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CDT Easter Virtual Presentation at the JSAMAPS

CDT Easter Virtual Presentation at the JSAMAPSDuring the Joint Service Academies Mass Atrocity Prevention Symposium (JSAMAPS), conducted remotely, Cadet Madeleine Easter, United States Military Academy presented "Who Died? Visualizing the 1994 Rwandan Genocide." The focal point of the symposium is the students, who share their original research on issues related to the Holocaust, genocide, and mass atrocity prevention with an audience of their peers. Interspersed between student panels are presentations by scholars, experts, and practitioners from US government agencies, such as the Department of Defense and Department of State, non-governmental organizations working in the field of atrocity prevention, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. These presentations energize and advance conversations at the academies concerning humane and effective leadership in an age of continued mass atrocity and genocide.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Miles Silva, Men's Lacrosse


From the time I was a little boy, playing lacrosse at West Point was my dream. Simply put, West Point is part of my family. It began with my maternal grandfather, Walter Mischler class of 1969, who played sprint football and ran track during his time here, followed by my parents, Adam and Jennifer Silva class of 1993, who captained the men’s lacrosse and volleyball teams. My entire life I grew up wanting to be just like them and to become part of the storied legacy of West Point and the men’s lacrosse team.

Growing up surrounded by Army sports, I looked up to the men and women who wore their respective uniforms as my heroes, referring to my parents’ teammates and class as my “aunts” “uncles,” and I knew I wanted to be just like them. The Army lacrosse team has meant everything to me for as long as I can remember, and I am blessed to have been a part of it during my five-year journey.

My path to becoming an Army lacrosse player differs from those of my classmates because my recruiting process was solely focused on getting the chance to attend West Point and play under Coach Alberici. I knew from the moment my process began that I wanted West Point to be the place I spent my college career.

From my first day in the lacrosse locker room at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School I knew I joined something special, something bigger than myself. When I was given the opportunity to play lacrosse at West Point I was not only fulfilling a childhood dream, I was also given the opportunity to learn to follow, to grow, to fail, to lead, and to be a part of the greatest group of men in the country. Read more.

Virtual Staff Ride to Operation Market Garden

 Virtual Staff Ride to Operation Market Garden Current and former history faculty Majors Ed Hoogland, Edwin Den Harder, and Ben Flores assisted medical residents at the Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg by assisting with a "Virtual Staff Ride" to Operation Market Garden.

USMA 2020 Cadets: ‟With Vision We Lead” in Their Own Words

USMA 2020 Cadets: ‟With Vision We Lead” in Their Own WordsThe U.S. Military Academy Class of 2020 will graduate 1,123 cadets on June 13. Those graduating represent 83% of the 1,302 cadets who entered West Point nearly four years ago.

Due to COVID-19 delaying graduation, members of the class commissioned Saturday during an oath of commissioning ceremony from remote locations. It marked another unique venture for the new second lieutenants of the Class of 2020 within their 47-month journey.

Over the next four weeks, The Pointer View series titled, “With Vision We Lead,” named after the class motto, involves various members of the class telling stories of their West Point experience.

In honor of the members of the 222nd graduating class of West Point, here is the first installment of a four-part series of their journey in their own words. Read more.

13th Annual Black Knight Awards Go Live on June 8th

13th Annual Black Knight Awards Go Live on June 8thArmy West Point Athletics will celebrate its teams and cadet-athlete accomplishments during the 13th Annual Black Knight Awards on June 8th. For the first time in show history, it will be held virtually on Facebook Live.

Fans can tune into the virtual show on Facebook Live beginning at 7:30 p.m. You can access the official Facebook page for Army Athletics here.

You can join in on the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #BKAwards. Fans are encouraged to send in their own congratulatory videos to our cadet-athletes and teams utilizing the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

West Point, to Thee

By Gloria Son, Women's Tennis

I am shaking.

I am nervous.

I take a sip of water, trying to quench my dry throat.

The air in Lichtenberg Tennis Center is warm and quiet—too heavy for my current anxiety-ridden mind.

The people in the crowd intently stare at me and Kirby as if we are two rare species in a zoo. I can tell they are trying to send us good energy, or maybe even bad karma. The handful of parents who are still so inclined to watch their kids play in college are watching with critique and angst as they’ve done for so many years. Half of them are sporting Navy gear while the other half are rocking Army—quite literally a painting of black, gold, white, and blue. Out of the corner of my eyes I see Kirby’s parents, mostly her mom, Mrs. Einck. She has the look of the cliché “tennis parent”, standing ever-so confidently and proudly above the courts yet sporting a hint of the nervous jitters watching her daughter play an important match. Everyone is too tense, so I look away. In the moment, my mind is sharp, but my body seems eternities away. My racquet feels heavy too. At the bench, Coach M’s voice is distant. She’s telling us to: “…hit it to their backhand…Glo, you need to step in and stick your volley…the darker hair is the weaker player…Kirby serve to…”.

The umpire calls: “TIME!”

I snap back and look Coach in her eyes. Despite not hearing a word she said, I knew exactly what she wanted us to do. In the end, it’s just a game, right? It’s just tennis? I flash a nod, trying to muster up a quick “ok, Coach” but instead, I am forced to swallow the saliva-build up in my mouth. Kirby and I bump one last fist pump with Coach M as we quickly scurry away from the player’s bench onto our side of the court. I remembered my younger years, loving the spotlight and hoping everyone would watch me play. But in this moment, I felt like throwing up instead. This was an important match and I didn’t want to let my coaches and my team down. And most of all, I didn’t want to let my doubles partner, Kirby, down. Read more.

Five Black Knights Named Academic All-District

Five Black Knights Named Academic All-DistrictCoSIDA announced that five members of the Army West Point Track and Field program have been honored as members of the 2020 Academic All-District Track & Field / Cross Country teams.

From the men's team, seniors Ben Petrella, Michael Renard and Jackson Sullivan received the honor. On the women's side, seniors Lynne Mooradian and Calli McMullen were named as members of the team.

The honor recognizes the nation's top student-athletes for their combined performances on the field and in the classroom. The CoSIDA Academic All-America program separately recognizes track & field/cross country honorees in four divisions — NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III and NAIA.

Honorees selected first-team Academic All-District will advance to the CoSIDA Academic All-America ballot. Academic All-America honorees will be announced from June 22-25.

It marks the second consecutive Academic-All-District nod for Petrella and Sullivan and the third straight for Mooradian. Both Petrella and Mooradian were named Academic All-Americans in 2019, with Mooradian also taking the nation's top honor as All-America of the Year in 2018. Both graduate as four-time Patriot League Scholar Athletes of the Year. This marks the first Academic All-District awards for Renard and McMullen, who add the academic honors to their long list of athletic honors of the course of their record-breaking careers.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Samantha Stewart, Women's Lacrosse


If I was able to go back in time to the day, I committed to Army women’s lacrosse, I would have never expected to be where I am now. Growing up in a military family, I always knew I wanted to attend West Point. I think the scariest part was not knowing what to expect.

Of course, there are stories from your parents, a family friend and even a current cadet, but nothing compares to your own experience.

While deciding to come to West Point seemed like an easy decision at first, it has been anything but easy. At the R-Day barbeque, I remember coming together with the rest of the class of 2020, bright eyed and excited for the journey we were about to embark on. However, the next day I found myself standing in my sweaty white over grey uniform in the rain holding back tears as I desperately held on to my parent’s gaze from the bleachers.

We have all had those moments, those days and that thought of whether West Point would be right for us or not. However, I always had one thing that helped me stay on track. My teammates.

From the very beginning, our team has served as one of the most important support systems throughout my West Point experience. It’s interesting to take a moment and look back at those memories as a senior. Filled with fear of the unknown then, I finally know what the next few years will have in store for me. Those moments don’t seem as scary and all I can think now is how blessed I am to be a part of something like West Point.

To my teammates - we have achieved so much this year. The milestones we reached as a fifth-year program demonstrate our hard work and dedication to this team. Although our season was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, the goals we reached and the memories we created will remain in our hearts forever.

To the freshmen, four seasons go by incredibly fast, make sure you take advantage of every moment. Sophomores, in the next few months you’re going to make a huge decision to continue on this path. It’s an exciting one so get ready! To the juniors, I am so excited to come back and see the ways you will carry this program as a senior class and what your military careers will soon become. Read more.

Margin of Excellence Monday

We are highlighting the academic excellence that cadets displayed at this year's Projects Day, supported via donations to the Margin of Excellence. Each year, Projects Day at West Point showcases hundreds of cadet capstone projects across all academic departments, and 2020 was no different--except that it went virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Projects Day 2020 had a total of 318 projects and more than 200 live project presentations online via the USMA conferencing platform. Almost 1,500 people tuned in to watch West Point's annual "academic Super Bowl."

