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FAQs for the Class Ring Memorial Program “Ring Melt”

What is the Class Ring Memorial Program?
The Class Ring Memorial Program is a program in which West Point graduates may bequeath (or graduates’ descendants may donate) West Point class rings for the specific purpose of incorporating the gold into the class rings of future graduates.

What rings are accepted for the Class Ring Memorial Program?
Only West Point graduate rings are accepted.

Are miniature rings accepted?
The only miniature rings that are accepted are those that were worn as the class ring by a West Point graduate. ‘Sweetheart rings’ or engagement rings are not accepted.

I want to donate my father’s West Point class ring. Where should I send it?
Thank you for choosing to honor your father in this special way! Please fill out this donation form and mail it and the ring to:

West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) Attn: Class Services
698 Mills Road
West Point, NY 10996

Do I need to get the stone removed prior to donating my husband’s West Point class ring?Stones are not included in the melt. If you are able, please have your jeweler remove the stone prior to mailing in the ring. If you are unable to have it removed, we will have our local jeweler remove the stone. We will return the stone to you at, or following, the Ring Melt.

Should I get the ring appraised before mailing in my late husband’s ring?
WPAOG will mail you a Gift in Kind receipt upon receipt of the ring donation. If you plan to include the donation on your taxes, it is suggested that you have an appraisal done before donating the ring as our receipt is given on the value of the gold. Please consult your individual tax preparer for any additional information.

When and where does the Ring Melt take place?
The Ring Melt typically occurs on a Friday morning in late January. It is held at West Point.

Are donors invited to attend the Ring Melt?
Yes, you will receive a ‘Save the Date’ email months prior to the event. The thank you letter that we mail out after we receive the ring donation also will include information about the Ring Melt date.

How long is the Ring Melt Ceremony?
The ceremony usually lasts 1-2 hours. There is typically a Ring Donor Appreciation breakfast prior to the ceremony. The ceremony concludes during a luncheon that immediately follows the Ring Melt. Ring Donors and family members are also invited to take an Insider Tour of West Point following the ceremony and luncheon. In other words, we have a wonderful morning and afternoon planned for our ring donors and family members!

Are there any evening events for the Ring Donors?
Yes, on the Saturday evening following the Ring Melt, each Ring Donor and one guest is invited to attend the 500th Night Banquet in Washington Hall at West Point. This is a formal event.

What is the cutoff date to be included in the next Ring Melt?
WPAOG must receive the ring donation prior to October 1st in order to be included in the next Ring Melt.

My granddaughter is a cadet at West Point. I would like to donate her grandfather’s ring for the Ring Melt for his class. When should I mail you the ring?
Cadets receive their rings at the start of their senior year at West Point. In order for someone’s ring to be melted and included in the make up of those rings, the ring donation needs to be received prior to October 1st of the cadet’s Cow (or Junior) Year.

After I mail in the ring, do I need to do anything else prior to attending the Ring Melt?
Yes, for all deceased ring donors, we ask that a Memorial Article be written and submitted by October 1st of the year prior to the Ring Melt. Click here for more information about Memorial Articles. We also ask all living ring donors to submit a one-page biography.

I would like to state in my will that I want my ring to be donated to the Class Ring Memorial Program.
Thank you for your thoughtful preparation! You may want to use this form for this purpose.

When do the cadets receive their rings and are the donors invited?
The cadets will receive their rings usually in late August. The ceremony is typically held on Trophy Point at West Point. Ring donors are invited to attend.

Who can I reach out to if I have additional questions?
Please call us at Class Services at 845.446.1614 or email us at ClassRingMemorialProgram@wpaog.org.

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