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Dean's Weekly, April 17th

Department of Law

US District Court Judge Paul G. Gardephe visited with cadets in the Advanced Constitutional Law seminar. Judge Gardephe, who presides at the federal courthouse in Manhattan, was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2008. Prior to his appointment, Judge Gardephe was a federal prosecutor at the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, where he served as Chief Appellate Attorney, and was Special Counsel to the Office of Inspector General of the US Department of Justice. He discussed the 6th Amendment’s jury trial guarantee and its application to sentencing matters. The seminar is taught by Department of Law Assistant Professor and Constitutional Law Chair, Tony DiSarro.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

CE371 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design Trip Section. On Friday, 10 April, civil engineering cadets in the Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design course participated in a trip section as part of Moles Day. The Moles organization (http://www.themoles.info/) is composed of individuals now or formerly engaged in the construction of tunnels, subways, sewers, foundations, marine, sub-aqueous or other heavy construction projects. The group hosts an annual Moles Day, during which students are invited to tour some of the largest construction sites in the metro New York City area. This year, nearly 400 civil engineering students from 20 different academic institutions boarded a Circle Line Cruise boat in New York City and headed north to tour the Tappan Zee Bridge construction site. This $3.9B projected is slated for completion in 2018.

CIE sends EECS Cadets to visit Army Research Labs Supercomputing Research Center. Five EECS cadets and a faculty member, Dr. Suzanne Matthews, traveled to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds to visit Army Research Labs’ high performance facilities as part of an academic trip section for CS485-Parallel Computing. During the first part of their visit, cadets learned about ARL’s rich history in supporting computing innovation. Highlights included seeing the original Cray-2 supercomputer, the fastest machine in the world when it debuted in 1985. Students also got to see Pershing, which was the 50th fastest machine in the world when it went live a few years ago. In addition to seeing these revolutionary systems, students also learned about the power and cooling requirements to maintain such clusters. The day concluded with an overview of some of the research ARL performs on their HPC systems. The cadets in attendance were: CDTs Jorge Figueroa-Cecco (’15), Scott Horras (’15), Colin Hwang (’16), Luke Miller (’15), and Will Viana (’15). The faculty member in attendance was Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews, course director of CS485. The trip was generously funded by the DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (DoD HPCMP) at West Point through the Center for Innovation and Engineering (CIE).

ME496 Capstone: Cadets Conor Haaser, Chris Kolster, Connor McLeod and Matt Shinkwin were hard at work on Range 5 on 14 April 2015 with their ARDEC mentors Frank Battersby and Adam Foltz. The Cadets were testing their latest prototype suppressor for the M249. Taylor Hale, Henry Lee and Omar Morales from ARDEC were also supporting the research by collecting acoustic data for the team. Dr. Mark Ericson of ARL’s Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) contributed to the testing effort with a mannequin head instrumented with microphones. This unique equipment is used to more accurately determine what the shooter’s ears are experiencing. An indication of the effectiveness of the prototype suppressor is provided by the two still images captured with CME’s digital high-speed video equipment.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

EV301 Trip Section to the Wheelabrator Westchester L.P. Facility in Peekskill, NY. On 14 April, 16 Cadets from USMA’s Environmental Science class (EV301) traveled to Peekskill, NY, to view the generation of energy from combusting municipal solid waste. Wheelabrator Westchester L.P. generates approximately 60,000 kW of electricity, enough to supply 88,000 New York homes, by burning household and commercial trash from throughout Westchester County. Cadets saw firsthand how 2,250 tons of waste per day is incinerated and then converted to mechanical energy before being distributed onto the electrical grid. Cadets also learned about air pollution control devices that are used to ensure that the exhaust gases meet federal emission standards.

Field Trip to United Nations. On 10 April, 26 firstie environmental science majors enrolled in EV487 Environmental Security participated in a field trip to the US Mission to the United Nations and to the United Nations itself. The cadets were briefed by USUN staff members who work in the Military Affairs branch of the US Mission and by experts from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. They then toured the United Nations building with the highlight being visiting the Security Council and General Assembly chambers. The briefings and tour tied directly to class discussions on how military and NGO organizations can promote stability and security in developing nations and thus limit the global spread of terrorism and the ultimate involvement of the US military.

Exxon-Mobil remediation site visit. On 8 April 2015, cadets from the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering traveled to Brooklyn, NY to visit an Exxon-Mobil remediation site near Newtown Creek (a “superfund” site). The trip supplemented their environmental remediation studies as a part of EV488, Solid & Hazardous Waste Treatment and Remediation. The cadets were able to view full scale remediation systems that target the largest subsurface petroleum spill in the United States. The tour included several on-site remediation technologies, such as the free-product recovery wells, a catalytic oxidizer, an air stripper, carbon adsorption vessels, and an oil/water separator. This rewarding experience allowed cadets to see these processes first hand and talk with practicing engineers about their careers and the on-going waste remediation and recovery processes. Cadets also experienced cultural immersion by eating at Karczma Restaurant, which is located in a Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Department of English and Philosophy

First Annual John Calabro Night of the Arts. On Friday, April 10th, The Department of English and Philosophy and the Cadet Fine Arts Forum celebrated cadet creativity at the first annual John Calabro Night of the Arts. This year’s event was truly special because it begins a tradition that honors the late Colonel (Retired) John A. Calabro, Jr., USMA ’68, former Academy Professor of English and Vice President of the AOG who was a fine artist, musician, and creative writer and a strong advocate for the arts as essential to officer development. Members of Colonel Calabro’s family, including his widow, Mrs. Angela Calabro, and his two sons, Jac and Tony, were present to honor the memory of Colonel Calabro.

The event brought in nearly 200 audience members representing faculty and staff members from several USMA departments, USMAPS, the Library, the West Point Association of Graduates, and the local community. At the event, department faculty presented awards to Cadets for outstanding work across a variety of creative and artistic fields such as photography, music, film, studio arts, and original literature. The first-prize winners for each category were as follows: Music: Danny Trainor (’15); Poetry: Jonathan Kelly (’15); Prose: Logan Comer (’18); Film: Scott Filbert (’15); Photography: Lila Garner (’16); and Studio Art: Uzoma Ezeonyeka (’18). The evening concluded with the presentation of the John Calabro Award for Excellence in Leadership and the Arts, which was posthumously awarded to First Lieutenant Christopher Shultz Goeke, USMA ’08. A member of USCC Brigade Staff who graduated 6th in his class, 1LT Goeke displayed his exceptional creative talents in various ways while a Cadet. His career ended too soon when he was killed in action on July 13, 2010, in Afghanistan while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division. His parents, Pamela Shultz and Randy Goeke, traveled from Minnesota to accept the award on their son’s behalf.

CFAF’s Opera Forum Hosts A Monday Night Opera Escape. On 13 April, CFAF’s Opera Forum hosted Viktoriya Koreneva (Mezzo-Soprano), Lorna Case (Soprano, USMA’99) and Dr Barbara Bacik (Piano) for A Monday Night Opera Escape at Jefferson Hall’s Haig Room during the club’s meeting. The trio performed opera favorites by Wagner, Ponchielle, Massenet, Saen-Saints, Bellini, Rachmaninov, Victor Herbert and more. After the performance, the artists engaged in a question and answer session. Ms. Case, a two-sport athlete and West Point graduate, described her experiences as an engineer platoon leader and her recovery from a parachuting injury at Ft Bragg that left her with a broken spine. Ms. Koreneva, who holds a graduate degree from the Russian State School for the Humanities, described how her understanding of being human and pursuit of excellence in the humanities assists in her duties as Vice President, Global Financial Services at Deutsche Bank.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

6th Annual West Point Negotiation Workshop. On 2-3April, BS&L's West Point Negotiation Project ran a negotiation education workshop for approximately 105 participants, including 53 West Point cadets, 38 visiting cadets, and 13 Officers. Visiting cadets came from the US Air Force Academy and Royal Military Academy (Belgian), and ROTC programs at Boston University, Cornell, Dartmouth, Liberty University, Norwich, Princeton, Providence, Texas A&M, UCONN (Army and AF), University of New Haven, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA, and Yale. This year WPNW welcomed its first European, truly OCONUS international participant, CDT Anthony Leduc from the Royal Military Academy (Belgium). WPNW hosted him the week as he researched and interviewed WPNP Officers and Cadets to prepare his Master's Thesis on cross-cultural negotiation. During the workshop, cadets learned the importance of negotiation as a leader competency, were introduced to a framework for systematic analysis of negotiation situations, and practiced negotiating in a series of role-playing exercises, including a team competition. Cadets also heard from guest speakers, who helped them understand how they will use negotiation as junior officers. Our guest speakers had great depth and breadth in experience to include the first WPNW NCO participant and two separate VTCs with Commanders deployed to Iraq. Guest speakers included LTG McMaster, the Director of ARCIC and Deputy Commanding General-Futures TRADOC; Graduate panelists CPT Zach Foster and CPT Mike Lavelle, USMA grads, who shared their experiences applying MG390 coursework in the Army, and CPT Charles Gallagher, D Co, 1-505th PIR, 3-82nd Airborne Division, currently deployed ISO Operation Inherent Resolve, who shared difficulties/successes negotiating with the Department of State and local Iraq forces via VTC. Cadets also heard from LTC Larkowich and CSM Burgoyne, the Commander and CSM for 1-505th PIR, 3-82nd Airborne Division, currently deployed ISO Operation Inherent Resolve who shared their expectations of and struggles that face their junior Officers in Iraq via VTC, and SFC Rothrock, SF Engineer assigned to DMI, who shared his stories on several ODA teams and deployments to Afghanistan. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

On 8 April, cadets from MS300 and MS200 conducted an operations order briefing using the Augmented Reality Sandtable (ARES) in the Engineering Psychology Labs. This effort leveraged DMI and BS&L in order to gather data for the proof of concept of the ARES system. Cadets were able to rapidly build 3D terrain models in order to facilitate their communication of the order. CPT Paul Rickmeyer evaluated his cadets on their order delivery and provided feedback using features of ARES such as highlighting effects of terrain in a more three dimensional space. DMI and BS&L will meet with Dr. Michael Boyce, a post doc fellow from STTC, this week to continue to build the system to meet requirements for classroom and tactical considerations.

The Sociology Program in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership held its 15th Annual Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociological Honor Society Induction Ceremony on Friday, April 10 in the BS&L Conference Room. Sociology Major and Firstie Ian McWilliams was the sole inductee this year. Dr. David R. Segal and Dr. Mady Wechsler Segal both of the University of Maryland, gave the Induction Ceremony Lecture titled "Sociologists and Soldier 20/20." Their talk featured sociologists in the U.S. Army that have achieved Flag Officer rank and some of their insights working TRADOC with the integration of women into Ranger School and combat MOSs. The Segals also gave talks in three Sociology courses: PL482: Armed Forces & Society; PL384: Sociological Theory; and PL372: Marriage and the Family. COL Banks recognized the Segals at a special departmental ceremony and reception for 45 years of scholarship that has directly impact the United States Armed Forces. Additionally and notably, five plebes from G4 attended the Induction Ceremony, which recognized the fall semester G-4 Guppies Company Commander, CDT McWilliams (USMA '15).

Dr. Teresita Sotomayor from the Army Research Laboratory--Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED) in Orlando, FL visited PL488E to work with cadets on Medical Simulation Training Systems. Cadets assessed the usability and training potential of 4 systems including 1) Intraosseous Humeral Head Prototypes, 2) Moulage Training, 3) Realistic Trauma Trainer and 4) Holography.

BS&L coached and prepared 7 teams of cadets to enter the Mid Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition. The teams competed across 6 categories of business ventures, and won three of those six categories, and placed 2nd in a fourth.

  1. Products/Services - Food: 2nd Place - Adam Still (a Yearling) for Buffalo's Nickel. He was second only to a team from the Culinary Institute of America!!! There were five teams in this category.
  2. Biomedical/Healthcare: 1st Place - Blaine Brown, Whit Thornton and Ungerman Meyer for iTrex assisted walking exoskeleton (a heel lifting walking aid for stroke victims). There were four teams in this category.
  3. IT/Software: 1st Place - Mac Lalor, Josh Richards, Chris Corbett and Luke Jenkins (about half of the Army Hockey team!) for Owe Yaaaa - an Online marketplace of favor exchanges for veterans to find work and education opportunities. There were ten teams in this category.
  4. Energy/Sustainability: 1st Place - Dan Shutov for xFIL (a device that transforms human feces or other 'brown' matter into electricity or 'green' power - hence the original name: "Poop to Power"). There were two teams in this category. I don't know if you remember, but we talked Dan out of pitching his other idea, which was "Shot City", which is an alcohol shot distribution scheme he has. ;)
  5. Products/Services – Non-Food: No Cadets Placed
  6. Social/Non-Profit: No Cadets Competed

The folks who did not place (but did an awesome job) were:

  1. Mike Bajuz with Lendder, an Online alternative loan (crowd) sourcing marketplace designed to compete with the more conventional bank loan systems.
  2. EJ Coleman (Cow Class President) with Goalie, an iPhone and iPad app that has already launched, designed to track and give feedback on the user's daily goals.
  3. Mark Kong for Performance Insoles, a boot and shoe insert/insole manufacturer designed to operate much like Zappos, but with some additional features that are very customer friendly.
  4. Jared Jerrick for Ruby's Frozen Yogurt Food Truck.

The state finals will be held at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in two weeks on Friday 24 April, 2015 in Albany, NY. USMA will enter all three of its first place teams, and its second place team will be on standby.

Network Science Center

The 2015 International Workshop on Complex Networks. 25-27 March 2015 the Network Science Center at West Point (NSC) co-hosted the 6th International Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet) at the New York Hall of Science. CompleNet is one of the three largest conferences on network science held worldwide and brings together researchers and practitioners to share their publications and work in this fast growing field of study. Complex networks are becoming pervasive in many fields of science, from biological systems to computer science, and from economic to social systems. To learn more on current areas of research, NSC took 19 cadets down to NYC to attend one day of the three day conference along with 8 faculty members and researchers.

Cadets attended CompleNet as part of their course, MA490 (Applied Problems from Math, Science, and Engineering) with Dr. Chris Arney. CDTs Sooji Park and Adam Tapia are also part of the Social Network Analysis Club (SNAC), a club started in 2011 that meets every Monday during lunch to share knowledge on Network Science and work on problems. The conference offered cadets an opportunity to speak with many prominent researchers including Mark Newman, Reka Albert, Cesar Hidalgo, Arun Sundararajan, Albert-László Barabási.

Big Data Fest in NYC. The Network Science Center at West Point (NSC) was a key sponsor and participant for the first Big Data Fest held in New York City on 28 March. ‘The term “Big Data” is frequently used to describe everything from how social media are used to gather information about consumers, to how data affect political, environmental and economic decision-making, to data that address security and health concerns. Yet although we might know that Big Data affects our daily lives, its exact nature – what Big Data is, and how it works – remains a mystery to most of us’.

Six cadets and two faculty members participated in Big Data Fest by offering three activities: A hands-on Konigsberg bridge activity introducing the foundation of network science - Graph Theory; building a small scale network to look at basic components and properties of networks using ShockNet, a cadet developed iPad app; and visualizing individual ego networks as a means to discuss structures commonly found in social networks. This outreach opportunity gave cadets involved in network science projects and the Social Network Analysis Club (SNAC) a chance to introduce and discuss network science to the broader community. Over a thousand people of all ages attended Big Data Fest, the first of its kind. Fernando Maymi from the Army Cyber Institute gave a talk on ‘Oh the places your data will go’ , a discussion of data security. Other participating organizations included MIT’s Media Lab, Rutgers University, Data Driven Detroit, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, NYU, and the Beacon Institute.

Department of History

On 1 April 2015, five members of Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors society, volunteered their time to help the Dutchess County historian, William Tatum to preserve over 100 legal documents from the 1770s by indexing and cataloging them for a state archival digitization project. After cadets indexed each handwritten document, they prepared documents to be sent to the company who will scan and preserve it for posterity. This project intends to save over 25,000 documents from the local region during the 1730's-1800. These documents help preserve the history of the Hudson Valley region during the eighteenth century. MAJ Hann and Cadets participated in this project which enabled cadets to not only save history, but also to peruse original handwritten documents from over 200 years ago.

On 8 April, the History Department was thrilled to host a record-setting crowd of over 75 cadets at another “Night at the Movies” event to view the 2012 Best Picture Winner, Lincoln. LTC Dave Siry, CPT Matt Milikowsky of the Law Department, and CDT Zachary Thompson (’15) sat on a panel examining the film's depiction of Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to pass the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery. CPT Milikowsky's legal expertise was valuable in helping the cadets to understand the intricacies of Constitutional law during this national crisis. The film was well received by the audience and as always the discussion it generated was educational to all.

