To initiate a Government Allotment you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Contact Gift Operations for WPAOG banking details 845.446.1658 or giftoperations@wpaog.org.
  2. Login to MyPay
  3. Under Pay Changes, select “Allotments”
  4. Select “Add Savings Allotment+” and then “Yes”
  5. Enter the WPAOG banking information:
    Routing number: 021052053
    Account number: 25507746
    Account Type: Checking
  6. Enter an amount. The suggested minimum is $5.
  7. Select “Continue” and confirm your allotment.

Once you have completed this, please contact the AOG Gift Operations Department at 845.446.1658 or giftoperations@wpaog.org to inform them of the designation.

This should come out of your pay the following month that you signed up for the allotment. For example, if you signed up in June, you will see the allotment come out of your July pay.

Thank you for your support!