“The Winant Scholars 2019 team is extremely grateful for the donations from the WPAOG that allowed our trips and research to become a reality.' - CDT Elizavetta (Liz) Fursova '21

Donors that support West Point and the Long Gray Line helped make this happen and we are truly grateful.

Congratulations to all the Projects Day winners from WPAOG!

Clark Award Winner: "Soldier Power Augmentation Readiness Kit;" CME/EE&CS; Cadets (Class of 2020) Hunter Ball, Hannah White, Jack Farrington, Mike Hamilton and (Class of 2022) Nolan Pearce; Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Zifchock

Dean’s Inter-Departmental Award Winner: "Post Nuclear Blast Recon Swarm;" CME, PANE, EE&CS, DSE; Cadets (All Class of 2020) Cooper Cone (CS), Malik Hancock (CS), Robert Huepfel (PaNE), Murray Johnston (ME), Seth Losure (PaNE), Sophia Parker (SE), Michael Renard (EE), Luke Rose (ME), Victor Rutledge (SE), Samantha Sullivan (CS), William Walter (ME); Advisors: Mr. Andrew Kopeikin (CME), LTC Keith McManus '98 (PaNE), Mr. Kevin Carey (EECS), Mr. Ted Londner (DSE)

Dean’s Inter-Departmental Award Honorable Mention: "RADBOT;" PANE, CME, EE&CS, MATH, DSE; Cadets (All Class of 2020) Tyler Lacosta (CME), Kaelynn Mayes (PaNE), Brendan Huhlein (PaNE), Nicholas Franck (EECS), Ethan Shepherd (EECS), Trenton Leslie (EECS), Adam Hudler (EECS), Kyle Herschberger (EECS), Spencer Lee (DSE), Natalie Hales (MATH), Gloria Son (CME), Devin Men (CME); Advisors: Dr. John Rogers (CME ), LTC Keith Mcmanus '98 (PaNE), Mr. Dominic Larkin (EECS), Mr. Ted Londner (DSE)

To learn more about the Margin of Excellence and how you can support cadet studies, please visit our website at: https://www.westpointaog.org/WestPointmarginofexcellence

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Ryan Fairbrother, Men's Lacrosse

“Thank you for letting a kid live out his dream.”

It began in 2008, when I was in the fifth grade. I attended an Army vs. Navy lacrosse game in Michie Stadium with my father and close family friend Rick Bifulco, who was the team captain in 1976. The first thing I remember from the trip was the cadets passing time between classes. It seemed so synchronized, so harmonious. Seeing each student wearing the same uniform and walking at a similarly brisk pace was almost mesmerizing.

The location on the Hudson River was beautiful, and the stone buildings made me feel like I was standing in history. It was overwhelming. All that said, my lasting impression of West Point that weekend was the physical play and intensity of the Army lacrosse team. The men were warriors the way they played with such recklessness and such passion. I knew it was something special.

“I tried my best to emulate them because they were exactly who I wanted to be.”

In the succeeding seasons, I was fortunate to spend many of my Saturdays as a water boy for the team. This was the perfect excuse to spend time with the guys on the field and in the locker room. No matter the outcome, there was an indescribable way in which they held themselves and treated each other. I tried my best to emulate them because they were exactly who I wanted to be. Read more.

Cadet Candidates to Face Beast

Cadet Candidates to Face BeastBEAST (noun): nickname given to Cadet Basic Training. Every New Cadet must complete this military training in order to the join the ranks of the Corps of Cadets. Challenging, both mentally and physically. Hence the nickname. Because of its likeness of going up against...a Beast.

USMA Honors Newest SAMC NCOs

The U.S. Military Academy inducted 11 non-commissioned officers (10 are pictured) into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club during a ceremony Friday in the Haig Room. The ceremony was conducted by Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Curtis A. Buzzard and USMA Command Sgt. Maj. Jack Love. The 11 new SAMC members received their medals and were joined by other West Point SAMC members who all comprise the top 2% of non-commissioned officers in the U.S. Army. They are selected to the club based on demonstrated leadership, professionalism, and overall general military knowledge. These NCOs demonstrate excellence on a daily basis. Story.

Join WPAOG for West Point Graduation June 13 via Livestream

Join WPAOG for West Point Graduation June 13 via LivestreamUSMA’s response to COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. The Academy plans a special celebration to be broadcast via livestream to provide a wider opportunity for graduates and all Americans to be a part of this unique and historic celebration. The broadcast will celebrate the Class of 2020, highlight West Point, and will have special messages from the USMA leader team, 50-year affiliate class members, and notable graduates. The ceremony will take place on the Plain and President Donald Trump will deliver the commencement speech as originally planned prior to the pandemic. Please save the date of June 13 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and stay tuned for more details.

Returning USMA 2020 Safely to West Point

Returning USMA 2020 Safely to West PointAfter LTG Darryl A. Williams ’83, USMA Superintendent, announced March 19 that the Corps of Cadets would not be returning from spring break as planned, Academy leadership immediately began planning how and when cadets would arrive back at West Point. The plan took effect May 26 as the first members of the Class of 2020 returned to West Point to begin outprocessing prior to their graduation ceremony June 13. The cadets, who were spread throughout the country, have to return to the Academy before beginning their Army careers. Read the full story of the planning process and how USMA will execute the plan.

Congratulations Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minors

Congratulations Diversity & Inclusion Studies MinorsCongratulations to our inaugural graduating class of Diversity & Inclusions Studies Minors at West Point! It has been a four+ year journey for these cadets and the program. There was a virtual ceremony to celebrate their achievements.

DPW Custodial Crew Deep Cleans Barracks Before Cadets Return

DPW Custodial Crew Deep Cleans Barracks Before Cadets ReturnClass of 2020 cadets will begin returning to the U.S. Military Academy in five separate cohorts starting Tuesday. Once the initial inprocessing and seclusion time is complete at Camp Buckner, they will begin streaming back into the main campus barracks. The cadets should instantly notice the spick-and-span cleanliness of the buildings compared to what they left in early March prior to spring break and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since late March, the Directorate of Public Works’ custodial barracks crew has been working intensely to deep clean the nine barracks cadets will return to early next week, according to Sergio Baquero, DPW custodial head manager for the custodial barracks workforce. Davis, Bradley Short, Sherman, Lee, Scott, MacArthur Short, MacArthur Long, Pershing and Eisenhower Barracks were all cleaned thoroughly. Two other barracks—Bradley Long and Grant—are currently under construction and were not included. Read more.

Army West Point Announces 2020 Summer Sports Camps Cancelation

Army West Point Director of Athletics Mike Buddie announces the decision to cancel remaining sports camps here for summer 2020 to focus available resources on supporting returning cadets during continued uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision came on the heels of the May 5 decision to cancel all overnight sports camps this summer due to insufficient lodging space for both returning members of the Corps of Cadets and the camp staff and participants.

"This was a very tough decision to make," Buddie said, "but as a key part of the West Point enterprise, we stand unified with the Superintendent in our mission to educate and train the future leaders of our Army."

The leadership of the United States Military Academy continues to work closely with Army, state and local officials in developing the most effective measures to incorporate as they wrestle with the daunting task of returning to its core missions.  Buddie and the Army West Point Athletic Association are an integral part of that mission and will play an important part in the anticipated compressed cadet summer training program.

"Our Sports Camp and clinics program," Mark West, Director of the Army West Point Sports Camp program said, "during the academic year as well as the summer, continue to be an important component of providing prospective cadet-athletes and other young athletes a once-in-a-lifetime camp experience at the premier leadership institute in the nation, West Point."

West and his team will continue to monitor the situation with the intention of hosting various clinics this fall and throughout the academic year with sports camps returning to normal next summer. The Army West Point finance office will start providing full refunds immediately.  Camp registrants impacted by this cancellation should monitor the Army West Point Sports Camps web page at https://info.abcsportscamps.com/army-west-point for further details.

The mission of the Army West Point Athletic Association is to provide an extraordinary division I athletic experience that develops leaders of character committed to the values of duty, honor and country.

