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1802 Circle

The 1802 Circle is WPAOG’s annual giving society that recognizes donors for their consistent support of West Point. 1802 Circle membership is offered to donors who make a gift of any size to WPAOG for four consecutive years. Membership then remains if subsequent donations are made annually.

1802 Circle donors are recognized in the Annual Report of Gifts. Thank you to our loyal donors who impact the Margin of Excellence year after year.

If you have any questions please contact Allison Barry, Director of Annual Giving, at annualgiving@wpaog.org or 845.446.1543.


"I have seen firsthand, through my daughter who is Class of 2020, how much impact the Margin of Excellence has on the individual cadet experience."  Deirdre P. Dixon '84

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2018 Consecutive Giving Donors

30 Years or More
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles V. Anstrom ’69
Mr. Joel D. Aron ’48
MAJ (R) Donald N. Babb ’62
Col (R) Marlin R. Baker USAF ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. David T. Baker ’46
Col (R) and Mrs. Archie D. Barrett USAF ’57
Tom Barron ’65
LTC (R) David W. Bauer ’60
COL (R) Dwight E. Beach Jr. ’59 (P)
COL (R) Thomas J. Begines ’77 and
Dr. Maryam Begines
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard H. Benfer ’54
COL (R) Henry R. Bodson ’41
Mrs. Philip T. Boerger (W ’47)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Borchelt ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Bossieux ’73
Mike and Bette Rose Bowers ’63
LTC (R) and Mrs. John S. Brannis ’77
COL (R) and Mrs. Frank W. Brittain ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Burkett ’81
BG (R) and Mrs. John C. Burney Jr. ’46
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jonathan K. Burns ’67
BG (R) and Mrs. James L. Carroll AUS ’54
COL (R) Leslie D. Carter Jr. ’48
COL (R) Westley K. H. Chin ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Claffey ’58
MG (R) and Mrs. William N. Clark AUS ’63
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Peyton E. Cook USAF ’51
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Correia Jr. ’66
COL (R) David G. Cotts ’59
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Coughlin ’71
LTC (R) Bruce M. Cowan ’61
Mrs. Robert J. Craig (W ’52)
COL (R) and Mrs. Gerald E. Cummins Jr. ’71
COL (R) John F. D’Agostino ’78
COL (R) and Mrs. Arthur J. Dean Jr. ’60
COL (R) George E. Dexter ’45
LTC (R) Steven M. Di Silvio ’74 and
MAJ (R) Elizabeth L. Di Silvio
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Dixon Jr. ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. John J. Dobiac USAR ’70
Ms. Hope B. Donnelly ’86
Stephen and Lucy Draper ’64
Dr. Beth R. Duncan (W ’52)
COL (R) and Mrs. William F. Dworsak ’62
LTC (R) and Mrs. William Echevarria ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Eich ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Keith D. Emberton ’80
COL (R) and Mrs. Alexander H. Evans ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel M. Evans Jr. ’64 (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. John C. Faith ’47
MG John G. Ferrari ’87
COL (R) and Mrs. Uldric L. Fiore ’73 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Elliott G. Fishburne III ’62 (P)
Mrs. Joan FitzGibbon (W ’64)
Mrs. Sue S. Flory (W ’56)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas R. Frankenfield ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. William F. Freccia ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Garay ’67
LTC (R) Dennis R. Gilson ’64
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gorczynski ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Stan W. Graff ’72
LTG (R) and Mrs. Ernest Graves Jr. ’44 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. George T. Greenlee USAR ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Gunnels ’77
COL (R) and Mrs. Dale W. Hansen ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hasbrouck Jr. ’55
Mr. John P. Hawn ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hayes Jr. ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael L. Herman ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Herre ’62
Ken and Lucy Hicks ’74
Mr. David A. Himes Jr. ’69
LTC (R) David G. Hofstetter ’69
MAJ (R) Daniel L. Hogan Jr. ’84 and
MAJ Sandra M. Hogan
COL (R) Frank B. Janoski USAR ’74 (P)
Mrs. Elsie Jefferies (W ’55)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gerald R. Jilbert ’60 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Johnson ’85 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Max W. Johnson ’64 (P)
LTC (R) Don W. Jones ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Noel T. Jones ’75
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Keegan ’55
MG (R) and Mrs. Richard D. Kenyon ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Kimzey ’86
Mr. Richard W. Kline Jr. ’67
LTC (R) and Mrs. William A. Knowlton Jr. ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Maxim I. Kovel ’57 (P)
Dr. Francis P. Kwan (P)
COL Thomas Lanyi USA, Retired ’67
Ralph and Anita Leonard ’52
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lonsberry ’64
LTC (R) and Mrs. William E. Lozier ’55
Maj (R) Neale M. Luft USAF ’56
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Sheldon J. Lustig ’53
Col (R) and Mrs. Roy H. Lynn Jr. USAF 55
COL (R) and Mrs. William C. Malkemes ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Mapes ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Toney A. Mathews ’68
COL (R) and Mrs. James S. McCallum ’66
Mr. George R. McClelland ’71
John and Deb McConaghy ’71
Secretary and Mrs. Robert A. McDonald ’75
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph W. McKinney 70
MG (R) Carl and Mrs. Jo Ann McNair Jr. ’55
The Reverend and Mrs. Ivan R. Mechtly Jr. ’52 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Medaglia ’73
Mrs. Diana Merriam (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Bruce F. Miller ’63
COL (R) Scott F. Miller ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Morford ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murff ’63
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan B. Nason ’66 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Nicolais ’56
Mr. and Mrs. James D. O’Brien ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. O’Connor Jr. ’60 (P)
Walter and Francie Oehrlein ’65
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan D. Olson ’67 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Kevin J. O’Neill ’59
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert H. Orr ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Randall M. Pais ’67 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Palamar ’82
Col (R) and Mrs. Michael L. Patrow USMC ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Plaas ’65
LTC (R) Frederick A. Rall ’56
COL (R) and Mrs. Donald A. Ramsay ’53
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles R. Rash ’73
COL (R) and Mrs. Frank C. Rauch ’61
Mr. John F. Reilly ’58
Mrs. Mary L. Reinhalter (W ’52)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen D. Rice ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas B. Russell ’59
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles W. Ryder III USAR ’70
COL (R) and Mrs. Madison C. Schepps Jr. ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. Andrew G. Schnabel ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Schultz ’61
LTC (R) and Mrs. Karl O. Schwartz ’63 (P)
COL (R) John B. Seely ’60
Mr. and Mrs. George Silides ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Smith ’62
Mr. Stephen J. Stefancin III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Sterrett Jr. ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles H. Stevens III ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Stewart ’73
Rollie Stichweh ’65
Barbara and Cris Stone ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Strati ’55
COL (R) Donald R. Swygert ’52 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Symanski ’62
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert W. Szymczak ’62
Mr. and Mrs. David Takacs ’80
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph R. Tedeschi ’57
LTC (R) and Mrs. Theodore T. Togashi ’64
Bill and Paula Trivette ’70 (P)
Mrs. Albert F. Turner (W ’49)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Van Zetta ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Roderic B. Vitty ’55
LTC (R) and Mrs. Roderick K. Wade ’81
CPT (R) and Mrs. Lawrence E. Waters ’62
MG (R) William L. Webb ’47 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Herbert W. Wells III ’74
Jack and Mary Lois Wheatley ’50
COL (R) and Mrs. David E. Wheeler ’55
Mr. Asher A. Williams Jr. (former ’81)
George and Donna Winton ’67
LTG (R) and Mrs. Leonard P. Wishart III ’57
Michael and Barbara Wynne ’66
John and Beverly Young ’60
Mr. Allen M. Zick ’86 and Dr. Elizabeth O. Zick
MG (R) and Mrs. Bruce E. Zukauskas USAR ’73
Anonymous (3)

20 – 29 Years
MG (R) and Mrs. Lawrence R. Adair ’74 (P)
Mr. Geoffrey R. Adams ’95
LTC Jeffrey W. Adams ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. Ronald K. Adams ’68 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph A. Adelman ’71
Mr. Robert J. Albert ’53
James and Patricia Albo ’71
LTC (R) Donna S. Alesch-White ’80
LTC Nathan G. Allard ’99
COL James C. Allen ’94
LTC Dana C. Allmond ’94
Col (R) and Mrs. James L. Altemose USAF ’68
LTC Luis M. Alvarez ’97
LTC and Mrs. Russell J. Ames ’98
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Peter A. Amico II ’76
LTC (R) and Mrs. William S. Anders USAR ’77 (P)
Mr. Brad L. Anderson ’85
MG and Mrs. Charles A. Anderson ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy G. Anderson ’78 (P)
Col (R) Darrell L. Anderson USAF ’56
COL (R) Jeffery A. Anderson ’89
LTC Spencer M. Anderson ’99
LTC (R) Douglas W. Andresen ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Flynn Andrew ’73
Mr. Jakub H. Andrews ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Andrews Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Andrews (P)
MAJ Aaron Angell ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Anthis ’90 (P)
LTC David A. Anthony ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Anthony ’69
COL (R) Bill R. Aquino ’78
LTC and Mrs. Matthew T. Archambault ’97
COL Robert C. Armstrong ’96
MAJ Steven N. Arne ’97
LTC (R) David M. Arnold ’97
LTC Edward P. Ash ’94
Mrs. Cindy T. Atkins ’95
COL Gail E. Atkins ’95
LTC (R) Christopher S. Auclair ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. William R. Aultman ’75
LTC Michael S. Avey ’98
MAJ Lance D. Awbrey ’99
LTC Nicholas E. Ayers ’97
LTC and Mrs. Thomas A. Babbitt ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. William A. Bachman MAANG ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. Alan J. Bacon ’73
LTC (R) Chad A. Bagley ’95
LTC (R) Michael D. Bagully ’96
LTC (R) Vincent P. Bailey ’52
LTC and Mrs. Michael B. Baka ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. John E. Baker ’72 (P)
LTC Michael A. Baker ’97
LTC Rodney S. Baker ’97
LTC Troy R. Baker ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Roman J. Bakke (P)
MAJ Richard R. Balestri ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Rand A. Ballard ’77
LTC Julie A. Balten ’97
LTC (R) Robert M. Bankey ’77
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John N. Bantsolas ’71
LTC David A. Barber ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul F. Barber ’65 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett ’51
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel G. Barney ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Max R. Barron ’63
LTC (R) V. Willam Barta ’58
COL and Mrs. James B. Bartholomees III ’95
LTC Shawn M. Bault ’99
LTC Scott J. Baumgartner ’97
LTC Ricardo A. Bautista ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Karl L. Beach ’63
LTC (R) Richard S. Beahm ’70
COL (R) and Mrs. Louin L. Beard ’59
LTC (R) and Mrs. Norman E. Beatty ’63 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul S. Beaty ’73
COL Slade H. Beaudoin ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett C. Beaudry ’78
Mr. James L. Becker ’80
LTC Kris M. Beers ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Beierschmitt ’68 (P)
Mr. Arleigh T. Bell Jr. ’59
MAJ Jeremy D. Bell ’97
BG (R) Raymond E. Bell Jr. ’57
MAJ Jonathan T. Belmont ’99
LTG (R) and Mrs. Dennis L. Benchoff ’62 (P)
LTC Matthew C. Benigni ’98
Lisa M. Benitez ’88 and Gus Huerter ’90 (P)
LTC Daniel K. Benson ’99
COL Michael J. Benson ’94
MAJ Michael A. Berdy ’97
LTC (R) Michael D. Berendt ’78 and Ms. Joan Sgaggio
MG (R) and Mrs. Joseph L. Bergantz ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Steve D. Berlin ’97
LTC and Mrs. Joshua F. Berry ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. William R. Betson ’74 (P)
Mr. Anthony Bibbo ’84
Mr. Mark R. Biehl ’94
LTC (R) Bradford D. Bigler USAR ’99
LTC Derek A. Bird ’97 and
Mrs. Samantha Lay Cheng Bird ’00
Mr. Elliott J. Bird ’99
LTC Michael J. Birmingham ’94
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bishop Jr. ’58
LTC and Mrs. Eric R. Bjorklund ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford P. Black Jr. ’72
LTC Richard A. Blackburn ’98
LTC Daniel D. Blackmon ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. T. James Blake ’69
Mr. Mark A. Bliss ’95
LTC (R) Timothy D. Bloechl ’79
LTC Matthew L. Blome ’97
MAJ Craig A. Blow ’99
Dr. Terrence D. Bogard (former ’69) and
Dr. Ann L. Bogard
LTC Joshua R. Bookout ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Bruce K. Bornick ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Boron ’74
LTC Kevin D. Bouren ’97
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bourland ’58
LTC and Mrs. Calvert L. Bowen III ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Bowman ’78
COL Adam J. Boyd ’94
Mr. Andrew Boyd (P)
Col (R) and Mrs. Thomas E. Boytim USAF ’70 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bozek ’79
LTC (R) Kenneth P. Bradley ’98
LTC Edward A. Brady ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Brady ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert C. Brand ’70 (P)
MAJ Jeffrey T. Braun ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Braun ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bray ’92
Mr. Matthew A. Breitbach ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel L. Breitenbach ’72
LTC (R) Jennifer A. Brewer ’95
LTC Kirk E. Brinker ’98
LTC (R) Jason M. Brizek ’94
LTC Jarett D. Broemmel ’95
MAJ and Mrs. Scott A. Bronikowski ’99
MAJ (R) George L. Brooks III ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Johnny W. Brooks ’71 (P)
LTC (R) Glenn J. Broussard ’70
LTC Andrew R. Brown ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. David W. Brown ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Brown ’76
Gordon and Laura Brown ’67
LTC Jason S. Brown ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Lloyd K. Brown ’65
LTC Matthew W. Brown ’97
MAJ Phillip B. Brown ’98
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Brown ’68
