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Graduation Through the Years...West Point Graduation

Last Sunday at the Point. The Class of '95 Prepares to Leave the Military Academy. The Graduation of the Class of '95 at the Military Academy has now ended... Several excursion boats poured out their thousands of visitors at Highland Falls, and from noon until dark the roads leading to West Point were almost impassable.  Sounds like last week--but the year is 1895 from the NEW YORK TIMES Archives! Read more...

Soldiers of the Republic. ...West Point June 12--Shining silk hats sat upon the heads this afternoon that this morning were surmounted by regulation caps.  When the members of the graduating class received their diplomas they were free to go and come, do and dress as they pleased...yet the thought of leaving West Point, after all, brought tears to the eyes of not a few... June 13, 1882...Read more...

Waiting for the President...A midnight visit from President Arthur
June 13th...The veterans sat down to their annual dinner at 8 o'clock, but the President's chair was vacant.  General Merritt and General Sheridan got into a carriage and drove to the wharf...another hour passed...about midnight, when the post was wrapped in slumber, there was a tremendous tooting of whistles.  The President crossed the gang-plank and shook hands...  June 13, 1884.

June 14th--Graduation Day!
General Crook's Address to the Graduates and the Presentation of Diplomas by President Arthur. Graduation Day was a positive success.  The cadets who are through school put their military sheep-skins in the stiff pockets of their new civilians' clothes, bade the lovely girls a hurried farewell, and sailed away down the river, tossing back kisses on the wings of the wind... June 15, 1884.  Read more...

Day of Glory for West Point--President Roosevelt Addresses Cadets at Centennial.
  West Point, N.Y., June 11--Centennial Day, the third of the week's hundredth anniversary celebration at the Military Academy, was distinguished by a visit from President Roosevelt, who made a speech at Memorial Hall.  Read more (and speech)...