A New Generation of Cadets Upholds the Legacy of the Long Gray Line

West Point Cadets in Gray Overcoat Today’s cadet is considered to be a member of what is now dubbed “Generation Z.” According to the Pew Research Center, this new generational cohort began in 1997, the birth year of Cadet Daine Van de  Wall ’20, this year’s First Captain. Per the Beloit Mindset List—an annual compilation of the societal events, innovations, and attitudes that define that year’s college students—for members of Generation Z, cloning has always been a mundane laboratory procedure, they have always had eBay and various Apple Inc. “i” products (iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPad, and iPhone), and the United States has always been at war. Whereas Millennials, the immediately preceding generation, are referred to as “digital natives,” members of Generation Z are seen as “digital integrators,” never having known a world without computers or cell phones, which they have integrated seamlessly into their lives. They are also motivated by security, value independence and entrepreneurial ideas, and navigate the demographic changes affecting American society with apparent ease. So, what is the Corps of 2020 like? Read more.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Rilee Scott, Women's Lacrosse

Dear Senior Teammates,

If you had asked me what success in sports looked like before I got to West Point, my answer would automatically and undoubtedly have been “winning.” The two words were always synonymous to me. At a young age, it was evident to me that winning was the only reason people played sports. Like you all, I grew up on winning teams. I fell in love with sports and competing because I loved the feeling of winning and accomplishment. Out of all the sports I played, I enjoyed lacrosse the most. Ironically enough, that was the sport I won the most while playing and I am sure we have all had similar experiences. Each of us displayed a successful lacrosse career that led us to playing Division I lacrosse at West Point.

When each of us committed to playing lacrosse at West Point, we all took a leap of faith. I, like most of you, was recruited my junior year of high school. When we were recruited, West Point was still in the process of building a Division I program. Many of us were recruited to other winning programs, but something in us decided to join Coach Waagbo, West Point, and all the others behind the scenes working hard to construct the program. We committed to the prestigious academy and the service it stood for, but also put an immense amount of belief in both the highly reputable coaching staff and athletic department.

When we entered West Point, the team just finished their first season with a 5-12 record, going 0-9 in the Patriot League. Although that was not an awful first season for a brand-new team, the program had higher potential that equated to higher expectations. This was evident during the offseason of our freshman year. Being at a service academy as a freshman was pretty tough, but lacrosse practice, lifts, and conditioning were much tougher.

The first season we experienced was also hard. We had more competitive teams on our schedule and we were playing with only two fully recruited classes. The spring season my freshman year was the first time I had really learned what it felt like to lose. Of course, I had lost games before West Point. We all had. But I had never experienced working so hard and falling short game after game. Our class’ first season ended with a 5-12 record, once again, and with a 1-9 record in league play. After finishing that season, it was safe to say we went into the next year dissatisfied. Read more.

Men's Lacrosse Commemorates 2020 Season with Virtual Banquet

Men's Lacrosse Commemorates 2020 Season with Virtual BanquetAfter a shortened 2020 season, the Army West Point Men's Lacrosse team joined together for a virtual banquet to honor the accomplishments of the past year.

Players, families, coaches and support staff gathered as Major "A" letters were presented to each athlete by position. The program then turned to celebrating the senior class as Alberici recounted anecdotes and highlights of the senior members careers. The afternoon continued with the presentation of 10 team awards and the announcement of the 2021 team captains, which are listed below.

Charles H. Coates Top Graduating Student-Athlete Award: Awarded for excellence in the classroom-Bennett Taylor.  
Gen. L. E. Seeman Memorial Award: Awarded to the most outstanding freshman-Stevie Grabher
Morris Touchstone Coaches Award: Awarded for team spirit and personal sacrifice-Connor DeWitt, Danny Kielbasa, Matt Manown (second consecutive year), Tom Rigney
Gen. George Ruhlen Award: Awarded to the Most Improved Player-Kyle Beyer 
Steve S. Valhakis Unsung Player Award-Anthony George 
Gerard F. O'Connor Memorial Award: Awarded to an individual for the best cadet support-Connor Binney. Read more.

Golf Honors Award Winners at Team Banquet

The Army West Point Golf team and head coach Chad Bagley announced their 2019-20 team awards during a virtual banquet on Friday night.

Justin Williamson was voted the team's most valuable player after a tremendous firstie season that was unfortunately cut short. He was the Lehigh University Invitational Champion in the fall and two top 10s in the six stroke play events that Black Knights competed in. He was a two-time Patriot League Player of the Week in a shortened season and named to GCAA PING North East All-Region Team. He finished with the fifth-lowest single season stroke average in program history and had an Individual victory against Alabama in this year's Bush Cup.

Gunnar Doyle was selected as the Most Inspirational after returning to the lineup this season and he has his best outing in Hawai'i at the Hoakalei Invitational. He shot even par over the three-round tournament and had two rounds under par.

The team's Most Improved Player was Zack Kimbrough. He worked hard all year and got off to a good start but had to fight off a significant illness in the heart of the fall season. After recovering, he worked hard through the offseason and was playing his best golf of the year when the season got cancelled.

Bagley and the team also announced the team captain for the 2020-21 season, and they have chosen James McKee to lead the team heading into next fall.

Class of 2020 Academic Excellence

The Dean of the Academic Board, BG Cindy Jebb ’82 congratulates the 29 Class of 2020 cadets who received prestigious graduate and technical scholarships such as Rhodes, Schwarzman, Marshall, Fulbright, Knight-Hennessy, National Science Foundation and Lincoln Labs fellowships. She also recognized the 20 members of the Class who will be heading straight to medical school upon graduation. Congratulations to these cadets for their outstanding achievement!

CDTs Charlton & Gross Receive the John McKillop Glee Club Award

CDTs Charlton & Gross Receive the John McKillop Glee Club AwardThe John McKillop Award for Musical Excellence. John McKillop was USMA 1958 and a loyal member of the Glee Club. The two recipients of the 2020 McKillop Award this year are: Dylan Charlton and Katelynn Gross. As four-year members of the Glee Club, both Dylan and Katie distinguished themselves as musicians of exceptional talent and skill.

A Space Science major from Miami, Dylan's career begins at Fort Hood, TX, as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Defense Artillery before transferring to Space Operations.

A Life Science major from Plano, TX, Katie earned a coveted slot in the Medical Corps Medical School Program. Her studies begin at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Congratulations to Dylan and Katie!

Summer Term Has Begun

Summer Term Has BegunThis is the first week of the Summer Term and we have 225 cadets taking five different courses over the next 3+ weeks. Awesome work by the cadets and faculty continuing to adapt to the virtual classroom.

1-on-1 with Head Men's Soccer Coach Russell Payne

1-on-1 with Head Men's Soccer Coach Russell PayneHead Men's Soccer coach checked in with Zack Daly and the two talked about the adjustment during spring, Zac McGraw's opportunity with the Portland Timbers and the annual Army-Navy Cup in Philadelphia.

Hallstead Earns Academic All-District Honors

The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) announced that firstie Serica Hallstead of the Army West Point Swimming and Diving team received Google Cloud Academic All District At-Large First Team honors.

CoSIDA recognizes the nation's top student-athletes for their combined performance in athletic competition and in the classroom.

Hallstead is now eligible for Google Cloud Academic All-America honors, which will be announced in June.

The three-time Academic All-Patriot League performer has excelled in the classroom throughout her four years at the Academy with a 4.056 grade-point average as a life science major. She has now collected first team all-district recognition from CoSIDA for three consecutive seasons.

Hallstead, a four-time All-Patriot League diver, put an exclamation point on her standout four-year career by being named the Patriot League Female Diver of the Meet in 2020. She medaled in both diving events at the league championships after winning on the 1-meter board and placing third on the 3-meter. The Canandaigua, N.Y., native became the first cadet to receive the diver of the meet honor since Lindsey Adao '10 earned it in 2010.

CDT Caternor Receives the William H. Cosby Glee Club Award

CDT Nako CaternorThe William H. Cosby Award is presented to the Most Valuable Member of the West Point Glee Club, the individual who best exemplifies the spirit of the motto: “No fun without music; no music without fun!” This award is unique in that it is awarded by the West Point Alumni Glee Club to a recipient selected by the members of the current Glee Club.

William H. “Bill” Cosby joined the West Point Band in 1970 from California. Selected by Professor of Music COL William H. Schempf to carry on the director responsibilities of the Cadet Glee Club in 1971, Bill led the famous West Point Cadet Glee Club for 17 years. He became the Founding Musical Director of the West Point Alumni Glee Club in 2007.

Nako Caternor is this year’s recipient. An American Politics major from Clarksburg, MD, Nako is honored by her peers for her boundless positivity and fun-loving spirit. In her role as Glee Club Librarian, she brought new meaning to the first part of our motto, “No fun without music.” With Nako as librarian, we were always prepared! Nako branched Field Artillery and begins her career at Camp Casey, South Korea.

West Point, to Thee

By Anthony George, Men's Lacrosse

I was 15 years old when I made the decision to attend West Point. I was terrified of the commitment I made. As a multisport athlete at a boarding school I was no stranger to the rigor of athletics, academics, and the struggle of being away from home.