Mr. Harris J. Brumer ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Jon H. Brundage ’78
LTC Corey A. Brunkow ’97
MAJ (R) Charles E. Bryant ’95
Mr. Michael E. Bryson ’83 and Mrs. Leslie L. Bryson ’84
LTC Kevin P. Buettner ’99
MAJ Alexander L. Bullock ’97
Herman and Iris Bulls ’78 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Bundy (P)
LTC Dale W. Burbank ’95
LTC Barrett A. Burns ’94
LTC Christopher A. Burns ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Ralph R. Burr Jr. ’62
1LT (R) Jake S. Bursack ’99 and
Mrs. Kimberly A. Bursack ’99
MAJ Craig W. Butera ’99
Jack and Bonnie Buttine ’72
LTC Christopher J. Byrd ’97
MAJ Jonathan C. Byrom ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cafaro ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Caflin (P)
Mr. Konrad L. Cailteux ’77
COL Jason C. Caldwell ’95
Mr. James J. Cameron ’95
Mr. Bryan W. Campbell ’99
Mr. Michael T. Campbell ’66
LTC and Mrs. Gregory V. Campion ’99
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Capelli ’80
COL Kevin S. Capra ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Eduardo Cardenas ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Cariker ’76
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce M. Carswell ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome N. Carter ’71
COL and Mrs. Thomas E. Cartledge Jr. ’86
Col (R) and Mrs. Jimmy D. Carver USAF ’60
COL (R) and Mrs. Melvin E. Case ’64
LTC Larry D. Caswell Jr. ’99
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cates ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Catlin Jr. ’66
LTC Chad C. Chalfont ’95
LTC Faith Chamberlain ’99
MAJ Mark A. Chandler ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert I. Channon ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. Emery J. Chase ’65 (P)
LTC Christa M. Chewar ’95
MAJ Alicia M. Chivers USAR ’97
LTC Bryan J. Chivers ’97
COL Fredrick S. Choi ’86
LTC (R) Steve C. Chong ’94
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Christie ’66 (P)
MAJ (R) Michael V. Ciaramella ’96
MAJ John J. Ciccarello ’98
Mr. and Mrs. John Cicerelle Jr. ’77 (P)
Mr. David J. Clappier ’68
Honorable and Mrs. Allen B. Clark Jr. ’63
COL (R) Daniel D. Clark ’62 and Mrs. Janet Long
LTC Jason P. Clark ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas D. Clark ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce B. Clarke ’65
COL (R) Perry R. Clawson USAR ’80
MAJ (R) Ian R. Claxton ’99
Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Close (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cobb ’74
LTC Frankie C. Cochiaosue ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael F. Colacicco ’69 (P)
LTC Faren R. Cole ’94
COL Kenneth C. Cole ’94
LTC Paul B. Cole IV ’97
LTC (R) Steven R. Cole ’95
Brian and Grace Concannon ’79
LTC Jason W. Condrey ’97
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Conklin ’56
LTC Christopher F. Conley ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Willard C. Conley ’61
Mr. Kevin G. Conlon ’81
Mrs. Cheryl Z. Connors ’83
Mr. Mark Connors ’83
COL (R) and Mrs. Roger F. Conover USAR ’48
Mr. Charles J. Conz ’80
LTC James P. Cook ’99
LTC Aaron K. Coombs ’97
Norm and Linda Cooney ’66
LTC Jose A. Cora ’95
MAJ Daniel V. Cordaro ’99
Mr. Ernest L. Cornell ’79
LTC and Mrs. Ernesto A. Cortez ’95
COL (R) Paul A. Coughlin ’51
COL (R) Thomas E. Courant ’52
Mr. Mike T. Cowperthwait ’96
CPT David F. Coy ’97
COL Richard R. Coyle ’95
LTC and Ms. Eric D. Crispino ’98
LTC (R) Jesse A. Crispino ’95
COL Robert E. Croft ’96
CPT (R) and Mrs. Donald R. Crosby ’69
MAJ (R) Clint H. Cunningham ’99
Mr. Steven B. Cunningham ’98
COL Jason A. Curl ’95
MAJ Joe D. Curtis ’99
Mr. James M. Cutchin IV ’55
LTC Matthew F. Dabkowski ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Bret G. Dalton ’80
Gen (R) James E. Dalton USAF ’54
Ms. Sharon M. Damon
COL (R) and Mrs. Howard H. Danford ’52
LTC William R. Daniel II ’97
MAJ Brian M. Davis ’97
Mrs. Ernest J. Davis (W ’45)
MAJ Heyward H. Davis ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Davis ’76
Mr. Robert J. De Clercq ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Jack De Leon Jr. ’79
LTC (R) Arleigh W. Dean ’97
COL James DeBoer V ’96
COL Joseph S. Degliuomini ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. William B. DeGraf ’50
LTC Keith W. DeGregory ’97
Mrs. Dori DeJong (W ’91)
MAJ Damon A. Delarosa ’98
MAJ John S. DeLong Jr. ’99
LTC Vaughn D. DeLong ’94
LTC Richard K. Dembowski III ’96
Mr. Richard A. Dennis ’95
Dr. John R. Denton M.D. ’60
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Derrickson Jr. ’49
LTC Thomas M. Deveans ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul T. DeVries ’61
Mr. John L. DeWitt III ’60
COL Michael G. Dhunjishah ’95
MAJ (R) and Mrs. David L. Diedrich ’76
LTC Khanh T. Diep ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett L. Dietz ’73
LTC (R) Abrahm C. DiMarco ’95
LTC Jeffrey P. DiMarzio ’99
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Paul B. Dinardo ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Dingman (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DiNome ’81
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Docksey ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Dodd ’95
Mr. Michael K. Dodson ’83
Mr. John B. Dollison ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. Harry J. Dolton Jr. ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Donald ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Dopslaff ’63
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Mitchell S. Dossett USAR ’74
LTC (R) Francis L. Dougherty ’73
Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Dowe Jr. ’50 (P)
LTC (R) Thomas W. Dowler ’52
COL (R) Arthur J. Downey Jr. ’61
Mr. Charles A. Downey
LTC Jonathan T. Drake ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph J. Duda ’78 (P)
LTC Jonathan L. Due ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Duffy ’79
LTC Brian E. Dugan ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Williams L. Harrison Jr. ’52
LTC Jose D. Durbin ’99
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Dvergsten ’70
CPT (R) Edward J. Dyke III ’89
LTC John R. Dyke ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Gregory J. Dyson ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dzwilefsky (P)
LTC Brian R. Easley ’99
John and Pat Eberhard ’59
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Miles M. Eberts ’63
COL (R) and Mrs. Rudy H. Ehrenberg Jr. ’63 (P)
LaDorna Eichenberg (W ’46)
Robert E. Eisiminger ’88
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas I. Eisiminger Jr. ’84 (P)
COL James T. Eldridge IV ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Andrew G. Ellis ’74
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael L. Emerick ’63
LTC (R) Brad W. Endres ’95
LTC (R) Bartlett J. Engram Jr. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Enners ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Epling ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Erbes ’73
Mr. Treavor K. Erney ’89
LTC (R) and Mrs. Roy T. Evans III ’58
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard J. Everson ’81
LTC and Ms. Joseph M. Ewers ’97
Mrs. Charles B. Ewing (W ’51)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Henry F. Faery Jr. ’60
MAJ Frank J. Fair ’99
LTC Stephen A. Fairless ’97
LTC and Mrs. Matthew N. Fandre ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. John A. Feagin Jr. ’55
LTC Gregory A. Fend ’99
LTC Thomas B. Fenoseff ’95
Mr. Benjamin J. H. Fernandes ’99
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold A. Ferrando ’78
Mr. Anthony M. Fields Jr. ’99
Mr. James H. Finan (P)
Mr. Robert G. Finkenaur III ’83
MAJ Jeremy J. Finn ’98
LTC James C. Finocchiaro ’99
LTC Anthony J. Fiore ’85
Ms. Nicole E. Fischer ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas C. Fiser ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Fisher ’59
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. FitzHarris ’73 (P)
Kenneth P. Fleischer ’81 and Catherine Ferrara
LTC Douglas M. Fletcher ’97
MAJ Tevina M. Flood ’97
LTC Andrew D. Flor ’97
Mr. Juddson C. Floris ’99
LTC Stanley F. Florkowski ’99
COL (R) James and Dr. Twila Floyd ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Flynn ’85 (P)
COL and Mrs. David C. Foley ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas R. Folk USAR ’72
COL Calondra L. Fortson ’95
LTC Chad R. Foster ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas G. Foster III ’51
COL (R) and Mrs. William G. Foster ’69
Mr. Edward L. Fox III ’74
Mr. and Mrs. R. Reed Fraley ’68
Mrs. Bobbie J. V. Francis ’89 and Mr. David Francis
Mr. James H. Francis III ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Franke ’70
Mrs. Constance Franklin (W ’55)
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Fraser Jr. ’64
LTC (R) Adam B. Frederick ’97
LTC Will B. Freds ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. French Jr. ’48
LTC (R) David E. Freshwater USAR ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Friedel
Mrs. Candace Friedman (W 52)
COL Candice E. Frost ’98
Col (R) Stephen J. Frushour USAFR ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff B. Fuchs ’88
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fuehrmeyer Jr. ’73
BG and Mrs. Brett T. Funck ’94
LTC and Mrs. Joseph A. Funderburke ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Furstenau ’78
COL (R) Howard M. Gabbert II ’54
LTC Marc P. Gaguzis ’98
COL (R) Steven E. Galing ’80
COL (R) William J. Gallagher ’81
BG (R) and Mrs. Gerald E. Galloway Jr. ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Eugene G. Galvin (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Royal R. Garms ’65
COL and Mrs. Randy Garver (P)
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Garvey ’87
LTC Timothy D. Gatlin ’99
MAJ Benjamin T. Gatzke ’99
LTC and Ms. Joseph R. Geary ’98
Mr. and Mrs. William H. George ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Germano ’97
Dr. Mark Gibbons ’86 and Dr. Janice Gibbons
LTC (R) and Mrs. Todd A. Gile ’86
COL Clair A. Gill ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard M. Gilligan Jr. ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Gillo (P)
MAJ Nathan D. Ginos ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Mark R. Girolamo USAR ’75
COL and Mrs. Nicholas H. Gist ’94 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert R. Glass II ’61
COL (R) William L. Golden ’57
MAJ Augustine C. Gonzales Jr. ’99
BG (R) and Mrs. John A. Goodale ’80
LTC (R) Eugene K. Goodell ’61
MG (R) and Mrs. Fred A. Gorden ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas R. Gordon ’61 (P)
MAJ Richard E. Gorini ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gorsky ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Goss ’84 (P)
CPT Neal H. Gouck ’98
MAJ John J. Gowel ’99
LTC Katherine M. Gowel ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon R. Grado Jr. ’78 (P)
Mr. Richard E. Graf ’71
LTC Andrew R. Graham ’97
LTG (R) and Mrs. Charles P. Graham ’50
Mr. Robert L. Gray Jr. ’54
LTC (R) Thomas M. Greco ’95
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Green ’74
COL Michael H. Greenberg ’95
LTC Eugene J. Gregory III ’95
LTC Jason P. Gresh ’97
LTC Jeffrey S. Gribschaw ’95
LTC Marcus W. Grimes ’97
LTC (R) Brian Grosner ’74
BG (R) and Mrs. John H. Grubbs ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Gustin ’71
Anthony and Michelle Guzzi ’86
Mr. Samuel J. Hagadorn ’94
MG (R) Craig A. Hagan ’60
LTG (R) and Mrs. Franklin L. Hagenbeck ’71
Mr. Gary R. Hall ’73
LTC John F. Hall ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Leland W. Hall ’72
LTC Stephen M. Hall ’98
MAJ Brian P. Hallberg ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert J. Hamilton III ’72 (P)
MAJ Alison M. Hamilton ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert B. Hamilton ’61
LTC and Ms. Stephen S. Hamilton ’98
LTC Alan M. Hammons ’99
COL (R) Scott E. Hampton ’82
MAJ (R) Shepherd N. Han ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hanau ’66
COL (R) and Mrs. Terry D. Hand ’67
Mr. Brian M. Hansen ’98
COL Andrew S. Hanson ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen A. Hanson ’76
LTC Michael A. Harding ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Harlem Jr. ’58
COL (R) and Mrs. William R. Harnagel ’60
BG (R) and Mrs. Gilbert S. Harper ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. James S. Harrington ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. John B. Harrington ’65
COL Brian J. Harthorn ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Harting Jr. (P)
LTC Michael J. Harvey ’97
LTC Ronald C. Hasz ’95
Mr. Harold M. Hatfield Jr. ’64
LTC Brandon H. Havron ’95
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Hay (P)
LTC Marcus C. Hay ’98
Maj (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Heaton USAF ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Heaton ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hebert ’69
Mark W. Hebrank ’76
COL (R) and Mrs. William F. Hecker Jr. ’65 (P)
LTC Glen T. Helberg ’99
LTC Josh W. Helms ’97
LTC and Mrs. Patrick T. Hemmer ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman W. Henderson ’89
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas L. Hendrix ’72 (P)
COL (R) John R. Hendry ’50
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph E. Henn ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph R. Henry ’68
LTC Bart G. Hensler ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. John D. Herren ’58
LTC Douglas C. Hess ’99
MAJ and Mrs. Dustin G. Heumphreus ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. John J. Hickey Jr. ’62
LTC Joshua P. Higgins ’95
LTC Justin L. Highley ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Louis V. Hightower III ’59
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hill ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hill ’75
COL and Mrs. Andrew C. Hilmes ’95
LTG (R) and Mrs. Jerome B. Hilmes ’59 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard A. Hoefert ’75
MAJ Russell V. Hoff ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Hugh F. T. Hoffman III ’73
Mr. Stephen W. Holderness Jr. ’62
LTC and Mrs. Samuel C. Homsy ’87
MAJ John C. Hopkins ’95
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hopkinson ’74
Dutch and Megan Hostler ’68 (P)
Ellen W. Houlihan ’82
LTC Christopher L. Howsden ’96
BG Heidi J. Hoyle-Cleotelis ’94
LTC Nathan M. Hubbard ’99
LTC Samuel H. Huddleston ’98
MAJ David M. Hudson ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. John H. Hug ’75
Lt Gen (R) James D. Hughes USAF ’46
Mr. Samuel J. Hughes III ’74
LTC Timothy D. Hummel ’96
MAJ Guy C. Huntsinger ’97
Lt Col (R) Richard G. Hurlburt USAF ’57
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hurley ’65 (P)
LTC Daniel P. Huynh ’99
COL (R) Robert D. Impellizzeri USAR ’74
LTC Kirk A. Ingold ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Irwin ’62
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jackson ’70
MG (R) Jeffrey A. Jacobs USAR ’79
LTC Corey M. James ’99
LTC Kevin L. James ’99