Department of Systems Engineering

DSE Capstone team visits 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). A Cadet Capstone team from the Department of Systems Engineering traveled to Eglin Air force Base, FL to visit the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). Team members included Cadets Coleman Grider, Hunter Wood, and Robby Hill. The purpose of the trip was to elicit information from Special Forces soldiers regarding technological advances that will enhance their ability to over-match current and future enemies. The cadets interviewed soldiers to learn how future technologies can improve their situational awareness, force protection, ability to communicate, achieve lethal and non-lethal effects, and command and control their elements. The cadets had a tremendous developmental opportunity to interact with Special Forces NCOs and Officers. They embedded with Operational Detachment Alpha 7122 and participated in mountaineering training where they learned about knot tying and performed a prusik climb up a 100-foot rappel tower. The information they gathered improved on their decision model that assesses future technologies in support of a funded research project for the US Army Engineered Research Development Center.

Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

American Nuclear Society Student Conference: During 8-12 April, LTC Ken Allen traveled to College Station, TX with eight Nuclear Engineering major firsties to the American Nuclear Society student conference at Texas A&M University. The cadets presented their capstone projects and independent research projects as part of the conference which included graduate and undergraduate members from over 30 universities across the United States to include all the major NE research institutions such as MIT, University of California Berkley, Texas A&M, etc. Each of the cadets’ podium presentation was the culmination of months of research and design and they were selected to present based on a peer-reviewed process. In the end, CDT Todd McLaughlin won the best presentation in Education and Training division and CDTs Alex Burruss and Darrin Alba earned best presentation in Isotopes and Radiation division. In addition to the presentations, the cadets were able to interact with professionals in the nuclear engineering field and students from all the major universities with nuclear engineering programs in the United States.

Persian Gold Tabletop Exercise: On 10 April, the Persian Gold Exercise allowed all cadets in NE450 Nuclear Weapons Effects to all participate in a simulated case study facilitated by experts in the field of weapons of mass destruction from the National Defense University visiting from Washington, DC. The exercise created an important opportunity for cadets to examine the strategic objectives of the U.S. and its partners vis-à-vis Iran and to explore how to counter or mitigate Iranian efforts with regard to its nuclear program and potential proliferation. This is very timely as the current talks with Iran near a potential agreement.

Rochester Symposium for Physics Students: During 10-11 April, MAJs Will Koch and Tony Clark traveled to Oswego, NY with six cadets to present their research at the Rochester Symposium for Physics Students. This provided them the opportunity to engage with students and faculty from the local region and to practice their communication skills. They were able to interact with their civilian peers and also civilian faculty. This was also an opportunity to show local institutions some of the research being conducted at USMA.

Director of Los Alamos National Lab visit to USMA: Dr. Charles McMillan, (SES), Director of Los Alamos National Lab visited USMA 12-13 April. Dr. McMillan is visiting the military academies in order to promote the need to balance the humanities and technical education of our future leaders and to foster the collaboration between the military academies and LANL. During the visit Dr. McMillan spoke to a group of 150 cadets and faculty about technology and how it relates to and affects decision making. In late January 2015 Dr. and Mrs. McMillan visited the USAFA.

P&NE Academic Awards Banquet: On 14 April, the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering hosted their Annual Awards Banquet at the West Point Club to induct cadets into the Society of Physics Students and American Nuclear Society as well as present certificates for excellence in physics and nuclear engineering course work throughout AY15. The guest speaker for the event is Dr. Larry Foulke (previous American Nuclear Society President).

Department of Foreign Languages

Arabic: Eight Arabic students in Morocco and Jordan continue their studies abroad. Cadets in Jordan took advantage of the Orthodox Easter holiday to visit Jerusalem and other sites in Israel, and returned to their studies on Monday.

Chinese: 17 Cadets from CL484, LC486, and LC476 visited the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in New York City on 14 April. Building on a semester of class discussions of the foundational legal-diplomatic Chinese-language documents that constitute the framework for US-China-Taiwan relations, the cadets engaged in a day of candid and insightful Chinese-language discussions with seasoned members of Taiwan’s diplomatic corps stationed in NYC. Although TECO usually gives its presentations in English, they provided all the presentations in Chinese once they realized the high level of proficiency of the USMA cadets.

Spanish: Eight cadets from Dr. LaPlatney’s LS486 participated in a Trip Section to New York to attend a production of Frederico García Lorca’s La zapatera prodigiosa. The cadets were able to enjoy the play, produced entirely in Spanish, and contrast Lorca’s famous comedy with the tragedy that they are currently reading in class, La casa de Bernarda Alba.

Persian: The Persian section welcomed a distinguished guest speaker, Mrs Deborah Thomas, from the US Department of State who not only spoke about her own service in the diplomatic corps in Turkey and Dubai, but also addressed her lifelong pursuit of foreign languages. Mrs. Thomas, who speaks a number of languages including Japanese and Persian, began her talk with an introduction in very fluent Persian and went on to speak about the important intersection of language and culture. She also discussed her experiences as a professional woman, especially when dealing with other cultures. Mrs Thomas, who was accompanied by her two cadet children, Elizabeth (who took Arabic in USMA) and James (who is currently taking Persian) also brought an abundance of Persian sweets for the cadets, as well as a host of Iranian cultural artifacts and books.

Chinese: Two Chinese Majors, Cadets Kaiwen Lin (2015), and Daniel Glockler (2015), both have been awarded 2 year Fulbright Scholarships to earn M.A. Degrees in Taiwan beginning in the Fall of 2015. The Fulbright application process is extremely competitive, and to have two awardees from within the same department in the same language is an excellent example of the academic performance of West Point Cadets.

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Director’s Notes — An Inside Look

This past week was full of exciting Extracurricular Club activities and competitions. Many of our Clubs and Forums attended their respective Nationals.

We are excited to announce that Women’s Boxing came home with several team members as National Finalists; the Fencing Team brought home a National Victory in Epée; also, the Karate team won the Men’s heavy weight black belt and the Women’s lightweight blackbelt at their Nationals. Congratulations to all who participated! For those clubs with Nationals coming up, good luck as your teams go on to compete.

This weekend, West Point is hosting a series of events. The weather should be beautiful, and I encourage all to come out and support our home teams and clubs. Please like us on Face-book, or check the DCA Calendar for updates on home and away Extracurricular Club events.

COL Dean R. Batchelder
Director of Cadet Activities
All For The Corps!
Visit: www.allforthecorps.com

Competitive Clubs


  • On 11 April, the West Point Cycling Team traveled to Vermont, to participate in Green Mountain Weekend\The team jumped six places (8th) in DIV II standings, with a strong 7th overall performance this weekend
  • Thirty-four teams competed, with the West Point women putting on a clinic for the C field
  • CDTs Kiana Frick, Sarah Larue and Elizabeth Psiaki placed first in the Team Time Trial (TTT); CDT Kiana Frick (‘17) achieved 2nd place in the Criterium and 7th in the Road Race; CDT Elizabeth Psiaki (‘18) and CDT Kaitlin Bender (‘17) continued to show improvement with excellent finishes of 8th and 9th in Women’s D Criterium and 10th in Road
  • In the Men’s C field, CDT Tristan Manderfield (‘17) led the final chase pack of West Point cadets to podium position


  • On 10 April, the Army Crew team competed in the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake in West Windsor Township, NJ, against more than 70 other collegiate programs from across the country
  • The Varsity Women lead Army in the first race of the day with a solid race in the Varsity Pair, qualifying them for the Grand Final on Sunday, a first for Army Crew
  • The pair, powered by CDT Arden Percoco and CDT Emma Spell, went on to finish fifth in the event behind top boats from varsity programs at UMass and FIT, while besting the entry from Rutgers, a Big 10 program
  • Next was the Varsity Women’s Four, who won their heat and posted the third best time of 30 schools in the event; they went on to reach the Petite Final on Sunday, where they finished fourth
  • The Men’s Varsity Four and Women’s Second Varsity Four finished 4th and 3rd in their heats, respectively, just missing the times to progress to the finals
  • Due to high winds, most of the races scheduled for Saturday, were pushed to Sunday, making for a long day of racing
  • The Novice men had a particularly strong showing with all boats progressing through their heats into the finals
  • The Novice Four placed 6th in the Grand Final, ranking them ahead of 26 of the 32 teams in their event
  • The two Men’s Novice Eight entries made it into the Petite and Third-Level Finals, putting them ahead of Villanova, Rutgers, and Boston College
  • The Varsity Men’s Eight came in second in their heat, third in their semi, and fifth place in the Grand Final


  • Over the weekend of 10-12 April, the West Point Powerlifiting Team traveled to Atlanta, GA, to take part in the 2015 Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships
  • Over 25 of the best college powerlifting teams competed in the this event to include, the University of Texas, LSU, UGA, and Penn State, just to name a few
  • Firstie CDT Zach Newman was the first of the team’s 19 athletes to take the stage; as he has done in the past, CDT Newman came through, finishing with an All-American (top 5 in the nation) placing; CDT Newman is a four time All-American and has never lost to Navy or Air Force
  • Next up was Yearling CDT Teddy Perretti, who claimed 7th place in the nation, and earned a few points for the West Point team
  • CDTs Tom Evans, TJ Binkowski, Austin Martin, Jory Heath, and Niko Tan rounded out the day; they racked up enough points to bring West Point into 3rd place at the end of the day
  • CDT Evans had a big day, as he broke his own Collegiate American Record and pulled a 618 lb. deadlift at 167 lb body weight
  • On the second day, CDTs Bryson Randall, Clay Barone, and Blaise Badway had their chance to compete; CDTs Bar-one and Badway scored some points that contributed to the team’s score overall, representing the team well
  • CDT Randall had a big day as well, finishing with another All-American placing and contributing much needed points to the overall team score
  • At the end of day two, the team was just outside of second place
  • Day three was the heavyweight day, and the competition started with CDTs Jacob Weiss, Nick Nero, Andrew Wing, and Anthony Adams competing at the same time
  • All hit great numbers, however, when the final count was taken, West Point took 6th place overall

Women’s Boxing:

  • On 8 April, the Women’s Boxing Team traveled to Ann Arbor, MI, to compete in the USIBA Nationals at the University of Michigan
  • To kick off the event, CDT Michelle Lopez fought first against a girl from Syracuse in a 112 lb beginner bout; next was CDT Richelle Radcliff, who took on a 125 lb beginner opponent from Michigan; CDT Ivellisse Velez-Morey and CDT Joyce Wu fought opponents from Michigan and Kansas, respectively, in back to back 132 lb. novice bouts
  • All of the ladies fought hard, and left the complex with one National Finalist, CDT Velez Day two of competition featured CDT Gabriela Barrera-Gutierrez in a 119 lb novice bout against a Michigan boxer; she was followed by CDT Sarah Gold in a 165 lb novice bout against a boxer out of Cincinnati
  • CDT Barrera and CDT Gold both claimed National Finalist titles (2nd place)
  • In the final day of the competition, CDT Janelle Bass fought for the 119 lb beginner title against Michigan; CDT Yomanda Martin took on a Miami opponent in a 141 lb novice bout; the evening closed for the team with CDT Melissa Box in an open category 152 lb bout against an opponent from Aquinas
  • CDT Bass was given an All-American title; CDT Martin claimed a National Finalist title; and CDT Box now hold the USIBA National Champion Title for the 152 lb weight class


  • On 10-13 April, the West Point Women’s and Men’s Fencing team competed in the Fencing Collegiate Nationals at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA, and for the third consecutive year, came home National Champions
  • The Women’s Sabre Team, led by CDT Lexie Blair, along with team mates CDT Taylor, Sharpsten and Liu, defeated Rutgers University by a score of 5-2 to take a third place finish
  • In the weapon of Sabre, CDT Blake Gordon also took third place for the men
  • The highlight of the championship was following the results of the Men’s Epée Team, led by CDT Marvin Hargraves
  • In an early bout on Saturday, CDT Hargraves was charged by a Northwestern Fencer who wound up bruising his leg with his knee; the pain he suffered during the competition was at times intense
  • Despite his injury, CDT Hargraves fought through the pain; in his last bout, he was able to outmaneuver his opponent, with only three seconds on the clock left; the final counterattack made by him was what won the National Championship for the West Point team
  • The win that CDT Hargraves scored, brought not only another National Championship title home to West Point, but also marks the third consecutive year of first place wins for Army

Hobby Clubs

Skeet & Trap:

  • On 10 April, the West Point Skeet & Trap team traveled to Burling-ton, MA, to compete in the New England Clays Cup Tournament
  • The team delivered another dominant performance, nearly sweeping the tournament
  • Shooters from Yale, Harvard, Harvard Law, MIT, Northeastern, Univ. of Vermont, and Texas A&M attended the tournament; the tournament is one of the largest collegiate clay target competitions in the Northeastern U.S.
  • CDTs Mitch Koellner, Taylor Ferguson, and Chase Miller took first, second, and third (respectively) in the men’s trap competition; CDT Jared Van Curen took first place in men’s skeet after a shootoff
  • CDT Carolee Schwarzer took first place in the ladies skeet & trap events, and was also named tournament HOA champion for her top scores in both events
  • As a team, the USMA squads took first and second place in the team skeet competition, as well as first and third place in the team trap competition
  • USMA retained the traveling Clay Cup Trophy for yet another year as tournament champions


  • On 10 and 11 April, the Army West Point Karate Club competed at the Karate Nationals in Las Vegas, NV
  • The team dominated overall, winning several National Championships, and sweeping multiple divisions completely
  • The first day of the tournament focused on full contact fighting
  • The next divisions up were the beginner men, and the lightweights, which brought home 1st, 2nd, and 4th places, respectively; also, the heavyweights brought home 2nd and 4th
  • The last divisions of the day were the men’s black belt division, one for 1st degree black belts, and one for upper degree black belts; the team swept both divisions, winning 1st through 4th place
  • Most notable of this group was CDT Rahul Sawhney, successfully defending last year’s black belt full contact champion
  • The second day of the tournament was composed of forms and point sparring
  • The team started the day with a 3rd place finish in men’s black belt forms, and 4th place in women’s advanced forms
  • After that point, sparring began and the beginner men won 3rd and 4th place; advanced women won 3rd; advanced men won 2nd; black belt women won 1st; and black belt men won 1st, 3rd, and 4th
  • Overall, it was a great weekend for the Karate team, increasing its number of National Championships in the last three years from zero in 2013, to two in 2014, and now six in 2015

Academic Clubs

Civil & Military Engineering:

  • On 10 March, the West Point Civil and Military Engineering Club hosted Mr. Chickola, Chief Corporate Engineer of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, in the Eisenhower Hall Ballroom
  • After dinner, Mr. Chickola shared with the club the process and challenges involved in the concept, design, and construction of Zumanjaro, the world’s tallest drop ride
  • Additionally, he emphasized the importance of problem solving as a key engineering skill set
  • Overall, this was a great opportunity for cadets to see the difficulties in completing a modern engineering project, and it served as an excellent forum for cadets to ask an experienced professional engineer about various professional and personal challenges throughout his career

Model Arab League:

  • On 9-12 April, thirteen cadets from the USMA Model Arab League traveled to Washington, D.C., to compete in the National Council on US-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) National University (NUMAL) conference at Georgetown University
  • This competitive forum was the culminating event for the year, as the cadets represented Morocco in the parliamentary com-petition against students from other universities representing other members of the League of Arab States
  • Named outstanding delegation for their representation of Morocco in the Committee of Arab Social Affairs, CDT Kevin Schultz and CDT Brittany DesLauriers were this competition’s top performers in an extremely competitive field

American Institute of Chemical Engineers:

  • On 10 April, members of the USMA American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe) attended the 2015 regional competition in College Park, MD
  • Cadets gathered alongside students from other Universities in the Mid-Atlantic region to present scholarly research, compete in chemical engineering jeopardy, and attend a full range of professional workshops and panel discussions with topics covering process simulations, to the roles of chemical engineers in government

Support Clubs

Pipes and Drums:

  • On 11 April, the Pipes & Drums club traveled to New York, NY, to lead the New York City Tartan Day Parade
  • In 1998 the U.S. Senate declared 6 April to be National Tartan Day to recognize the contributions made by Scottish-Americans to the United States
  • The first parade in NYC was held in 1999; the Pipes & Drums club have marched in the parade since 2006
  • This year the band had the honor of leading the parade up Sixth Avenue for the fourth year in a row
  • The band marched up Sixth Avenue performing such tunes as Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, and of course the Army Song; the dancers performed periodically as the band moved up the route to the delight of the crowd
  • The band performed for dignitaries of the Scottish Parliament and to thousands of parade watchers
  • The parade is hosted by the Scottish Heritage Foundation, the New York Caledonian Club, and the St. Andrew’s Society

Diversity Clubs

Korean-American Relations Seminar:

  • On 7 April, the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA), LTC Park Sang Jung (the Korean Military’s equivalent of DMI-6), presented a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Commandant of the Korean Military Academy (KMA) to CDT Hyunseuk Kim, for his exceptional support and leadership in coordinating and supporting the reception of the KMA’s Sandhurst Competition Team
  • Next year, CDT Kim will become the first ROKA Cadet CIC of the Korean American Relations Seminar in the club’s 24 year history
  • After the presentation, visiting KMA cadets and cadets from the Korean American Relations Seminar Club of USMA, dined at the monthly Korean American Relations Seminar meeting
  • The KMA cadets were pleasantly surprised to see such a strong turn-out from cadets interested in learning about Korean Culture

DCA Happenings


Upcoming Book Store Book Signings

Ret. MAJ Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer, authors of Lions of Kandahar - 21 April & 1:30-3:30

Be sure to look out for the April Book Store challenge (on display now), offering a prize for an original Louisville Slugger bat provided by Coca Cola. The entry with the most correct answers will win Louisville Slugger. The drawing will take place on 30 April 2015.

