart Jr. ’53
COL and Mrs. James M. Stuteville ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sullivan (former ’83)
Mr. Paul D. Summers Jr. ’51
Mr. and Mrs. William Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Darren J. Sumter ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Surdyke (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Guy C. Swan III ’76 (P)
Dr. Peter A. Swan ’68 and Dr. Cathy W. Swan
Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Swan (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Kermit D. Swanson ’52
COL (R) Isabelle J. Swartz
Mr. James G. Sweeney Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt T. Switala ’85
COL (R) and Mrs. Donald R. Swygert ’52 (P)
Mr. H. P. Swygert and Dr. Leslie Fenwick
Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Symes ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Symes ’85 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert W. Szymczak ’62
Mr. and Mrs. David Takacs ’80
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Talbot ’65
MAJ David R. Talbott ’06
Mr. James A. Tallman ’68
Mr. Joseph P. Tallman ’73
MG (R) and Mrs. Will Hill Tankersley AUS ’50
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tate II ’64
Dr. Morton and Dr. Judith Tavel
Mrs. Rachel D. Taylor ’00 and
Mr. Christopher P. Taylor ’00
MG (R) and Mrs. James B. Taylor ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Harvey G. Taylor Jr. ’67
GEN (R) and Mrs. Maxwell D. Taylor 1922
Maj Gen (R) Robert K. Taylor USAF ’28
MG (R) and Mrs. B. Franklin Taylor ’37
MAJ (R) and Mrs. William R. Taylor Jr. USAR ’78
Mr. Jeffrey A. Teach ’88
Lt Gen (R) and Mrs. David J. Teal USAF ’61
Mr. Dean M. Teece ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Teuten ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Thebaud Jr. ’74 (P)
Richard & MaryEllen Thibodeau ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Julius O. Thomas Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thomas ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Thom S. Thomassen ’72
Mr. Frank M. Thomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Thompson Jr. JUN ’43
LTG (R) and Mrs. James M. Thompson ’50
Mr. Jon K. Thompson ’65
Mr. Bruce K. Thorn ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Patrick T. Thornton ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Thul (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Tierno III ’77
MG (R) and Mrs. John C. Tillson III ’38 (P)
Mr. Michael J. Timlin III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Tobin Jr. ’61
MAJ Virginia A. Todd USAR ’85 and
Mr. John B. Todd ’85 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Todd (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Theodore T. Togashi ’64
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tonra ’89
CPT Adi S. Toth ’83
COL (R) and Mrs. James L. Tow ’52
Stephen D. Townes ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. James B. Townsend Jr. USAF ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Trabert ’58
LTG (R) David W. Traub ’28
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Trella (former ’66)
Mr. Gordon P. Treweek ’64
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Trieschmann Jr. ’49
MG (R) and Mrs. Edward L. Trobaugh ’55 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Trotter ’77
Mr. Stephen F. Troutner ’93 and Mrs. Jill Troutner ’93
LTG (R) and Mrs. Louis W. Truman ’32
Mrs. Sheryl Swofford Tullis ’89 and
Mr. Steven C. Tullis ’90
Ms. Harriet W. Tung
Mr. W. Bruce Turner ’81
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tyree ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Uberecken II ’67
COL (R) and Mrs. John M. Uhorchak ’75 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Walter F. Ulmer ’52 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Upchurch
COL (R) and Mrs. George B. Utter III ’66
Mrs. Francis B. Valentine (W 1918)
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Van Duzer ’91 (P)
GEN (R) and Mrs. James A. Van Fleet 1915
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Van Kirk ’83
BG (R) and Mrs. David L. Van Syckle ’26
LTG (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Van Antwerp ’72 (P)
CDR and Mrs. Brian K. Vander Yacht (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert Vanderbush III ’61 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. VeLoy J. Varner ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Vaughn ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. John D. Veatch ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Rocco F. Ventrella Jr. ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Vercollone (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Vito R. Verni
COL (R) Herbert D. Vogel Jr. ’52
COL (R) William S. Vogel ’75
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gary L. Vogler USAR ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Voigt ’82 (P)
LTC and Mrs. Joseph J. Volpe USAR ’88 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. John F. Votaw ’61
COL (R) Hugh B. Waddell 1919
Dr. Dean E. Wade ’72
LTC and Mrs. Dennis A. Wagner III USAR ’72
GEN (R) and Mrs. Louis C. Wagner Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Waite