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin T. James ’71
LTC Randy P. James Jr. ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Stover S. James Jr. ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio R. Janairo ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert N. Jannarone ’69
COL Ryan M. Janovic ’93
LTC Karl D. Jansen ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Janssen ’51
Mr. Andrew J. Jaskolski ’99
COL Michael D. Jason ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. John J. Java Jr. ’61
Mr. Eric J. Jensen ’71
COL (R) David G. Jesmer Jr. ’80
LTC (R) Matthew A. Jesop ’95
COL Jeremiah J. Jette ’96
COL Kyle F. Jette ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. William M. Jewell Jr. ’53
LTC (R) Dan A. Johnson ’79
Lynn and Charleen Johnson (P)
LTC Matthew K. Johnson ’97
LTC (R) James E. Johnston ’73 and Dr. Susan Tendy
MAJ Jonathan J. Johnston ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Raymond D. Jones ’83
COL Steven K. Jones ’94
Mr. Jong H. Jun ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Hal D. Jungerheld ’83
LTC Jeffrey C. Kacala ’98
LTC Theodore J. Kaiser ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. William W. Kakel ’66
COL Jason R. Kalainoff ’94
MAJ Brant E. Kananen ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert P. Kane ’73 (P)
LTC King Y. Kao ’94
LTC Deborah S. Karagosian ’94
Mr. Jeffrey J. Karsonovich ’85
LTC Sung K. Kato ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kazmarek (P)
LTC (R) John J. Keane Jr. ’68
LTC William R. Keating ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert J. Kee ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry C. Keebler III ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. George H. Kellenbenz ’67
COL Jason E. Kelly ’94
Lt Col (R) Thomas J. Kelly USAF ’65
LTC Matthew J. Kemkes ’97
Mr. Chester F. Kempinski ’64
LTC (R) James D. Kemter ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Kennedy ’90
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dennis R. Kennedy ’76
COL Joshua C. Kennedy ’97
MAJ Walter E. Kent III ’97
LTC Kevin H. Kerby ’95
COL Matthew F. Ketchum ’95 and
Mrs. Heidi A. Ketchum ’95
MAJ Ryan D. Keys ’98
Mr. R. Kent Kildow ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kilgore II ’76
LTC Peter G. Kilner ’90 and
Mrs. Catherine C. Kilner ’90 (P)
MAJ Joseph Kim ’98
LTC Mindy A. Kimball ’96
COL Raymond A. Kimball ’95
LTC James M. Kimbrough IV ’95
MAJ Marvin L. King III ’97
LTC and Mrs. Milton L. Kinslow ’95
LTC and Mrs. Jason A. Kirk ’93
Mr. Mark J. Klaiber ’77
COL (R) and Mrs. John S. Klegka ’73
LTC Christopher D. Klein ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Klein ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Klein ’64
LTC Joseph A. Kling ’97
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Klingberg ’54
LTC and Mrs. Andrew J. Knight ’99
MAJ (R) Andrew M. Knight USAR ’74
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert J. Knight ’78
COL and Mrs. Rolf W. Knoll USAR ’70
LTC Scott A. Kobida ’91
LTC Matthew D. Koehler ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Johann R. W. Kohler ’62
LTC Kenneth S. Kondo Jr. ’99
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Konkel (P)
LTC Kent A. Korunka ’94
COL Michael J. Kovacevic ’97
Thomas and Marilyn Kovach ’65
LTC Andrew M. Kovanen ’99
LTC Steven L. Kreh ’99
LTC Christina J. Kretchman ’99
LTC Joseph P. Kuchan ’95
COL Cornelius W. Kugler ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Kurkjian ’68
Mr. Kristofer H. Kvam ’99
LTC (R) Brigitte W. Kwinn ’84 and
Dr. Michael J. Kwinn Jr. ’84
LTC (R) and Mrs. Edward R. Lachey USAR ’69
CPT Jeffrey T. Laczek ’99
LTC Shoshannah B. Lane ’99
Mr. Michael P. Larkin ’80
LTC Jacob J. Larkowich ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Scott Larrabee ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lastoskie ’75
LTC (R) and Mrs. George R. Laswell ’68
Mr. Zachary C. Lauer ’94
Mr. Thomas E. Layton ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gerald N. Lebel ’75
COL (R) and Mrs. Jack A. LeCuyer ’66
Mr. Eddy J. Lee ’98
BG (R) and Mrs. James B. Lee AUS ’52
Mr. Jong U. Lee ’99
MAJ Llewellyn V. Lee MD ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Young C. Lee ’94
LTC John C. Lemay ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. John W. Lemza ’76 (P)
LTC Richard D. Lencz ’97
Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr. ’45
COL (R) John G. Levine ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Lewis ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Lilly ’70
LTC Sandra B. Limon ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Travis J. Lindberg ’95
LTC Abigail T. Linnington ’95
Mrs. Brenda Z. Linnington ’81 (P)
MAJ (R) Christopher A. Linz ’97
COL Richard C. Liu ’95
LTC (R) Timothy J. LiVolsi USAR ’84 (P)
Dr. Stephanie Lofgren and Mr. Craig H. Stinebaugh
Ms. Carol P. Logan (W ’46)
MAJ Todd L. Looney ’99
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lopiano ’60
Mr. John F. Lucas ’70
LTC Fernando M. Lujan ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Eric T. Lund ’86 (P)
LTC Andrew S. Lunoff ’98
LTC Matthew W. Luzzatto ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lyford
Mr. Ian J. Lynch ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dan A. Lynn ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael W. Maasberg ’69
LTC Alexander D. MacCalman ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. John R. Mackert ’49
John and Carol MacLean ’61
COL Jon-Paul N. Maddaloni ’95
MAJ Brian and Mrs. Judy Mahoney ’88
Robert and Anne Mahowald ’72 (P)
LTC John A. Mailman Jr. ’98
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Mangels ARNG ’53
LTC (R) Joseph N. Mangino 68
COL Renee L. Mann ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mannle Jr. ’71
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert D. Marcinkowski ’60
LTC Daniel K. Mark ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Price H. Marr ’86
COL Stephen C. Marr ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Murro M. Martens ’72
MAJ Bryan M. Martin ’99
David and Suzanne Martin ’68
LTC Hollie J. Martin ’94
COL (R) Jack W. Martin ’51
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael W. Martin ’97
LTC Phillip G. Martin Jr. ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas G. Martin USAR ’71 (P)
LTC (R) Theresa F. Masengale ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward E. Matney ’51
LTC (R) and Mrs. William H. Mattfeld ’71
LTC Edwin D. Matthaidess III ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Judson S. Matthias ’54
LTC (R) and Mrs. Norman A. Matthias Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Matz Jr. ’84
Mr. John P. Maultsby ’88
LTC and Ms. Eric L. Maxwell ’95
LTC Lisa M. Maxwell MD ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. James J. Maye ’75 (P)
Mr. Louis D. Mayo ’89
LTC John A. McAfee ’93
LTC Eric P. McAllister ’96
Mr. and Mrs. William J. McArdle ’78
LTC and Mrs. Michael R. McBride ’97
Bob McClure ’76
LTC and Mrs. Shon A. McCormick ’94
LTC (R) Kellie J. McCoy ’96
LTC John J. McDermott III ’95
Mrs. Kimberly A. McDermott ’87 (P)
Mr. Vincent A. McDermott ’85 (P)
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. William L. McDonald Jr. USAF ’63
COL William P. McDonough ’95
Mr. Timothy P. McFadden ’84
COL John F. McFassel USAR ’85
LTC (R) and Mrs. Patrick O. McGaugh USAR ’78
MAJ Sean P. McGee ’99
Mrs. Robert V. McGrath
MAJ Steven B. McGunegle ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. John R. McHenry ’71
LTC Michael E. McInerney ’99
LTC Travis L. McIntosh ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Graham W. McIntyre ’53 (P)
CPT Andrew M. McKee ’97
MAJ (R) and Mrs. William J. McKemey Jr. ’65
LTC Kristian R. McKenney ’98
LTC (R) Joseph P. McLaine ’97
Ms. Alice M. McMahon
LTC and Mrs. Thomas A. McNally ’95
Col (R) and Mrs. Lawrence F. McNeil USAF ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph M. McNeill ’82
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael L. McNulty ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. David W. McSween ’76 (P)
CPT Michael T. McTigue ’94
Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. McWatters MD ’64
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mearsheimer ’70
LTC Timothy T. Measner ’98
BG (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Meese ’81 (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. Henry W. Meetze ’55
COL (R) and Mrs. Arthur C. Meier II ’63
COL Richard V. Melnyk ’95
COL and Mrs. Dean W. Mengel ’84
Mr. and Mrs. G. Jerry Merges ’65
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles S. Merriam II ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul A. Merritt USAR ’82
Mr. Robert W. Metz Jr. ’82
COL Edward Meyers ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Michalowski ’70
LTC Christopher J. Midberry ’99
LTC Robert Y. Mihara ’99
LTC Janis C. Mikits 99
MAJ Benjamin D. Miller ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Miller III ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles A. Miller ’58
COL (R) and Mrs. George M. Miller Jr. ’63
LTC Jabari M. Miller ’97
LTC Jacob W. Miller ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. James F. Miller III ’83
LTC Joel M. Miller ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Miller (P)
LTC Scott D. Miller ’99
LTC Yvonne C. Miller ’97
COL Zachary L. Miller ’97
LTC (R) Nathan A. Minami ’97
MAJ Jeffrey D. Mix ’99
LTG (R) John H. and Karla F. Moellering ’59 (P)
LTC Casey M. Moes ’99
Mr. Bryan M. Moffatt ’99
LTC Nathan A. Molica ’99
COL (R) Jeremiah C. Moll ’66
MG (R) and Mrs. William C. Moore ’52
LTC Gary J. Morea ’94
LTC Jarrod P. Moreland ’97
LTC and Mrs. Andrew R. Morgan ’98
LTC Ryan J. Morgan ’97
COL (R) Charles A. Morris ’70
COL (R) and Mrs. James W. Morris ’45 (P)
MAJ John A. Morris III ’99
LTC Louis A. Morris ’99
LTC Robert P. Morris Jr. ’80
LTC (R) and Mrs. Reginald A. Morrison ’70
LTC (R) David L. Mossbarger ’76
LTC John B. Mountford ’95
LTC James E. Mullin III ’98
MAJ Joseph D. Mullins ’98
Mr. Garrett E. Mulrooney III ’90
LTC and Mrs. Zachary J. Mundell ’99
William F. Murdy ’64
Mr. Daniel T. Murphy Sr. ’76
LTC Ian H. Murray ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Musser ’71
COL Scott A. Myers ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Gennard M. Napolitano (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Nardotti Jr. ’69
LTC Walter E. Narramore II ’95
COL Scott C. Nauman ’95
LTC James T. Naylor ’95
MAJ Ryan B. Nelson ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Glennon E. Nenninger Jr. AUS ’65
LTC Matthew P. Neumeyer ’95 and
Mrs. Jeanne M. Neumeyer ’95
COL and Mrs. Timothy E. Newsome ’87
LTC Dana R. Nguyen ’97
Mrs. Sally H. Nicoll (W ’57)
LTC Cecil C. Nix IV ’99
LTC Andrew B. Nocks ’84
COL (R) and Mrs. Wallace W. Noll ’53
Dick and Marie Nowak ’64
MAJ Margaret A. Nowicki ’99
LTC Robert A. Nowicki ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Frederick L. Nuffer ’58
COL Gretchen M. Nunez ’95
LTC Dennis E. Nutt ’97
LTC (R) Frederick I. Nutter ’88
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jack J. Oakley ’73
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Oaks III ’61
LTC and Mrs. Seth D. O’Brien MD ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. O’Connor ’89
LTC Terrence J. O’Connor ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. O’Day ’91
LTC (R) David O. Odegard USAR ’78
COL (R) and Mrs. Daniel S. O’Dell USAR ’78
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard C. Oertel ’74
COL (R) and Mrs. Paul V. Oettinger USAR ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Ohotnicky ’66
LTC Mark P. Olin ’94
LTC Edmund J. Olsen III ’76
Dr. Norman T. O’Meara II ’68
LTC (R) Danford M. Orr ’60
LTC Timothy R. O’Sullivan ’97
LTC Christopher L. Ott ’94
COL (R) LeRoy B. Outlaw ’68 (P)
Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Owens ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pace Jr. ’45
Mr. Ronald Paduchak ’90 and
Mrs. Stephanie E. Paduchak ’90
MAJ Jeffrey S. Palazzini ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Eugene J. Palka ’78 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce T. Palmatier ’74
LTG (R) Dave R. Palmer ’56
LTC Jason N. Palmer ’95
LTC and Mrs. Jeremy C. Pamplin ’97
COL Luis A. Parilli ’97
Mr. Earle L. Parker Jr. ’66
LTC Joseph H. Parker ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Parow ’85
Mr. Paul E. Patterson ’96
LTC and Ms. Eric W. Pavlick ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael A. Pearson ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. Walton E. Pedersen ’70
COL Kimberly A. Peeples ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Peffers USAR ’82
COL Carlos Perez Jr. ’89
LTC (R) and Mrs. Brett T. Perry ’85
LTC (R) Keye E. Perry Jr. ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Larry J. Petcu ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Peterson ’98
LTC and Mrs. Stephen T. Peterson ’97
LTC David C. Phillips ’95
LTC Dwight E. Phillips Jr. ’97
Mr. Gregory S. Phillips ’79
BG (R) and Mrs. Paul D. Phillips ’40
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas E. Piazze ’69 (P)
Mr. Phillip B. Pickering ’52 (P)
COL (R) Kenneth L. Pieper ’79
LTC (R) and Mrs. William J. Pieper USAR ’73
MAJ (R) Mischa A. Plesha USAR ’93
LTC (R) Thomas F. Plummer Jr. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Polanowicz ’84 (P)
BG (R) Jack M. Pollin ’44
LTC (R) Edward F. Polom ’74
COL Carl A. Poppe ’96
Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin ’82
LTC (R) Charles G. Powell ’78
COL Jeffrey H. Powell II ’95
MAJ Lewis J. Powers V ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Geoffrey G. Prosch ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Prosser ’60
LTC (R) and Mrs. Raymond H. Puffer Jr. ’68
COL Joseph A. Puskas II ’96
LTC (R) Heather J. Putman ’95
LTC Jayson H. Putnam ’97
Maj Gen Leopoldo A. Quintas Jr. ’86
LTC Jeffrey S. Rains ’95
MG (R) and Mrs. William E. Rapp ’84 (P)
LTC (R) Steven J. Rawlick ’76
LTC Travis J. Rayfield ’99
LTC Shelley A. Raymond ’96
COL and Mrs. William M. Raymond Jr. ’83
CPT Heather L. Reed ’94
LTC (R) and Mrs. Howard H. Reed ’65
LTC Jennifer D. Reed ’99
MG (R) and Mrs. Raymond F. Rees ARNG ’66
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Reese Jr. ’60
MAJ Morgan B. Reese ’99
MAJ Christopher L. Reitsma ’97
MAJ Stephen A. Resch ’99
MAJ and Mrs. Roger J. Rettke ’84
COL and Mrs. Michael A. Reyburn ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert R. Reynolds ’75 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard T. Rhoades ’68
LTC (R) Edward F. Rhodes 56
Mr. Joseph C. Rhyne ’71 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Rich ’78
COL (R) Douglas J. Richardson Jr. ’65
LTC David M. Richkowski ’96
LtCol (R) Jon A. Rindfleisch USMC ’59
LTC John D. Ring ’94
LTC Melissa A. Ringhisen ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael G. Ritchie ’71 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. David O. Rittenhouse ’75
LTC Andre G. Rivier ’99
Mr. John T. Roberson ’98
LTC (R) Walter G. Roberson Jr. ’95
Mr. Elwood C. Robertson (P)