Esparza-Gallegos Picks Up Another Weekly Award

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army West Point softball plebe Gladys Esparza-Gallegos garnered her second weekly honor with an Eastern College Athletic Conference Division I Metro/Upstate Rookie of the Week selection after being tabbed the Patriot League Corvias Rookie of the Week on Monday. Esparza-Gallegos is the first Black Knight to be recognized by the ECAC since Morgan Lashley was chosen pitcher of the week in March of 2013.

The native of Santa Maria, Calif., figured prominently in the Black Knights' weekend sweep of defending Patriot League champion and preseason favorite Boston University. The Army West Point plebe banged out seven hits in 12 at-bats for a .583 batting average. Esparza-Gallegos keyed the Black Knights' 13-10 win over Boston University with four hits, three runs scored and three RBI. Esparza-Gallegos also had two hits, scored twice and knocked in the opening run with a double sparking a three-run first in the Black Knights' 6-3 win in Sunday's series finale. Read More

Women's Tennis Downs Bucknell in Conference Play

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- The Army West Point women's tennis team defeated Bucknell for the 32nd time in program history Wednesday evening, 6-1, in Lewisburg, Pa. The Black Knights improve to 13-10 on the season and are now 4-2 in Patriot League action.

The Black Knights swept the Bison in doubles earning the overall point with wins at all three positions. Eva Sung and Hannah Dahlem teamed together to defeat Cioffi and McAndrew 8-6 at first singles, while Elle Taylor and Victoria Falk won 8-4 at the No. 3 spot. Carolyn Pitman and Julian Mok won at second singles in a tie breaker, 9-7 (5). Read More

Golf Wins Wofford Invitational, Pagila Clinches Individual Title

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Despite the less than ideal conditions in Spartanburg, S.C., the Army West Point golf team stood atop the leaderboard at the Coca-Cola Wofford Invitational after shooting a program-low 30-under. The two-day tournament was highlighted by yearling Justin Pagila clinching the individual title after shooting five-under in the last nine holes for a come-from-behind win. Marcus Plunkett was named to the All-Tournament team and placed tied for fourth.

The Black Knights carried their lead from the first day of competition into the final round to clinch first place by six strokes. Army West Point carded a 277-279-278--834 to claim the title, its second team title of the season. On the first day of competition, the Cadets shot 20-under, which is a program low through 36-holes. Throughout the tournament, all five competitors for Army West Point sank at least one eagle. Individually, three Black Knights placed in the top-10 and four ranked in the top-20 at the 14-team event, all with under-par finishes. Read More

Baseball Rides Five-Run First to Victory

WEST POINT, N.Y. - A five-run first inning powered the Army West Point baseball team to an 8-4 victory over the visiting Manhattan Jaspers on Tuesday evening at Johnson Stadium at Doubleday Field. Senior shortstop Alex Jensen set the tone for the Black Knights offensively with his two-run first inning double, while Alex Dickerson went yard as part of a three-run fifth. Army West Point improved to 2-0 at home this season and 17-17 overall, while Manhattan dipped to 9-22. Watch the recap video.

Army West Point batted around in its first trip to the plate and plated five runs in the inning. Jensen started the scoring with a bases-loaded, two-run double to the gap in left center field. Dickerson followed and with an RBI, Jensen scored on a passed ball to make it 4-0 before Levenhagen's infield single increased the advantage to 5-0. All the runs came off of Manhattan starting pitcher Steve Arntsen, who finished off the frame before being lifted for Joe Jaques. Arntsen's line was five earned runs on four hits, with two walks and two strikeouts. Read More

Men's Tennis Sweeps Navy in Star Match

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- The Army men's tennis team posted a 4-0 victory over Navy on Saturday afternoon at Malek Tennis Courts to mark its third consecutive Star victory over the Midshipmen. The Black Knights finish the regular season 16-8 overall and 7-0 in the Patriot League, while the Mids fall to 17-10 and 3-1.

Army will be the top seed it next week's Patriot League Tournament after edging out Navy for the best record in the conference. The victory marks Army's 20th straight against Patriot League opponents in the regular season, dating back to March 22, 2013. "This was a great match for us," said 13th-year head coach Jim Poling, who improves to 8-5 in Star matches. "I thought we played very well and I'm really proud of our guys." Read More

Army West Point Athletics Unveils Brand Identity

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army West Point Athletics introduced a new brand and identity system that sets the visual direction for years to come. The updated identity provides a fresh look at one of the most storied brands in all of intercollegiate athletics.  Watch the video.

The new brand was unveiled Monday night at Eisenhower Hall in front of the Corps of Cadets. complete with a fashion show.

Army West Point Athletics and Nike collaborated on an 18-month brand evolution program to enhance and perfect upon the celebrated marks of the United States Military Academy, honoring the duty, leadership and rich history of academics and athletics, key characteristics and attributes associated with the Academy. With the goal of engaging new cadets, faculty and staff as well as building upon its remarkable reputation as America's Academy, developing a seamless and consistent athletic identity is paramount. Full Story »

West Point SOSH Run

West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, on April 9th cadets took part in the long-standing tradition of dressing up in costume and running like crazy to turn in their International Relations research paper for the Social Sciences (SOSH) course by 4:30pm.

Cadets, staff, faculty and West Point Parents lined Thayer Walk to cheer on cadets as they ran to beat the deadline.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how creative the cadet costumes were at the Spring 2015 semester's SOSH Run!

Dean's Weekly, April 10th

Department of Law

Law Majors CDT Norton, CDT McCracken, and CDT Thom recently competed in the second annual Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law moot court competition sponsored by the American Red Cross, in Chicago, IL. The Clara Barton Competition is a simulation-based competition which puts participants in the roles of humanitarian law practitioners to address complex legal issues in realistic environments.

This competition included teams of students currently pursuing Juris Doctor (J.D.), Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), or Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees at law schools within the United States and Canada, as well as cadets attending United States and Canadian military academies or institutions. The West Point team distinguished themselves throughout all phases of the competition. Moreover, as ambassadors of the profession of military arms, the West Point team provided both insight and legitimacy to the prestigious competition. The personal and professional connections cadets made during the competition will serve them well after they depart the United States Military Academy in the coming months. Finally, the professional connections they made with the ICRC, visiting faculty and esteemed members of the IHL community will serve the United States Military Academy at West Point well during the long years of persistent asymmetric conflict ahead.

Department of Systems Engineering

SE301 (Fundamentals of Engineering Design and Systems Management) Course Visits The Boeing Company in Ridley Park, PA. On Wednesday, 25 March, seventy cadets from the Department of Systems Engineering introductory course toured the Boeing company near Philadelphia, PA. The cadets talked to Boeing vice presidents, systems engineers, industrial engineers, and line technicians. They were briefed on systems in development such as the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrator (TD). The JMR features counter-rotating coaxial main motors and an innovative push propeller. The events that inspired cadets are the V-22 Osprey and CH-47 Chinook factory tours. Cadets walked down the production lines, talked to factory workers, and observed the assembly of a system in action. Now, they have a better understanding of the importance of system engineers on the factory floor. Additionally, cadets participated in a panel discussion where they had the opportunity to ask systems engineers and Boeing Vice Presidents (VPs) questions. The topics of discussions included Boeing’s current business model, stakeholder & requirements analysis, and SE experts’ citing the importance of the problem definition phase. The panel discussed the use of systems thinking throughout the systems decision process, and emphasized that it is vital (and less costly) to capture possible “issues” early in the development of a system before a system (upgrade, enhancement, etc.) continues its development. Mr. Dennis Morris (Boeing) led the tour and great discussions with cadets throughout their visit.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

Tom Tierney, Class of 1951 Leadership Chair Partners with BTD for Cadet and Faculty Leadership Development. On 24 and 25 March, Tom Tierney made his sixth formal visit to West Point in his 2-year partnership with the Department BS&L and added value to diverse audiences including cadets, TACs and junior faculty, and department leadership and spouses. Over the two days, he held two sessions with 20 first-class cadets to discuss how successful leaders can live successful lives. With just under 60 days until graduation, it provided them a valuable opportunity to reflect upon their definition of personal and professional success over the next 2 weeks to 10 years. They enjoyed the shared feedback from their classmates as well as Mr. Tierney and his corporate, non-profit, and consulting experience. Mr. Tierney also held a small group seminar with seven CPTs, MAJs, and LTCs from the BS&L, Sosh, and English & Philosophy Departments and BTD, giving them an opportunity to be personally developed and take valuable time to reflect on their personal and professional success among peers. Lastly, Mr. Tierney partnered with the BTO and RTOs to host a session with 23 of the newly selected KSL Commanders and CSM/1SGs from the class of 2015 who will lead every summer detail and assume leadership roles within the Corps of Cadets in the fall of 2015. The group candidly discussed what successful leadership will look like this summer, and how they will engage their peers, subordinates, and the institution as upcoming senior leaders. It was a great opportunity to share the passion and complexity of leadership and be inspired by their classmates and long-term teammates.

Intro to Sociology students conducted research projects at the Palisades Mall. The intrigue of Sociology comes from a discipline that studies people and social dynamics in our natural, every-day habitat. Ten cadets enrolled in PL371, Introductory Sociology, took the research lab – society – at the Palisades Mall on Saturday, 28 March to collect data and observations for their individual research projects. The wide range of interests included surveying store workers on the influence of their appearance on hiring and firing in their type of store, trends of gender typing within levels of store management, homogeneous trends of restaurant customers, biases and perceptions by mall and store security guards, gender trends and subconscious power messages in store advertising, values of independence and time urgency displayed through agitation waiting in line or on an escalator, and how a person’s dress and perceived socio-economic status (level of income/welcome) impacts a store clerk’s interaction and recommended phone to purchase. The project is designed to introduce students to the Sociological research process and allow them to systematically study a social topic of personal interest by collecting first-hand data. The class consists of eight Sociology majors (’16 and ’17), and others from Chemistry/Life Science, Defense Strategic Studies, and Psychology.

Cadets from the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership partnered with McCann WorldGroup (MWG) Marketing to refine their Marketing Skills. Cadets from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership traveled to New York City, NY to partner with McCann WorldGroup (MWG) Marketing to refine their Marketing Skills. On 26 and 27 March 2015, 101 cadets from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership traveled to New York City, NY to participate in a Marketing Exchange with the McCann WorldGroup (MWG). MWG is the agency partnered with Army Marketing and developed the “Army Strong” campaign. After discussing the current Army Marketing Campaign, MWG led the Cadets through their Marketing Strategy Planning Process (MSPP). After the MPSS, MWG divided the Cadets into marketing teams, partnered them with their account managers, and issued them a marketing business pitch challenge. On Thursday, Cadets were tasked to develop a marketing business pitch by showcasing a NYC “mode of transportation.” After developing pitches for Uber, CitiBike, and the subway the Cadets presented their pitches to 5 senior MWG executives. Similarly, Friday’s group developed pitches showcasing “a NYC attraction.” Briefs on Friday included areas such as Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Bryant Park, and the Rockefeller Center. The Cadets earned high praise from the executives for their creative solutions, thorough analysis, deliberate processes and enthusiasm. The visit was a great success as Cadets departed with a great sense of how their classroom theory was brought to life with practical application in NYC.

The MG382 (Human Resource Management) meets with members of the West Point Band for an enhancement lesson on leadership. Dr. Young took her MG382 (Human Resource Management) class down to the West Point Band building for an enhancement lesson on leadership. The practical exercise requires cadets to run a studio recording session working with members of the West Point Band. The object of the workshop is for cadets to use management, leadership, and communication skills to successfully complete a "mock" recording session within the allotted studio rental time and budget. However, there are many unforeseen challenges: Each of the musicians plays a particular role, which creates an unexpected dynamic for the cadets who are playing their roles as producers, sound engineers, and interns. The exercise is run by Grammy Award winning recording artist (and West Point Band sound engineer) SSG Brandi Lane. At the end of the session, SSG Lane and her team of musicians debrief the cadets regarding their studio management efforts, leadership behaviors, mistakes, missed opportunities, and managerial effectiveness. Cadets reported that they really enjoyed the opportunity to apply their course's concepts in a unique setting.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Cadet Project Collaboration with the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center. On 31 March, CDT Meyer Ungerman and MAJ Amber Walker visited the textiles facility at the Natick Soldier Center in Natick, MA. Meyer is currently enrolled in an ME389A, Independent Study, designing an Improvised Tendon-Assist Rigid Exoskeleton using thin nickel titanium alloy wires woven into a polyester garment. These thin wire, electrical actuators will attach at the ankle and assist the Soldier during loaded walking. The scientists at Natick are providing support and expertise related to garment production, including the time consuming process of hand weaving the design prototype.

Cadet Capstone Team Performs Testing at Harvard/Wyss Institute, 30-31 March 2015. The Warrior Web Boot Attachment Capstone team, consisting of CDTs Robert Mason, James Hill, Jameson Albers, and Kyle Okular were accompanied by their faculty mentor, Dr. Becky Zifchock on a trip to Cambridge, MA, to test the efficacy of their Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design. The team designed a system to interface between the soft exoskeleton Warrior Web suit designed by the Harvard/Wyss Team and the soldier’s boot. The Harvard/Wyss Team device was designed to meet the goals of the Warrior Web DARPA program: to create wearable technology that will prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries and provide movement assistance.
The USMA Capstone team worked to improve upon the existing design by integrating a quick engage/release mechanism, and improving the load transmission and distribution effects. Over the course of two days, the team collected data that will be analyzed to assess the effectiveness of their design. They also had the opportunity to wear the entire Warrior Web system with both their boot attachment design and the existing boot attachment design to understand the qualitative effects of the two designs.

Capstone Project Team receives Patent. Members of the Service Academy Design Challenge team from 2013 had their final patent filed recently at Picatinny Arsenal #2014-019. From the application – “A crossing device aids in crossing from a near side to a far side of an obstacle. It comprises a lead assembly that is projected to the far side of the obstacle and that includes an anchor assembly and a pulley. The anchor assembly has a base, a launch tube that is secured to the base, a spike that is housed within the launch tube, and a propellant charge. The anchor assembly is anchored on the far side of the obstacle by remotely initiating the propellant charge. The explosion force drives the spike through the launch tube and the base, into a landing surface. A bridge is connected to the pulley and is pulled to span across the obstacle. The bridge, lead assembly, and anchor may be collected on the far side for additional uses.” Inventors included 1LT’s Killian Burns, Sungi Cho, Steven Davidson, and Max Sauerwein, in addition to their project advisor, LTC Michael Benson.

Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Future Events
American Nuclear Society Student Conference: During 8-12 April, LTC Ken Allen will travel to College Station, TX with 9 cadets to participate in the ANS Student Conference. They will be presenting their capstone projects and independent research projects at the conference in order to promote their development as scholars in the field of nuclear engineering and to further their research by interacting with other scholars and learning about the latest developments in the field. The April Conference is the only annual student meeting of its kind, held by the largest professional organization of nuclear engineering in the United States, maximizing the opportunity for interaction with a broad group of scholars. Periodic participation in such academic conferences is critical for faculty members to remain current and productive as scholars, which is in turn critical to USMA’s mission to educate cadets at the collegiate level. The student conference provides an excellent venue for out cadets to showcase their research, interact with peers from other Tier 1 institutions and provides real assessment to the NE Program on how our students compare to other NE majors across the country.

Persian Gold Tabletop Exercise: On 10 April, the NE450 Nuclear Weapons Effects class will participate in a simulated case study facilitated by experts in the field of weapons of mass destruction from the National Defense University visiting from Washington, DC. The three hour exercise creates an important opportunity for cadets to examine the strategic objectives of the U.S. and its partner’s vis-à-vis Iran and to explore how to counter or mitigate Iranian efforts with regard to its nuclear program and potential proliferation. The Tabletop exercise will take place in Jefferson Hall Library.

Rochester Symposium for Physics Students: During 10-11 April, LTC Chad Schools will travel to Oswego, NY with six cadets to present their research at the Rochester Symposium for Physics Students. This provides them the opportunity to engage with students and faculty from the local region and to practice their communication skills. They will be able to interact with their civilian peers and also civilian faculty. This is also an opportunity to show local institutions some of the research being conducted at USMA.

Defense Technical Seminar: During 12-17 April, LTC Robert Prins will travel to MIT Lincoln Labs in Boston, MA to attend the Defense Technology Seminar. Lincoln Laboratory has conducted the seminar for 17 years and it focuses on advanced electronic technology that can solve critical surface, air and space military challenges.

Director of Los Alamos National Lab visit to USMA: Dr. Charles McMillan, (SES), Director of Los Alamos National Lab will visit USMA 12-13 April. Dr. McMillan is visiting the military academies in order to promote the need to balance the humanities and technical education of our future leaders and to foster the collaboration between the military academies and LANL. During the visit Dr. McMillan will speak to a group of 150 cadets and faculty about technology and how it relates to and affects decision making. In late January 2015 Dr. and Mrs. McMillan visited the USAFA.

