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2014 Crest Unveiling

Representatives of the Class of 1964 were honored to be with their 50 Year Affiliation Class of 2014, on 8 April, as they unveiled their Class Crest.  The evening in Washington Hall was inspiring. The Class of 1964 is proud to grip hands with the Class of 2014 as they near the end of their Plebe year. Well done Class of 2014, Forever One Team!

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Crest Symbolism

American Flag– The American flag serves a dual purpose.  Primarily, the flag represents the nation we have sworn to protect and defend, reminding us that we are all Americans.  The flag’s secondary purpose is to emphasize the weight of leadership each of us will bear as officers and graduates.  West Point graduates have borne the yoke of leading American forces to victory for centuries and the flag serves to exemplify the continuation of this legacy of leadership that will be expected of our class.

USMA – USMA serves as not only a representation of our Alma Mater but also as a physical embodiment of the core values engrained in each cadet: duty, Honor, Country.

Eagle – the bald eagle continues to maintain its traditional representation of freedom, spirit, and the pursuit of excellence.  The Class of 2014, however, has illustrated the eagle as war beaten (ruffled feathers and a warrior’s gaze) to epitomize each graduate’s position as a custodian of freedom and personify the cost of constant vigilance in our pursuit to ensure the prosperity and freedom of the nation.

“Forever One Team” - The banner affixed contains the motto of the Class of 2014.  The eagle clasps the banner in it's beak to illustrate the class’ dedication to upholding the USMA tradition of uniting all people, regardless of background or creed, behind the American flag in our pursuit to build and defend a better future.

Saber and Sword – the saber and sword rest before the eagle’s wings and are the tools of our trade.  As officers, we will serve in many places filling many positions, but the sword and saber serve to remind each graduate that we are first and foremost warriors called to live by the sword and should freedom require it, die by the same.

Roman numeral – the Roman numeral XIV stands for our Class of 2014.  Moreover, the use of roman numerals serves to capture the ancient spirit that underlies the theme of the crest and fulfills an integral role in the overall design of the crest, acting as the base for the design.  The Roman numeral offers an aesthetically pleasing feature to the crest, capturing the strength of the ancient Roman Republic’s glory days which serve as the model of a victorious military force defending the will of the people.

Warren H Geary
Chairman, Ring & Crest Committee
Class of 2014