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Walden ’67
LTC (R) Scott Wales and Dr. Debra Wales (P)
Dr. Lucy R. Waletzky
Mrs. Sam S. Walker (W ’46) (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Winston G. Walker ’49
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Walker USAF ’46
Mr. Marshall F. Wallach
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Wallsten ’45
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wallwork ’52
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert H. Wank ’72
Conan Ward Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ward ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Ward ’75
MG (R) and Mrs. William F. Ward Jr. ’50
Mr. William H. Ward ’69
Ms. Therese Wareham (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Warns ’90 (P)
Mary and Joe Warren ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. James Z. Wartski ’82 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Washle (P)
CPT (R) and Mrs. Lawrence E. Waters ’62
Mr. Warren S. Waters
Mr. James D. Watkins
Mr. Paul B. Watkins ’71 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Albert Watson II ’30
LTC (R) Joseph F. Watt ’61
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. William B. Webb USAF ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. William L. Webb III ’72 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Sanford H. Webster ’40
LTG (R) William G. Webster Jr. ’74 and
Ms. Teresa Y. Pierce Webster (W ’74) (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. F. Weese ’85
COL (R) and Mrs. Glenn R. Weidner ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Marvin S. Weinstein ’46
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert D. Weiss ’71
Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Wells ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas J. Wells ’28
COL Holly E. (Fishburne) West ’91 and
LTC Mark R. West ’91 (P)
COL (R) John T. Westermeier Jr. ’63
Dorothy G. Whan
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Wheeler ’69
Mr. Fredrick L. Whitaker ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. White ’83
Mr. Robert M. White ’79 and
LTC (R) Donna S. Alesch-White ’80
Mr. Houston L. Whiteside 1912
Dr. Courtenay S. Whitman IV ’74
Mr. Stephen W. Whittey ’79
Dr. Shirley H. Wick (P)
GEN (R) John and Mrs. Ann Wickham ’50
Mrs. Robert D. Wiegand (W ’55)
LTC (R) George E. Wien ’56
LTG (R) and Mrs. Francis J. Wiercinski ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Wilde (P)
Mr. Jon B. Wildermuth Jr. ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. Rick D. Wilkerson ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles H. Williams Jr. ’71
LTG (R) and Mrs. James A. Williams ’54
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Henry K. Williams III ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Williams ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Ronald N. Williams ’65 (P)
Mr. Ronald F. Williamson ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Larry E. Willner ’54
LTC (R) William F. Willoughby USAR ’83
Mr. and Mrs. A. Rhodes Wilson ’72
Ed and Mary Lou Wilson (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Lynnford S. Wilson Jr. ’66 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wilt ’90
BG (R) and Mrs. Raymond J. Winkel Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Winter ’68
Mrs. William E. Winter (W ’23)
Ms. Marjorie A. Winters
LTG (R) and Mrs. Leonard P. Wishart III ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Wismann ’72 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard H. Witherspoon ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Ross P. Witschonke ’71
Glenn Wittpenn ’83 and Mary Anne Callahan
BG (R) and Mrs. Wallace K. Wittwer ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Woessner Jr. ’68
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gregory Wold ’56
LTG (R) John W. and Mrs. Woodmansee ’56 (P)
CDR (R) James A. Woodruff Jr. USN
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Woody ’76
Mrs. Barbara L. Woolridge (W ’41)
Neil and Dawn Worrall (P)
CPT (R) and Mrs. James K. Worthen ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Wright ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Wright ’79
LTC and Mrs. Timothy F. Wright ’00
BG (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Wynn ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wysocki ’67
LTC (R) and Mrs. Timothy W. Yahn CTARNG ’81
LTG (R) and Mrs. Joseph L. Yakovac ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Yambor ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Yarmie Jr. ’79 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Yeterian ’74
N. Elad Yoran ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Yoshitani ’65 (P)
John and Beverly Young ’60
Mr. Neil Young
BG (R) Gilbert A. Youngberg 1900
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward J. Zaborowski ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Zachensky Jr. (P)
Mr. Allen M. Zick ’86 and Dr. Elizabeth O. Zick
BG (R) and Mrs. John G. Zierdt ’66 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zolidis ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Zurla ’66
Mr. Barry M. Zwick ’58
Anonymous (15)