P&NE Academic Awards Banquet: On 14 April, the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering will host their Annual Awards Banquet at the West Point Club to induct cadets into the Society of Physics Students and American Nuclear Society as well as present certificates for excellence in physics and nuclear engineering course work throughout AY15. The guest speaker for the event is Dr. Larry Foulke (previous American Nuclear Society President).

Interdisciplinary Project Briefings: On 20, 27 April and 4 May, MAJ Shawn Fitzgerald will travel to New York City with cadets to Grand Central Tech (venture capital/startup accelerator) to present PH2 cannot be replicated here at West Point and would greatly enhance realism and overall learning with regard to this project. It is important that cadets interface with small business leaders. This has many positive civil-military implication as well a contributing to the Superintendent’s priority of increasing our partnership capacity with leaders in NYC.

Habitat for Humanity – Walk for Housing: On 26 April, the House of PaNE will support the Walk for Housing Event in Newburgh, NY. This event will raise funds for building projects in the Newburgh area to benefit needy families. The following link allows you to join Team PANE (the password is "teampane") or support walkers on Team PANE: https://habitat.myetap.org/fundraiser/2015WalkforHousing/team.do?participationRef=1190.0.65454124. Every small donation will help reach our team fundraising goal which is set at $1000.

Department of English and Philosophy

Bard Seminar at USMA. On the evening of Tuesday, 10 March, Cadets and faculty in the Bard Seminar (EP395 Special Topics in Philosophy) hosted their counterparts from Bard College for the second of two Joint Sessions at West Point. The title of this semester’s project is “Intolerance – Political Animals and Their Prey.” The gathering began with an informal pizza dinner in the Haig Room lobby followed by presentations in the auditorium on the theme of religious intolerance. Dr. Nelly Lahoud of the Center for Combating Terrorism spoke on the tradition of tolerance and intolerance within the Islamic tradition and on the distinction between governmental toleration of religion and the justification of intolerance practiced by individual religions. Prof. Bruce Chilton, Bell Professor of Religion at Bard, described the range of interpretations of human sacrifice in the Judeo-Christian tradition, starting with the story of Abraham and Isaac, which later evolved into justifications of ethnic intolerance. The Bard Seminar is a joint effort of the Departments of English and Philosophy, History, Law, and Social Sciences and faculty at Bard College.

SFC John Castleman of the West Point Band gives a lecture to the Jazz Forum. On 30 March, SFC John Castleman of the West Point Band gave a lecture to 14 Cadets and faculty of the Cadet Fine Arts Forum’s (CFAF) Jazz Forum. The discussion focused on early jazz and the origins of the genre. SFC Castleman’s discussion featured performances from himself and SFC Mark Tonelli.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

EV388a Field Trip Across the Great Valley. On 1 April, LTC Kimball led her Geology class on a trip to study the geologic history of the greater Hudson Valley. The snow was a bit unusual for the trip, but the cadets were still able to hike all the trails and access all of the rock formations to study course concepts in a field environment. Cadets synthesized topics by learning 600 million years of geologic history, including the formation of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in the region, glacial process, and how structural geology is different from topography. During the trip, cadets also discussed the significant role that geology played in recent human history, including the “Black Soils” region settled by the Polish; gravel quarries that made it profitable to develop rail lines and canals; limestone mines that were a large source of cement before the creation of Portland Cement; and the flat-lying sedimentary rocks (cut by the Wallkill River) that influenced the New Paltz settlements of the Huguenots in the late 1600s. LTC Kimball took advantage of the date (April 1) to fool the cadets. Several cadets packed swim suits in anticipation of the opportunity to see “submarine geology” at Lake Minnewaska. The jig was up when LTC Kimball (swim goggles in hand) passed out the towels for drying off after the “polar bear plunge.” Lake Minnewaska (in the background of this photo) is still frozen over with ice and snow, and while the sun was shining the outdoor temperature was still in the 40s. Instead of seeing submarine geology, the cadets found evidence of glacial activity in the quartz-pebble conglomerate that caps the Shawangunk Mountains.

Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Minerva Policy Modeling Contest Workshop was held on 3 April 2015 at West Point. Cadets and Midshipmen had the opportunity to participate in the first-ever social science modeling problem solving contest. The problem was created by an interdisciplinary team, led by the Department of Social Sciences with input from faculty members in the Departments of Math, Behavioral Sciences, and Geography. The problem described the current VA healthcare system and presented numerous challenges, such as issues of access, budgets, stakeholders, and what efficient and effective care means to each of these groups. Cadets had the opportunity to develop a new system or modify the current system managing the millions of eligible veterans so they can benefit from a health care system with dozens of logistical, political and economic constraints. Teams of three cadets or midshipmen received the problem in February 2015, had 96 hours to research the topic, develop a plan, and write a report to include policy recommendations to Congress and the Veterans Administration. The workshop was a follow-up to the problem-solving contest and provided an opportunity for cadets to present their solutions and experiences, and to discuss strategies and methods for policy modeling. Cadet teams consisted of cadets from all four classes (plebes, yearlings, cows and firsties), and were from a wide range of majors including social sciences, computer science, philosophy, and math. In addition, experts in military health care and modeling discussed their own experiences in policy modeling. The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Tommy Sowers, the Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice and Assistant Director of The Hart Leadership Program, Duke University, and former Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The workshop was set in the perspective of the Minerva Initiative, which supports and advocates for social science research in support of military issues. Funding and support was provided by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to the USMA Cadet Minerva Club.

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Director’s Notes — An Inside Look

A big congratulations goes out to the Men’s and Women’s Handball Teams, as well as Tae Kwon Do, on their victories this past weekend, and for bringing home National Championships!

Many of our Extracurricular Clubs including: Karate, Men’s Volleyball, Men’s Boxing, Women’s Boxing, Powerlifting, Mountaineering, the Model Arab League, Paintball, and Fencing will all compete in either their respective Nationals, or Regional Championships this upcoming week.

This week, USMA is hosting more than 500 cadets from military academies and universities from around the world at the 49th Annual Sandhurst Military Skills competition. Good luck to all of those who are competing; lets bring home a win for the West Point teams!

The weeks to come are filled with many exciting club activities, our last Broadway performance of the season, and much more. Please check out our DCA Facebook page for updates on all of our events.

COL Dean R. Batchelder
Director of Cadet Activities
All For The Corps!
Visit: www.allforthecorps.com

Competitive Clubs

Team Handball (Women’s):

  • On 2-5 April, the West Point Women’s Team Handball Club traveled to Auburn, AL, to compete in the Team Handball Collegiate National Championships
  • This is the fourth consecutive Collegiate National Championship for the Women’s Team Handball Club
  • West Point Black dominated all weekend, defeating West Point Gold and the University of North Carolina in the round robin play prior to the final match, as well as the USA Team Handball Residency Team 19-17, in an exhibition match on Saturday
  • West Point Gold made a good showing, losing to the University of North Carolina by only two points in their opening match; West Point Gold finished third overall in the tournament
  • The Senior Captain’s, CDT Ashton Wolf and CDT Melissa Wells, were named Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Goalkeeper respectively; CDT Wolf also took home the highest scoring award for the tournament overall
  • Both captains, as well as Yearling CDT Cora Moody (West Point Black), and plebes CDT Clara Pitts and CDT Lindsey Kiernan (West Point Gold), were named to the All Tournament Team for their performance overall
  • Additionally, senior CDT Dajah Davis dominated all weekend at the circle position, providing the backbone of the defense, which limited opponents to around seven or less goals per game
  • Wings CDT Brianna Sharkey and CDT Ginny Phillips rounded out the offense with shots on goals that no team had an answer for
  • For a sport which regularly scores in the upwards of 15 goals as normal, the team was incredibly proud of it’s defense and looks to bring the same intensity to it’s next competition in Los Angeles for the Select Four Tournament, hosted by LA Team Handball


  • On 3-4 April, the West Point Marathon team traveled to Durham, NC, to participate inn Todd’s Trot
  • Todd’s Trot is a 5K dedicated to the memory of the cadet, Todd Heuchling, who passed away while running with team
  • This is the 12th consecutive year that the team has made the journey in order to honor Todd’s Memory
  • The team was hosted by Todd’s parents and friends during their stay in NC

Team Handball (Men’s):

  • On 2 - 4 April, the West Point Men’s Team Handball Club traveled to Auburn, AL, to compete in the 2015 Handball College National Championship Tournament
  • The tournament was USA Team Handball sanctioned, and included twelve teams that were invited from around the country; both West Point teams, Black and Gold, were invited to play
  • Gold kicked off the tournament with a definitive win over Air Force defeating the cadets 23-16; they would later go on to defeat the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin that evening with CDT Eliji Mondesir leading the team to victory with eight goals
  • Black played one game on Friday afternoon, and defeated an improved Ohio St. University 25-15; on Saturday, they went on defeat Miami of Ohio 35-21, with a great performance by CDT Alec Zeck who had seven goals in the game
  • Their early victories propelled the Black and Gold teams to the quarterfinals where they took on the Air Force Academy and the Miami of Ohio respectively
  • The Air Force Academy put together a sold performance, but could not stand up against Black, and lost 22-17; Gold also won their quarterfinal game, taking down Miami of Ohio 25-18
  • Later that evening, five West Point Cadets (CDT Connor Holt, CDT Corinth Cross, CDT Christian McKenrick, CDT Eliji Mondesir, and CDT Forrest Keller) were selected to play for the tournament’s “Collegiate All-Star Team” that took on the Auburn University Olympic residency team
  • All five cadets contributed to a phenomenal performance by the team, which tied the residency 20-20
  • The following day, Black and Gold played concurrent semifinal games against the University of North Carolina and Texas A&M respectively
  • WP Black came out with great intensity, and won the game 32-18; Gold played a close game against a very competitive Texas A&M team, and were able to secure a win with some great last minute plays
  • These victories meant that Black and Gold would once again face off in the college National Championship game; although the game was in-tense and a close match, WP Black defeated Gold 35-32
  • CDT Connor Holt was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, and CDT David Brown was given the distinction of Most Valuable Goalie


  • On 4 - 5 April, the West Point Cycling team and CDT Jack Rector (Home Race CIC), executed the Army Cycling Classic
  • This was one of the best home events in history for the Cycling team; the team demonstrated great character by putting their team goals of wining a DIV II title aside, and selflessly executing an exceptional road race at Harriman State Park
  • On Sunday, the team had a chance to compete and put together an excellent demonstration of their team’s talent
  • In the Men’s “B” Criterium race, CDT Kenny Dailey (‘16) was 2nd, and CDT Adam Ruff (‘17) was 4th; in the Men’s “D” Criterium, CDT Preston Pritchard (‘18) placed 6th
  • In the Women’s “C” Criterium race, CDT Kiana Frick (‘17) placed 6th; in the Women’s “D” Criterium, CDT Eliza-beth Psiaki (‘18) placed 7th

Women’s Boxing:

  • On 4 April, the West Point Women’s Boxing Team headed up to Foley Stadium in NYC, to participate in the Boy and Girl Scouts “Boot Camp” event
  • The volunteers from the team, CDT Sarah Gold (‘16), CDT Ive Velez-Morey (‘16), CDT Gaby Barrera (‘17) and CDT Richelle Radcliff (‘18), spent the morning teaching the young athletes the ins and outs of pugilism
  • The team had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the chance to reach out and positively impact the West Point community
  • Following the event, the team traveled to the Church Street Boxing Gym to conduct a final training seminar before Nationals, taking place 9-11 April
  • The entire team attended this training seminar, and all got the chance to work in the ring with each other and some more experienced sparring partners

Water Polo:

  • On 4 April, the Army Water Polo Team traveled to the University of North Carolina to compete in the annual Tarheel Invitational
  • Army played their first game against James Madison University; Army was able to dominate the game from the beginning, and won 15-4
  • The second game of the tournament pitted Army against Cleveland State; strong second and third quarter play, particularly from CDT Brendan Cagney, led the Army team to win 7-4
  • The final game of the tournament put Army against Georgia Tech; the teams kept the score very close the whole game, but in the end, Georgia Tech came out with the win

Hobby Clubs

Ultimate Frisbee:

  • On 28 March, the West Point Ultimate Frisbee team traveled to Pittsgrove, NJ, to compete in the Garden State VI tournament
  • The field conditions were cold and very windy, however, the Army team persevered and opened with a 12-8 victory over Yale
  • In the next game, Army lost a close game to Westchester, 8-9
  • Army went on to beat Millersville 10-7; on the last leg of the tournament, Army lost to Brandeis University
  • Army’s 2-2 record in the pool play earned them a spot in the championship bracket the next day
  • Army got off to a slow start on Sunday, losing 6-13 to Shippensburg University
  • With the completion of this tournament, Army qualified to at-tend the Metro East Sectionals tournament
  • During the tournament, the team showed much improvement in decision-making, throwing, and defending
  • Army will be hosting eight teams in the Sectionals (National Qualifier) tournament during the weekend of 18-19 April at Target Hill Filed

Tae Kwon Do:

  • On 2 - 4 April, the Army Tae Kwon Do Club traveled to Newark, DE, to compete in the 40th Annual National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship at the University of Delaware
  • In a tournament with over 500 fighters, the team delivered a great performance, bringing home two National Champions with gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals
  • The field included several US National Team members, as well as competitors from over 30 colleges
  • CDTs Alexandra Baker and Cimingmao Lor took home Gold after going undefeated; CDT Baker did not have a fight go the distance all day, winning by domination each time
  • CDT Jack Mueller delivered the only knockout of the tournament in the second round, with a punishing roundhouse kick to the jaw
  • Army finished out the tournament with wins over Colorado, Cornell, FIU, Iowa, Midlands, Penn, Texas, Texas A&M, UCSD, UT Austin, VCU, Vermont, and Yale
  • The National Champions, and Gold Medal winners were: CDT Alexandra Baker and CDT Cimingmao Tommy Lor; the Silver Medal winner was: CDT Christian Merrick; the Bronze Medal winners were: CDT Takhyun Cho and CDT Taylor Wing; fifth place went to CDT Shawn Jimenez (Black Belt Heavy) and CDT Rahul Sawhney (Black Belt Middle)


  • On 3-6 April, the West Point Kendo Club traveled to Cleveland, Oh, to Case Western University to attend the 27th Anniversary Cleveland Kendo Tournament and Greater Northeastern U.S. Kendo Federation Championships
  • On 4 April, three of the cadets participated in the individual tournament (bracketed by rank), and also competed in the team tournament
  • On 5 April, the cadets participated in a three hour training seminar; afterwards, one cadet tested for promotion

Fly Fishing:

  • On 13 March, CDTs Matty, Miller, Fernquist, and White, from the West Point Fly Fishing Club, traveled to Key West, FL, to fish the flats for whatever they could find
  • They ending up catching two barracudas, one mangrove snapper, and one nurse shark; they also hooked two tarpons
  • A great time was had by all, thanks to COL Doug Matty for hosting the trip

Support Clubs

Pipes and Drums:

  • On 8 April, the West Point Pipes and Drums Club and Celtic Dancers performed at the First Class Club in support of Celtic Night
  • Celtic Night is a new event that DCA and the First Class Club want to develop, and turn into an annual event
  • The night was a celebration of Celtic culture and featured: the movie Braveheart, a Boston Celtics Game, specials of Celtic Ale by Long Ireland, as well as performances from the band and dancers
  • The special feature of the night was a dueling performance between two of the band Plebes: CDT Roden and CDT Bradley; who dueled on the pipes head-to-head for the crowd
  • Overall, this event went superbly for being the first one, and showed great potential for the future

DCA Happenings

Cadets enjoyed riding the mechanical bull at the 4th regiment barbecue on Wednesday, 8 April.

Upcoming Book Store Book Signings

RET GEN Richard Lynch, author of Adapt or Die - 15 April @ 09:30-11:30

Emma Sky, author of The Unraveling - 16 April @ 09:30 - 11:30

Ret. MAJ Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer, authors of Lions of Kandahar - 21 April & 1:30-3:30

Athletic Director's Update, April 8th

Click the Cover to read the entire update.

USMA Athletic Director's Update AD's Update

Tenth Anniversary Hudson Valley Baseball Classic

2015 HVBC Clinic Flyer | 2015 HVBC Clinic Registration Form

FISHKILL, N.Y. - Officials from the Hudson Valley Renegades, Army Athletic Association and Marist College Athletic Department announced the details of the 10th annual WRWD Hudson Valley Baseball Classic, to be played between Army and Marist at Dutchess Stadium on April 29. In addition to the game, a free baseball clinic will be held for boys and girls starting at 4:45 p.m.

The contest features the Hudson Valley's only Division I baseball programs, Army and Marist, and brings together residents and fan bases from neighboring communities for an evening of quality entertainment at the home of the area's lone minor league baseball team affiliated with a major league franchise, the Hudson Valley Renegades.

