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Class of 1945Class of 1945

President - MG Ira A. Hunt, USA (Ret.) iah2nd@aol.com

Secretary/Treasurer - Mrs. Nancy Piotter Piottera@cox.net 


Class of 1945 Reunion


Dear Classmates, Wives, Widows, Families and Friends,

It is only 10 months until our 75th Class of 1945 Reunion which is to be held at West Point on 17-20 May 2020. Considering our age (97 plus years) it will probably be our last West Point get together. Thus, it will be a great time for classmates, wives, widows and families to congregate in honor of our living and deceased graduates who served our country with honor and devotion. This year all graduates and family members are eligible to stay at the Thayer Hotel.

The main activities currently being considered are:

  • Class Memorial Services at the cemetery Chapel
  • Talk by Superintendent
  • Graduates March-On followed by the Core of Cadets Review
  • Class meeting
  • Lunch with Cadets
  • River Cruise (which was well received last year)
  • Dinner/Dance at the Thayer

All social activities will be held at the Thayer and transportation for on-post activities will be provided.

The purpose of this letter is a heads up to have you and your families to consider attending the 2020 Reunion. A detailed itinerary will be forwarded later this Fall when we will ask for your tentative attendance in order to lock up rooms at the Thayer and to facilitate planning activities. Subsequently, information bulletins will be sent in the Spring. Let’s take advantage of this last opportunity to meet at West Point.

In my last letter I explained that the age old West Point method for cadets to choose their active duty branches was by graduation standings has been changed to giving attention to the cadets choice of branch plus the West Point faculty’s input concerning a cadet’s branch related capabilities. The results of the first branch drawing have been disappointing to some, since about 70% of the cadets had to be ranked into the Combat Arms. Some have mused that perhaps the cadets have lost the warrior spirit, but my experiences indicate that is not so. In 1970-71 during the Vietnam War I ran the only branch immaterial OCS at Fort Belvoir where branch assignments followed the exact same provisions in place at West Point last year. However, the top 3 graduates of each

OCS class were authorized to choose their own branch. I had just returned from Vietnam serving in infantry assignments and recognized the need to get first class leaders in to the Infantry Branch. Therefore, I said I would buy a keg of beer for each top rated graduate who would choose the Infantry Branch. After 5 classes, that is 15 graduates, none chose Infantry. During the war this was not surprising. The same situation existed this year at West Point, with our country on a war-time footing, the combat branches were not that desirable.

Today there are 69 classmates, 37 wives, and 227 widows living. The enclosed Class Roster explains how to notify the Class and the AOG about address changes. Please let your loved ones know how to contact us.

My God keep us all healthy and insure our continued joy and happiness.

All the best,

Ira A. Hunt President



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