LTC Chad M. Roehrman ’97
LTC (R) Victor W. Roeske ’74
Mr. Richard C. Rogers ’76
Mr. William D. Rogers ’82
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rogers (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Garret G. Roosma AUS ’58 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Root ’79
LTC Richard K. Roper ’95
LTC Michael D. Rose ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Morgan G. Roseborough Jr. ’66
COL Evangeline G. Rosel ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Bryon E. Roshong ’66
COL (R) George W. Rostine ’56
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael J. Rounds ’88 (P)
Rick and Judy Rowe ’71
Ms. Melanie L. Rowland ’89
LTC (R) and Mrs. Renard R. Rozzoni ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T. Ruddy (P)
LTC and Mrs. Michael S. Ruppert ’97
COL Anthony W. Rush ’95
COL (R) Early J. Rush III ’53 (P)
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Michael E. Rusho ’74
MAJ Brandon L. Russell ’97
LTC and Mrs. Timothy D. Rustad ’99
Mrs. Ward S. Ryan (W ’38)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert F. Ryan III ’70
Mr. Joseph J. Saccon ’90
LTC Darcy R. Saint-Amant ’98
LTC and Mrs. Ike L. Sallee ’97
LTC Jason V. Sama ’99
LTC Robert W. Sanders ’77
Dr. Steve R. Sanders ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Sandison ’72
LTC Robert C. Santamaria ’94
LTC and Mrs. Michael A. Sapp ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander V. Sarcione ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Sargent IV ’73 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. James J. Satterwhite ’59
LTC (R) and Mrs. E. Duston Saunders USAR ’72
LTC Brian D. Sawser ’99
COL Matthew Scalia ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Schaefer ’75
LTC Nicholas C. Schenck ’99
LTC Franklin B. Scherra ’98
LTC Thomas E. Schiffer ’94
Mr. Joseph B. Schino ’95
Mr. Joel B. Schlachtenhaufen ’86
LTC Robert F. Schlicht ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. John L. Schmidt Jr. ’62
Mr. Gerald R. Schmotzer (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Schmutz ’84
LTC Darcy L. Schnack ’96
Dr. Troy A. Schnack PhD ’96
COL and Mrs. Christopher D. Schneider ’94
Col (R) Irving B. Schoenberg USAF ’48
COL (R) Jeffrey L. Schrepple ’72
LTC and Mrs. Charles G. Schretzman Jr. ’89 (P)
LTC (R) Todd Schultz ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Schultz ’78
Mrs. Winfield S. Scott (W ’44)
Mr. Thomas A. Scott ’97
COL (R) Kenneth C. Scull ’69
LTC (R) Fredrick Seeger ’77
LTC Scott B. Seidel ’97
Nancy and Pete Selleck ’77 (P)
LTC (R) Donald E. Sells ’52
MAJ Lance I. Sells ’97
LTC (R) Edwin and Mrs. Renee Selman ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Serotta ’46
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Serrao Jr. ’80
COL (R) and Mrs. Hubert T. Servis ’59
Mrs. Tracy S. Seymour ’85 and
Mr. Glenn G. Seymour ’85
Mrs. Nancy E. Shablom (W ’83) (P)
LTC Marc N. Shafer ’96
Mr. Jonathan K. Shaffner ’98
LTC Michael B. Shattan ’99
COL (R) and Mrs. Charles F. Shaver AUS ’78
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard W. Shaw ’77
Mr. Ryan L. Shaw ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. Timothy R. Shaw ’96
COL Michael A. Shekleton ’96
LTC Justin R. Shell ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Shellum ’76
LTC (R) Anthony E. Shepard ’95
COL (R) Daniel W. Shimek ’60
COL (R) Alexander P. Shine ’63
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Shirley ’88
COL (R) and Mrs. David J. Sholly ’62
LTC Stephen T. Shore ’94
LTC Bryan P. Shrank ’98
LTC (R) Benjamin F. Siebold ’98
LTC Scott F. Siegfried ’99
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John D. Simar ’72
COL Alexander V. Simmons ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Terence A. Sinkfield ’99
LTC (R) and Mrs. William L. Skimmyhorn ’97
LTC Andrew M. Slack ’99
COL (R) William M. Slayton ’79
LTC Jonathan P. Sloan ’97
LTC Christopher M. Smith PhD ’97
LTC and Mrs. Daniel R. Smith ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Smith ’53
COL (R) and Mrs. Grant M. Smith ’72
Greg and Colette Smith ’69 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Smith Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Smith ’82
LTC Shawn D. Smith ’97
COL (R) Thomas E. Smith ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Wayne C. Smith Jr. ’49
COL (R) and Mrs. William D. Smith Jr. ’63
MAJ (R) William T. Smith ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. David B. Snider ’83 (P)
MAJ (R) Joseph W. Snodgrass ’83
LTC Sang Min Sok ’98
LTC (R) William R. Sole ’74
COL Mike Solis ’94
COL Phillip D. Sounia ’95
LTC Phylisha A. South ’98
COL Grover R. Southerland II ’94
MAJ and Mrs. Joseph R. Sowers ’95
COL Jeffrey S. Spear ’95
MAJ Neavolia N. Speirs ’95
Mr. Robert J. Spivey ’99
COL (R) William C. Spracher ’70 and
Dr. Karen A. Spracher
LTC Christopher J. Springer ’97
LTC (R) Richard H. St. Denis ’70
COL Megan B. Stallings ’95
COL (R) and Mrs. Gregory V. Stanley ’76
COL Paul T. Stanton ’95
LTC (R) Brian P. Steele ’97
Mrs. Sidney R. Steele
LTC (R) and Mrs. Samuel L. Steele ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. George N. Stenehjem ’54
Mr. John C. Stevenson (P)
COL (R) Michael A. Stevenson ’55
Col (R) and Mrs. William R. Stewart Jr. USAF JAN ’43
MAJ (R) John C. Stillwell ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Stilwell III ’60 (P)
LTC Steven W. Stone ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Stoudenmire ’76
LTC (R) Chad A. Stover ’97
MAJ Salamasinaleilani T. Strokin ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Strong ’72
LTG (R) and Mrs. Theodore G. Stroup Jr. ’62
COL (R) and Mrs. Douglas B. Stuart ’54
LTC Brian P. Sullivan ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Sullivan (P)
COL Shane M. Sullivan ’94
LTC Brian E. Supko ’99
LTC Nathan S. Surrey ’98
MAJ Anthony A. Suzzi ’97
Timothy R. Sweeney ’76
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sweetnam ‘74
MAJ Jerem G. Swenddal ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Les Szabolcsi ’78
Mr. Michael P. Szczepanski ’99
Mr. Robert E. Szigethy ’68
MAJ Gabriel A. Szody ’99
Ms. Jenny K. Tam ’98
MAJ Benjamin A. Taylor ’99
MG (R) and Mrs. James B. Taylor ’61
Col (R) and Mrs. James W. Taylor USAF ’59
MAJ (R) Jonathan C. Taylor ’97
LTC and Mrs. Mark R. Taylor ’97
LTC T.G. Taylor ’95
LTC William B. Taylor ’96
COL Brandon R. Tegtmeier ’96
LTC Christian G. Teutsch ’97
COL Erich R. Then ’95
LTC Jennifer V. Thibeault ’99
Richard & MaryEllen Thibodeau ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Bryan K. Thomas ’84
LTC (R) Casey Z. Thomas ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. John R. Thomas ’73
LTC (R) Mark W. Thompson ’95
LTC Darin J. Thomson ’95
COL Derek K. Thomson ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. Todd G. Thornburg ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Patrick T. Thornton ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Thorstens ’69
Mr. Michael J. Timlin III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Tomaswick ’65
LTC Stacy M. Tomic ’98
LTC (R) Kevin R. Toner ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. James H. Tormey ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Tousey ’60
COL (R) and Mrs. James L. Tow ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Trabert ’58
Mr. James P. Trainor ’81
Dr. and Mrs. Leo J. Troy Jr. ’72
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dennis R. Trujillo ’76
LTC James J. Tuite IV ’95
LTC James E. Tully ’98
2LT Duane A. Turner Jr. ’97
MAJ Frank L. Turner II ’94
LTC Jeremy R. Turner ’98
LTC and Mrs. Edward S. Twaddell III ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. John M. Uhorchak ’75 (P)
LTG (R) and Mrs. Walter F. Ulmer ’52 (P)
MAJ Robert E. Underwood III ’99
MAJ James W. Uptgraft II ’99
COL James A. Van Atta ’96
COL Lance K. Van Zandt ’96
Mr. Jeffrey A. VanAntwerp ’98
COL (R) and Mrs. Albert Vanderbush III ’61 (P)
LTC Eric A. Vanek ’97
COL (R) and Mrs. Rocco F. Ventrella Jr. ’53
LTC (R) and Mrs. Lawrence J. Verbiest ’82
COL John A. Vest ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Theodore B. Voorhees ’57
COL William D. Voorhies ’95
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Waddell ’50
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles K. Wagener USAR ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. Herbert M. Wagenheim ’56
MAJ Ryan K. Wainwright ’99
COL Wendi M. Waits ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert J. Walcott Jr. ’78 (P)
LTC Roger P. Waleski Jr. ’99
MAJ Kirsten L. Walker ’99 and
MAJ Robert W. Walker ’99
LTC (R) Sam S. Walker III ’75
LTC Douglas R. Walter ’95
LTC Keith R. Walters ’97
COL Kenneth M. Wanless Jr. ’95
LTC (R) and Mrs. Kenneth M. Wanless ’69 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Wallace W. Ward Sr. ’58
LTC Mark E. Warder ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin N. Wardlow ’75 (P)
MAJ Ralph L. Ware ’99
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Warns ’90 (P)
LTC (R) Joseph F. Wartski ’77
MAJ (R) Mark G. Washechek ’82
BG and Mrs. Todd R. Wasmund ’91
Mrs. Thomas R. Watson (W JAN ’43)
Mr. Dennis E. Watson ’86 and Dr. Karen Hunter
LTC (R) Kurt E. Webber ’79
Col (R) and Mrs. Marvin O. Weber Jr. USAF ’46
COL (R) and Mrs. William L. Weihl ’56
LTC (R) and Mrs. Michael C. Wells ’68
COL Holly E. (Fishburne) West ’91 (P)
LTC (R) Mark R. West ’91 (P)
LTC Michael R. West ’97
Mrs. Kelly D. Wetzel ’83 and Mr. Thomas P. Wetzel
LTC Jason R. Whipple ’98
LTC Lisa D. Whittaker ’94
LTC and Mrs. Bryan J. Wiley ’98
Mrs. Catherine T. Wilkinson ’96
LTC Christopher M. Wilkinson ’99
Dr. Bart D. Wilkison ’99
LTC Dennis G. Wille ’95
LTC Edwin A. Williams IV ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Williams Jr. (P)
LTC (R) Demitra L. Williamson ’97
Mr. James A. Willson III ’49
LTC John M. Wilson ’97
LTC Keith W. Wilson ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson ’69
LTC David G. Winget ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. Stephen A. Winsor ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Witham ’95
LTC (R) Jacob G. Wolf ’97
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John L. Wolf ’80
LTC Jefferson K. Won ’83
Mr. David H. Wood ’84
COL Robyn D. Wood ’97
LTC Patrick E. Workman ’97
LTC and Ms. Ryan L. Worthan ’97
LTC Brian K. Wortinger ’95
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Wray Sr. ’80
LTC (R) Jason P. Wright ’97
Bob and Marie Yaap ’69
LTG (R) and Mrs. Joseph L. Yakovac ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Mason J. Young III USAR ’70
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Youngblood (P)
MAJ (R) and Mrs. James P. Yuengert ’78
MAJ Jennifer R. Zais ’99
LTC Mark M. Zais ’97
COL Matthew M. Zais ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Zaldo ’61
COL (R) William T. Zaldo III ’59
LTC David J. Zinn ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zolidis ’70

15 – 19 Years
Mrs. Louis E. Abele (W ’49)
COL (R) and Mrs. Dale M. Abrahamson USAR ’71
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jesse T. Acosta ’79
LTC Matthew T. Adamczyk ’01
MAJ Eli S. Adams ’02
MAJ Eric R. Adams ’00
Mr. John A. Adams Jr. ’84
MAJ Mary T. Adams ’03
CPT Thomas C. Adkins ’01
LTC Scott J. Akerley ’01
Paul W. and Leigh Ann Albers ’72 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Alberto
COL (R) and Mrs. Craig Alderman Jr. ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Aldrich ’72
MAJ Jason M. Alexander ’03
Mrs. Sondra O. Allen (W ’58)
COL (R) and Mrs. Anthony Ambrose ’68
Mr. Richard W. Anastasi ’67
CPT Jonas Anazagasty ’02
Mr. Matthew J. Andersen ’94
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Anderson ’71
Lee and Penny Anderson ’61
LTC Merlin F. Anderson ’01
LTC Reginald J. Anderson ’00
COL (R) and Mrs. Steven D. Anderson CTARNG ’76
LTC Temi L. Anderson ’00
Mr. John M. Andreini ’71
MG (R) and Mrs. Ronald K. Andreson ’58
MAJ Stephen C. Ang ’02
LTC (R) Robert R. Angeli ’67
LTC (R) and Mrs. David E. Anselmi USAR ’77
LTC (R) and Mrs. Edward J. Apgar ’81
CPT Alex A. Aquino ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. Stephen A. Arata ’79 (P)
LTC Jimmy Archange ’02
CPT Adam W. Armstrong ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Harvey L. Arnold Jr. ’52
Mrs. Robert K. Arnold (W ’56)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard H. Aronoff USAR
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Brian W. Ashbaugh ’66
MAJ Randall L. Ashby ’01
MAJ Aaron D. Ashley ’01
LTC Andrew P. Aswell ’02
MAJ Matthew P. Aubry ’04
COL and Mrs. Thomas H. Auer (P)
MAJ Scotty M. Autin ’02
MAJ Bowe T. Averill ’02
MAJ Sonny B. Avichal ’02
MAJ Darby L. Aviles ’00
Mr. Adolfo M. Ayala
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard R. Babbitt ’73 (P)
LTC (R) Gregory M. Babitz ’68
BG (R) John C. Bahnsen Jr. ’56 and
LTC Margaret A. Bahnsen
MAJ Haileyesus Bairu ’03
LTC (R) George R. Baker II ’79
MAJ Jonathan D. Baker ’01
LTC Miles A. Baker ’02
MAJ Peter C. Bakke ’02
MAJ Ravi A. Balaram ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Balcom ’01
CPT Christopher J. Baldwin ’04
LTG (R) and Mrs. John L. Ballantyne III ’54
MAJ Matthew W. Bandi ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. David S. Barber ’69
CPT John W. Barlow Jr. ’04
CPT Brian L. Barnett ’04
MAJ Michael L. Barnett ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Barry (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bartocci ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bassett ’69
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert E. Bassler III ’74
MAJ Timothy S. Batig ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Bruce W. Batten ’79
COL (R) and Mrs. Anthony G. Bauer ’58
MAJ Stephanie L. Baugh ’04
Mr. Gene C. Baumberger ’72
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bear Jr. ’75
MAJ (R) Michael B. Bearce ’74
Mr. James L. Beard (P)
MAJ David J. Beaudoin ’04
MAJ Ralph L. Becki ’00
COL (R) and Mrs. Gary D. Beech ’59 (P)
Mr. Allan A. Bell ’57
LTC Joseph C. Bell ’02
Scott Belveal ’92 and Carolyn Belveal ’93
LTC Christina A. Bembenek ’00
LTC and Mrs. Keith W. Benedict ’03
Bill and Barbara Benedict ’71 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bennett ’74 (P)
MAJ Bixler C. Benson ’04
Dr. Charles A. Berg ’55
MAJ Katherine R. Bergeron ’02 and
MAJ David W. Bergeron ’04
MAJ David H. Bergmann ’03
Mr. Michael Berkheimer
Mr. Dennis Bernard
LTC (R) and Mrs. Howard E. Berner Jr. ’74
MAJ David M. Beskow ’01
MAJ Jay A. Bessey ’02
MAJ Adam T. Bet ’04
Mr. John W. Bethke
BG (R) and Mrs. Lance A. Betros ’77
MAJ Andrew P. Betson ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. Vernon M. Bettencourt Jr. ’69
CPT Gregory E. Bew ’04
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Richard S. Beyea Jr. USAF ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bezkorowajny
MAJ Lori L. Bigger ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Allan C. Biggerstaff ’53 (P)
LTC Jason D. Billington ’00
Mr. Joseph J. Bird Jr. (P)
CPT Stephen J. Bishop III ’04
COL and Mrs. Russell H. Bittle Jr. USAR ’86
CPT Jennifer J. Blair ’04
COL (R) Don B. Blakeslee M.D. 70 and
Dr. Betsey Blakeslee Ph.D.