First pitch is scheduled for 6:39 p.m. for this year's contest and will showcase a pair of teams with NCAA aspirations, and will be immediately followed by postgame fireworks.

Army owns a 5-4 lead in HVBC series after winning last year's game, 4-2. Read More

Army Defeats St. Peter's, 8-5, In Rain Shortened Game

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army rallied with seven runs in the bottom of the fourth inning to pull in front, then held off St. Peter's to take an 8-5 decision in a non-league softball game called after the top of the fifth inning due to rain. The second game of the doubleheader was cancelled due to weather.

Sophomore Alee Rashenskas keyed Army's fourth inning comeback with a bases-clearing double, and classmate Caroline Smith (8-10) nipped St. Peter's rally with a strikeout, her third of the game, in the top of the fifth inning to preserve the win.

Trailing 2-1 after the first inning, Army did not advance another base runner into scoring position until the fourth inning when the Black Knights exploded for seven runs on five hits. Read More

Five USMA Cadets in the Top 15 at the Marshall Awards

The top cadets from Army ROTC programs all over the country and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., attended the George C. Marshall Awards and Leadership Seminar March 30 and 31 on Fort Leavenworth.

The event featured an awards ceremony, round table discussions on national security issues and presentations from key Army leaders. This was the first time that both Cadet Command and West Point joined for the event, which started in 1976 and this is the first time it has been at Fort Leavenworth.

On the first day, the 303 attendees were honored at the Marshall Awards ceremony at the Frontier Conference Center. The top 15 cadets out of the group accepted the awards, Cadets Melissa Yasnowski, Samuel Thompson, Tyree Meadows, Alexandra Lycan and Ryan McGovern represented West Point. Read More

Briyah Brown Tabbed Patriot League Rookie of the Week

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. -- Following two first-place performances, including setting a new Army-Navy meet record, plebe Briyah Brown has been named the Patriot League Female Rookie of the Week, as announced by the conference Monday afternoon. Her mark of 14.65m in the shot put set a new Army-Navy meet record, eclipsed the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) standard and now ranks 30th in the NCAA Atlantic Region on the season.

In addition, she nabbed her second first-place nod of the day when she recorded a toss of 49.49m in the hammer throw.This is the first outdoor Rookie of the Week honor for Brown, who received the accolade three times, in addition to three Field Athlete of the Week honors, during the indoor season. Read More

Glesener Nabs Patriot League Weekly Honor

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Senior John Glesener tallied a career-high nine points, including six goals, in the 17-8 victory over Boston University last Saturday and earned Patriot League Corvias Offensive Player of the Week honors on Monday.

The Patriot League Preseason Player of the Year recorded a hat trick by the end of the first quarter and tied a career-high with six goals before being removed from the game for the majority of the fourth quarter with Army conformably ahead. He is riding a 40-game point scoring streak, which is the sixth-longest active stretch. He has 161 points on 98 goals and 63 assists in the 40 games and has earned the weekly honor for the first time in 2015. All three starting attackman for the Black Knights have now been selected as Cole Johnson and Connor Cook were both picked in previous weeks.

Glesener's nine points were the most for Army since Tim Pearson had 11 against Lehigh in 2002, and the six goals tied a career high for the senior as he had six against Notre Dame in the season finale last year. Read More

Minato Lands WBCA All-America Honorable Mention Recognition

TAMPA, Fla. -- Army women's basketball junior co-captain Kelsey Minato added to her postseason accolades on Saturday after earning a Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) All-America honorable mention selection. Minato became the first player in program history to earn WBCA All-Region 1 honors on March 25 and is also the first All-America team honorable mention recipient in Academy history.

"This is a terrific honor for Kelsey and for our program," said head coach Dave Magarity. "It's gratifying that she's getting national recognition based on her outstanding play over the past three years." Minato finished her junior campaign ranked eighth in the nation in both scoring average (22.3 points per game) and free throw percentage (.903). She also ended the season as the Patriot League's leading scoring and second-leading free throw shooter. Full Story »

Glesener's Nine Points Power #15 Army Past Boston University

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Senior attackman John Glesener recorded a career-high nine points as the 15th-ranked Army lacrosse team cruised to a 17-8 win over Boston University to win its third straight conference game.

Army (8-3, 4-2 PL) saw Glesener tie his career high with six goals, which was the most since last year's six-goal effort in the season finale at Notre Dame. He handed out three assists, tying a season high. Connor Cook and Cole Johnson each tallied four goals and an assist for five points. Overall, the Black Knight had six different goal scorers. Sam Somers got the start in net and made seven saves, while Paul Newbold was tested in the fourth quarter and made two stops in relief.

"Our execution today was great and at a very high level," head coach Joe Alberici said. "A couple of weeks in a row our offense was playing at a very high level, so my staff and I were very pleased with that. When you get 15 goals from your attack position, you are going to win a lot of games." Read More

Dean's Weekly, April 3rd

Department of Law

Firstie Cadets Box, Matthews, Allen, and Gicewicz represented USMA at the Institute of International Humanitarian Law's 14th Annual Law of Armed Conflict Competition in San Remo, Italy, from 23-27 March 2015. The competition brought 62 cadets from 17 military academies representing 12 countries and mixed them into 3 person teams acting as fictitious countries working as a coalition going to war and fighting a rogue nation, confronting the myriad of legal issues that arise.

Over four days, the teams worked in Joint Operation Centers (JOC), acting as legal advisors to the JOC commander to demonstrate they could effectively deal with a complex geopolitical situation and the rule of law.
Cadets had to conduct an efficient military operation implementing the coalition's mandate, while simultaneously integrating specific instructions each team received from their own fictitious government as to their own national priorities. Beyond having an extraordinary opportunity to explore the various nuanced dimensions of the laws of war, the USMA Cadets also had a tremendous cultural immersion experience by teaming with cadets from Turkey, Nigeria, India, France, Sweden, and Italy.

The legal dilemmas facing the coalition tested cadets’ knowledge of treaties and customary international law, as they advised their commander on how to wage war lawfully. For example, the issues they faced ranged from determining if people fleeing from the rogue nation qualified for refugee status, to if preemptive self defense was justified when one coalition member's satellite seemed to be targeted, to whether a computer virus could be used as a weapon, to how a detainee who allegedly knew the location of a ticking bomb should be interrogated.

At the end of the competition, the international panel of military lawyers and ambassadors judging the exercise awarded CDT Molly Box and her teammates from Nigeria and Sweden third place for their impressive performance. Every USMA Cadet left the exercise with invaluable insights into working in a JOC, with an appreciation of the complexity of the applying the law of armed conflict, and with new international colleagues.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Academics and Spring Break: Cadets Antony Park and Zach Cohen spent their entire spring break soaking up the culture and history in Vicksburg, MS, while conducting research with USACE ERDC GSL personnel (https://www.facebook.com/ArmyERDC/posts/815520431828502). The cadets left via automobile for Vicksburg on 13 March and returned on 22 March. They took several specimens their ME389 team had created with them and conducted several different tests on the samples using various facilities and systems available at ERDC. They returned with test data, knowledge, and raw materials to produce additional samples.

Cadet Connor McLeod took a day out of his spring break to travel to Picatinny Arsenal to work with RDECOM ARDEC and ARL personnel on testing of his ME496 Capstone team’s prototype suppressors for the M249. This was the team’s third time on the indoor range at Picatinny. The team has utilized West Point’s outdoor ranges in their research on two previous occasions and expects to be back out on Range 5 on 14 April.

Scranton Army Ammunition Plant (SCAAP): Cadets in CE491 Advanced Structural Analysis traveled to Scranton, PA, on 12 March 2015 to get a tour of the government-owned-contractor-operated facility and acquire data for estimated residual structural capacity in areas showing significant deterioration. General Dynamics runs this facility for the DoD that produces large caliber projectiles for all branches of the military. The Cadets learned how General Dynamics is changing the facility to accommodate the variable demand placed on it by the DoD, while servicing other customers to keep the plant and its workforce active. Many facets of prior course work, especially MC364 Mechanics of Materials, were clearly integral in the design and manufacturing of the projectiles.

Combating Terrorism Center

The Combating Terror Center took twenty two Cadets on a trip section to Washington D.C. from 25 – 27 March. The trip section was designed to introduce Cadets to the agencies involved in various aspects of counter-terrorism. The Cadets visited the White House, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Counter-Terrorism Center, the Department of State, and the Department of the Treasury.

The Combating Terrorism Center’s Irregular Warfare Group conducted a trip section to Fort Bragg, North Carolina from 25 – 27 March. Seven Cadets were introduced to the units within U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) that conduct irregular warfare. The Cadets conducted a key leader engagement with LTG Cleveland, USASOC Commander, watched the International Sniper Competition, and observed part of the Special Forces Qualification Course. The Combating Terrorism Center’s Irregular Warfare Group conducted its second Irregular Warfare Challenge on 28 March. Eighteen Cadets participated in the five phase event, which included a modified APFT, team building exercises, an urban land navigation course, three team events, and rifle and pistol marksmanship. The event not only challenged the Cadets physically, but also presented them with unique problem solving tasks.

Department of History

Apple featured the West Point History of the Civil War open digital course on iTunes U in their “Education Spotlight,” which Apple sends to tens of thousands of educators and students around the world. The course is currently the #5 most popular course in iTunes U. 85,000 people have visited the course since December and 13,000 have signed up for it. Apple also named the West Point History of the Civil War a “Standout Course.”

From 14-21 March 2015, MAJs Jason Halub and Logan Collins led ten cadets on the History Department’s “Korea in Transition” Staff Ride. The staff ride was a seven-day historical tour of South Korea intended to introduce cadets to the major political and cultural changes that Korea has undergone since the late 19th century. In particular, the group focused on the development of Korean nationalism and its effect on how Koreans interpret their history. Cadets found the experience to be both enjoyable and enriching, and have reported that the highlights of the staff ride included visiting the Korean Independence Museum, conducting a combined history class and tour of the Korean Military Academy with KMA cadets and faculty, and touring the Joint Security Area and Demilitarized Zone.

Also during Spring Break, MAJ Erik Davis and LTC (Ret) Raymond Hrinko led seven history majors and one plebe who aspires to be a history major through Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary to study the effects of the Cold War on the people of Central and Eastern Europe. The cadets visited the major sites related to the Cold War in Berlin, Prague and Budapest. Their understanding of life under the totalitarian system of communism in Europe was increased through their study of the early Cold War and secret police in Berlin, resistance and the end of communism in Prague and, finally, the Hungarian attempt to overthrow their Soviet masters in their failed 1956 revolution. Cadets roamed far and wide to complete the itinerary: they flew 8,532 miles, drove 554 miles and walked 75 miles in eight days.

While in Berlin, cadets discussed German history preceding WWII and the Cold War during visits to Victory Tower which celebrates German unification in 1871 and the Topography of Terror Museum, located in the former Gestapo headquarters, which chronicles the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. Cadets were intrigued by how German identity contributed to the course of the Cold War. Memory and Memorialization were significant themes of the trip. Cadets were amazed by the power of the memorial to the Soviet liberators of Germany located in Treptower Park. Particularly, cadets were fascinated that the graves of the 10,000 Soviet soldiers buried there are hard to discern but Stalin’s quotes are on every stone surrounding a gigantic statue of a Soviet soldier vanquishing a swastika while holding an infant Germany in his arms. Debate lasted for hours over the message Stalin intended to send the German people with the memorial. Additionally, in Berlin, cadets were guided through the Ministry of State Security (Stasi) Museum by an 81-year old lifelong resident of eastern Berlin. They were enthralled in her stories of life under communism in the German Democratic Republic.

In Prague, the cadets spent the day touring sites related to the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia. Their guide, Radek, was their age when he joined other students and workers in Wenceslas Square to protest the communist government during the Velvet Revolution of 1989 which ended communist control in then-Czechoslovakia. He related his personal experiences growing up under communism with stories about his first bicycle which his parents received only after giving bribes to move to the head of the waiting list. He made light of the fact that his bicycle fell apart within weeks due to low quality craftsmanship. Radek also described how he clandestinely listened to Radio Free Europe with his parents in the 1980s as communism was beginning to unravel and how students could tell who else listened by the looks on each other’s faces after broadcasts about protests and calls for general strikes.

In Budapest, the cadets were treated to a traditional Hungarian dinner by the Samland family at their home. The Samland’s son, CDT Mark Samland is a Mechanical Engineering major and a member of USMA’s class of 2016. The family has lived in Budapest for fifteen years due to the Samlands’ work as missionaries in the Balkans and the former Soviet republics. The Samlands shared insight into the current politics of Hungary and the lingering effects of the Cold War and its end in Hungary. The cadets toured the House of Terror Museum which details the rise of communist control in Hungary and the methods of control used by the Communist Party over the Hungarian people at the hands of their secret police. The remaining days in Budapest were spent walking the sites of some of the fiercest Hungarian resistance during the 1956 Revolution against Soviet control.

On the Cold War in Europe Staff Ride, cadets were able to see the value of traveling to the sites which they study. Books cannot provide the perspective gained by walking the ground and talking to the people who experienced the events and their aftermath of world events. Interaction with their Stasi tour guide in Berlin, Radek in Prague and the Samlands in Budapest deepened the cadets’ scholarly perspective and changed their world-views.

In the department’s third spring break staff ride, Majors Nathan McCormack and David Musick led ten cadets on the “History of Irish Nationalism Staff Ride” from 13-22 March. The trip was the culmination of a semester-long seminar studying the development of various ideas of nationalism in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The group visited numerous historical and cultural sites around the island including sites associated with the Easter Rising of 1916, the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland during the 1960s-1980s—including Londonderry/Derry and the Shankhill and Falls Roads in Belfast, and sites of Irish/Celtic cultural heritage such as the Hill of Tara, the Giant’s Causeway, and the Cliffs of Moher. While walking the ground where these events transpired, cadets discussed the development of different understandings of Irish identity, the ways that these narratives led to conflict when tied to other factors such as socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and political/civil rights, and also how opposing factions reconciled and commemorated their experiences once conflict ceased.

On 25 March, the History Department hosted a very large crowd to view an interpretation of the epic battle between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia in the film Stalingrad. Well over 50 cadets came for pizza and themed desserts and stayed for the big budget Russian blockbuster and the panel discussion afterwards. MAJ Brett Lea's wife, Danielle, baked Black Forest cupcakes to represent the Germans and White Russian cupcakes to represent the Soviets. They did not last long. We'd also like to thank the West Point Association of Graduates for providing gifts which were raffled away to three lucky cadets. The crowd came away impressed with the depictions of the battle which were filmed for 3D IMAX. Unfortunately, those facilities are still not available here at West Point, but the scenes were impressive nonetheless.

On Saturday 28 March, the West Point Museum and the History Department hosted a viewing of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in the large weapons gallery of the museum, right next to the Atomic Bomb display. As part of their study of the beginnings of and atmosphere during the Cold War, thirteen Cadets from HI302X, the plebe History of the Military Art class, and four faculty members watched the movie and then reviewed the excellent historical exhibits presented by the museum.

Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Cadet research on graphene during Spring Break at ARL, Adelphi, MD: CDT Connor Cabrey and Dr. Paula Fekete of the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, working together on a PH489 individual research project, visited the Army Research Laboratories at Adelphi, MD during Spring Break. On the left, there is a picture taken of the two of them wearing protective gear in the laboratories’ clean room. In this particular part of the clean room, even the light used is a different color to protect sensitive samples. Behind them, there is a multimillion-dollar electron microscope that they saw in operation analyzing nano-size circuits built by one the laboratory’s research teams. Dr. Fekete and CDT Cabrey were hosted by Dr. Madan Dubey, a research scientist at the Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate. Guided by Dr. Robert Burt, one of the researchers on Dr. Dubey’s team, CDT Cabrey was able to observe how graphene is grown on a copper substrate in a 1000-degrees Centigrade furnace. The process takes many steps and it is almost 8-hours long. After deposition, samples were taken for processing into ARL’s state-of-the art clean room. The prepared samples will be analyzed by Raman spectroscopy. In recent years, graphene has emerged as an appealing substrate for molecular self-assembly in two dimensions. The formation of ordered arrays of molecules via self-assembly is a rapid, scalable route towards the realization of nanoscale architectures with tailored properties. This process can be accomplished by undergraduate students here at West Point using samples provided by ARL scientists. Dr. Fekete and Dr. Dubey are planning to continue their collaboration, started in 2009, by working on such samples that may have applications in nanoelectronic devices developed by ARL.

Future Events
American Nuclear Society Student Conference: During 8-12 April, LTC Ken Allen will travel to College Station, TX with 9 cadets to participate in the ANS Student Conference. They will be presenting their capstone projects and independent research projects at the conference in order to promote their development as scholars in the field of nuclear engineering and to further their research by interacting with other scholars and learning about the latest developments in the field. The April Conference is the only annual student meeting of its kind, held by the largest professional organization of nuclear engineering in the United States, maximizing the opportunity for interaction with a broad group of scholars. Periodic participation in such academic conferences is critical for faculty members to remain current and productive as scholars, which is in turn critical to USMA’s mission to educate cadets at the collegiate level. The student conference provides an excellent venue for out cadets to showcase their research, interact with peers from other Tier 1 institutions and provides real assessment to the NE Program on how our students compare to other NE majors across the country.

