Appreciated Stocks

If you are gifting Appreciated Stocks to the West Point Association of Graduates please contact the Gift Operations Office at 845-446-1658 or giftoperations@wpaog.org prior to the stock transfer. Please let us know the type of shares, the number of shares, and when to expect it. This will allow us to notify you of receipt.

If the stock is held by your broker, your banker, or the securities transfer agent, notify your agent that you are giving a specified number of shares to West Point Association of Graduates and ask him/her to advise WPAOG’s Gift Operations.

Account Information:

  • The Account name is Association of Graduates – USMA
  • Merrill Lynch account number is 7CY04055
  • DTC clearing number is 8862
  • Broker name is Sean Gyger, 800.937.0634 or 919.829.2090

If you hold stock and it is in your name, you should:

  • Mail the unendorsed certificate by registered mail to West Point Association of Graduates.

Gift Operations
West Point Association of Graduates
Bldg 698, Mills Road
West Point, NY 10996
Attn: Gift Operations

  • Sign a stock power and have your signature guaranteed by your broker or banker. Please do not complete the remainder of the “power” form. Under separate cover, mail the stock power to us. This can be obtained from a broker or banker and must be signed and guaranteed by the broker or banker.

Most importantly, please complete this procedure by calling or writing WPAOG to notify us of your intentions and to confirm your instructions. Also, please provide us with a copy of your letter to the broker, banker, or transfer agent.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Gift Operations Office at 845.446.1658 or via email giftoperations@wpaog.org.

Mutual Funds

If you are gifting mutual funds from a company at which West Point Association of Graduates has an account, the company will probably require you to submit a letter (signature(s) guaranteed) requesting the transfer from your account. The letter should include:

  • your account number
  • the amount of shares to be transferred
  • the West Point Association of Graduates account number
  • the name of the Association’s account

It is recommended that you:

  • include your telephone number in case we must contact you
  • forward a copy of your letter to either the Development Office or the Finance Office so that we are aware that a gift is coming.

If West Point Association of Graduates does not have an account with the company in which you want to gift mutual funds, you can request that the company forward an application for a tax-exempt company to you, and you then forward it to WPAOG with instructions to:

  • either mail the completed application back to you so that you can include it with your letter
  • or mail it back to the company with the proper address
  • or in some cases, Merrill Lynch is able to accept wired mutual funds into WPAOG’s account

Wire Transfers

Please contact the Gift Operations Office at 845.446.1658 or giftoperations@wpaog.org.

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