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Jefferson Hall Olmsted Wing

Dedication of MG George H. Olmsted Wing in Jefferson Hall Library

On May 16, WPAOG hosted the dedication of the Olmsted Wing in the library in honor of MG George H. Olmsted (1922). The George and Carol Olmsted Foundation is West Point’s top foundation donor with its support of the West Point Museum in Olmsted Hall, the Olmsted Foundation Award, the Olmsted Foundation Cultural Immersion Program, and the Student Conference of the U.S. Affairs (SCUSA). The event served to recognize the Foundation for its long-standing commitment to West Point.

Additionally, 2022 marks the centennial of the graduation of the Olmsted brothers: George H. Olmsted from West Point and Jerauld L. Olmsted from the Naval Academy. The grandsons of MAJ Jerauld A. Olmsted (1870), brothers George and Jerauld, were notable in serving simultaneously as leaders at their respective academies: George as the First Captain and Jerauld as the First Detail Regimental Commander of Midshipmen-Navy’s equivalent to the First Captain. For the past 100 years, this family legacy of service and leadership has had a lasting impact at both academies, while also promoting excellence and scholarship for generations of America’s military leaders.

The vision of George Olmsted, “that the greatest leaders must be educated broadly,” is carried out through the Foundation’s signature programs, including The Olmsted Scholar Program. Established in 1957, this program awards scholarships to active-duty junior officers for language studies and graduate-level education. Olmsted Scholars have studied at over 200 universities in more than 60 countries and 40 languages. To date, a total of 142 USMA graduates have been named Olmsted Scholars. In attendance at the ceremony were representatives of the Olmsted Foundation: Chairman, Admiral (R) Kurt Tidd, USN; President & CEO, MG (R) Bruce Scott (1972); and Executive VP, COL (R) Mark Elfendahl (1989).



The history of fundraising for West Point & the Margin of Excellence can be traced to Olmsted. An active fundraising program was nonexistent at West Point until 1961, when a group of graduates, headed by AOG Chairman GEN Lucius D. Clay '18 and Vice-Chairman Olmsted established the West Point Superintendent’s Fund.