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Class   GiftAmountYear
1973Cyber & Engineering Academic Center$2,000,000 2023
1974Modern War Institute, Cadet Activities$2,000,000 2024
1975Cyber & Engineering Academic Center$2,000,000   2025
1976Cyber & Engineering Academic Center, Modern War Institute, DCA Competitive Club Sports, DCA Military Clubs$6,000,000 2026
1977Modern War Institute Endowment: The Ambassador Michael A. Sheehan Class of 1977 Distinguished Chair in Strategy$5,250,0002027
1984Cyber & Engineering Academic Center; Modern War Institute Endowment$4,000,000 2024
1985Math & Systems Engineering Center$2,500,000 2025
1987TBDTBD 2027
1989Army Cyber Institute Endowment and Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations Endowment$1,500,000 2024
1990Strength and Conditioning Room, Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center$1,500,000 2025
1995Michie Stadium Preservation Project; Character Integration and Advisory Group$1,995,000 2025
1996Math & Systems Engineering Center$1,000,000 2026
2004West Point Simulation Center$560,000 2024
2005Cyber & Engineering Academic Center$350,000 2025
2006TBDTBD 2026
2012Directorate of Cadet Activities$500,0002027
2013Math & Systems Engineering Center$500,0002028
2014Cyber & Engineering Academic Center; Academy Scholars Endowment$350,0002024

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