COL (R) and Mrs. David G. Blanchard ’67
LTC Jeremy S. Boardman ’00
CPT Kwame O. Boateng ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Boccio
Dr. David L. Bodde ’65
CPT Benjamin C. Boekestein ’02
LTC and Mrs. Bryan M. Bogardus ’00
LTC Mandi L. Bohrer ’98
MAJ John D. Boland ’00
CPT Bryan J. Bonnema ’03
Mrs. Daniel Boone (W ’52)
MAJ Benjamin D. Boring ’01
MAJ Brian P. Bosse ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Brent D. Bourne ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn C. Bowdish
Ms. Janice Bowermaster
LTC (R) and Ms. Francis A. I. Bowers III ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy V. Bowler ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Greg A. Bowman ’72
LTC (R) Robert A. Boxell ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald S. Boykin III ’86
LTC (R) Jeffrey A. Bradford ’87
MAJ Christopher E. Brawley ’02
LTC (R) and Mrs. William W. Breen ’59
MAJ (R) John W. Brengle ’00
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Ambrose W. Brennan ’60
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brenner Jr. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Brewer Sr. (P)
MAJ Ramon Brigantti ’01
MAJ Francis G. Brink III ’02
Mrs. Barbara J. Britton ’57
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brock ’87
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Brooks ’76
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward A. Brown III ’61
MAJ Jason C. Brown ’00
COL (R) and Mrs. Keirn C. Brown Jr. ’69
Mr. Shelby Brown
CPT James D. Browne Jr. ’02
CPT Marques A. Bruce ’03
Dr. Gilbert C. Brunnhoeffer III ’66 and
Mrs. Marilyn McCarthy
MAJ Craig W. Bryant ’04
MAJ Paul A. Bublis II ’03
CPT Jason M. Buckingham ’04
MAJ Dane W. Buckley ’03
LTC Boyce R. Buckner ’01
MAJ Diosabelle T. Buckner ’01
Mr. William C. Buckner ’48
Dr. Richard W. Bunch (former ’76)
LTC Joshua M. Bundt ’00
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert M. Bunker ’58
MAJ Jefferson D. Burges ’03
Mr. Gerald A. Burgess ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. William J. Burke USAR ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. William M. Burke Jr. ’57
MAJ Russell J. Burnett ’04
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Butera (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Butler III ’64
COL (R) and Mrs. Gerald A. Byrd (P)
LTC Curtis L. Byron ’01
COL (R) Robin R. Cababa ’69 and
Ms. Claudia M. Akroyd
LTC (R) James W. Cain ’52
Lt Col (R) Robert B. Cairns ’61
Mr. Adrian Cales and Ms. Annmarie Neri
Mrs. Kimberly A. Calton ’03 and
CPT Matthew D. Calton
Mr. Michael L. Camire (P)
CPT Adam M. Cannon ’02
LTC Matthew W. Luzzatto ’97
CPT Raymond C. Canzonier ’02
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Gail H. Capp ’79
CPT William D. Capps ’02
COL (R) Paul R. Capstick ’80
BG (R) and Mrs. Richard G. Cardillo ’55
COL (R) Peter A. Cardinal MD ’80
CPT Kenneth W. Carel ’03
The Reverend Doctor and Mrs. Forrest A. Carhartt ’45
Mr. John M. Carreiro ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Denis C. Carroll
MAJ Francisco Casanova III ’01
Lisa and Chris Casciato ’80
MAJ Thomas W. Casey ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Casillo ’66
MAJ (R) Michael P. Castelli ’78 (P)
Mr. Peter L. Casterline ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Castile ’83
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cater ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Cauda (P)
MAJ Brandon C. Cave ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gary A. Cecchine ’64
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Carl P. Cecil ’79 (P)
Mr. Ronald C. Celeste Jr. ’84 (P)
CPT Adam Cerniglia ’04
MAJ Thomas Chae USAR ’03
Mr. Brandon M. Chapman ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. John S. Chappell ’75
LTC (R) and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Charest ’70
MAJ and Mrs. Matthew B. Chase ’02
MAJ Dallas Q. Cheatham ’01
LTG (R) Robert D. Chelberg ’61
MAJ Richard T. Chen ’01
MAJ Steven C. Chetcuti ’02 and
MAJ Monique M. Chetcuti ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Chiappinelli (P)
MAJ Matthew W. Childers ’00
CPT Luke T. Chivers ’03
CPT Adam R. Christenson ’04
MAJ Ashlie I. Christian ’04
MAJ Norman R. Christie ’03
LTG (R) Daniel W. and Susan B. Christman ’65
MAJ and Ms. Daniel J. Ciccarelli ’03
MAJ Frederick L. Clapp ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark (P)
LTC Anthony W. Clark ’02
LTC Nicholas J. Clark ’02
LTC (R) and Mrs. Philip A. Clark ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Clarke ’92
LTC (R) and Mrs. Enrico A. Clausi
LTC Nancy E. Clauss ’01 and
MAJ (R)Timothy M. Clauss ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Clay ’72
CPT James D. Clay Jr. ’02
COL (R) and Mrs. John H. Claybrook ’52
Mr. Tommy J. Clement ’97
Lt Gen (R) Charles G. Cleveland USAF ’49
Ms. Lisa A. Cline ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. George P. Coan Jr. ’69
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Cochrane ’79 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Cogbill III ’70 (P)
CPT Samuel T. Colby ’04
MAJ Matthew J. Cole ’01
Ms. Joyce A. Colfax
Dr. and Mrs. Craig E. College ’78 (P)
CPT Robert N. Collier ’03
MAJ John T. Collins Jr. ’03
Ms. Kathleen Comtois
MAJ Joshua S. Conary ’03
LTC Nathaniel F. Conkey ’00 and MAJ Kate Conkey
MAJ Gennelle L. Conway ’03
CPT Chaveso L. Cook ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cook (P)
MAJ Michael D. Cookey ’03
COL Robert S. Cooley Jr. USAR ’89
COL (R) and Mrs. John B. Copley ’68
MAJ and Mrs. James C. Corbett ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. John F. Corbett Jr. ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Corbett
MAJ Alexander B. Corby ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. John A. Corey USAR ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Cosentino ’66
Mr. Ray S. Costner ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Cote
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cote
MAJ David P. Coulombe ’04
Mr. Francis M. Cox III
MAJ Matthew D. Cox ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Craig ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Crane ’84
MAJ Robert A. Crapanzano ’04
MAJ James M. Creason ’04
Mr. Robert J. Cresci ’66 and Dr. Mary Beth Cresci PhD
MAJ Steven R. Crews ’03
MAJ Kevin E. Cronin ’03
LTC and Mrs. Chet H. Cross USAR ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Cross III ’70
COL (R) Francis B. Crowley III USAF ’58
MAJ Ryan A. Cryer ’02
LTC Patrick J. Culpepper ’00
MAJ David M. Culver ’03
LTC (R) James P. Cummings ’80
MAJ John D. Cunningham ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Curran ’72 (P)
MAJ Jonathan P. Curtis ’03
MAJ Steven J. Curtis ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Cusack ’90
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Cushman Esq.
MAJ Isaac V. Cuthbertson ’02
MAJ Christee S. Cuttino ’03
LTC and Mrs. Michael P. Cyr ’84
LTC Joseph V. Da Silva ’02
Mr. Clark B. Daggett
MAJ Kevin E. Dagon ’03
CPT Jody J. Daigle ’02
LTG (R) and Mrs. Dell L. Dailey ’71 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Grover H. Dailey Jr. ’73
CPT Joshua P. Dailey ’02
Mr. Michael J. D’Aleandro
CPT Abigail L. Daniels ’04
CPT Kirk J. Daniels Jr. ’02
MAJ Kenneth V. Davis Jr. ’02
MAJ Kyle A. Davis ’00
MAJ Mark A. Davis ’03
CPT Matthew B. Davis ’04
Mrs. Violeta B. Davis (W ’53)
MAJ Christopher P. Dean ’02
Mr. and Mrs. John Dean III
MAJ Ashok K. Deb ’01
GPD Charitable Trust
MAJ Timothy W. Decker ’03
LTG (R) and Mrs. Joseph E. DeFrancisco ’65 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Douglas P. DeMoss ’78 (P)
LTC Christopher J. DeMure ’00
Col (R) Richard L. Dennen USAF ’44
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Denning ’92
MAJ Seth N. Desilets ’04
MAJ Travis P. Dettmer ’00
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Detwiler (P)
Mr. Timothy B. Dewald
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Dewald (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gary F. Di Gesu ’80
MAJ Andrew J. Dial ’01
MAJ Robert W. Dickerson ’01
MAJ Christian N. Dietz P.E. ’01
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Dietz ’52
Mr. Anthony J. DiMaso
Mrs. Marjorie Sue Dinges Burpo (W ’53)
Mr. Philip DiNonno
LTC (R) and Mrs. David R. Dinsmore ’70 (P)
MAJ Thomas P. Dirienzo ’04
COL Philip J. DiSalvo ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Disinger ’88
LTC (R) David A. Dluzyn ’61 (P)
Dr. Daniel C. Dobas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Doherty
Mr. Thomas E. Dolan
MAJ Agustin E. Dominguez ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dondero (P)
LTC and Mrs. Tyler R. Donnell ’02
MAJ Sean P. Donovan ’03
MAJ Andrew J. Dornstadter ’04
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dorris Jr. ’87
LTC Wilson L. Dos Santos ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dowd
LTC and Mrs. Thomas C. Dowd ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Downes (P)
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Doyle III ’85 (P)
LTC (R) Joe J. Drach Jr. ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Drechsel
CPT Denny D. Dresch ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robin J. Drescher ’76
Mr. William Dringus
COL (R) Peter G. Drower USAR ’69
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Richard T. Drury USAF ’50
LTG (R) and Mrs. John A. Dubia ’66
Mr. Brian W. Dunbar
CPT Christopher C. Duncan ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Duncan ’75
MAJ Nickolas A. Duncan ’02 and
CPT Stacey L. Duncan ’03
LTC Scott W. Dunkle ’01
CPT Justin A. Duvall ’01
CPT Brian J. Dyer ’04
Mr. Geoffrey L. Earnhart ’03
MAJ Jeremy W. Easley ’01
LTC Jesse L. Easter ’94
COL (R) and Mrs. John E. Easterbrook ’62
MAJ Joshua A. Eaton ’02
Mr. Richard W. Ede Jr. ’79
LTC James T. Edwards Jr. ’00
MAJ Ryan L. Edwards ’04
Mr. and Mrs. R. Shawn Elliott ’93
COL (R) and Mrs. Bruce H. Ellis Jr. ’63
Mr. and Mrs. William M. English
CPT Alan J. Enke ’03
LTC James R. Enos ’00
CPT Vincent P. Enriquez ’03
LTC and Mrs. Andrew T. Erickson ARNG ’03
CPT Donald B. Erickson ’02
MAJ and Ms. Neal R. Erickson ’02
Dr. and Mrs.Stanley Erney (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Chester N. Ernst ’70
Mr. Charles J. Erreger
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Etherington
MAJ Luis A. Etienne Jr. ’04
MAJ Julie A. Layton ’04
LTC and Mrs. Peter M. Everett USAR ’85
LTC and Mrs. Peter R. Exline ’01
MAJ Margaret M. Fahy ’00
MAJ Anthony B. Falcon ’03
Mr. Peter A. Falzarano
LTC Andrew G. Farina ’01
MAJ Brett A. Farmer ’01
LTC (R) Robert P. Farquhar ’76
Mr. Louis O. Feeney
Mr. David P. Ferguson ’90
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas G. Fergusson ’65
MAJ Garret D. Fett ’02
CPT Christian Fierro ’04
Mr. Michael L. Figliuolo ’93
MAJ Michael C. Fish ’04
MAJ Candace N. Fisher ’04
Mrs. Julianne W. Fitzgerald (W ’69)
COL (R) Eugene L. Fitzsimmons ’53
MAJ Matthew P. Fix ’01
Ron and Nancy Floto ’65
MAJ Latosha D. Floyd ’03
CPT Carlos D. Flynn ’03
LTC (R) Eugene P. Flynn
MAJ Michael C. Flynn ’00
MAJ Patrick I. Flynn ’02
MAJ Phoebe E. Flynn ’00
John and Nancy Fogarty ’71
CPT David L. Ford ’04
CPT Brian G. Forester ’04
MAJ Sarah L. Forster ’02
CPT Daniel J. Fox ’04
COL (R) and MRs. Eugene A. Fox ’56
Mrs. James J. Fraher (W ’54)
MAJ Jordan M. Francis ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Francis ’80
MAJ Nicholas C. Franklin ’02
GEN (R) and Mrs. Frederick M. Franks Jr. ’59
