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Requests are due by October 1, 2019

Click here to request a Founders Day 2020 Guest Speaker

Scheduling of the USMA Leader Team and USMA Staff & Faculty is the responsibility of the Directorate of Academy Advancement (DAA) which is part of the USMA Staff. The USMA Leader Team consists of the Superintendent, USMA Command Sergeant Major, Commandant, USCC Command Sergeant Major, Dean, and the Athletic Director.

With 139 West Point Societies around the world, we cannot support every request for a member of the USMA Leader Team. In order to equitably distribute the USMA Leader Team we rotate the Commandant, Dean, and Director of Athletics between three geographic regions in the United States. The Superintendent does not have an assigned region and will attend events at large. West Point Societies should coordinate with other Societies in their area to pair their Founders Day events on the same weekend. As a result, we can send one USMA speaker to address both Societies on the same weekend.

  • Please note: Cadets will not serve as Founders Day Speakers. If you would like to have Cadets attend your event, we recommend you schedule your event during Spring Break and invite cadets from the local area.

The assignments for the USMA Leader Team in 2020 are:

  • Superintendent (LTG Darryl A. Williams '83) - At Large
  • USMA Command Sergeant Major (CSM Jack Love) - At Large
  • Commandant (BG Steve Gilland '90) - Central Region and Military Installations
  • USCC Command Sergeant Major (CSM Tom Kenny) - At Large
  • Dean (BG Cindy Jebb '82) - West Coast
  • Athletic Director (Mr. Boo Corrigan) - East Coast

Once all the requests are submitted by the West Point Societies, the draft schedule for the USMA Leader Team is developed and presented for their approval. Once the schedule is approved, DAA works with the Societies to lock-in the date. In some cases the dates or the events may change as the result of scheduling conflicts.

The projected timeline for the 2020 Founders Day schedule:

  • 14 September - 1 October: Speaker requests submitted via online form
  • 30 November: USMA Leader team schedule completed
  • 31 December: All other Founders Day requests filled (Other USMA Speakers)
  • 1-31 March: Founders Day window

Some dates to consider in planning your Founders Day:

  • 8-10 March - Plebe Parent Weekend (The Superintendent, Commandant, and Command Sergeant Majors will remain at West Point)
  • 9-17 March - USMA Spring Break (Cadets depart after last duty on 8 March and return on 17 March)
  • 12-13 April - Sandhurst Competition
  • 21 April - Easter

Once the Leader Team schedule is complete DAA will work with the Office of the Dean, Commandant, and other USMA Directorates to find a senior member of the USMA Staff & Faculty to speak at the remaining Founders Day requests. These speakers typically are:

  • Office of the Dean – Vice Dean, Department Head/Deputy Department Head, Directors of Academic Centers, or USMA Professor
  • USCC – Deputy Commandant, Director of Military Instruction, Brigade or Regimental Tactical Officers, Master of the Sword, Director of the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic, Directors of Centers
  • USMA Directorates and Activities – USMA Chief of Staff, Director of Admissions, USMAPS Commandant, Garrison Commander, Deputy Military Athletic Director, Commander West Point Band, Directors of Centers, and Senior members of the USMA Staff.