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     Carl Vinson has served for more than 50 years in the House of Representatives where he developed in the service of his country, an unparalleled understanding of the role of the military in national affairs. As "father of the two- ocean Navy," elder statesman of aviation, and staunch supporter of the Army in its efforts to achieve and maintain an efficient, flexible force fully responsive to the nation's needs, he has rendered outstanding service to the cause c
national defense.

     Mr. Vinson took his first oath as a Congress an on 3 November 1914, in the 63rd Congress. He was re-elected to each succeeding Congress thereafter, through the 88th, a record of continued service unequaled in our history. He was a member and then Chairman of the House Naval
Affairs Committee for 33 years. With the exception of the brief periods when he was the ranking minority member, he served for 14 years as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee into which the Naval Affairs Committee had been merged. With profound concern for the national security and with a firm understanding of the relationship of military strength to that security, he has introduced and guided through the Congress, legislation which has progressively increased the strength and readiness of all major components of the Armed Forces.

     Through his long and dedicated service to his country, Carl Vinson has greatly enhanced its honor and its strength. Accordingly, the 1966 Sylvanus Thayer Medal is hereby awarded by the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy to Carl Vinson.