I am thankful to a small school in Northern Indiana for teaching me so much in my time before West Point. Culver Military Academy is a special place where I was able to make friendships which will last a lifetime. I learned so much during my time there, but I believe the most meaningful lessons included the basics of leadership and the fundamentals of a disciplined lifestyle.

Additionally, I learned how to compete at a new level. Under a legendary figure in the lacrosse world, Coach Jon Posner, I attained a new level of work ethic I did not know I had. I am immensely thankful for the way Coach Posner drove my teammates and me every day. The program consistently sends all of its graduating class to Division I programs across the country. When Coach Posner suggested I look into West Point, I never looked back.

I was excited about everything: the Army’s notorious team atmosphere, the chance to serve this great nation, the financial situation I would be in upon graduation, and the friends I would make along the way. The opportunity to play lacrosse at the highest collegiate level was on par for the greatest influencer.

I believe lacrosse at West Point is vital to the Army. The individuals and leaders I have had the opportunity to play with are without a doubt making the Army a better place. There is a focused determination and swagger about an Army lacrosse player that I believe benefits both West Point and the country when these individuals begin their Army experience as officers. Read more.

DFL Cadets Brief Army South’s DCGI Alcides on Projects Day

DFL Cadets Brief Army South’s DCGI Alcides on Projects DayDuring this year’s Projects Day, the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) at the U.S. Military Academy virtually hosted U.S. Army South’s Deputy Commanding General—Interoperability GdB Alcides V. Faria Jr.

The Spanish group, Class of 2020 Cadets Alex Bayer, Jack Provost and Michael King, briefed Alcides on China’s influence in Argentina and Chile. The Portuguese group, Class of 2020 Cadets Brandon Roseborough, Wonha Kim and Christian Halcomb, discussed China’s influence in Brazil. Both briefs were conducted in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively, demonstrating the cadets’ ability to communicate and analyze complex problems in support of an Army service component.

Alcides’ lecture titled, “Brazil Army Perspective of South American Security Concerns,” provided cadets a unique glimpse into South American security challenges and how the Brazilian army tackles these issues.

“This is a very good opportunity to show a different perspective from a partner… to make people think a different way,” Alcides said of the opportunity to attend Projects Day and give a guest lecture.

Throughout this section of Projects Day, more than 200 participants from across U.S. South Command, U.S. Army South, West Point, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and many other education institutions participated. Read more.

1-on-1 with Head Men's Basketball Coach Jimmy Allen

Rich DeMarco sat down with head Men's Basketball coach Jimmy Allen virtually and the two discussed how the team and staff is doing during this time, home-schooling and current interests since having to stay at home.

20 ’20 Cadets Heading Off to Medical School

We are thrilled to share that we have 20 premedical students heading to medical school from the class of 2020. What a year! Congratulations to these outstanding cadets.

Catching up with Zac McGraw - Men's Soccer

Catching up with Zac McGraw - Men's SoccerFirstie soccer cadet-athlete Zac McGraw chatted with Zack Daly about the MLS Draft, the Portland Timbers and his four years with the Men's Soccer program.

West Point 1st at Tri-Service Academy Competition

The U.S. Military Academy has 13 academic departments cadets can choose majors within, but regardless of which academic program they choose they are required to take an engineering sequence prior to graduation.

Non-engineering majors who choose the systems engineering sequence take three classes during their time at the academy. The first class teaches them the systems design process and the second introduces them to math modeling and data analysis. In the third course, cadets use the skills they learned in the first two, apply them to a real-world problem and complete a mini-capstone project.

This year, three cadet groups from the systems engineering sequence worked on projects sponsored by Lockheed Martin and at the conclusion of their research competed in the 8th annual Sustainment Innovation Competition. During the annual competition, cadets and midshipmen from West Point and the U.S. Naval and Air Force Academies present Lockheed Martin-sponsored projects to a panel of judges.

The competition is typically held at the Lockheed Martin facility in Virginia each April, but due to COVID-19 it was held virtually this year on April 14. Read more.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to Thee by CDT Paul AdamsBy Paul Adams, Men's Rugby

I will never forget this moment.

There is a video about Army men’s rugby that was made a few years ago. It talks about the team, the brotherhood, the legacy, our traditions, and our rivalry with Navy. I have seen this video probably 100 times throughout the last five years and as the years have gone on, this video and some of the words said have taken on a whole new depth of meaning for me. Before it was just a cool video. Now when I watch, it allows me to relive some of those moments that I have experienced.

The part of the video that has always stuck out the most is, “it’s just one of those things, you get a feeling in your gut, you get this intense focus, it's always going to be a battle.” Every time I watched that video those lines always stuck out to me, and then finally come my junior year, I understood why.

My junior year we were playing Notre Dame College in what was a massively important game for us. They were a good team that had been building momentum all season. Moreover, the year prior they had beaten us in one of the biggest upsets of the year in a game that came down to the wire. Our confidence had been building throughout the fall, and this was the first big test to see if our confidence matched our competence. During the first half it was neck and neck, but I could feel that they were starting to break. Full story.

FORSCOM Commander Visits West Point

FORSCOM Commander Visits West PointKeller Army Community Hospital transformed its former labor and delivery ward into a COVID-19 ward and secured two GeneXpert testing analyzers and the necessary supplies to test more than 8,000 cadets and task force Soldiers between June and August, CPT Jeffrey Baker, the officer-in-charge of the KACH laboratory, said.

The ward, which currently has no patients, was toured by Garrett May 7, as part of his visit to West Point to learn about and inspect the measures being put into place before the Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division arrive.

“The conditions are set and resources in place to protect the Soldiers and cadets and execute the summer training mission,” Garrett said.

The process of transforming the vacant labor and delivery ward into a COVID-19 ward took about three weeks, COL Chad Haley, chief of the Department of Surgery at KACH, said. The ward had been completely stripped and needed to be put back together from scratch. It now has two intensive care unit beds and six more intermediate care ward beds. The ventilation system in the entire ward has been changed over to ensure negative pressure, which keeps air in the ward from entering the rest of the hospital. Read more.

1-on-1 with Head Swimming & Diving Coach Brandt Nigro

1-on-1 with Head Swimming & Diving Coach Brandt NigroHead Swimming and Diving coach Brandt Nigro sits down with Zack Daly to talk about his first season with the Black Knights, Patriot League Champion diver Serica Hallstead and what he expects out of the team moving forward.

Giachin, Hurtubise Tabbed Academic All-District

Giachin, Hurtubise Tabbed Academic All-DistrictFor the second consecutive season, cow Anthony Giachin and firstie Jacob Hurtubise have been named to the Academic All District Baseball Team, selected by College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA).

The honor recognizes the nation's top student-athletes for their combined performances on the field and in the classroom. Honorees selected first-team Academic All-District will advance to the CoSIDA Academic All-America® ballot. Academic All-America honorees will be announced from June 8-11.

Both Giachin and Hurtubise were selected to the First Team for District I, which includes Division I athletes from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire Rhode Island and Vermont.

Giachin holds a 3.97 GPA in mechanical engineering and Hurtubise graduates with a 3.70 GPA as an operations research major.

Despite the shortened 2020 season, it has been an accolade filled year for the duo, as Giachin was selected as a Preseason All-American by Collegiate Baseball and Hurtubise was chosen as the Patriot League's Preseason Player of the Year.

For more information about CoSIDA's Academic All-District® and Academic All-America Teams program, visit AcademicAllAmerica.com on CoSIDA.com. Story.

1-on-1 with Army Women's Soccer Coach Adrian Blewitt

1-on-1 with Army Women's Soccer Coach Adrian BlewittZack Daly chatted with Army Women's Soccer Coach Adrian Blewitt about staying in touch with the cadet-athletes, having the key contributors back for next season and what he is looking forward to most next year.

LTG Karbler & Dr. Pierce Speak with Space Physics Cadets

LTG Karbler & Dr. Pierce Speak with Space Physics CadetsIn the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Army does not stop its missions and operations, including educating and training its future officers.

On April 29, LTG Daniel Karbler, commander of the Space and Missile Defense Command, and Steve Pierce, SMDC chief technology officer, were remote guest speakers for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Karbler planned to visit West Point in person, but the school switched to conducting classes remotely amid the pandemic. He spoke via videoconference from his home office to two space physics classes, instructed by LTC Diana Loucks, West Point professor, the Research Program director, and director of the Space and Missile Defense Command Research and Analysis Center in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering.

Pierce started off the class discussing the history and technology of Army space. Karbler followed him discussing the operational aspects of the command. He explained how the pandemic has impacted SMDC and told the cadets how his team was overcoming the obstacles created by teleworking, wearing masks and staying tuned in to the Department of Defense, the Army and regional guidance. Read more.

