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Membership in WPAOG is governed by The Association Bylaws

Regular Membership

All graduates are Regular Members of the West Point Association of Graduates unless they decline membership. 

Cut off dates for Associate and Friends of West Point membership applications/nominations are based on the Board of Directors meeting schedule.

The Board of Director meetings for 2021 are: February 26, April 28, August 13, and December 10.
• Document deadline is January 1st to be voted on by the BOD at their February 26 meeting.
• Document deadline is March 1 to be voted on by the BOD at their April 28 meeting.
• Document deadline is July 1 to be voted on by the BOD at their August 13 meeting.
• Document deadline is October 1 to be voted on by the BOD at their December 10 meeting.

Associate Membership

Former cadets who served at least one academic semester at USMA and left the Academy for reasons other than conduct contrary to the best interests of the Academy may apply for Associate Membership. Members of the USMA staff and faculty who did not graduate from West Point may also be eligible to apply, providing their principal duties are with cadets (see Bylaws for additional details). Professors, USMA, and Academy Professors who are not USMA graduates are offered Associate Membership, as well. Widows and widowers of USMA graduates are considered to be Associate Members and need not apply for membership.

Additional Information and Forms

Friends of West Point

Friends of West Point is a membership status conveyed to those individuals who support the mission, goals, and ideals of the United States Military Academy, and who are not otherwise qualified for membership as Regular or Associate Members. Friends of West Point must be nominated or sponsored by two West Point graduates.

Additional Information and Forms