Rochester Symposium for Physics Students: During 10-11 April, LTC Chad Schools will travel to Oswego, NY with six cadets to present their research at the Rochester Symposium for Physics Students. This provides them the opportunity to engage with students and faculty from the local region and to practice their communication skills. They will be able to interact with their civilian peers and also civilian faculty. This is also an opportunity to show local institutions some of the research being conducted at USMA.

Director of Los Alamos National Lab visit to USMA: Dr. Charles McMillan, (SES), Director of Los Alamos National Lab will visit USMA 12-13 April. Dr. McMillan is visiting the military academies in order to promote the need to balance the humanities and technical education of our future leaders and to foster the collaboration between the military academies and LANL. During the visit Dr. McMillan will speak to a group of 150 cadets and faculty about technology and how it relates to and affects decision making.

P&NE Academic Awards Banquet: On 14 April, the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering will host their Annual Awards Banquet at the West Point Club to induct cadets into the Society of Physics Students and American Nuclear Society as well as present certificates for excellence in physics and nuclear engineering course work throughout AY15. The guest speaker for the event is Dr. Larry Foulke (previous American Nuclear Society President).

Habitat for Humanity – Walk for Housing: On 26 April, the House of PaNE will support the Walk for Housing Event in Newburgh, NY. This event will raise funds for building projects in the Newburgh area to benefit needy families. The following link allows you to join Team PANE (the password is "teampane") or support walkers on Team PANE: https://habitat.myetap.org/fundraiser/2015WalkforHousing/team.do?participationRef=1190.0.65454124. Every small donation will help reach our team fundraising goal which is set at $1000.

Department of English and Philosophy

USMA Writing Fellows Present at UCONN’s 10th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing. On 27 March, the USMA Writing Fellows visited the University of Connecticut’s Writing Center and presented papers at the 10th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing. Their panel, “Translating the Boundaries of Experience: Utility, Failure, and Collaboration,” examined writing not only as a process, but as a means for rendering personal and professional experience into narrative in academic and operating environments. Cadet Joseph Carrannante’s paper proposed a writing apprenticeship program that pairs Cadets at the Academy with active duty officers to contribute to the Army through coauthored narratives that translate personal and professional experience into lessons learned. Cadet Joseph DiGennaro argued that, too often, beginning and intermediate writers look at failure during the writing process as an obstacle either to avoid completely or to overcome as quickly as possible. Instead, he argued that that interim failure is crucial to achieving lasting success. Finally, in his presentation, Cadet William Grodesky maintained that successful writing depends as much upon a writer’s collaborative environment as the writer himself or herself. His argument considered contemporary constraints and contexts of writing in an effort to strike a balance between individual effort and collaboration.

Cadets enrolled in EN102 (Literature) visit the New York Public Library. On 25 March, the USMA Library’s Special Collections and Archives Staff hosted 42 Cadets enrolled in MAJ Paul de León’s EN102 (Literature) class. The exhibit contained first editions of Shakespeare’s work as well as original maps from the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars. This display provided an invaluable experience that allowed Cadets to contextualize the works studied in the course. More broadly, it gave students a better understanding of the materiality and rich history of these texts. While in New York City, the Cadets also visited Grand Central Terminal and received a “behind the scenes” tour of the building from the station manager.

Creative Writing Forum Explores New York’s Downtown Literary Scene: Dr. Mary Anne Myers and seven Cadets from the Creative Writing Forum explored New York City’s downtown literary scene on Saturday, March 28. MAJ Jack Morrow, a former CWF member who now teaches American Politics in the SOSH Department, helped us launch the adventure by meeting us at Trinity Church and leading us along Walt Whitman’s steps from the Brooklyn Ferry to his newspaper job in Manhattan. After a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and a communal pizza lunch, the group returned to Manhattan where small groups split up to explore literary landmarks in the East and West (a.k.a. Greenwich) Village neighborhoods. Some Cadets spent time browsing in the classic Strand Book Store on 13th Street and Broadway. Another set checked out the former location of the historic CBGBs music club and squeezed in a quick trip uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. The group reconvened on the Lower East Side for some early-evening literary readings at the Cake Shop and the FusionArts Museum. In addition to MAJ Morrow, English professors Drs. Brianne Bilsky and Joseph Jordan joined the group.

Department of Foreign Languages

Russian: During the Spring Break, a group of 7 cadets who are studying Russian attended the first part of an exchange with the All-Arms Defense Institute in Almaty, Kazakhstan. During the exchange the cadets were given the opportunity to use their Russian language and cultural skills in an immersion environment, living and training among their Kazakh counterparts. The cadets were given instruction on Kazakh army weapons, tank and armored vehicle training and maintenance, physical fitness and daily life. They also got to experience the city of Almaty and Kazakh food and culture. The exchange was a part of a CENTCOM initiative to transform officer development in Central Asia, and includes a visit to USMA CFT by Kazakh cadets.

Chinese: During the Spring Break, a group of 6 cadets (George Grindley, Pearl Brooks, Taylor Wing, Tasi Lloyd, Ethan Hernandez, and Madison Turner) who are studying Chinese traveled to Beijing, China for Language and Cultural Immersion. The cadets visited many of the historically significant sites in the capitol city, including Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City (with its many museums), The Summer Palace, and the Heavenly Palace, to name a few. This visit represented the first opportunity for each of the six cadets to use their language in a real-world setting, outside of the classroom.

Arabic Language Club: Mrs. Carolyn Clark, SOSH Visiting Professor and U.S. Foreign Service Officer, extended an invitation to the Arabic Language Club and Farsi students to participate in her Friday Night Belly Dance Jam at the MWR Gym. The cost was waived for the five cadets who participated, and offered them the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and experience the art of Belly Dancing along with several members of the West Point community.

The Arabic Language Club visited the Islamic Art Collection at the Metropolitan Museum in New York followed by dinner in Brooklyn’s Arab quarter to increase the Cadets’ exposure to Islamic art and culture. The club got the chance to view “the last known piece of Spanish Muslim armor to have survived the Nasrid period (1238-1492)” in the Arms and Armor exhibit as well.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

EV388B Geomorphology field trip to Schunemunk Mountain. On 31 March, 15 Cadets and two instructors hiked to the top of Schunemunk Mountain, near Cornwall, to determine how the area’s geologic history, climate, and surficial processes interact to produce this unique landform. The mountain’s ridge-line consists of a pink, massively jointed conglomerate rock found nowhere else in the state. Formed over 300 million years ago during mountain formation, the rock layers are extremely strong and bear numerous marks left by multiple glacial events during the last 2 million years. Given the region’s relatively consistent rainfall, water is currently the most effective geomorphic agent, eroding the mountain through an extensive drainage network. Cadets experienced how the geologic, climatic, glacial, hillslope, and fluvial components of the course interact to produce a landform, in this case Schunemunk Mountain.

EV401 Stony Lonesome Water Treatment Plant Tour. Cadets enrolled in EV401, Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes, visited the Stony Lonesome Water Treatment Plant on March 27th. The plant, which can treat up to two million gallons of drinking water per day, serves Stony Lonesome housing area, the Post Exchange – Commissary complex, and the US Military Academy Preparatory School, among others. Cadets left the tour with a richer understanding of conventional water treatment processes.

BG Toy Guest lecture, EV400 & SAME Student Chapter. On March 27th, BG Mark Toy (Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division) spoke to cadets enrolled in EV400 (Environmental Engineering Seminar) about working in the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Districts. After lunch, he gave an additional lecture on leadership to interested cadets and faculty, sponsored by the newly formed USMA Student Chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers.

Power Plant Tour, EV397. On March 26th, environmental engineering majors enrolled in Air Pollution Engineering (EV397) toured the PSEG Hudson Generating Station in Jersey City, NJ, which produces up to 620 megawatts of electricity from both coal and natural gas. Cadets focused particularly on the air pollution control devices on the plant, which were installed recently to make it one of the cleaner coal-fired power plants in the nation.

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS Faculty and Cadets Attend SANS Institute Hacker Course. The Cyber Research Center sent one faculty member and 14 cadets to Charleston, SC on 15-22 March 2015 to attend SEC504: “Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling,” which is a course taught by the SANS Institute. The SANS Institute provided ten scholarships for this course in order to expose cadets to the world class information security and management training offered by them. SEC504 is designed to help security professionals gain an understanding of attackers' tactics and strategies. It provided a combination of classroom instructions and hands on experience in finding vulnerabilities, discovering intrusions and building a comprehensive incident handling plan. Some of the most exciting training took place during the two nights of NETWARS and the last day Capture the Flag Exercise. These two events provided Cadets with hands on experience with real world scenarios and challenged them to apply the course material with a focus on mastering the skills used by information security professionals. The cadets that attended are members of the Special Interest Group for Security, Audit, and Control (SIGSAC) Club or the Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T). Many of these cadets will fill key roles in the Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) and some of them will become members of the newly established Cyber Branch. This is a significant step for cadets enrolled in the Cyber Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and each one will have an opportunity to take a test and become a Certified Incident Handler (GCIH). Overall, it was a very challenging experience for the cadets as they gained a much deeper understanding of the nature of the cyber domain and a greater appreciation for attacking and defending in the cyberspace. The Cyber Research Center and the Cadets are very grateful for this opportunity provided by Mr. Vinny Viola, Mr. Marshal Carter, and the SANS Institute.

EECS Hosts One of Two “Fathers of the Internet” as Speaker for Castle Lecture. For 25 years, the James C. and Dorothy P. Castle Lecture Series has brought to West Point industrial, military, and academic leaders in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology. The 2015 lecturer, Dr. Vinton Cerf, is Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and is one of the two “fathers of the Internet.” His lecture, entitled “The Power of Ideas: Internet,” provided insights and stories about the early days of his and his colleagues’ research and development of the protocols of the Internet. He also talked about the future of Internet. (IP) addresses and their transition from the current 32-bit length to 128 bits and explained his current research and development of protocols to be used for interplanetary travel. The entire Class of 2018 was mesmerized by Dr. Cerf and both faculty and cadets gave him outstanding reviews. After the talk, over 100 cadets came up to ask him questions. They were ultimately invited to attend the after-lecture reception during which Dr. Cerf stayed and answered all of their questions, going far beyond the planned time. During his time on campus, Dr. Cerf also had lunch with EECS faulty, was given a tour of West Point, visited with the Dean of the Academic Board, and had dinner at the home of COL Barry Shoop, Department Head of EECS, with department faculty.

EECS Experimenter’s Club Supports Hudson Valley First Lego League Competition. The USMA Electrical Engineers Experimenters Club under the oversight of CPT William North, supported the Hudson Valley First Lego League Competition on 28 February at Dutchess Community College. CDT Sam Skillman, CDT Jacob Bostick, CDT Kurt Klinkmueller, and CDT Tsu Kreidler went to the First Lego League competition at Dutchess Community College to demonstrate military robots. While there, the Cadets answered questions from middle school aged kids about robots, West Point, and the Army.

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Director’s Notes — An Inside Look

Although it does not seem like it, spring is hiding around here somewhere. Here in DCA Land, spring is full of activities and many exciting opportunities for the cadets and everyone involved in DCA’s Extracurricular Clubs and programs.
This past week, many of our clubs had the chance to compete in their respective National Championships. Our Mountaineering Club won first place in the Northeast Regional Championships; the Pistol Team took first place in the National Intercollegiate Pistol Championships; three members of the Equestrian Team qualified for Zone Championships; and Paintball beat Navy! Several of our clubs are gearing up to compete in their National Championships in the near future, to include: Taekwondo, Men’s Team Handball, Women’s Team Handball, and Kendo. As they go forward to compete, we wish them the best of luck!

Competitive Clubs

Team Handball (Men):

  • On 28 March, the Men’s Team Handball Club traveled to NYC, to play games against other teams in the Northeast League
  • These games provided the team with competitive experience, as well as the opportunity to earn a place in the Elite Division of the annual Club National Championship Tournament, which is being held in York, PA, this year
  • Gold kicked off the afternoon with a loss to the defending National Champions, New York City Handball Club
  • The Black team then battled back from an early deficit against Boston HC, to secure its first win of the weekend
  • Firstie Goalie CDT David Brown played an excellent second half that made the team’s comeback much more manageable
  • The Black team then played a close game against NYC, but fell to the more experienced team
  • On Sunday, the NYC 2 team made the drive up to West Point to play both the Gold and Black West Point Squads
  • Both teams defeated NYC 2 in what was the last official game at Arvin for the Firsties on the team
  • This weekend, the entire team will be traveling to Auburn University, home of the Handball Olympic Training Center, to defend its college National Championship title

Team Handball (Women’s):

  • This past weekend, West Point’s Women’s Team Handball hosted its annual home tournament, played in honor of 1LT Laura Walker (‘03)
  • The tournament opened Saturday morning with a ceremony honoring 1LT Walker’s legacy, which continues to impact the team
  • West Point Black kicked off the tournament with a fast start and secured wins against Boston Team Handball and UNC
  • Black played New York City in their third match that day, and lost by one point after an intense back and forth match
  • Seeking revenge, Black won their remaining pool play games the next day in order to earn the right to rematch NYC in the final bout; however, at the last minute of the game, the team fell short, losing by one goal
  • The Black team won second overall in the tournament; West Point gold placed fifth overall

Climbing (Mountaineering):

  • On 28 March, the West Point Climbing Team traveled to Half-moon, NY, to compete in the Collegiate Climbing Series’ North-east Regional Championship
  • Four straight hours of dominant climbing in all disciplines, including: Bouldering, Top Roping, and Speed Climbing, earned the team first place in the largest, most competitive region in the nation
  • Other schools that competed included Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, RIT, and Rutgers
  • The top performers were CDTs Zhaina Myrzkhanova (‘16), who placed 1st in Speed and 3rd in Ropes, and CDT Julian Barker (‘16), who took 2nd in both Bouldering and Ropes
  • This marks the Climbing Team’s 3rd straight Regional Championship, and they now look forward to the National Championships that take place in San Diego, CA, on 17-18 April

Boxing (Women’s):

  • On 28 March, the West Point Women’s Boxing Team traveled to Church Street Boxing Gym in New York, NY, to conduct additional training with the team’s coach, Coach Jenaro Diaz
  • The overall goal of the trip was to allow the team to spar with a greater variety of opponents with varying skill levels
  • Upon arrival to Church Street Gym, the team conducted warm-ups and practiced with Coach Diaz while they waited to begin sparring
  • CDT Sarah Gould (‘16), CDT Joyce Wu (‘16), CDT Richelle Radcliff (‘18), CDT Janelle Bass (‘16) and CDT Michelle Lopez (‘17) all got the chance to work in the ring
  • Each boxer did three, three minute rounds with one of two high level amateur boxers
  • The team gained experience with the more skilled and diverse sessions, and learned some valuable lessons in defense and ring movement, as well as how to respond to and deliver body punches
  • When each boxer finished, they continued to work with Coach Diaz on mitting and movement, or worked on the various apparatuses available in the gym
  • Once the training session finished, the group helped set up for a tournament that took place at the gym later that evening
  • Seeing the variety of technique and intensity of the fighters in the tournament benefited the team greatly


  • On 28 March, a few members of the West Point Equestrian Team competed in the Regional Championships at Crosswinds Farm in Lagrangeville, NY, hosted by Marist College
  • Due to the fact that their indoor ring was being renovated, the show was held outdoors; despite the heavy snow, our riders rode amazingly
  • The team had three qualifiers for Zone Championships coming up this weekend, to include CDT Holly Rodeo, CDT Crystel Calderon and CDT Jared Ross
  • CDT Rodeo placed 2nd in her class of intermediate flat; CDT Jared Ross placed 2nd in his class of walk/trot; CDT Crystel Calderon placed 3rd in her class of walk/trot
  • CDT Dillon Curtis placed 7th in his class of open jumping,; CDT Madeline Arnold placed 4th in her class of inter-mediate flat, and 7th in her class of intermediate jumping
  • The team competed against Centenary, Bard, Marist, Drew, William Paterson, SUNY New Paltz, Sarah Lawerence, Stevens Institute of Technology, Kutztown, and Vassar


  • On 28 and 29 March, the West Point Orienteering Team at-tended the U.S. Individual Championships Orienteering Meet at Carter Caves State Park, in Northern Kentucky
  • Seven cadets and one officer competed in this race alongside hundreds of civilian competitors, including numerous graduates and former members of the West Point Orienteering Team
  • This event helped prepare junior members of the team to get one step closer to International competitions and selections to the U.S. Juniors team


  • On 29 March, over 800 people participated in the West Point Half Marathon-Fallen Comrades Run, making 2015 the largest turnout in the five years of the event
  • The Fallen Comrades Run is an annual event hosted by the West Point Marathon Team that honors the West Point graduates who have gone to war and gave the ultimate sacrifice
  • Amongst the participants were members of the West Point Marathon Team, the Naval Academy Marathon Team, NYPD, and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
  • The West Point Marathon Team had a strong showing with CDTs Danny Schlich, Chris Boyle, Connor Roche, and Jen Moore placing 1st, 2nd, 5th and 86th overall; also, securing an easy win over the Navy Marathon Team