CPT Harris on How Volunteering Shaped His Life

CPT Harris on How Volunteering Shaped His LifeOur faculty come from many backgrounds and have many interesting experiences to bring to our team. CPT Brian Harris, a member of our rotating military faculty, spent his younger years bridging the racial divide with his pen pal organization Friendship Sees No Color and his work earned him the 1997 Prudential Spirit of Community Award. He recently sat down for a virtual discussion with other past winners of the award to discuss how volunteering shaped his path in life and brought him to West Point 23 years later.

One Team, One Fight

One Team, One FightA Message to the U.S. Service Academy Alumni Communities

"To our United States Service Academy alumni, families, and friends worldwide:

This is not the spring any of us — or you — could have imagined. Just a few weeks ago, cadets and midshipmen were immersed in their training, focused on the academic, military, physical and character development that prepares them to take on the responsibilities and opportunities that define the service of junior officers in our country’s armed forces. Some had embarked on service, some on learning and recreational opportunities through spring break experiences, and others had just kicked off their spring 2020 athletic seasons." . . .

Read the full message: https://bit.ly/cn-oneteam-onefight

Rigney Fourth Overall Pick in Premier Lacrosse League Draft

Rigney Fourth Overall Pick in Premier Lacrosse League DraftArmy West Point Men's Lacrosse firstie defender Tom Rigney was selected as the fourth overall pick by the Chrome Lacrosse Club in the 2020 Premier League Lacrosse Draft on Wednesday night. Rigney was the fourth overall pick by the Chrome in the second ever PLL draft and the Black Knights' top pick in program history. He is the second Army men's lacrosse player to be selected after Johnny Surdick was picked by the Chaos in 2019. In both PLL Drafts, the top defensive picks were from the Black Knights.

"Joe Alberici does a terrific job coaching our men's lacrosse program and having them prepared to compete at an elite level," said Mike Buddie, Army West Point Director of Athletics. "We are excited to see Tom have the possibility to continue his lacrosse career in the PLL, competing with the grit and toughness you would expect from a West Point cadet. This opportunity could be the best of both worlds for Tom who may be able to fulfill two dreams he has been working towards in the last 47 months - to serve the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant and to play lacrosse professionally."

Coach Alberici has mentored 15 professional draft picks in his time at Army, while the program has seen 18 total players selected.

Rigney was named All-America Honorable Mention after serving as the team's on-field leader his firstie season. He recorded 23 ground balls, an assist and five caused turnovers. The firstie from Nokesville, Va., finished his career with 76 ground balls, 19 caused turnovers and three assists.

"I think Tom is the complete package for the PLL," said head coach Joe Alberici. "He has tremendous work ethic, is a great teammate and provided outstanding leadership for us as a captain in 2020 season. He plays with a physical and tough style that would translate very well to the pro game. One thing we are most proud of is his development in the Army program. Early in his career his work ethic and determination drove his development and turned him into one of the most outstanding defensive players in the country. I think the Chrome really got themselves a winner in Tom."

The 2020 firstie class boasts a .655 winning percentage while at Army and were the 2019 Patriot League Champions. The Black Knights authored a 36-19 record with nine wins against nationally ranked opponents and four wins against top-10 teams. The senior class helped lift the team to a program record 13 wins in 2019 when the Cadets made the NCAA Tournament.

West Point, to Thee

CDT Emily BallesterosBy Emily Ballesteros

A letter to the fans, coaches, West Point Community, my family, and my teammates,

We have worked all of our lives to have the opportunity to play college sports. We spent countless hours with our parents driving to hitting lessons, pitching lessons, fielding lessons, to tournaments and showcases across the country just for the chance to play at one of the highest levels of softball. I was fortunate to play with the West Point name across my chest and to represent a team and a family much greater than myself.

I vividly remember playing in the 2014 Colorado Sparkler Softball Tournament and Army West Point was in the stands. Our recruiting liaison after the game had told me that West Point was interested in me as a third baseman and I looked at her like she was crazy. Play for the Army team? was all I was thinking in my head. I was in shock. Looking back on that day six years later, the decision to play for the Army team and the Army family changed my life for the better.

Coming into West Point was one of the scariest moments of my life. However, knowing I had teammates with me throughout BEAST and that I had a whole team waiting for me and my classmates to cross the finish line on A-DAY, motivated me to push through and finish strong.

My cow year, during one of our first league games, I was sliding into third base and put too much weight on my left arm. I ended up popping my shoulder out of the socket and tearing my labrum. I will never forget the amount of pain I was in. It was not physical pain. I was pained because I thought I was not going to be able to play the rest of the season. I remember thinking all that work and effort was for nothing. I thought my season was over. Read more.

Firstie Salute to Army West Point Women’s Lacrosse

Firstie Salute to Army West Point Women’s LacrosseWhile the women’s team never made it to league play, the program made serious strides in 2020

Army Women’s Lacrosse was continuing their 2020 season on a high note before the cancellation of the Patriot League games and USMA athletics events due to the coronavirus. The six-year-old program was on a seven-game winning streak, outscoring 6 of their 7 opponents in double digit points and this was even before beginning Patriot League contests.

They will start the 2021 season riding a seven game winning streak and knowing they were undefeated in the shortened 2020 campaign. It’s only right we highlight the firstie women who have helped bring this team to prominence.

Emma Roerty: While Roetry appeared in one game during this shortened 2020 season, her accolades have accumulated since her rookie year. As a plebe she started in 13 of 17 games and tallied 30 draw controls landing her third-ranked on the team. She was also named to Patriot League Honor Roll as a plebe and yearling. In her career of 26 games Roetry posted an impressive 81% accuracy of her shots on goal and netted 20 ground balls and caused seven turnovers.

Ryan Murphy: In her 46 games at USMA, Murphy collected 31 ground balls, caused 11 turnovers and won 3 draw controls. In her plebe year, she started in eight of nine contests and totaled 10 ground balls and caused five turnovers. In 2019, she was named to the Patriot League Honor Roll where she started in 11 of 13 games and collected nine ground balls.

Madeline Leahy: During her plebe year, Leahy recorded 10 caused turnovers and collected 10 ground balls. In 2018, she was named to both the ECAC and Patriot League Honor Roll while playing in the first-ever Star game against Navy where she collected a ground ball. Between 2019 and this year’s campaign, Leahy appeared in four games. Read more.

CDT Blessinger ’21 Never Giving Up

CDT Blessinger ’21 Never Giving UpTate Blessinger's road to West Point was not the one he had always dreamed of. Blessinger was originally rejected from his dream school. After a year at college, Blessinger re-applied through the long and strenuous process and was accepted. He was recently talking with students in his hometown about pursuing their goals and not giving up on their dreams. Blessinger joined Jessica Hartman on 44News This Morning to share his story.

Three Teams Receive NCAA Academic Recognition

Three Teams Receive NCAA Academic RecognitionThe Army West Point Baseball, Women's Basketball and Women's Soccer teams were the recipients of the NCAA Public Recognition Award.

The award is bestowed on teams with an NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate in the top 10 percent of all squads in their respective sports based on the APR data released in May 2020.

The list of all teams receiving the honor may be found on NCAA.org.

GEN MacArthur "Duty, Honor, Country"

GEN Douglas MacArthurMay 12, 1962: General Douglas MacArthur, Class of 1903, delivered his famous "Duty, Honor, Country" speech as the newest recipient of WPAOG's Thayer Award. The speech was heard by those graduating in the classes 1962 to 1965. Seven years after his speech, MacArthur's statue at West Point, sculpted by Walter Hancock, was dedicated in Sept. 1969 by his widow.

"Duty, Honor, Country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn."

To read and listen to the whole speech, visit: https://www.westpointaog.org/

Read GEN MacArthur's Thayer citation here: https://www.westpointaog.org/

Since 1958, the West Point Association of Graduates has presented the SYLVANUS THAYER AWARD to an outstanding citizen of the United States whose service and accomplishments in the national interest exemplify personal devotion to the ideals expressed in the West Point motto, “DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.”

Learn more and view recipients: https://www.westpointaog.org/thayeraward

Congratulations to Faculty Graduating the Master Teacher Program

Congrats to some outstanding Faculty Members who graduated from the Master Teacher Program today. The program takes two years to complete and helps faculty members continue to grow and become even better teachers.

"God Bless America" by Trumpet Players from Across the U.S. Army

"God Bless America" by Trumpet Players from Across the U.S. ArmyPaying tribute to our home, sweet home from their actual home, sweet homes, we hope you enjoy this special #TrumpetTuesday rendition of Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" by trumpet players from across the U.S. Army.