MAJ Laura-Jane R. Freeland ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Louis C. Friedersdorff Jr. ’53
CPT Mallory A. Fritz ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Frum ’97
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard M. Frykman ’69
MAJ Douglas K. Fullerton ’01
MAJ David A. Fulton ’01
MAJ (R) and Mrs. George A. Fulton ’73
MAJ Reid E. Furman ’00
CPT Mindi C. Furnier ’04
COL Michael P. Gabel ’90
CPT Andrew J. Galdi ’04
MAJ and Mrs. Cameron G. Gallagher ’03
Mr. Scott T. Gallagher
MAJ Vijay M. Gallardo ’02
LTC Andrew A. Gallo ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Galloway ’94
LTC Jason J. Galui ’00
MAJ Zane M. Galvach ’04
Mr. Thomas J. Gandolfo ’73
Mr. James M. Gardner
Mr. Thomas Gardner
CPT Ryan T. Garner ’04
MAJ Thomas N. Garner ’04
CPT Thomas M. Garvey ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Gasparri (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gass ’70
Mr. Brent K. Gauthier
MAJ Emily E. Geisinger ’04
MAJ Trent D. Geisler ’04
MAJ Tawofik M. Ghazal ’03
MAJ Edward O. Ghelardini ’02
MAJ James M. Gibson ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Gibson ’97
MAJ James H. Gifford ’01
LTC John B. Gilliam ’00
George and Maureen Gilmore ’71
Mr. Francis J. Giordano ’83
MAJ Jeremiah A. Gipson ’02
BG (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Glacel ’69
CPT (R) and Mrs. Sean M. Gladieux USAR ’93
MAJ Andrew S. Glenn ’04
Jodie and Sandy Glore ’69
CPT Michael A. Goddard ’04
MAJ James T. Golby ’01
LTC (R) Richard R. Goodell ’68
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Goodrich ’73
MAJ Derrick L. Goodwin ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Mike D. Goodwin ’80
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard L. Goodyear ’70
CPT Ellis Z. Gordon ’02
MAJ and Mrs. Douglas M. Graham ’01
MAJ Edward B. Graham ’03
CPT Francesca A. Graham ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Seldon B. Graham Jr. ’51
MAJ Jessica D. Grassetti ’01
CPT William C. Graves ’03
LTC (R) Steven C. Gravlin ’77
LTC (R) John M. Greathouse ’69
MAJ Matthew A. Greb ’02
MAJ Christopher M. Green ’03
MAJ William F. Greene
CPT Lester L. Greer ’03
MAJ Daniel A. Gregory ’03
MAJ Robert H. Gregory ’03
MAJ and Mrs. Michael R. Greifenstein ’02
BG (R) and Mrs. Robert F. Griffin ’67
LTG (R) and Mrs. Thomas N. Griffin Jr. ’56
LTC (R) Rabun W. Griffith 45
MAJ and Mrs. William J. Griffith IV ’00
MAJ Randall S. Griggs ’04
LTC Adam M. Grim ’00
LTG (R) and Mrs. William T. Grisoli ’76
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grisoni Jr. (former ’61)
Mr. George H. Groves ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gruchacz ’83
COL (R) Albert P. Grupper
LTC Jonathan D. Guinn ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Jack G. Gulden ’75
MAJ Heather N. Gunther ’02
MAJ Michael J. Gunther ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Haddad
MAJ Kevin L. Hadley ’02 and
Mrs. Kimberly J. Hadley ’02
Mrs. Carol M. Hahn (W ’52)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hahn
MAJ and Mrs. Michael C. Haith ’03
MAJ Charles W. Hall ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Hall III (P)
LTC (R) John F. Halstead ’73
CPT Sara R. Hamidovic ’04
CPT Michael A. Hamilton ’04
COL (R) Michael J. Hamilton ’75
MAJ Pierre N. Han ’02
MAJ Joseph L. Handke ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Hannigan ’70
MAJ Brian Hanrahan ’04
CPT Ryan P. Hanrahan ’01
MAJ Corrie A. Hanson ’02
CPT Jesse L. Harden ’04
Joe and Beverly Hardin Jr. ’67
MAJ Patrick K. Hardin ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Steven C. Harman Jr. ’65
COL (R) and Mrs. James J. Harmon ’61
Mr. Curtis A. Harris ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Harris ’80
MAJ Joseph M. Harrison ’01
Mr. Kellie Hart
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Gerhard B. Hartig ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Hartley ’98
BG (R) and Mrs. Clarence B. Hartman NYG ’64
Mrs. Harry C. Harvey (W ’41)
LTC Keith A. Haskin ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Hatch
LTG (R) and Mrs. Henry J. Hatch ’57
CPT Brandon J. Hathorne ’04
CPT Wade A. Hatzinger ’04
CPT Adam C. Haupt ’03
Mr. Harry B. Hause ’45
CPT Richard M. Hawkins ’04
MAJ Justin E. Hawthorne ’03
LTC Jeffrey D. Hay ’01
Mr. Brandon C. Hayes ’92
COL (R) James P. Hayes ’70
Ms. Gloria A. Hayko
MAJ Paul C. Haynsworth ’03
MAJ Michael G. Hazell ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Guy H. Heath Jr. ’59
Doug and Pat Heckman ’81 (P)
MAJ William S. Hefron ’03
MAJ Jessica F. Hegenbart ’03
SMSgt (R) and Mrs. Erwin M. Hein Jr. USAF
LTC (R) Steven H. Heinecke ’77
LTC and Mrs. Wayne C. Heinold Jr. ’02
RADM (R) and Mrs. James A. Helis PhD ’79 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Heller Jr. ’84
Mrs. Theresa E. Heller (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Dennis E. Helsel ’69
CPT (R) Kyle W. Hemminger ’04
Mrs. Carissa A. Hendrix ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Hennigan ’96
MAJ David W. Hensel ’01
CPT Philip G. Hensel ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. William R. Hensley Jr. ’86 (P)
CPT Adam D. Heppe ’02
LTC and Mrs. Michael S. Hequembourg ’00
MAJ (R) Douglas E. Herr ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. Herrick ’85
CPT Brockton L. Hershberger ’03
MAJ Braden J. Hestermann MD ’04
MAJ Christopher M. Hetz ’01
MAJ Marcel M. Hickman ’04
MAJ and Ms. Jeffery C. Higgins ’02
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hillebrand ’69
MAJ Robert E. Hilton ’01
MAJ Jacob S. Hina ’04
MAJ Timothy R. Hines ’03
Mr. Michael J. Hoag
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hoffman ’81 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hogan
LTC and Mrs. Jerome W. Holderness ’68 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Martin J. Holland ’87
MAJ Neil A. Hollenbeck ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Hollister ’92
MAJ Jonathan T. Holm ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Holst (P)
CPT Douglas N. Holt ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Homa ’83
MAJ and Ms. Dale J. Hommerding ’02
LTC (R) and Mrs. David A. Hoopengardner ’76
LTC (R) Roger L. Hoopengardner ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoopes ’75
LTC and Mrs. William G. Hoover Jr. ’79
LTC (R) and Mrs. Gerald J. Hopkins ’80 (P)
Mr. Thomas H. Hopkins
MAJ David A. Horan
COL (R) John C. House ’60
MAJ James C. Howell ’02
CPT Ryan A. Howry ’04
MAJ Brodie K. Hoyer ’03
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Hromyak Jr. ’64
Mr. David A. Huchital
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert L. Hull ’56
Mrs. Janay L. Hurley ’03
MAJ Jeremiah C. Hurley ’02
MAJ Donnie J. Hurt ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. David S. Hutchison ’71
COL (R) Cuthbert P. Hutton ’59
CPT Ronald Iammartino ’03
LTC (R) Donald D. Ingram ’59
MAJ Jay A. Ireland ’04
CPT Nathan T. Isaac ’02
COL Steven L. Isenhour ’93 and
LTC Michelle L. Isenhour ’94
MAJ Michael T. Ishida ’03
MG (R) Robert R. Ivany ’69
CPT James A. Jablonski ’04
MAJ Steven E. Jackowski ’02
MAJ Chane R. Jackson ’04
Mr. Jeff Jacobson
MAJ Benjamin D. Jahn ’02
MAJ Vernon J. James ’04
Col (R) and Mrs. Jerome T. Janicke USAF ’62
MAJ Adrian F. Jasso ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph J. Jaworowski Jr. ’63
MAJ Louis L. Jenkins ’04
MAJ Rustin S. Jessup ’04
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Jewell ’68
LTC Arthur E. Jimenez ’01
MAJ Andrew C. Johannes ’03
MAJ John K. Johannes ’03
LTC Biji T. John ’02
MAJ Cameron M. Johnson ’04
LTC Christopher M. Johnson ’01
MAJ Elsa L. Johnson ’03
CPT Hiram R. Johnson ’02
COL (R) James M. Johnson ’69
MG (R)and Mrs. Kermit D. Johnson ’51
MAJ Khali D. Johnson ’03
COL Robert D. Johnson
CPT Victor M. Johnson ’04
MAJ Seth A. Johnston ’03
Ed and Jerry Jones ’61
Mr. Michael A. Jones ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Q. Jones (P)
MAJ Jacquelynn D. Jordan ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Joyce
MAJ Kenton E. Justice ’02
Mr. Richard N. Kaback
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kachure ’93
CPT Patrick H. Kaine ’03
CPT Tara A. Kaiser ’03
LTC Jeffrey M. Kaldahl ’00
LTC (R) Aaron E. Kalloch ’90
LTC (R) David J. Kammen ’89 and
LTC (R) Peggy M. Kammen
LTC (R) John B. Kampfer ’61
MAJ Daijiro Kanase ’04
MAJ Kevin P. Kane ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. John A. Kardos ’79
COL (R) Thomas W. Karr ’63
COL (R) Donald Karrer ’62
MAJ Jeremy R. Kasper ’01
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Kasprenski (P)
MAJ and Mrs. Joel R. Kassulke ’02
MAJ Patricia N. Kast ’02 and LCDR Patrick Minshew
MAJ Scott M. Katalenich ’02
Laurence B. Katz
MAJ Peter J. Katzfey ’01
LTC and Mrs. Brent A. Kauffman ’93
LTC Aaron J. Kaufman ’00
MAJ Robert A. Kazmarek ’04
Kevin and Jessica Kearns ’91
LTC (R) James P. Keating ’91
Col (R) Michael R. Keating USAF ’57
LTC Daniel A. Keener ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle J. Kellman ’82
Lt Gen and Mrs. Joseph K. Kellogg Jr. (P)
MAJ Ryan V. Kelly ’04
MAJ Sean K. Keneally ’03
MAJ Phillip J. Kerber ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kerwin
MAJ Jennifer S. Kicker ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. John A. Kidder ’72
MAJ Michael J. Kilbourne ’00
LTC Thomas J. Kilbride ’02
CPT Daniel K. Kilgore ’03
Caren and Thomas Kilgore ’80
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kilkenny ’61 (P)
LTC (R) Michael A. Killham ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Y. Kim ’01
LTC (R) Jeffrey L. Kimball ’69
Mr. and Mrs. L. Dean Kimbrell
CPT Kiel W. King ’04
CPT Mikola J. King ’04
CPT Robert M. Kinney ’03
MAJ Derek T. Klein ’96
LTC (R) Larry G. Kleinsteiber ’69
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Klepich ’75
MAJ George P. Kloppenburg ’02
LTC Jonathan S. Kluck ’00
COL and Mrs. Everett D. Knapp Jr. ’87
Carol and Harold Knapp Jr. (P)
Tim and Pam Knight ’86
COL (R) Charles T. Knowles
MAJ Donald D. Koban ’04
MAJ Lauren A. Koban ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kobes IV ’66
MAJ William L. Koch ’04
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Koch ’67
Mr. John A. Koehler ’95 and
Mrs. Jeannine M. Koehler ’95
MAJ Robert J. Kolb Jr. ’04
BG (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Kolditz
LTC Daniel L. Kolenda
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Kopinski Jr. ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Koprowski
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kopstein
COL (R) Donald P. Kotchman ’79
Mrs. Greta J. Krafsig (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Krauth (P)
MAJ Michael A. Krayer ’03
CPT Steven D. Kreeger ’04
LTC Calvin A. Kroeger ’01
MAJ Hitoshi Kumagai ’04
MAJ Michael C. Kurtti ’03
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kutz
MG (R) Charles F. Kuyk Jr. ’50
CPT Frank J. Kuzminski ’04
Mr. Jeffrey A. La Plante ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. La Raia ’67
LTC (R) Brian P. Lacey ’82
CPT Thomas A. Lainis ’03
MAJ Thomas E. Lamb ’02
CPT David M. Lamborn ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Landers (P)
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Landis (P)
MAJ Britton A. Landry ’04
CPT Christopher C. Lane ’00
LTC (R) Henry S. Langendorf ’66
MAJ Seth E. Langston ’03
MAJ Robert B. Lanier ’01
LTC Neal J. Lape ’01
Senator and Mrs. William J. Larkin Jr.
CPT Kevin S. Larrabee ’03
Mr. Andrew J. Lasala Jr.
