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WPAOG Nominating Policy and Nomination Procedures for Directors and Advisors

1.  The West Point Association of Graduates Board of Directors, operates to help the Association further the ideals and promote the welfare of West Point and to support and serve its graduates. The Board manages the affairs of the Association.  WPAOG seeks interested and qualified graduates as nominees for the Board and for the Advisory Council, who will represent the varied and dynamic interests of the entire Long Gray Line.  
     a.  The Board of Directors shall have the sole responsibility for governing the affairs of the Association.  Directors provide a strategic vision with a broad policy focus.
     b.  The Advisory Council shall advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the Association’s affairs.  There are 3 classes of Advisors on the Advisory Council: Advisors-at-Large, Society Advisors, and Class Advisors.
    c.  The Board of Directors' Instructions to the 2020 Nominating Committee can be accessed here online.
    d.  For information pertaining to the nominating policy, contact Christine M. Richardson, Association Administrative Officer: 845.446.1519 or Christine.Richardson@wpaog.org.

2.  Nominating Policies and Procedures:  The Association has a standard set of policies and procedures for the nominations of all candidates, including  Director, Advisor-at-Large, as well as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.  Nomination packets and all contents therein must be received at WPAOG no later than the deadline of July 1.  Please refer to the helpful checklist and submit it with your packet.
   a.  Content and Format
           (1)  A signed nomination letter from a USMA graduate (other than you).  The letter must specify which position the nominator is nominating the graduate for (i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Director, Advisor-at-Large).  Nominators should address the nominee’s character, leadership, service, and other skills and seek those nominees that embody the Academy’s motto of “Duty, Honor, Country.” Self-nominations are prohibited.  This letter will not exceed 2 pages and should be single-spaced with at least a 12-point clear font (Times New Roman or Garamond).
           (2)  A separate letter from you, the nominee. Your letter (including all required information and any additional support) will not exceed 4 pages and must be single-spaced with at least a 12-point clear font and at least a half-inch margin. Additional support included may be your current CV/biographical summary and other documents/letters. Your letter must specifically state the following:
                   (a) Your desire to serve or to continue to serve, and the position(s) for which you wish to be nominated.
                   (b) The letter must state specifically that you have reviewed the duties and responsibilities of Directors and Advisors.
                   (c) You must state that you have the willingness, the financial capability, and the time available to travel to meetings at your expense, as is expected of all involved in not-for-profit governance. Your letter or its attachments must also specifically address a summary description of each of the following:
                         1)  All military service, including:  highest rank attained; service at USMA; Retired or Active status; Reserve or National Guard service; Post-graduate education/degrees.               
                         2)  Current position, duties, and responsibilities, as appropriate.
                         3) Your WPAOG Activities (if none, so state), including service on the Board of Directors; the Advisory Council; WPOAG Committees/Task Forces; WPAOG’s former governing body, the Board of Trustees; pro bono consulting or similar activity for the WPAOG.
                         4)  Any USMA Class Leadership or Class Committees activity.
                         5)  Any West Point Society Activity
                         6)  Any USMA Admissions activity or support.
                         7)  Any Army Athletics activity or support.
                         8)  Any other special activity/project participation.
           (3)  Any endorsements of the nomination that either accompany it or that arrive separately shall be confined to a single page.
           (4)  Please include in your email a recent photo in a high-quality digital format (jpeg is preferred).  Photos of nominees will be published on the WPAOG website. Only those candidates who have completed all of the required elements stated herein, will be considered by the Nominating Committee. (Please do not expect that the Nominating Committee will evaluate you based on information found in Cullum Files or in the Register of Graduates.) 
     b.  A conflict of interest questionnaire must be completed NLT July 1.  A link to the questionnaire will be sent to you when we receive your nomination packet.

3.  Submission: Because all WPAOG employees are currently working from home, we ask that you send your submissions via email to Laurie Fontana at this address: Laurie.Fontana@wpaog.org. To ensure that all submissions sent on your behalf are received, please ask those submitting a nomination or endorsement to also send these via email to Laurie (If this is not possible, please contact Laurie).