Sgt. 1st Class Ej Ramos, The United States Army Band
Sgt. 1st Class Mike Delaune, The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Staff Sgt. Kevin Paul, The United States Army Band
Staff Sgt. Chris Watkins, The United States Army Band
Staff Sgt. John Powlison, The United States Army Band
Staff Sgt. Ryan Brewer, The United States Army Field Band
Staff Sgt. Gillian Huff, West Point Band
Staff Sgt. Pat McGee, 10th Mountain Division Band

1-on-1 with Head Women's Basketball Coach Dave Magarity

Coach Dave MagarityZack Daly sits down with head Women's Basketball coach Dave Magarity to chat about player and staff virtual meetings, building bonds with a young team and looking back at the memories during his tenure at West Point.

West Point, to Thee

CDT Anant Mundra ’20By Anant Mundra, Men's Tennis

Not too long ago, I was laying in the warm sand of Miami Beach and in the blink of an eye, my world changed. Our world changed. On March 12th, 2020, the Patriot League elected to cancel all athletic competition. A few hours later, the NCAA announced the cancellation of all winter and spring sports. This effectively retired all senior athletes. When I heard the news, my world stopped. There was no more next season. This was IT.

I immediately called my parents and told them the news. They could hear the sadness in my voice, but they could not relate. While our world was experiencing a pandemic, how could I worry about my tennis season? Instead, they congratulated me on a fruitful 15 years and expressed their pride in all I had accomplished in the sport. They recommended I do the same. And I did. I felt sorrow but I also felt relief. It was finally over. I would miss fighting on the courts with my brothers, but I welcomed the beginning of new endeavors. So, I said my goodbyes and walked off the courts with my brothers, one last time.

COVID-19 has affected everyone. Heck, here I am writing this note between virtual classes, confined to my California home. But, through all its negatives, COVID-19 has provided me with the greatest resource: time. Time to spend with my family, time to catch up with old friends, and, most importantly, time to reflect. Through this, I have been able to reflect on my journey to and through West Point. And there is nothing else I can say but thank you.

Throughout my childhood, Saturday mornings meant tennis. And I hated the sport. Tennis was my enemy. My parents would drag me to the courts, tolerate my tantrums, and reward me for simply hitting the ball over the net. Little did I know it would shape me into who I am today.

Slowly, it grew on me. I began to play twice a week, then four times a week, and then every day. Ultimately, rain or shine, I would be on the courts. I vividly remember my mother and I playing during a downpour. When the rain got heavier, we would sit under the bench, hoping for it to pass. Read more.

1-on-1 with Head Softball Coach Cheryl Milligan

1-on-1 with Head Softball Coach Cheryl MilliganZack Daly chatted with head Softball coach Cheryl Milligan about her first season as head coach, looking forward to the next season and life at home.

Cadets Talk with Author & Screenwriter Ernest Cline

Cadets Talk with Author & Screenwriter Ernest ClineLTC Andrew Marsh's English class recently had a chance to talk to international best-selling author and screenwriter Ernest Cline about his novel "Ready Player One." While discussing the novel, cadets and Mr. Cline had an opportunity to explore the intersection of identity and leadership as it pertains to technology and the constantly shifting world we find ourselves in. Mr. Cline also provided a tour of his DeLorean and large collection of classic memorabilia and discussed the evolution of a story that began as a dream and eventually formed into an international bestselling book and an Academy nominated film.

1-on-1 with Sprint Football Coach Mark West

1-on-1 with Sprint Football Coach Mark WestHead Sprint Football coach Mark West talked with Zack Daly recently about the adjustment the team had to make for spring practice and a look back at the Collegiate Sprint Football League title game against Navy.

Cadets at West Point During COVID-19 Quarantine

While most of the cadets at the U.S. Military Academy have been home since leaving for spring break in March, 21 cadets remain at the academy in the transient barracks set up to house those who were unable to go home.

The majority of the cadets staying in the transient barracks are foreign exchange students who were not able to go home during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Capt. Dymitri Dutkanicz, the tactical officer overseeing the transient barracks. Other cadets had already chosen to stay at West Point during spring break and then made the decision to remain at the academy instead of traveling. Some cadets have also returned to the academy if their situations at home were untenable to continue taking online classes.

The cadets have been living in MacArthur Long, where a single floor has been setup as the transient barracks. The cadets have access to a gym that is frequently disinfected as well as common spaces where they can spend time together while socially distanced. Full story.

West Point Celebrates Asian-Americans & Pacific Islanders

West Point Celebrates Asian-Americans & Pacific IslandersThroughout the month of May, the U.S. Army and West Point celebrates the proud heritage and service of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

One-on-One with Dom Franco, Army Hockey

One-on-One with Dom Franco, Army HockeyFirstie forward Dominic Franco of the Army West Point hockey team checked in with Zack Daly after being offered a one-year contract with the Rochester Americans.

Franco is the first hockey player to be offered a professional contract since the secretary of defense endorsed a policy in November making it possible for exceptionally talented athletes who have graduated from a military service academy to pursue employment as professional sports athletes following graduation. Once approved, he would be permitted to delay his commissioning and subsequent service obligation to pursue employment as professional sports athletes.

Cadets Brief 82nd Airborne Deputy Commanding General

Cadets Brief 82nd Airborne Deputy Commanding GeneralCadets Sarah Henderson, Morgan Morris, Allison Strong, and Nerissa Siwietz had the opportunity to brief the Deputy Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne Division on their yearlong effort to develop a conceptual design for a new power projection platform at Fort Bragg. BG Doyle applauded the cadet's effort, stating that they took a "very sophisticated look at a very complex problem" that is facing the 82nd Airborne Division and the entire installation. Well done, ladies!

MAJ Bowen Receives Dean's Teaching Excellence Award

MAJ Bowen Receives Dean's Teaching Excellence AwardCongratulations to MAJ James Bowen on winning the Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award! He is a tremendous instructor, mentor, and leader. A great member of the PaNE Family.

Women's Hoops Celebrates Season with Virtual Year-End Banquet

Women's Hoops Celebrates Season with Virtual Year-End BanquetThe Army West Point Women's Basketball team held a virtual year-end banquet earlier this week to celebrate the Black Knights' team and individual honors for the 2019-20 campaign. Army captured two stars with wins over service academy foes Air Force and Navy. The Black Knights closed out their season winning four of their final seven contests, including a victory on the road over Loyola in the first round of the Patriot League tournament.

Below are the 2019-20 Army Women's Basketball award winners.

Maggie Dixon Award: Jessica Rawls, this award is presented to a young lady in memory of Coach Maggie Dixon. Some of Maggie's many traits included leadership, character, tolerance and perseverance through adversity. Coach's Award: Natalie Rhine, the Coach's Award is presented to an individual that displays consistent positivity and an exceptional attitude, on and off the court. Their contributions to the team have exemplified the hard work, consistency and selflessness that are so integral to great teams. Defensive Player of the Year: Hope Brown, the Defensive Player of the Year award is presented to the individual that took the most pride in executing their defensive responsibilities. Most Improved Player: Lindsey Scamman, this award is presented to an individual that has shown the most growth from one year to the next. MG Philip H. Draper Award: Sarah Bohn, the Draper Memorial Award was established in 1995 and is given each year to the team's most valuable player.

Summer Experience: Bennett Taylor

Summer Experience: Bennett TaylorArmy Men's Lacrosse firstie Bennett Taylor joined the PLN's Jimmy Johnson to share his experiences overseas in Italy and across the country at the NASA Ames Research Center in San Jose, Calif.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Maddie Burns, Women's Lacrosse

Thank you, Army lacrosse.

To the world,

If you didn’t know, this 2020 team was special. We were 45 women, with a spectrum of personalities, fighting day in and day out to be champions. We were 7-0 before our season ended and we were determined to break more records. Our draw control win percentage was ranked first in the nation, our defense was tied for second nationally after allowing only 7.29 goals per game, and we were one of eight teams in the country that remained undefeated.

We also were the best in the country in the intangibles from my perspective. Our team cohesion, our grit, our resilience, and our humor all should have won us at least a few trophies. This team had insane potential, and we were ready to put our names in a few more places in the Army record books.

It’s unfortunate that our season, and some of our careers, were suddenly cut short, but I am glad to have gotten in at least seven games before it all ended. It was too good to be true, I suppose. Next season, this program will reach a whole new level and will create a splash in the world of lacrosse. I am already counting down the days to cheer them on from the stands.

