USMA First Class cadets have a long tradition of leaving a class legacy and paying it forward to future members of the Long Gray Line. The Class of 2024 Gift Fund provides the class the opportunity to present a collective gift for Margin of Excellence programs at its 10th Reunion.

1. What is the Margin of Excellence?

The Margin of Excellence includes:

Margin of Excellence

Hands-on and out-of-classroom leadership experiences

Margin of Excellence

Semester abroad opportunities

Margin of Excellence

Clubs and athletic team endowments

Margin of Excellence

Renovation and improvements to West Point, the landmark

Margin of Excellence

Academic centers for cadets, the U.S. Army, and the nation

Margin of Excellence programs that go beyond the core education elements allow the Academy to remain competitive in attracting high-quality cadet candidates and enable cadets to achieve their highest potential.

Such opportunities make the West Point education like no other, and they are made possible through gifts from cadets, graduates, families, corporations, foundations, and other friends of West Point.

2. Where will the Class Gift go?

Gifts to the Class of 2024 Gift Fund, regardless of the amount, will be pooled and invested, growing until the 10th Reunion Gift is presented.

At the 5th reunion, the class leadership will work with WPAOG Class Giving to determine how the Class of 2024 Gift Fund will be allocated to best support the class’ goals and the Superintendent’s strategic priorities. This is accomplished through a class-wide vote, followed by a fundraising campaign leading up to the 10th Reunion.

3. History of the First Class Gift

The Class of 1994 was the first USMA Class to collectively solicit financial support for the Academy prior to graduation, a tradition that continues today.

Class reunion gifts have greatly transformed the landscape of West Point over the years.

4. How long do I have to make my gift?

Gifts can be made from now until graduation—and beyond! Monthly gifts through military allotment or credit card make the greatest impact.

5. Five Largest 10th Reunion Gifts


West Point 2009 Class Crest


Class of 2009

  • Cyber & Engineering Academic Center


West Point 2006 Class Crest


Class of 2006

  • Modern War Institute
  • Cyber Research Center


West Point 2004 Class Crest


Class of 2004

  • Malek Visitor Center
  • Academy Scholars Program
  • Semester Abroad


West Point 2007 Class Crest


Class of 2007

  • DCA
  • Academy Scholars Program
  • Leadership Center


West Point 2002 Class Crest


Class of 2002

  • Cemetery Development Project

6. First Class Gift Leaderboard

Classes with the Highest Participation


West Point 2004 Class Crest


Class of 2004


West Point 1999 Class Crest


Class of 1999


West Point 2006 Class Crest


Class of 2006

CPT Stephen Gracza ’19

I started giving back to West Point the moment I graduated in 2019, and I continue to do so from a place of gratitude for the foundation West Point provided me.

— CPT Stephen Gracza ’19

USMA Cadets

Last year, both the Women’s Army West Point Rugby Team and the Army West Point Baseball Team Firsties had 100% participation in supporting their First Class gift!

Army West Point Baseball Team

The First Class Gift, a Margin of Excellence effort led by cadet class leadership, is essential to building a class legacy at West Point.