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USMA’s Admissions Field Force:

West Point Magazine Fall 2014

Many have wondered: when does the Long Gray Line begin? Certainly, one cannot be a candidate for membership in the Long Gray Line without being admitted to the Academy, so the Admissions Office and its admittance process has some say in the answer. And what a process it is! This year, only seven percent of those applying to West Point were offered admission. Finding this select percent took a 100 percent effort from numerous sources.

The fall issue of WEST POINT magazine explores the many people and processes in place to bring the preeminent and the promising to the Academy. It begins with the West Point Admissions Office, examining its structure, its standards and its seasons for recruiting candidates to the Corps. It also details the Summer Leaders Experience, an Admissions Office program designed to introduce prospective candidates to the rigors of academic, military, athletic and leadership life they can expect to experience as a cadet at West Point. Another article looks at the current Superintendent’s initiative to increase the number of minority and female candidates that apply to and subsequently attend the Academy. West Point fosters minority recruiting by reaching out to promising students at the junior high level in certain cities through its LEADS program, which is also covered in this issue. Looking at the national scope of the admissions process, this issue introduces West Point’s Field Force—a team of civilian volunteers, Military Academy Liaison Officers, and West Point Society members who work with the Regional Commanders of the Admissions Office to identify and enroll highly qualified high school students as candidates to West Point. One way the Field Force assists candidates is by helping them navigate the niche world of nominations, needed for a complete application to West Point. Lastly, there is an article on the West Point Association of Graduate’s prep school scholarship program, which makes it possible for interested prospects to attend a prep school in order to meet the criteria needed to apply for admission to USMA.

After reading this issue, one thing should be clear: for those seeking membership in the Long Gray Line, the line takes shape with West Point’s Field Force and Admission Office.