To the seniors,

I love you all. The thousands of hours we dedicated to this team over four years was worth every second. From the early morning bus rides to fall scrimmages, to the late-night practices and long conditioning sessions, we made so many memories. The walks up and down the hill with teammates through every season provided its own facet of the experience, including balancing extra trays of food walking past the iced-over Lusk Reservoir, and down the perilous icy ramp behind Scott just to deliver extra food to the CCQ for our companies. Being together made anything unpleasant, fun. We knew how to have fun anywhere. No one will forget the squat party or the fun Fridays. Our legs certainly will not forget. Nevertheless, these moments only brought us closer. Read more.

Three Cadets Named CEP Athletes of April

Three Cadets Named CEP Athletes of AprilFirstie Jacob Hurtubise of Army West Point baseball, yearling Natalie Murphy of the rabble rousers and firstie Macey Newbary of softball were named the Corps Squad Scholar Athletes of the Month for April.

In the classroom, Hurtubise maintains a 3.697 cumulative grade-point average as an Operations Research major. He has been on the Dean's List every semester he has been enrolled at the Academy and has never had a semester GPA lower than 3.4. The Zionsville, Ind., native is branching Air Defense Artillery following graduation this spring. 2019 was a banner year on the diamond for Hurtubise as he set the Army single season record in runs, walks, stolen bases. He also broke the Patriot League career record for walks and stolen bases, while also leading the league in batting average and hits.

In the classroom, Murphy has excelled with a 3.79 cumulative GPA. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Cadet Award for maintaining a 3.67 GPA or higher. The Massapequa Park, N.Y., native has earned Dean's List status every semester of her academic career. She was recently selected to study abroad at the Spanish Military Academy (AGM) in Zaragoza, Spain Murphy has been successful in all pillars, with a 3.21 physical average and a 3.10 military GPA.

Newbary is a Geography major with a cumulative GPA of 3.032 She was named to the 2019 Patriot League Academic Honor Roll. The senior has been a steady presence as a standout starting pitcher for the team. She was named to the 2018 All-Patriot League Tournament Team. Off the field, her leadership and mentorship to younger players has helped the team achieve five academic terms in a row of increasing team GPA. Read more.

1-on-1 with Head Golf Coach Chad Bagley

1-on-1 with Head Golf Coach Chad BagleyHead golf coach Chad Bagley checks in with Zack Daly to chat about the Army-Navy victory at Pine Valley, favorite courses the team has been lucky enough to play and the best hole at West Point Golf Course.

Prof. Rogers Receives Dean's Career Faculty Award

Prof. Rogers Congratulations to Professor Cliff Rogers for receiving the Dean’s Career Faculty Award for Teaching. The Dean’s Award for Career Teaching Excellence recognizes careers of outstanding contributions to teaching by West Point faculty members.

Rigney, Silva Selected in Major Lacrosse League Draft

Rigney, Silva Selected in Major Lacrosse League DraftFirstie defender Tom Rigney and attacker Miles Silva of the Army West Point Men's Lacrosse team were both selected by the Denver Outlaws in the 2020 Major League Lacrosse Draft on Monday night.

Rigney was the fifth overall pick by the Outlaws and Silva was the 47th overall pick and the fifth selection in the eighth round of the draft.

"Joe Alberici does a terrific job coaching our men's lacrosse program and having them prepared to compete at an elite level," said Mike Buddie, Army West Point Director of Athletics. "We are excited to see Tom and Miles have the possibility to continue their lacrosse careers in the MLL, competing with the grit and toughness you would expect from a West Point cadet. This opportunity could be the best of both worlds for these men who may be able to fulfill two dreams they have been working towards in the last 47 months - to serve the U.S. Army as second lieutenants and to play lacrosse professionally."

Coach Alberici has mentored 13 MLL draft picks in his time at Army, while the program has seen 16 total players selected into the league. Rigney is the top defensive pick in Alberici's tenure with John Glesener as the highest as the fourth pick in the first round in 2013.

Rigney was named All-America Honorable Mention after serving as the team's on-field leader his senior season. He recorded 23 ground balls, an assist and five caused turnovers. The senior from Nokesville, Va., finished his career with 76 ground balls, 19 caused turnovers and three assists. Read more.

West Point, to Thee

CDT Brendan Soucie with family and Mike BuddieBy Brendan Soucie, Hockey

The meaning of being a member of the Army hockey family hits a different pitch for the Soucie household. Unlike any of my teammates, my father graduated West Point in 1992 and captained the team his senior year. My whole life, I witnessed the true value of what it means to be a part of this family. No matter the year, alumni are constantly around to offer support in whatever ways needed. Just in my four years, I witnessed a revival in this support with catered team dinners, support in visiting arenas, etc. The dedication to support the Army hockey program stems from the bonds formed as players.

I have countless memories from my four years which formed these bonds. The first was throwing that jersey on for my first game. I got extremely lucky and tapped home a wide-open rebound on my first shift of college hockey, but that is not my greatest memory of the game. Going through the emotional roller coaster of a game is where you come together as a team. Compared to every team I played for, the strength of this team bond seemed to be greater because of our name, Army West Point.

A second memory from that year was being afforded the opportunity to play an outdoor hockey game at frozen Fenway Park. Living 20 minutes away my last year of juniors, this game was especially surreal. Not only is Fenway one of the most famous sports venues, but I was able to play in front of family and friends. Boston is so close to home so I will never forget taping my sticks on top of the Green Monster or sitting on the bench and taking the moment to realize where I was playing. Read more.

Checking in with Cole Christiansen

Checking in with Cole ChristiansenRich DeMarco caught up Cole Christiansen to talk about his dream weekend for the firstie linebacker.

Christiansen was offered a deal by the Los Angeles Chargers. He was one of three to receive offers under the NFL undrafted free agent program since the secretary of defense endorsed a policy in November making it possible for exceptionally talented athletes who have graduated from a military service academy to pursue employment as professional sports athletes following graduation. Once approved, they will be permitted to delay their commissioning and subsequent service obligation to pursue employment as professional sports athletes.

Connor Slomka Checks In

Connor Slomka Checks InConnor Slomka caught up with Rich DeMarco this week to talk with the senior fullback about his experience last weekend.

Slomka was offered a deal by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was one of three to receive offers under the NFL undrafted free agent program since the secretary of defense endorsed a policy in November making it possible for exceptionally talented athletes who have graduated from a military service academy to pursue employment as professional sports athletes following graduation. Once approved, they will be permitted to delay their commissioning and subsequent service obligation to pursue employment as professional sports athletes.

1-on-1 with Head Volleyball Coach Alma Kovaci Lee

1-on-1 with Head Volleyball Coach Alma Kovaci LeeZack Daly talks with head volleyball coach Alma Kovaci Lee about connecting with the team virtually, what expect out of the team next year and staying home with the family.

Harvey and McCormick Tab NWCA Scholar All-American Honors

Harvey and McCormick Tab NWCA Scholar All-American HonorsThe National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) released the list of 2019-2020 Scholar All-American honors last week, with awards going to 178 individuals representing 64 institutions. Among those honorees, the Black Knights had two Cadets named on the individual Scholar All-Americans list, including Cael McCormick and Ben Harvey.

McCormick, a Systems Engineering major, and Harvey, an American Politics major, represent the United States Military Academy (USMA) among some of the best and brightest in the country in Division I wrestling, each earning above a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average. This is the second year in a row that both athletes have received the honor from the NWCA for their hard work and dedication to their academic success. Both athletes have now been recognized at the conference and national level this year for holding such high standards in the classroom.

Prior to having their season being cut short, the duo found ample success on the mat as well after each qualifying for the 2020 NCAA tournament. This would have been Harvey's third consecutive NCAA appearance and McCormick's second, as both Cadets were consistently dominant in the 164 and 175 weight class, respectively.

Both McCormick and Harvey will graduate from the Academy in June and move on to join the Cyber Corps and Field Artillery/Military Intelligence Corps, respectively.

Make Your Very Own Tar Bucket

Make Your Very Own Tar BucketNeed an at-home activity for your future cadet? Just print, color, craft — and march! Color and cut out this tar bucket hat to become the Drum Major of your very own at-home marching band — it's time for some Marching at Home. Click here to download and print (includes instructions): https://westpointband.com/documents/TarBucketColoringSheet.pdf

1-on-1 with Head Men's Rugby Coach Matt Sherman

1-on-1 with Head Men's Rugby Coach Matt ShermanZack Daly welcomed head men's rugby coach Matt Sherman for a chat about the challenges of the rugby season, top moments as Army's head coach and how he has kept busy.

CDT Dear ’20 & Sister Emma Win CUWiP Logo Design Contest

CDT Dear ’20 & Sister Emma Win CUWiP Logo Design ContestCongratulations to CDT AnnaMaria Dear ’20 and her younger sister Emma Dear for winning the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) logo design. West Point has the distinct pleasure of hosting this international event in January 2021. Runner up: CDT Hanna Lamb ’23 and 2nd Runner up: CDT Claudia Schuh ’23.

