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Class Leader Services

Assistance with any of the following services can be initiated by simply making a telephone call, sending and email or fax.

Rosters. Rosters of graduates, ex-cadets, widows, and individuals affiliated with a specific class, as well as Class Officer rosters, can be provided. These lists can be used for reunion planning, maintaining accuracy of the database, solicitations for class gifts, dues collecting, etc. This information may not be used for political or commercial solicitation, or for any purpose other than official Class, West Point Society, USMA, or WPAOG use. Classes are encouraged to monitor their “lost classmates” list and submit updates to address@wpaog.org.

Printing and Mailing Support. For newsletters, reunion mailings, fund solicitations, memorial services, etc. ( See “MAILING SUPPORT” ). This includes typing from rough drafts, adding logos to letterhead, designing forms, etc., or working from final hard copy or attached e-mail files.

Assistance in Establishing Administrative Funds. This includes providing the document for signature and initiating the administrative fund (Admin Funds)

Conference Calls. Calls are $0.10 per person, per minute with a limit of 100 participants.  Participants will be provided a toll free call in number and passcode (please provide the names and email addresses of each participant).  To schedule a conference call please contact Jo Ann Shipley, 800.232.4723 ext. 1538 or Nicole Corbin, 800.232.4723 ext. 1596.  Authorization from your Class President or Treasurer is needed for payment from your Class Admin or Gift Fund.

Go to Meeting.  A new service provided by WPAOG.  This is a computer conference call, for up to 10 participants and 1 organizer/leader.  Conduct your Class Business or Reunion Meetings without having to travel!  All you need is your desk top or lap top computer, run slide shows, review programs, or update documents.  This is a computer session only - you will be communicating over the internet, similar to Instant Messaging.  Cost is $20.00 per session, there is no time limit.  Please contact Nicole Corbin or Jo Ann Shipley for more information. 

Establishing Class Web Pages. We can help in establishing your Class Web Page and set it up so that your Class Web Master can maintain it.

Assistance in Finding Classmates. In addition to our graduate database, WPAOG will attempt other means of locating classmates after all normal attempts have been unsuccessful (e.g., people search on the internet, checking with Post Offices, telephone information service, etc.). Archival records available at WPAOG can be a source of such a search and, under some circumstances, we can obtain assistance from the Army’s database for those on active duty.  Alumni Finder searches are performed prior to reunions to help locate "lost" classmates.

For Assistance email Class-Services@wpaog.org