Hobby Clubs


  • On 28 March, the West Point Paintball Team traveled to Chesapeake City, MD, to compete in the spring conference tournament for the National Collegiate Paintball Association
  • The team went 3-3 in the tournament, winning two matches against the United States Naval Academy, and defeating Northeastern University
  • The team’s record should move them into second place in the conference leading into the National Championship Tournament on 17-19 April in Lakeland, FL
  • The event began with the first Army-Navy paintball game in more than five years; other teams that Army faced were Temple University, Northeastern University, the University of Connecticut, and Penn State University
  • The team is now poised to do well at the National Championship Tournament, and hopes to keep the Service Academy winning streak alive, as they will square off against both the Air Force Academy and Navy once again

Diversity Clubs

Chinese Club & Korean-American Relations Seminar Club:

  • On 26 March, Brigadier General R. Mark Toy took the time to meet with the cadets from the Chinese Club and the Korean-American Relations Seminar
  • BG Toy is the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division
  • BG Toy spoke to the cadets about leadership, finding good men-tors, and some of the different opportunities there are as an officer

National Society of Black Engineers:

  • On 25 March, sixteen cadets from the National Society of Black Engineers traveled to Anaheim, CA, to attend the Annual NSBE Convention
  • While there, the cadets also supported the West Point Society of Los Angeles’ first ever Leadership, Ethics, and Diversity in STEM Conference
  • Also, the cadets got to conduct an offsite visit at NBC Universal Studios, where they were given a tour of the production facility, and did a walk through of one their premier attraction’s design

Military Clubs


  • On 21 March, the West Point Pistol Team traveled to Ft. Benning, GA, to compete in the Scholastic Pistol Pro-gram National Intercollegiate Pistol Championships where they won first place
  • Army dominated the competition from the beginning, winning all four categories: top individual-rimfire, top team-rimfire, top individual-centerfire, and top team-centerfire
  • CDT Jeffery Schanz won the gold medal as the top individual in the rimfire division; he, along with teammates CDT Jack Fagerland, CDT Dillon Schaaf, and CDT Travis Moody, won the rimfire team gold medal
  • CDT Anthony Veith won the individual gold medal in the centerfire division; he, along with teammates CDT Mark Lister, CDT Dashiel Andrews, and CDT Mitchell Booth, won the centerfire team gold medal
  • Competitors may compete for only two years in the rimfire division, and then must move to the centerfire division
  • Army defeated teams from eight other colleges, including Texas A&M, last years National Champion

Religious Clubs

Catholic Chapel Choir:

  • On 24 March, the Cadet Catholic Chapel Choir, led by CDT Gabe Palma, traveled with ten cadets to Washington, D.C., for the second consecutive year to perform at the Chrism Mass for the Archdiocese for the Military Services
  • His Excellency, the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, celebrated the annual Chrism Mass in the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the Shrine of Immaculate Conception
  • The Chrism Mass is held once a year to bless the oils that will be used for Baptisms and other sacraments through-out the coming year at military installations, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, and other locations around the world
  • The Cadets per-formed with the professional choir from the National Basilica and witnessed a liturgy normally re-served for only the clergy of the Diocese
  • In addition, all cadets were hosted at the seminary of the Carmelite Order in Washington, D.C., and had a chance to experience a day in the life of a religious order

DCA Happenings

Upcoming Book Store Book Signings

Bill Quatman, author of A Young General and the Fall of Richmond - 6 April @ 1:30 - 3:30

RET GEN Richard Lynch, author of Adapt or Die - 15 April @ 09:30-11:30

Emma Sky, author of The Unraveling - 16 April @ 09:30 - 11:30

The Book Store supported the War on Ethics Conference held at Jefferson Library on 27 March

Gymnastics Selected to NCAA National Championships

INDIANAPOLIS - Coming off of a thrilling team victory at the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Championships, the Army men's gymnastics team has been selected to compete in the 2015 National Collegiate Men's Gymnastics National Championships.

The national qualifier, which consists of two pre-qualifying sessions, will be conducted April 9 at the Lloyd Noble Center on the campus of the Oklahoma Sooners. Army earns the 12th seed with a national qualifying average of 416.675.

The first pre-qualifying session will consist of No. 2 Stanford, No. 3 Penn State, No. 6 Minnesota, No. 7 California, No. 10 Air Force and No. 11 Nebraska. Session two will follow with No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 4 Michigan, No. 5 Illinois, No. 8 Iowa, No. 9 Ohio State and No. 12 Army. Read More

Women's Tennis Blanks Manhattan

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- The Army women's tennis team improved to 12-8 on the season after blanking Manhattan 7-0 in a non-conference match Wednesday at the Lichtenberg Tennis Center.

"The team played very well today," said head coach Paul Peck. "It was great to see Spindler back in the lineup after being out most of the spring and I was happy with the way she played. Today's success will help bring extra momentum into the weekend."

Eva Sung and Nancy Porter defeated Bricketto and Rosello from Manhattan at No. 1 doubles 8-2. Elle Taylor and Maya Parker teamed together at second doubles to defeat their Jaspers opponents 8-0, while Victoria Falk and Bridget Guenard earned a win at third doubles by forfeit. Read More

Athletic Director's Update, April 1st

Click the Cover to read the entire update.

USMA Athletic Director's Update AD's Update

Baseball Handles Siena in Non-League Matchup

Baseball Handles Siena in Non-League MatchupLOUDONVILLE, N.Y. - A balanced effort propelled the Army baseball team past Siena as the Black Knights cruised to a 7-1 victory over the Saints on Tuesday afternoon at Siena Field. Pitchers Garrison Franklin, Stu Schley and Johnny Griffith combined to hold Siena to five hits, while eight different Army players registered a base hit in the victory.

The win was Army's second in a row and fourth in five tries as the team improved to 14-10 on the season. The result pushed Siena to 4-14 and sent the Saints to their third consecutive loss.

Reigning Patriot League Player of the Week Mark McCants paced the Army offense with a 3-for-4 performance at the plate and the Army outfielder also drove in two runs. Alex Jensen and Griffith also contributed two RBI each, while junior Ben Smith had one RBI and scored two runs, along with rookie Jon Rosoff, who crossed the plate twice. Read More

The February Network Science Center Newsblast Vol 5 Issue 3

Network Science Center NewsblastNetwork Science and Ungoverned Spaces

By Jeffrey Julum
One of Network Science Center’s newest projects is analyzing “ungoverned spaces” through the use of network analysis. There have been several different ways to define ungoverned spaces. One of the more comprehensive ones comes from a 2008 Depart-ment of Defense report. It defines an “ungoverned area” as: “A place where the state or the central government is unable or unwilling to extend control, effectively govern, or influence the local population, and where a provincial, local, tribal, or autonomous govern-ment does not fully or effec-tively govern, due to inade-quate governance capacity, insufficient political will, gaps in legitimacy, the presence of conflict, or restrictive norms of behavior… the term ‘ungoverned areas’ encompasses under-governed, misgoverned, contested, and exploit-able areas as well as ungoverned areas.”

Traditionally, we have tended to ignore un-governed spaces because they were not nearly as important as governments, NGOs, corpora-tions and other large entities on the global play-ing field. However, globalization and rapidly-advancing technologies make ungoverned spaces a rapidly growing threat. Terrorist and criminal groups that were once confined to regional areas with limited technology can now move globally with high technology available on the internet. Read More

Visit the West Point Network Science Center Website and Blog

McCravey & McPeek Earn Patriot League Weekly Honors

McCravey & McPeek Earn Patriot League Weekly HonorsWEST POINT, N.Y. - Army softball claimed two of three Patriot League weekly honors with junior Kasey McCravey and plebe Kristen McPeek named the Corvias Player and Rookie of the Week, respectively, and sophomore Caroline Smith earned honorable mention honors in Monday's announcement by the conference office.

It is the second citation this season for McCravey, a preseason All-Patriot League selection, and first honor for McPeek, who is the second Black Knight to earn rookie honors, joining classmate Hailey Megge.

McCravey, who hit safely in all five games last week, batted .421 (8-for-19) with five of her eight hits going for extra bases with three doubles, a pair of home runs and nine runs batted in as the Black Knights went undefeated. McCravey posted an .895 slugging parentage along with a .522 on-base percentage as Army improved to 12-15 after opening league action sweeping its three game series with Holy Cross. In Army's series with Holy Cross, McCravey hit .385 with five runs batted in and scored twice.

McPeek batted .450 (9-for-20) and drove in six runs as a starter in all five Army games last week, along with batting .500 in the conference sweep of Holy Cross. The right fielder went 5-for-5 and singled home Army's first run in a 2-1 win over Holy Cross (12 innings) in Saturday's opener. Read More

Cook Named Corvias Offensive Player of the Week

Cook Named Corvias Offensive Player of the WeekWEST POINT, N.Y. -- Junior Connor Cook recorded a career-high in goals and points against 20th-ranked Bucknell on Saturday in a 12-4 win and was voted the Corvias Patriot League Offensive Player of the Week on Monday.

Cook tallied a career high in points, netting five goals and two assists in the victory over the Bison. He joins Cole Johnson as offensive player of the week honorees for the Black Knights and is the fifth Army player to earn a weekly honor from the Patriot League. Read More

Kim's Two-Under Paces Army on Day 1 of Seahawk Intercollegiate

Kim's Two-Under Paces Army on Day 1 of Seahawk IntercollegiateWILMINGTON, N.C. -- After the first two rounds at the Seahawk Intercollegiate Tournament, the Army golf team ranks second with Peter Kim leading the way tied for first. As a team, the Black Knights shot a 296-290--586 to place second after 36 holes. They trail the leader Campbell by two strokes.

Kim carded a 72-70--142 on the day. He and No. 6 Lee McCoy of Georgia both shot two-under to tie for first. Dean Sakata (76-72), Marcus Plunkett (74, 74) and Justin Pagila (74-74) all totaled 148 and are tied for 19th. Eric Peng shot a total 155 for 11-over. Story

Softball, Smith & West Gun Down Holy Cross Sunday

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army's softball team completed its three-game series sweep of Holy Cross Sunday as the Black Knights took both ends of a Patriot League doubleheader from the Crusaders at the Army Softball Complex in their conference debut. Kasey McCravey homered, doubled and drove in five runs going 3-for-4, and Caroline Smith scattered six hits in Army's 5-2 defeat of Holy Cross in the opening game.

Kristen West went the distance on a three hitter, struck out three and did not walk a batter, as Army cruised to a 7-1 victory in the nightcap after jumping out to an early 4-0 lead to close out the three-game sweep after the Black Knights won the first game of the series (2-1 in 12 innings) Saturday afternoon.

McCravey smacked a grand slam home run over the fence in left field in the bottom of the fourth inning in the opener that snapped a scoreless deadlock for a 4-0 lead after capitalizing on three hits and a walk in that inning. Read More

Baseball Takes 3 of 4 in Opening League Series

Baseball Takes 3 of 4 in Opening League SeriesLEWISBURG, Pa. - The Army baseball team defeated Lehigh 9-7 in game two of Sunday's doubleheader at Depew Field to split the twinbill and secure a series victory. Lehigh won earlier in the day, 5-2, after the Black Knights won the first two games on Saturday afternoon.

Army's Patriot League record stands at 3-1, while the team improved to 13-10 overall. The loss dropped Lehigh to 1-3 in the conference and 5-16 this season.

As a team, Army pounded out a season-high 16 hits, led by Ryan Levenhagen and Alex Jensen, who each had three hits. Brandon Lee, Ben Smith, Jon Rosoff, Stu Schley and Johnny Griffith each contributed two hits apiece. Lee drove in two, while Jensen and Schley each scored twice. Read More

Second Half Scoring Men's Rugby to 41-24 Win Over Navy

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Second half dominance and a late scoring onslaught propelled the fifth-ranked Black Knights to a 41-24 victory over service academy rival Navy on the snow covered turf of Anderson Rugby Complex. Jake Banarhall recorded three tries for the Black Knights in the second half to help secure the victory as Army posted 36 second half points.

"It was a typical Army-Navy game and they were in every bit of it," said head coach Mike Mahan. "In the second half the guys just decided they were going to put their foot on the gas and not let up. It was just an awesome second half and they did a great job." Army got on the board first with captain Collum Magee setting the pace, recording a diving try in the 17th minute to put the Black Knights up by a score of 5-0.

Navy took the 7-5 advantage in the 30th minute with a try and successful conversion and the Black Knights headed into the break with a two-point deficit. Andy Sullivan swung the momentum back in favor of the Black Knights when he posted a try in the 41st minute. Dan Myers connected on the kick to put Army up by a mark of 12-7. Read More

Dean's Weekly, March 27th

Center for Enhanced Performance

The Center for Enhanced Performance Host Guest Lecture. On 2 March Dr Mark McLaughlin, medical director of the Princeton Brain and Spine Center, presented “A Neurosurgeon’s Take on Applied Sport Psychology” to the CEP’s PL360 Psychology of Elite Performance class. Dr McLaughlin provided insights on concentration, precision, and execution from his 30 years of experience as a neurosurgeon. The presentation included demonstrations of three neurosurgery instruments used in the case studies which Dr McLaughlin presented. This guest lecture highlighted how the mental skills taught to cadets through the CEP’s Performance Enhancement Program were utilized by a world-class medical professional.
Dr. McLaughlin addressed the Army Wrestling team as they prepared to compete in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) tournament on 6 and 7 March. Dr McLaughlin, a 1987 EIWA champion, shared with the wrestlers his own victory story and reminded each competitor that they all had the opportunity to write their own success stories in the coming days.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical Engineering Major Publishes and Presents Paper. CDT Dylan Smith recently presented and published a paper titled “Automated Demand Response of Thermal Load with a Photovoltaic Source for Military Microgrids” at the 2015 Clemson University Power Systems Conference on March 11th. He presented his paper to a well attended session on renewable energy topics. Additionally, Dylan entered into the student paper contest and was awarded first prize.

Department of English and Philosophy

Dar Williams leads discussion on creativity with Creative Writing and Jazz Forums. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Dar Williams visited Cadets from the Cadet Fine Arts Forum Jazz and Creative Writing clubs. Her discussion focused on the creative processes in poetry and songwriting. After fielding a number of questions from the Cadets, Dar Williams played a small concert showcasing some her most famous songs. Dar is a neighbor to West Point and lives in nearby Cold Spring, NY. After her visit to West Point, Dar shared on her Facebook page that “Soldiers' narratives have been invaluable to our country's understanding of the real world and the real challenges our fellow citizens face overseas and as veterans.” We look forward to a future return visit.

Elsie Sans Pinnell Art Appreciation forum visits Commandant’s house for Art Discussion. BG and Mrs. Thompson graciously hosted 25 Cadets of the Art Appreciation Forum for lunch and a discussion about the importance of art at Quarters 101. BG Thompson personally invited the West Point Museum curator, Ms. Marlana Cook, to guide the Cadets past the various artworks placed throughout the historic quarters. BG Thompson also took the time to share personal works of art from his own collection, and explained to the Cadets how art has shaped his own life and experiences in the Army.

Defense & Strategic Studies Program

Over spring break, the Defense & Strategic Studies program conducted a multi-disciplinary staff ride to Germany. The 16 participating cadets were chosen from several different majors across the academy and included DSS, GENE, History, DFL (German), and one Grand Strategy Minor. The staff ride took a broad approach and covered multiple time periods in German history ranging from Frederick the Great through the Cold War. The 10 day trip included stops at the Jena-Auerstaedt battlefield, Jena, Weimar, Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Berlin, Dresden, the German Army Officer School in Dresden, and an official visit to the U.S. Embassy.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

EV203 Terrain Walk. The terrain walk showcases real examples of geomorphology at work on West Point to include faults, chemical and mechanical weathering and biological processes. Cadets were also familiarized with the various rock types found within West Point’s landscape and were presented a geologic overview of West Point, Storm King Mountain and the surrounding areas. Terrain walks are one of the many practical exercises in EV203 which help reinforce geographic concepts and offer cadets an opportunity to explore connections in the physical and human environment.

Trip Section – EV379 Photogrammetry. The EV379 Photogrammetry class toured Keystone Aerial Survey Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. Cadets toured the facility in small groups to see firsthand all aspects of conducting aerial survey operations including traditional black and white film photography to aerial laser scanning. Keystone is one of a few very successful US aerial survey firms. A highlight of their business is collecting nation-wide aerial photographs for Bing Maps. Cadet tour included camera operations and mounting in the aircraft, flight mission planning, post-process production, flight simulation, and UAV familiarization.

Department of Law

US District Court Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon visited with cadets in the Advanced Constitutional Law seminar. Chief Judge Amon, who presides at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, was appointed to the bench in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. She discussed government searches and seizures under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. The seminar is taught by Department of Law Asst. Professor and Constitutional Law Chair, Tony DiSarro.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

On Tuesday, 10 March, LTG Caslen taught a class for all sections of PL479: Leading Organizations through Change. He shared his Strategic Plan with cadets and spoke of his own experience in leading change at West Point. The cadets were very impressed and especially so since the SUPE had volunteered to come to teach that session. LTG Caslen's approach demonstrated in practical terms the course concepts we have been studying all semester.