CDT Durst ’20 Receives the Frazer Award

CDT Durst ’20 Receives the Frazer AwardCongratulations to Cadet James Durst ’20 for receiving the David M. Frazer Award for Engineering Excellence and Leadership at the annual SAME Engineer Dinner, which was held virtually this year.

Cadets Meet with COO of Rigby Refining

Cadets Meet with COO of Rigby RefiningCadets and faculty from the “Decision Analysis” class had the tremendous opportunity to hear from Mr. Tom Rippert, former DSE Instructor and current Chief Operating Officer of Rigby Refining, LLC. Rigby Refining is a firm focused on supplying high quality, premium residual fuel oil for the shipping industry through a unique process. The proprietary Rigby Process is counter to other refining upgrading processes because it is designed to minimize cracking and hydrogenation while maintaining the desired bulk fuel properties and maximizing production of the patented Rigby Fuel. Mr. Rippert shared how he has employed methods and concepts taught in the course to problems in the military and the oil and gas industry.

Cadets Run 48 miles to Raise Awareness for Sexual Assault

Cadets Run 48 miles to Raise Awareness for Sexual AssaultIt started almost as a joke between friends.

BG Curtis Buzzard, the commandant of cadets at the U.S. Military Academy, and cadet leadership had challenged each member of the Corps of Cadets to run one mile to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment. The challenge was initiated because April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM).

Class of 2021 Cadet Jordan Lawson and a couple of his friends in Company B-1 saw the challenge and decided one mile wasn’t nearly hard enough and set their sights higher. They eventually decided to take on retired U.S. Navy Seal and ultramarathon runner David Goggins’ 4x4x48 challenge. Four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours.

They sent word to their platoon and then all of B-1 as more and more cadets signed on for the challenge. At midnight eastern time on April 21, more than 50 cadets walked out of their houses throughout the country into the pitch-dark night and began to run. At 4 a.m., they went out again and then every four hours for the next two days they laced on their sneakers, walked outside and ran.

For some, it started as a solely physical challenge, but with each run, the cause became more and more central, multiple participants said. Alumni reached out and offered to support the cause and help raise awareness. Survivors reached out and thanked them for running. When people questioned what they were doing, the participants were able to strike up a conversation about the importance of the cause and why they were running. Read more.

McMullen Honored as Coach K Award Recipient

McMullen Honored as Coach K Award RecipientFirstie captain Calli McMullen of the Army West Point Women's Track and Field team has been named a recipient of the Mike Krzyzewski Award for Excellence in Teaching Character Through Sport on Thursday. "The Coach K award is the culmination of hard work that not only myself, but also the hard work that my coaches, teammates, family and mentors invested in me," McMullen said. "Winning the award has given me a renewed appreciation for leadership and mentorship."

The award recognizes West Point athletes and coaches for their outstanding commitment to the development of noble character through athletic participation and leadership. The cadet recipient exemplifies the Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage both on-and-off the "fields of friendly strife."

"It goes without saying that this award is an incredible honor for Calli and, in turn, for our track and field program," Army Director of Cross Country and Track and Field and 2019 Coach K Award winner Mike Smith said. "The Coach K award is synonymous with the pursuit of excellence and I know she is humbled by the comparison. "Throughout her storied career at Army, McMullen has been recognized for not only her athletic success but also for his commitment to excellence and respect for her teammates, opponents and the sport.

"At an Academy built on leadership and excellence, we are incredibly proud to honor those who have exemplified the mission to make a difference on and off the field," Director of Athletics Mike Buddie said. "Calli has cemented a legacy that future cadet-athletes will aim to emulate, and we know that she will continue to inspire those around her when she takes on her next great mission as a member of the United States Army." Read more.

Cadet Hannah Lamb ’23 is Academy Idol Winner

Cadet Hannah Lamb ’23 is Academy Idol WinnerThe votes are in and an Academy Idol winner has been selected. After the "Top 12 Shakespearean Monologues" were shared yesterday, votes were cast until only one remained. Congratulations to Cadet Hannah Lamb, Class of 2023, who took the 1st place spot for her rousing Iago performance from Shakespeare's “Othello". If you wish to watch her Monologue performance (and the 11 others), click here.

Poling Named 2020 Coach K Award Recipient

Poling Named 2020 Coach K Award RecipientArmy West Point Head Men's Tennis coach Jim Poling was honored as one of the 2020 recipients of the Mike Krzyzewski Award for Excellence in Teaching Character Through Sport yesterday afternoon. The award is presented each year to coaches and cadets who have shown outstanding commitment to the development of noble character through athletic participation and leadership. The 1969 United States Military Academy (USMA) graduate takes time each spring to recognize awardees with a certificate and medal for their dedication to the advancement of the West Point community. This year, the awards were presented in a virtual setting with Coach K, USMA and ODIA staff, cadets and more.

"First, I would like to congratulate Coach Poling on receiving this prestigious award," said Mike Buddie, Director of Athletics, Army West Point. "Building honorable leaders is something we pride ourselves in here at the academy and Coach Poling has done an outstanding job guiding our athletes toward his mission. His commitment to the advancement of the Army West Point athletics community and his dedication to the development of our cadet athletes is beyond appreciated by our staff. I look forward to seeing the continued impact that Coach Poling has on the cadets here at West Point."

Poling will enter his 19th season at the helm of the Army West Point men's tennis program. He has dedicated his life to coaching over the last 34 years and with the Black Knights 9-6 record this season, surpassed his 500 career-wins mark, amassing a 506-346 record. Read more.

West Point, to Thee

West Point, to TheeBy Trey Chalifoux, Wrestling

Hi my name is Trey Chalifoux and how I first got into wrestling is the classic story of when one door closes, another door opens.

I had been playing baseball and basketball since I was four years old but found myself with a setback early on. I was cut from my travel basketball team in the fifth grade and if you know me, then you understand why that is not a huge shock, since I am only 5’3”.

I then had to figure out what sport I was going to do in the winter, and a family friend happened to be a club wrestling coach at the time. I decided to give it a try since my height, or lack thereof, would not be held against me.

At first wrestling was just something for me to do in between fall and spring baseball to get me out of the house. It was not until the eighth grade that I really fell in love with it. What I appreciated most was the individual aspect of the sport.

After a loss, I couldn't look around and blame any of my teammates for the outcome because I was the only one out there competing. The sport inherently made me more self-accountable. Once I realized that wrestling was a passion of mine, I truly started devoting my time and energy into it.

Every summer during high school I would spend the entire month of July away from home, training for the biggest freestyle wrestling tournament in the country in Fargo, N.D. It was at this tournament that I realized that I could wrestle at the collegiate level. The recruiting process was a stressful one, but I could not have been more sure of my decision in choosing Army. Read more.

Army-Navy Ticket Presale Remains on Schedule

Army-Navy Ticket Presale Remains on ScheduleArmy West Point Athletics is excited to announce that the 2020 Army-Navy ticket presale will begin, as previously scheduled, on Tuesday May 5th. The presale will continue until tickets are sold out. Army Athletics understands that many families are feeling the economic impact of COVID-19 and it is our goal to help our A Club members and fans get through the current climate.

The Army Ticket Office and A Club will be offering ticket & donation payment plans. To learn more about these options, please contact your Army West Point representative, contact the Army A Club at 845-938-2322 or the Army Ticket Office at 1-877-TIX-ARMY.

Army A Club members will also have the opportunity to purchase their Army-Navy tickets online this year as long as their 2020 donation has been started by the Wednesday before their on sale date. Army A Club members also have access to purchase single game home and away tickets at their respective level before the general public on July 21. For more information, visit armygameday.com, contact the Army A Club at 845-938-2322 or the Army Ticket Office at 1-877-TIX-ARMY.

1-on-1 with Head Women's Lacrosse Coach Kristen Skiera

1-on-1 with Head Women's Lacrosse Coach Kristen SkieraHead Women's Lacrosse coach Kristen Skiera joined Zack Daly virtually to discuss her senior class, the program moving forward and how the team has evolved since its inaugural varsity season in 2016.

Catching up with Elijah Riley

Catching up with Elijah RileyRich DeMarco caught up with Elijah Riley this week after a big weekend for the firstie cornerback.

Riley was offered a deal by the Philadelphia Eagles. He was one of three to receive offers under the NFL undrafted free agent program since the secretary of defense endorsed a policy in November making it possible for exceptionally talented athletes who have graduated from a military service academy to pursue employment as professional sports athletes following graduation. Once approved, they will be permitted to delay their commissioning and subsequent service obligation to pursue employment as professional sports athletes.


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