BG (R) and Mrs. Peter W. Lash ’56 (P)
Mrs. Anne Lauer (W ’49)
LTC (R) Nelson E. Laughton ’68
MAJ Joseph A. Lavalle-Rivera ’03
Mr. Nicholas J. Lavigna
MAJ Timothy J. Lawrence ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. James E. Lawson II ’76 (P)
MAJ Zeroy Lawson Jr. ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Lea ’80
MAJ Daniel R. Leard ’03
MAJ Ryan W. Leary ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Leathers
CPT Andrew C. Lee ’03
MAJ Christopher S. Lee ’04
MAJ Faith E. Lee ’02
LTC Kacie M. Lee ’01
LTC Matthew D. Lee ’01
MAJ Michael G. Lee ’02
LTC Rance A. Lee ’97
CPT Katherine A. Leidenberg ’04
LTC (R) Jan C. LeKander ’75
MAJ Andrew E. Lembke ’01
LTC Russell P. Lemler ’01 and Mrs. Carlys L. Lemler ’01
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lenart (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Henry A. Leonard ’70 (P)
CPT Timothy J. Leone ’04
CPT Waiman Leung ’04
LTC (R) Joel J. Levesque ’89
Mr. Kenneth R. Levitzky
MAJ Stephen A. Lewandowski ’02
MAJ Charles D. Lewis ’04
MAJ Lawrence J. Lewis Jr. ’03
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lewis
MAJ Christian A. Lightsey ’04
MAJ Conway Lin ’00
LTC and Mrs. Samuel E. Linn ’02
LTG (R) Michael Linnington Sr. ’80 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Richard E. Littlefield ’54
Mrs. John C. Loberg (W ’57)
CPT Michael E. Loconsolo ’03
LTC John R. Longley III ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Looney ’58
LTC and Mrs. Joseph C. Lopez
COL Frederick C. Lough USAR ’70 and
Ms. Mary E. Mullin (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Matthew J. Louis USAR ’91
CPT Thomas J. Loux ’04
MAJ Michael B. Loveall ’00
MAJ Jeffrey B. Lovelace ’02
Mrs. John P. Lucas (W Jun ’43)
MAJ Sean P. Lucas ’00
Neil and Virginia Lucey
MAJ Erik V. Luedtke ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Patrick J. Lusk ’76
CPT Timothy B. Lynch ’03
COL Adam E. MacAllister ’03
Mr. Patrick J. MacArevey ’78 and Ms. Jean Baderschneider
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. MacLaren Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. MacPherson ’85 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. James W. Madden ’59
Mr. Thomas P. Maginnis ’60
Mr. and Mrs. A. John Maher
MAJ Tara A. Mahoney ’03
LTC Michael R. Mai ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maiberger (P)
MAJ Dylan W. Malcomb ’03
Mr. Jeffrey F. Maliska ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Malizia (P)
Mr. Anthony Maltese
MAJ Chris B. Manglicmot ’02
LTC and Mrs. Joseph J. Manzo ’75
Mr. Stephen J. Marcuccilli ’68
COL (R) Len Marrella ’57 and Dee Marrella
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Martin ’82
Mrs. Williams S. Martin (W ’60)
CPT Timothy E. Martin ’03
Mr. Walter J. Martin ’54
MAJ Ari M. Martyn ’04
Mr. Shaun L. Marzett ’02
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Marziale ’84
MAJ Robert P. Massey ’04
CPT Raymond A. Maszarose ’03
Mrs. Mae S. Mather (W ’50)
LTC Christopher P. Matthew ’00
LTC Katie E. Matthew ’00
MAJ Darwin E. Maull ’02
CPT Andrew J. Maxa ’04
MAJ Joshua B. May ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. William J. Mayhew ’64
COL Jennifer A. McAfee ’95
CPT Eric S. Mccall ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCallion
MAJ Carrick E. McCarthy ’02
LTC Michelle McCassey and Mr. Everett McCassey
CPT Robert S. McChrystal ’02
LTC Mark R. McClellan ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David M. McCloskey ’90
MAJ Andrew L. McCollum ’03
CPT Adam F. McCombs ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Lester F. McConville ’73
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert McCormick
MAJ and Mrs. Michael D. McCoy ’97
Mr. Glenn McDonald
MAJ Sean D. McEntee ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. McEvoy ’57
MAJ Karolyn M. McEwen ’02 and MAJ Sean McEwen
LTG (R) and Mrs. Freddy E. McFarren ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McGarry ’62
Mr. Jay G. McGee ’02
MAJ Mary E. McGovney ’04
COL and Mrs. Mark J. McKearn ’81 (P)
Mr. Craig W. McKee ’72
MAJ Casey McKenna ’04
Mr. John McKinley
Mrs. Patricia A. McKinley ’81 and
Mr. Herbert McKinley (P)
Mrs. Emily E. McMahan ’01 and Mr. Caleb McMahan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. McMichael ’78
Mr. and Ms. Timothy R. McMinn ’88
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McNaugher ’68
CPT Shawn P. McNicol ’04
Lt Col (R) John D. McSpadden Jr. USAF ’57
CPT Timothy P. Meadors ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. John B. Medaris ’59 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. Walter D. Meinshausen USAR ’68 (P)
CPT Brian J. Meister ’03
MAJ Jason R. Melchior ’00
MAJ Nicholas O. Melin ’00
Mr. Alan J. Mellinger ’70
COL (R) and Mrs. Mark E. Meranda ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Merkel Jr. PhD
MAJ Brian M. Merkl ’03
MAJ Gregory J. Merkl ’02
MAJ and Mrs. Garrett J. Meyers ’01
Lt Col (R) and Mrs. Lawrence G. Michalove USAF ’55
Mr. William H. Miehe Jr. ’50
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Mihal
MAJ Ronald D. Mildren ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Milinski ’68
MAJ Bre G. Millard-Washburn ’03
MAJ Aaron-James W. Miller ’04
MAJ Eric A. Miller ’02
CPT Jason C. Miller ’04
LTC and Mrs. Matthew G. Miller ’01
MAJ Matthew O. Miller ’04
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Miller ’73 (P)
MAJ Craig W. Milliron ’01
LTC Matthew R. Minear ’02
LTC Joseph S. Minor ’01
LTC (R) Jennifer Voigtschild Minus ’93 (P)
COL Steven M. Miska ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron W. Mitchell ’94
MAJ Brian D. Mitchell ’04
MAJ Erica M. Mitchell ’01
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hurley Mitchell ’69
LTC George A. Mitroka III ’00
MAJ Timothy M. Mitroka ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Mock ’84
CPT Wesley A. Moerbe ’04
MAJ Sarah K. Moffit ’04
MAJ Barron J. Moffitt ’04
Mr. Clifford T. Mole
Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Monagas ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Montanaro ’67
CPT and Mrs. Brian A. Montgomery ’04
Dr. and Mrs. George Montgomery III
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Montgomery Jr. USAFR ’61
CPT Scott R. Montoya ’03
MAJ and Mrs. Alexander P. Moore ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. Gordon K. Moore ’74
Mr. Joseph A. Moore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Moore (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Morehouse ’83
LTC (R) Maria A. Moreno ’85
LTC Clay A. Morgan ’97
COL (R) William M. Morgan ’75 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo M. Morillo ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Morin ’52
MAJ Shigenobu T. Morinaga ’04
CPT Joshua G. Morino ’02
LTC K. Scott Morley ’00
LTC and Mrs. Aaron F. Morris ’01
CPT Daniel C. Morris ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morrissey ’85
MAJ John R. Morrow ’04
LTC and Mrs. Sean M. Morrow ’01
LTC Christopher T. Morton ’00
Mr. James L. Moseley II ’00
LTC (R) James P. Moye ’78
Mrs. Regina Mreczko
MAJ Christopher L. Mugg ’03
Henry M. and Linda Mumma (X ’72)
CPT David Mun ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Muniz ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave H. Murby ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murg II ’89
LTC (R) Craig S. Murphy ’76
MAJ and Ms. Francis X. Murphy ’02
Wayne and Mary Ellen Murphy ’69 (P)
MAJ Teresa D. Murray ’02
LTC Matthew R. Myer ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. Jerome B. Myers ’77
MAJ Betty P. Myrthil ’02
COL (R) and Mrs. Ross L. Nagy ’68
CPT Robert W. Nahabedian ’03
Mrs. Carole E. Nahlik (W ’63)
MAJ William S. Nance ’02
Ron and Suzanne Naples ’67
LTC (R) Joseph F. Napoli (P)
MG (R) and Mrs. William L. Nash ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Natalini ’67
MAJ (R) and Mrs. John A. Nave ’53
MAJ Craig A. Nazareth ’00
CPT Paul B. Neal ’04
CPT Jamey D. Nealy ’04
Mr. George Nelson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nesbitt III ’69
MAJ Jesse M. Nesbitt ’04
COL (R) Jack A. Neuberger ’53
CPT Benjamin E. Neusse ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Newbauer (P)
Dr. John G. Newby (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Newman III ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Nicholas
CPT Joy F. Nickel ’04
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Niekerk ’78
CPT Karl M. Nilsen ’02
COL (R) George D. Nippell ’68
Scott and Kathryn Nix ’69
MAJ Sean K. Nolan ’04
CPT Michael A. Normand ’04
MAJ Ryan R. Nugent ’04
MAJ Alejandro M. Nunez ’01
MAJ Lawrence R. Nunn ’01
MAJ Colleen K. O’Brien ’03
Mr. John L. O’Brien ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn M. O’Connor ’96
LTC Charles F. O’Donnell III ’65 (P)
Mr. Thomas and Kristin O’Donnell ’91
CPT Gerald M. O’Dowd ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. Thomas E. Oettinger ’70
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Offerman ’78
Mr. and Mrs. C. Theodore Ogren ’56
LTC Brendan B. O’Hern ’01
MAJ Elisa D. O’Hern ’01
MAJ Deborah J. Oldfield ’02 and Mr. Charles Oldfield
COL (R) and Mrs. George F. Oliver III ’74 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. O’Neil ’68
MAJ Katherine R. Opie ’01
MAJ Christopher T. Orlowski ’02
COL and Mrs. Timothy S. O’Rourke ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Orr III (P)
MAJ David J. Orzech ’03
Mr. Joseph M. Orzech (P)
MAJ Abraham N. Osborn ’02
LTC Larry J. Ostendorf ARNG ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. O’Sullivan ’63 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Toole III ’90
MAJ Elias D. Otoshi ’00
CPT Adrian B. Outlaw ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Pace ’91
MAJ Brent J. Pafford ’04
MAJ Eric I. Palicia ’01
LTC Michael A. Panaro III ’00
Mr. Jeffrey R. Pardo ’04
Mr. Matthew G. Pareti ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Park ’72
COL (R) and Mrs. Joseph M. Parker ’78
LTC Matthew L. Parker ’00
MAJ Aaron G. Parks ’03
MAJ Rob C. Parmenter ’02
CPT Huber R. Parsons III ’00
MAJ William W. Parsons ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Vishnubhai V. Patel (P)
LTC (R) Loren S. Patterson ’49
MAJ Scott A. Patton ’02
MAJ Michael S. Patzkowski ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Paulo ’83 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Paulson (P)
MAJ John G. Paxton ’03
Drs. Gregg and Kathy Pearson ’82
Mr. Norman A. Peck
CPT Stuart H. Peebles ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. David L. Pemberton ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin J. Perez ’68
LTC Andrew V. Pesature ’02
LTC Timothy N. Peterman ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Peterson (P)
MAJ Nathanael W. Peterson ’02
LTC (R) and Mrs. Joseph J. Pfanzelter ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Pfeifer
LTC Andrew R. Pfluger ’01
Mr. Clinton L. Phillips ’91
Honorable Dennis L. Phillips ’74 and
Dr. Linda J. Phillips
CPT Michael J. Phillips Jr. ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Richard L. Phillips ’74
CPT Saythala Phonexayphova ’04
Jack Picciuto ’84 and MaryEllen Picciuto ’86
MAJ Jeffrey W. Pickler ’01
CPT Stephan J. Pikner ’02
MAJ Derek K. Ping ’02
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pingel ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Pino ’88
Mr. Robert W. Pique
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Pirone (P)
Mr. Robert W. Pitulej ’86
Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Place ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Plack ’85
MAJ Robert R. Plotts ’00
MAJ Aaron M. Poe ’04
Mr. Dennis S. Pogany ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Pollard III ’65 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Grady R. Poole Jr. ’73
MAJ Jeffrey A. Poquette ’00
CPT Stoney L. Portis ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Elwyn D. Post Jr. ’60
CPT Jonathan F. Post ’02
MAJ Michael A. Powell ’04
MAJ Paul A. Power ’02
CPT Luis E. Preciado ’03
MAJ Adrienne M. Prem ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Prentice ’92
Mr. Virgil M. Price II
BG (R) and Mrs. Howard T. Prince II ’62
CPT James B. Prisock ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. James H. Proctor Jr. ’66
MAJ Andrew S. Pruett ’02
Mr. James F. Pryor ’61
MAJ Kurt A. Pryor ’04
Mr. and Ms. Michael M. Purpura ’91
COL (R) and Mrs. Lawrence H. Putnam ’52
MAJ Preston G. Pysh ’03
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Quillin ’73
MAJ Benjamin L. Quimby ’03
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Quinn (P)
MAJ Sean J. Quinn ’04
MG (R) John C. Raaen Jr. JAN ’43
MAJ Renee E. Ramsey ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Rano
Mr. Michael D. Rapalje
MAJ Christopher L. Rapp ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ray (P)
MAJ and Mrs. Benjamin J. Recla ’04
MAJ Terry F. Redd II ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Redman
Dr. David M. Reel
MAJ (R) Charles R. Reese Jr. ’02
Capt (R) Fred G. Reichard USAF ’51
Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Reid ’63
CPT Mark A. Reid ’04
Mr. and Ms. Paul G. Reiland ’85
LTC (R) and Mrs. Vincent E. Reilly ’70
