The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office seeks to establish and build partnerships with companies and foundations that will further the ideals of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

We seek to develop strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships through the following ways:

  • serving as a liaison between businesses/foundations and West Point’s faulty and staff;
  • assisting interested businesses and foundations in identifying specific projects or initiatives that satisfy their charitable goals;
  • coordinating opportunities for business or foundation representatives to visit West Point;
  • updating funders on the progress of the program or initiative that they support;
  • and recognizing funders for their commitment.

Some of the initiatives and needs for which we seek support include:

  • chairs
  • education programs and centers
  • facilities and equipment
  • internships
  • recruiting and admissions
  • diversity

For more information, please contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office at 845.446.1556 or via email.

Laurie Rumpf, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations 845.446.1556

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Federal Tax Identification number for West Point Association of Graduates?


Where can I find the West Point Association of Graduate’s W9?

Click here to get the WPAOG’s W9 

How can I support cadet internships at my company?

Every summer, more than 100 cadets intern at organizations and companies around the country. These internships, which typically last for three to four weeks, are customized according to cadets’ academic concentration and give them the exceptional opportunity to apply their skills in a business setting. The benefits from observing day to day operations, participating in decision making processes, and witnessing managerial expertise are invaluable in developing leaders for the 21st century.

If you would like to sponsor a cadet to become part of your team for the summer, contact us at 845.446.1556.

How can I find out about grant and/or sponsorship opportunities?

For information related to programs and grants, contact 845.446.1556 or Laurie Rumpf,

Why does West Point need private funding?

While West Point’s core academic, military, and physical development programs receive federal support, many projects and activities that are of great value but that fall outside of the “core” designation receive minimal to zero funding from the government. Thus, the fundraising efforts of West Point Association of Graduates sustain and build the Academy’s excellence in military, academic, and physical education programs.

WPAOG is the Academy’s fundraising arm because military personnel and representatives of the federal government are prohibited by law from soliciting funds, goods, or services.