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The 2009 Thayer Award Winner, H. Ross Perot

On the evening of 15 October 2009, Mr. Ross Perot received the West Point Sylvanus Thayer Award in recognition of his service and accomplishments in the national interest that exemplify his personal devotion to the West Point motto, “Duty, Honor, Country.” Speaking at the dinner in Washington Hall in the evening, Mr. Perot recalled GEN MacArthur’s speech when he received the Thayer Award in 1962 and how he stressed the importance of those three words and the nobility of the American soldier.  Mr. Perot then recalled the immigrants who came to America with no money and no welfare system but worked hard, saved their money, bought wagons and headed west to fulfill their dreams.

He also noted that few institutions teach Duty, Honor and Country or emphasize taking responsibility for the lives of others. He then told a series of stories about graduates like Nick Rowe ’60 and Wayne Downing ’62 and other fighting men who embodied Duty, Honor, Country.  He concluded by holding aloft a copy of Forbes magazine rating West Point as the best college in the nation.  At the conclusion of his speech, the Cadet First Captain, noting that Mr. Perot displayed a West Point full dress coat in his corporate headquarters, presented him with a set of First Captain chevrons and star to be added to the coat.

Mr. Perot has been most generous in his support of our American fighting men and women, especially those wounded in action, the Combating Terrorism Center, and a wide variety of similar initiatives.  He is perhaps best known for organizing and directing the rescue of two of his employees being held captive in Iran and his advocacy of fiscal responsibility in government while running as an independent presidential candidate in 1992 and 1996. 

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2009 Winner

H. Ross Perot won the 2009 Sylvanus Thayer Award.