GEN (R) and Mrs. Dennis J. Reimer ’62
MAJ Brian A. Retherford ’04
MAJ Jose-Antonio Reyes ’04
MAJ and Mrs. Robert R. Reynolds Jr. ’04
MAJ Andrew M. Rhodes ’04
MAJ John R. Rhodes ’03
MAJ Howard G. Rice ’02
COL (R) and Mrs. Terry L. Rice ’69
COL (R) and Mrs. Davis M. Richardson USAR ’73
MAJ Joshua R. Richardson ’00
Ms. Patricia A. Richardson
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert T. Richardson ’70
GEN (R) and Mrs. William R. Richardson ’51
LTC (R) and Mrs. Henry B. Richmond III ’69
MAJ Donald J. Riddle ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. Robert C. Riese ’54
Mr. Richard Rikert
MAJ Heather I. Ritchey ’04
CW5 and Mrs. Kenneth D. Roach
John and Patricia Robb ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Roberts
CPT (R) Marvin D. Robertson Jr. ’04
MAJ Steven L. Robertson ’03
MG (R) Bruce E. Robinson USAR ’70
LTC (R) and Mrs. William A. Robinson ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Angel L. Robles (P)
LTC Robert R. Rodock ’01
MAJ Elpidio Rodriguez ’03
MAJ Julianna M. Eum ’03
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rogers ’74
COL (R) and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Rogers ’68 (P)
COL (R) and Mrs. R. Joe Rogers ’51
COL (R) Albert L. Romaneski ’50
Mr. Carl G. Romani
MAJ Pete Roongsang ’04
Col Mark E. Rose USAF ’91
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert B. Rosenkranz ’61
MAJ Michael S. Rosol ’01
Dr. Donald J. Ross II ’95
MAJ Nadine I. Ross ’01
CPT Jeffrey W. Rottenberg ’03
COL (R) Robert S. Rudesill ’60
Mr. Edward J. Ruggero ’80 and Ms. Marcia Noa
Col (R) and Mrs. Thomas A. Rush USAF ’57
COL (R) Alfred S. Rushatz ’62
Mr. and Ms. Andrew G. Russell ’91
BG (R) and Mrs. Kevin T. Ryan ’76
MAJ Nicholas D. Ryan ’02 and MAJ Lindsay A. Ryan ’05
MAJ Michael J. Rybacki ’04
MAJ Joshua B. Rykowski ’04
COL (R) Richard R. Ryles ’76
Lt Col Robertrel A. Sachi ’02
CPT Douglas J. Sackett ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles R. Sacrison Jr. USAR ’73
CPT Peter S. Salfeety ’04
MAJ Raul Salinas III ’04
LTC Kristin C. Saling ’01
Alan and Florence Salisbury ’58
LTC Marc J. Sanborn PhD ’01
Mr. William J. Sandbrook ’79
MAJ and MRs. Wayne A. Sanders ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sandri
Mr. David T. Santilli ’81
CPT Stephen J. Sapol ’04
BG (R) and Mrs. Robert G. Sausser ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Sauter Jr. (P)
BG (R) and Mrs. Andre H. Sayles ’73 (P)
CPT Adam A. Scher ’04
CPT Kevin P. Schieman ’03
MAJ Jonathan M. Schloicka ’03
Mr. and Ms. Bryce A. Schlosser ’97
CPT Emily R. Schnetzler ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. David E. Schorr ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Schrang (P)
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Joseph M. Schuessler ’76
MAJ Fritz J. Schultes ’04
MAJ Gavin D. Schwan ’03
Col (R) and Mrs. Paul J. Schwehm USAF ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Carl B. Sciple ’61
LTC and Mrs. Cory N. Scott ’02
MAJ Jeremy D. Scott ’03
Mr. Kenneth L. Scott ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scotto
Mr. Clinton S. Seibert
MAJ Nicholas S. Seidel ’03
Mr. Harold W. Sellner (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Senft
MAJ Christopher S. Sexton ’04
COL (R) and Mrs. Thomas K. Seybold ’59
Mrs. Roger G. Seymour (W ’60)
Mr. Roger A. Seymour
COL (R) Wade and Missy Shaddock ’57
COL (R) and Mrs. Robert A. Shade ’50
MAJ Jason M. Shafer ’04
CPT Justin S. Shafer ’04
Mr. Joseph M. Shea ’59 (P)
MAJ Bradley A. Shearer ’02
RADM (R) and Mrs. Michael W. Shelton USN ’67
LTC (R) and Mrs. Randolph A. Shelton ’72
MAJ William W. Shelton ’04
MAJ Benjamin L. Shepherd ’01
Mr. Roy B. Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Sheridan ’65
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shields ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Shike ’79
COL (R) John P. Shock Jr. ’59
LTC (R) and Mrs. George B. Shoener ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Shuba ’81
MAJ Leah C. Shubin ’03
Mr. Brian Sichol Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Sider (P)
MAJ Kevin W. Siegrist ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sieminski
Ms. Judith A. Sienkiewicz
CPT Timothy J. Sikora ’02
MAJ Brian J. Silva ’04
Mr. Randy C. Simon ’02
CPT Douglas S. Sims ’04
MAJ Samuel E. Sinclair ’03
LTC (R) Richard C. Skaggs ’61
LTC (R) Ronald A. Skarupa ’62
MAJ Dennis M. Skelton Jr. ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Skown ’62
CPT Andrew D. Smith ’04
Mr. Andrew F. Smith ’92
CPT Anthony D. Smith ’04
MAJ Bradley W. Smith ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Brett G. Smith ’94 (P)
Mr. David M. Smith ’71
BG (R) and Mrs. Donald B. Smith ’69
MAJ Joseph B. Smith ’01
MAJ Kevin G. Smith ’03
LTC Landgrave T. Smith ’03
Col (R) Mark E. Smith III USAF ’56
COL (R) Charles O. Smithers III ’79 and
Dr. Maureen Smithers
MAJ Jessica A. Smyth ’00 and CPT Carter M. Smyth ’02
Dr. and Mrs. Don M. Snider ’62
COL (R) Kathleen G. Snook ’80 and
COL (R) Scott A. Snook ’80 (P)
CPT James M. Snowden Jr. ’02
Mr. Frank H. Snyder
COL (R) and Mrs. William P. Snyder ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard V. Sommer (P)
Mrs. Margaret A. Sommer-McLeod
COL (R) Lawrence E. Sommers
MAJ John T. Soron ’03
MAJ Joshua D. Southworth ’03
LTC Michael V. Soyka ’02
LTG (R) and Mrs. Harry E. Soyster ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Spann ’69
MG (R) Clyde W. Spence Jr. ’50
MAJ Kenton E. Spiegler ’03
MAJ Berndt F. Spittka ’02
CPT Cole A. Spitzack ’02
CPT Ronald W. Sprang ’02
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Spreen
MG (R) and Mrs. Robert J. St. Onge ’69 (P)
MAJ Matthew C. Stanley ’00
MAJ James K. Starling ’02
LTC and Mrs. James T. Startzell ’02
MAJ Michael H. Starz ’00
CPT (R) Thomas A. Stauber ’00
MAJ Kevin L. Steele ’00
MAJ Scott D. Steele ’02
Col (R) Michael J. Steger USAF ’49
MAJ Raven B. Stein ’03
CPT Paul A. Stelzer ’03
LTC (R) Henry W. Sterbenz Jr. ’65
COL (R) Francis R. Stevens Jr. ’57
COL (R) Nancy J. Stevens USAR ’81 and
Dr. Dirk E. Stevens ’81 (P)
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Stevens ’89
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stewart III ’78
MAJ Warren B. Stewart ’03
CPT Margaret G. Stick ’03
MAJ Jacqueline K. Stilwell ’04
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stokes ’61
CPT Jeffrey B. Stone ’02
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Storb ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Stowers Jr. ’66
Mr. Daniel C. Stredler ’86 and Mrs. Amy D. Stredler ’88
Dr. Russell K. Street D.D.S. ’59
MAJ Nathan L. Strickland ’04
CPT John B. Stubbs ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Randal W. Studer ’74
LTC (R) Thomas A. Stumm ’51
LTC (R) Charles E. Sturgeon ’60
MAJ Thomas B. Sturm ’02
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sullivan (former ’61) (P)
COL and Mrs. Eric M. Sundin USAR ’71
Mr. Arthur J. Sutton
COL (R) and Mrs. Steven J. Svoboda M.D. ’89
MAJ Tyrek N. Swaby ’04
Mr. James C. Swain
CPT Howard M. Swanson Jr. ’04
MAJ Justin J. Swanson ’04
LTC Andrew D. Swedberg ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Swift ’66 (P)
MAJ Benjamin M. Symonette ’03
CPT Michael J. Syvertsen ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Tamoschat
MAJ Paul F. Tanghe ’04
CPT Lori D. Tantawi ’04
MAJ Barton L. Tate ’03
MAJ and Mrs. Gill T. Tatman-Tyree Jr. ’04
MAJ Jesus A. Tavares Jr. ’03
LTC (R) and Mrs. Clarence E. Taylor Jr. ’79 (P)
COL and Mrs. James R. Taylor ’75
Mrs. Janet S. Taylor (W ’67)
LTC (R) and Dr. Charles C. Teising Jr. USAR ’76
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Telford ’89
LTC and Mrs. Matthew A. Templeman ’97
MAJ Christopher D. Terrill ’01
Mr. Paul A. Terry
MAJ Aaron M. Thomas ’01
MAJ and Mrs. Hans J. Thomas ’02
MAJ James H. Thomas ’03
MAJ Russell B. Thomas Sr. ’03
MAJ Brandon S. Thompson ’01
Mr. Mark A. Thompson ’02 and
Mrs. Paula J. Thompson ’02
CPT Mark E. Thompson ’04
CPT Michael R. Thompson ’03
Mr. Casey H. Thoreen ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Tierno III ’77
MAJ Travis S. Tilman ’00
LTC Howard C. Titzel ’01
LTC Michael T. Tobias ’01
Ms. Mary L. Tobin ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Todd (P)
Mr. Tim J. Todish
COL (R) Patrick A. Toffler Sr. ’68 (P)
CPT Mark D. Tomola ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Tone ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Torres (P)
MAJ Robert K. Tracy ’02
MAJ John R. Trahan ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry J. Trahan ’88
Mr. Stephen F. Troutner ’93 and Mrs. Jill Troutner ’93
Mr. Abel A. Trujillo
CPT Tad T. Tsuneyoshi ’03
LTC Christopher J. Tucker MD ’00
Mrs. Sheryl Swofford Tullis ’89 and
Mr. Steven C. Tullis ’90
Col (R) Charles F. Turk USAF ’69
MAJ Ricardo A. Turner ’03
Robb and Lydia Turner ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Uhler ’68
MAJ John J. Ulsamer Jr. ’02
MAJ Curtis J. Unger ’02
LTC Kyle L. Upshaw ’00
Ms. Kristine J. Urbauer ’86
MAJ Michael J. Urso ’04
LTC Jeremy J. Ussery ’02
MAJ Nicole E. Ussery ’01
LTC and Ms. David A. Uthlaut ’01
LTC Jennifer L. Uyeshiro ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Charles M. Valliant ’60
Mr. Carl D. Van Demark
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Van Duzer ’91 (P)
MAJ Alan E. Van Saun ’04
MAJ Bradley R. Vance ’04
MAJ Robin W. VanDeusen Jr. ’03
Mr. Benjamin J. VanTassell
Dr. Christopher S. Vara ’90 Mrs. Lynn Vara ’90
CPT Ravi S. Venkataramani ’04
COL (R) Robert V. Vermillion ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Vito R. Verni
Mr. Philip A. Vignola ’84
COL (R) and Mrs. Mark E. Vinson ’78
LTC Melanie I. Carlson ’97 and
LTC (R) Matthew C. Vinton ’97
CPT Thomas C. Visel ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. Alan G. Vitters ’68
LTC (R) and Mrs. John D. Vosilus ’75
LTC (R) John F. Votaw ’61
COL (R) and Mrs. Martin L. Vozzo ’78
MAJ Linda C. Wade ’04 and Mr. Gary P. Wade ’04
MAJ Jesston R. Wagner ’04
GEN (R) and Mrs. Louis C. Wagner Jr. ’54
MAJ Russell O. Wagner ’00
LTC Neilson W. Wahab ’01
MAJ Amber M. Walker ’04
MAJ Michael S. Walker ’04
CPT Cory W. Wallace ’04
GEN (R) and Mrs. William S. Wallace ’69
MAJ Travis R. Walter ’04
MAJ Kyle M. Walton ’01
LTC (R) Steven R. Ward USAR ’80
COL (R) and Mrs. James Z. Wartski ’82 (P)
Mrs. Kathryn Watto (P)
MAJ Adrian N. Watts ’04
MAJ Jason R. Wayne ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weathers Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Weaver Jr.
COL (R) and Mrs. Edward C. Weckel ’58 (P)
MAJ Laura R. Weimer ’03
CPT Joseph Z. Wells ’04
Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Wells ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wells ’96
Mrs. Robert N. Wells Jr. (W ’52)
MAJ Simon P. Welte ’04
MAJ Chad C. Wetherill ’01
MAJ Kyle D. Wheeler ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wheelock ’69
MAJ Donald S. Whiffen III ’02
MAJ Andrew A. White ’01
COL (R) and Mrs. Lyman G. White Jr. ’61
Mr. Robert M. White ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. White ’78
LTC Andrew J. Whitford ’00
MAJ Stephanie K. Whittle ’04
Dr. Shirley H. Wick (P)
CPT Samuel R. Wilbourn ’04
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Wilby ’67
CPT Shaun M. Wild ’04
LTC (R) Larry N. Wiley ’59
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Willauer ’60
COL (R) Bristol W. Williams Jr. ’70
Dr. Clifford Williams
MAJ Jamal T. Williams ’00
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Williams ’80 (P)
MAJ John M. Williams II ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Williams ’03
CPT Thomas M. Williams ’04
MAJ Douglas M. Willig ’01
LTC (R) and Mrs. Francis E. Winfield ’51
Brig Gen (R) and Mrs. Clinton H. Winne Jr. USAF ’52
LTC (R) Sheldon C. Wintermute ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Wismann ’72 (P)
MAJ Benjamin C. Wisnioski ’04
LTC (R) George K. Withers III ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Ross P. Witschonke ’71
MAJ Luke A. Wittmer ’02
MAJ Scott E. Wohlford ’04
MAJ Steven W. Wojdakowski ’02
MAJ Sarah R. Wolberg ’02
MAJ Gabriel M. Wolfe ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wolfrum (P)
CPT Christian R. Wollenburg ’03
COL and Mrs. George J. Woods III ’80 (P)
MAJ Jason T. Woodward ’03
MAJ Clinton R. Woody ’04
MAJ Shannon R. Worthan ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. Timothy A. Wray ’71
MAJ (R) and Mrs. Charles M. Wright ’83
MAJ Erik J. Wright ’03
MAJ Jamie R. Wright ’03
COL (R) and Mrs. Lucius F. Wright Jr. JUN ’43
CPT Mathis F. Wright ’04
CPT Matthew E. Wright ’02
LTC and Mrs. Timothy F. Wright ’00
Mr. Albert H. Wunsch III Esq.
LTC and Mrs. Shaun T. Wurzbach ’87 (P)
LTC (R) and Mrs. Timothy W. Yahn CTARNG ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Yambor ’67
CPT Andrew K. Yang ’03
BG (R) and Mrs. Roger F. Yankoupe ’64 (P)
MAJ Shai-Lin Ynacay ’04
Mr. James Yori
LTC (R) and Mrs. George E. W. Young Jr. ’56
COL Robert E. Young ’94
CPT Andrew P. Zapf ’04
CPT Philip T. Zapien ’03
MAJ John M. Zdeb ’04
CPT John D. Zehnpfennig II ’04
MAJ Michael E. Ziegelhofer ’04
LTC (R) and Mrs. Frederick Zilian Jr. ’70
MSG and Mrs. Terry Zuiker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Zurla ’66
Anonymous Class of ’68
Anonymous (3)