Eight cadets and two officers had the opportunity to learn from our country’s current and future business leaders over the weekend from 8 - 10 March. Cadets from the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department’s Black and Gold Leadership forum, under the guidance of MAJs Brian Montgomery and Mike Rybacki, traveled to New York City for a series of discussions and interactions with business leaders. The mission of the Black & Gold Leadership Forum is to build stronger leaders for our Army by providing Cadets the opportunity to engage with prominent leaders and leadership thinkers from all walks of life. The trip began with a visit to the 9/11 Museum. Afterwards, the cadets engaged in a character leadership discussion with the Honorable Richard Greco Jr. (former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Finance, White House Fellow, and CEO of Filangeri Capital). Next, the forum interacted with various leaders from the banking industry. The cadets enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with USMA graduates from the Classes of 2004, 2005, and 2007 while visiting Barclays and Credit Suisse. In addition to the USMA graduates at the banks, they interacted and discussed leadership with Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, and Senior Associates who provided unique contextual leadership lessons from the banks senior levels. On the final day of the trip, the cadets engaged in a question and answer session with the Strategy Division of transportation startup named Railex. The cadets who participated in the trip to New York City had an incredible opportunity to sit down with various leaders and discuss the importance of effective leadership in many different environments. The members of the Black & Gold Leadership Forum returned to West Point acknowledging the importance of having educated and character driven officers to lead Soldiers in today’s Army.

Dr. Jason Moss and Mr. Rodney Long from the Army Research Laboratory--Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED) in Orlando, FL visited PL488E to work with cadets on Distributed Learning Systems. Cadets assessed the usability and training potential of 4 systems including 1) Playbook, a Rapid Authoring Tool to Promote Social Learning of Small Unit Observations, 2) an ARES Sand table for war-gaming, 3) a Social Media Framework system and 4) Milsuite, a military version of Facebook and Youtube.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

K’NEXercise – Building Construction Managers! Cadets enrolled in CE450, Construction Management, competed in the K’NEXercise on Wednesday, 11 March 2015. The competition requires teams of cadets to prepare estimates, bids, and construction schedules, and then execute the construction of the awarded project using rapid setting concrete and K’NEX components. The cadets complete the project by preparing a claim for the courts to hear to resolve issues that cost the team time and money on the day of construction. The winning teams in the Tower, Bridge and Hall projects were led by Cadets AR Al-Hanzab, Andy Wing, and Jake Tyer, respectively.

2015 USMA Civil and Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board Meetings. On Friday, 6 March 2015, the Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering hosted its annual Civil and Mechanical Engineering ABET Advisory Boards. These boards were established and are maintained as a requirement for the CE and ME Programs’ ABET accreditation. Distinguished practitioners representing the constituencies of the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Programs, external academic institutions, and senior Army and government officials attended the meetings to advise and assist the two programs. The board members met with focus groups of cadets and faculty members, considered various issues presented to them, and provided feedback to the CME Department leadership.

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • During the week of 13-22 March, the West Point Triathlon Team traveled to Scottsdale, AZ, to conduct their annual training trip in preparation for the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals in April
  • The week was an outstanding success with each athlete completing between 300 and 400 total miles of swimming, cycling, and running in the Arizona sun
  • This was the largest total mileage and most comprehensive spring train-up the team has ever done
  • Each session was supervised by the team’s elite coaching staff of Coach Ian O’brien and Assistant Coach Amy Maxwell, from Tri-Origin coaching; Coach O’brien is also the coach of Team USA members aspiring to make the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero
  • While in Scottsdale, the team also enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Preston Miller (USMA ‘68), who provided logistical support for the team’s trip and hosted the team for dinner
  • This build-up week will provide the West Point team with the necessary skills and training to crush the competition and, once again, decisively beat Navy at USAT Nationals


  • On 21-22 March, the West Point Orienteering Team traveled to Media, PA, to race in the US Intercollegiate Championships
  • The event featured a classic course on both Saturday and Sunday, which were made difficult by the sudden snowfall in the area on the Friday preceding the races
  • West Point cadets faced skilled competitors from Rochester University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Texas, and Harvard University
  • The USMA Orienteering Team came out on top, finishing in first place for the 13th consecutive time at the Inter-collegiate level
  • CDT John Hensley Williams (‘15) placed first overall in the individual men’s category, and CDT Hans Sitarz (‘17) placed third; CDT Jessica Johnson (‘18) placed first overall in the individual women’s races; CDT James O’Keefe (‘15) won the men’s race on Sunday


  • From 14-22 March, Army Crew conducted spring training operations on Hartwell Lake, SC
  • All teams conducted rigorous morning and afternoon practices, accelerating their preparation for the spring sprint season
  • The week culminated in a joint scrimmage against another collegiate program, also at Clemson for spring training
  • The Varsity and Novice Men dominated in the 5x5-minute races, defeating a much larger, national-level Purdue program and local rival, Marist University, an NCAA/Corps-Squad equivalent program
  • The women’s team provided a strong challenge to the same schools, finishing only seconds behind the two programs, but showed much improvement compared to previous years
  • For the first time since 2004, the entire team con-ducted spring training in the same location, with a mis-soon of developing team unity, pride, and respect for one-another, with a vision of building “one team of significance, worthy to win.”


  • On 20 –23 March, four members from the West Point Equestrian team traveled to Grand Oaks Resort in Lady Lake, FL, and had the privilege of participating in the Western Semi Finals
  • The West Point riders did an amazing job; CDT Alexandra Vinson put in a superb ride on the horse Fergie, and CDT Crystel Calderon rode the horse Zoey in the first heat
  • CDT Calderon was called back for the final, due to her spectacular ride
  • The two riders did an amazing job riding against other competitors from top Western schools throughout the country; unfortunately, none of the cadets qualified for the Western Divisions of the National Championships
  • The members of the team had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the driving horses used in the film, “The Hunger Games”; also, the team members got to see the home of the original Budwiser Clydesdale's, Bud and Weiser
  • This coming up weekend is another regional championship, and the team is hoping to qualify riders for zone championships

Support Clubs

Glee Club:

  • During Spring Break, the Glee Club performed at several venues on the West Coast
  • The 66 cadets and four staff traveled with three members of the USMA Band
  • The club kicked the tour off with a flash-mob in the Los Angeles International Airport; with the help of Delta Airlines and the Bob Hope USO, the club surprised the travelers in Terminal 5 with a spontaneous rendition of Phillip Phil-lips’ Gone, Gone, Gone, and a medley of armed forces service songs
  • The following day, the Glee Club supported the West Point Society of Los Angeles in their Founders Day celebration at the Ronal Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley
  • Before an audience of 400 people, the Club performed traditional West Point and Army songs, as well as contemporary works; the cadets then en-joyed the opportunity to visit the library’s extensive museum
  • Later that evening, the Club gathered in Newhall, a small historic town north of Los Angeles; in the Canyon Theater, the Club presented a 90-minute public concert, incorporating the full Spring Break repertoire in front of 300 concert-goers
  • The following day, the Club enjoyed a well-deserved day off, and got to sample much of what Los Angeles has to offer
  • On Tuesday, the Club gave two 55-minute performances to the students at North Valley Military Institute in Granada Hills; NVMI, a State of California charter school, provides quality, college-prep education to predominately under-privileged students
  • After each concert, the cadets spent time talking with the students and faculty, answering questions about West Point and military service
  • Later that day, the Club performed at the Trinity Classical Academy in Valencia
  • One of the greatest developmental opportunities of the trip came on Thursday, 19 March, when the Glee Club got to participate in an extended recording session with Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Company
  • Skywalker Sound is a multi-Grammy Award winning recording studio and post-production sound firm responsible for countless movie soundtracks and albums
  • Throughout the day, the cadets completed nearly 40 takes on four different musical selections and enjoyed the opportunity to work with some of the best audio and video production professionals in the business
  • The club came away with four great recordings and countless hours of video and interviews
  • Following the success at Skywalker, the Glee Club boarded buses to continue the tour to Portland, OR; there they performed at the Tiger Woods Pavilion at the Nike Global Headquarters in Beaverton
  • In front of an audience of nearly 600, the Club presented a 90-minute concert that combined traditional West Point and military songs, popular pieces, and contemporary works


  • From 16-20 March, the West Point Parachute Team conducted Jump Orientations in Raeford, NC; the team completed over 500 jumps during this time frame
  • The Class of 2018 cadets all completed their tandem jumps, as well as all of the necessary two-instructor accelerated free-fall jumps with help from the USASOC Black Daggers and the ATEC Test Board; the Class of 2018 are in position to complete their A-License requirements for this semester
  • The upper-class teammates continued to train in advanced skydiving practices
  • The Class of 2017 4-way team, took flight for the first time with help and assisted coaching from the Gold Knights
  • The VFS (Vertical Free-Style) Team consisting of the Class of 2017 completed their first jumps together
  • Some members of the Class of 2015 and 2016 completed their camera progression; most of the necessary coach rating validation jumps were completed
  • The team was also given the opportunity to hear from several inspirational warriors in the Special Forces branch as well

Academic Clubs


  • On 19 March, the Army Debate Team traveled to Wichita, KS, to compete in the Cross Examination De-bate Association National Tournament at Wichita State University
  • CDTs Michael Barlow and Quanzy Caston became the first Army team in eight years to advance to the round of 32 (out of 116 teams)
  • Additionally, in their final debate tournament of their careers, CDTs Ryan McGovern and Aaron Spikol were selected as Academic All-American Debaters (two of the top twenty selected in the country this year) for their excellence at debate and in the class room

Model UN:

  • From 14-20 March, eight cadets from the USMA Model UN Team competed at the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference in Seoul, South Korea
  • This conference brings together students from over one hundred countries from around the world to compete in over thirty committees, ranging from the World Health Organization to the Special Summit on the Stability of South Sudan
  • Throughout the week, cadets from the team were able to engage in fierce debates as well as experience both the culture of the ROK, and that of those students with whom they competed
  • Overall, the conference served as both a developmental experience in public speaking, and an exercise in good civil-military relations
  • On aggregate points, the USMA Model UN Team ranked second in the world in the Small Delegation Category, marking the academy’s continued position at the top of the world rankings and excellent competitive ability on the Model UN Circuit
  • The following cadets were recognized with individual “gavels”, or delegate awards in their committees: CDT Megan McNulty (‘16), CDT Jesse Nelson (‘16), CDT Jack Bagdadi (‘17), CDT Sneha Singh (‘17), and CDT Brittany Scofield (‘18)
  • The following cadets were also integral to the success of the team: CDT Patrick Beauregard (‘15), CDT Ezra Engel (‘17), and CDT Christine Sidhu (‘18)

German Language:

  • During the week of 13-21 March, the DFL’s German Language section sponsored a Spring Immersion in Germany
  • CPT Brown, German Instructor, was the trip OIC and escorted nine USMA cadets through southern Germany
  • The trip consisted of five days in Stuttgart, one day in Munich, and one day in Garmisch
  • While in Munich, the cadets received a tour of the German Armed Forces University; while in Garmisch they received a tour of the George C. Marshall Center, European Center for Security Studies

DCA Happenings

Cadet Programs

Plebe Parent Weekend 2015

A successful Plebe Parent Banquet, receiving lines, and hop were con-ducted on 14 March; 3400 cadets and guests attended.

Book signings for Plebe Parent Weekend on 13 March and 14 March 2015 include: Elaine Lowry Brye, author of Be Safe, Love Mom.

And Roger Miller, photojournalist of West Point: An Inside Look at the Long Gray Line.

Upcoming Book Store Book Signings

  • Bill Quatman, author of A Young General and the Fall of Richmond - 6 April @ 1330 - 1530
  • RET GEN Richard Lynch, author of Adapt or Die - 15 April @ 0930-1130
  • Emma Sky, author of The Unraveling - 16 April @ 0930 - 1130
Athletic Director's Update, March 25th

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USMA Athletic Director's Update AD's Update

Kelsey Minato Named to WBCA All-Region Squad

ATLANTA, Ga. - Army junior guard Kelsey Minato was one of 12 players selected to the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) All-Region 1 Team, the organization announced Wednesday.

Minato becomes the first player in team history to earn the WBCA All-Region honor and joins a group of 52 candidates across eight regions that will be considered for the 2015 WBCA Division I Coaches' All-America Team. The All-America Team will consist of 10 players and will be announced on April 4 during the NCAA Women's Final Four weekend in Tampa, Fla.

A native of Huntington Beach, Calif., Minato currently ranks eighth nationally in both scoring average (22.3 points per game) and free throw percentage (90.3). She finished the year as the Patriot League's leading scorer and second-leading free throw shooter. Read More

Gymnastics Visits WWII Veteran on Spring Break Trip

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army gymnastics team traveled to West Palm Beach, Fla., over spring break in preparation for the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Championships. During the trip, members of the team took advantage of the opportunity to visit the home of Retired Army Brig. Gen. Albin Irzyk, a World War II veteran and West Palm Beach native.

"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and learn from a combat leader who worked for General Patton," said captain Alex Ganz.

Irzyk fought five campaigns in Europe as a 27-28 year old Tank Battalion Commander in the Fourth Armored Division, which spearheaded Gen. Patton's Third Army across much of Europe. He was wounded twice and received the nation's second highest decoration, the Distinguished Service Cross, for extraordinary heroism. The team visited Irzyk on March 17 and it was not lost on them that almost exactly 70 years earlier, on 18 March 1945, then Colonel Irzyk earned the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC). Full Story »

Somers, Schultz Take Home Weekly Honors

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army men's lacrosse defensive unit was rewarded on Monday by the Patriot League as junior Austin Schultz and senior Sam Somers earned Patriot League weekly accolades. Schultz was named Patriot League Defensive Player of the Week for the second time, while Somers garnered goalie of the week honors for the first time this season after holding Lehigh to five goals on 35 shots faced.

Schultz helped lead the Army defense in controlling Lehigh's top scorer in Dan Taylor. He came into Saturday's game as the league-leader in points per game at over four points per contest. Schultz held him to only one goal and allowed him only five shots total on the day. Schultz caused one turnover and scooped up two ground balls in the win and was part of a man-down unit that stopped the Mountain Hawks on 4-of-5 chances with the extra man, including two chances in the final minutes.

Somers earned his 20th career win on Saturday and his sixth of the year. He recorded eight saves, including three in the first and fourth quarters. He single-handily saved the game in the final two minutes against Lehigh, while the Mountain Hawks were on the man up. He stopped one shot with his shin and then stoned a wide-open Lehigh attacker that was at the top of the crease. Read More

Men's Tennis Remains Unbeaten in PL Action

Men's Tennis Remains Unbeaten in PL ActionWEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army men's tennis team finished with a 2-0 record on Sunday following a 4-0 win over Lafayette in a Patriot League match at Lichtenberg Tennis Center. The Black Knights also posted a 4-0 victory against Loyola earlier in the day. Army earns its third straight win to improve to 12-8 overall and 3-0 in the Patriot League, while Lafayette moves to 5-6 and 1-2. Army's win marks its 16th straight in the regular season against Patriot League opponents, dating back two years to March 22, 2013.

Junior Austin McCasin and sophomore Kyle Barnes played at the top doubles position for the second time this season and defeated Lafayette's Jake Lazer and Brian Pinkard, 8-5, to collect their team-best 20th doubles win of the year. Junior Harrison McCormick was joined by sophomore Grant Reichmann in registering a 6-4 win at No. 2 doubles, while senior Peter Sienko and freshman Michael Sienko notched an 8-2 victory at the No. 3 flight. Read More

Army Picks up Two Conference Wins

Army Picks up Two Conference WinsWEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army women's tennis team picked up two wins Sunday at the Lichtenberg Tennis Center. The Black Knights improved to 10-8 overall and 3-0 in conference play after defeating Loyola 4-1 and Lafayette 4-0.

Against the Greyhounds, Army swept in doubles to pick up the overall team point. Eva Sung and Hannah Dahlem teamed together to defeat their Loyola opponents 8-1 at first doubles. Carolyn Pitman and Julian Mok clinched an 8-1 victory at the No. 2 position, while the duo of Maya Parker and Elle Taylor won 8-4 at third doubles.

The Black Knights clinched the match with three wins in singles. Sung defeated Lanciano of Loyola at the No. 2 position, 6-4, 6-3. Nancy Porter earned a 6-2, 6-4 victory in fifth singles for Army and Mok won at sixth singles in three sets, 6-4, 3-6, 6-2. Read More

#18 Black Knights Hold Off Lehigh

#18 Black Knights Hold Off LehighBETHLEHEM, Pa. - The 18th-ranked Army men's lacrosse team had a 6-3 lead at the end of three quarters and thanks to great defense down the stretch the Black Knights held off a late charge from Lehigh to earn a 7-5 win in Patriot League action on Saturday at Ulrich Sports Complex.

Army (6-3, 2-2 PL) got two goals apiece from Cole Johnson and Jimbo Moore, while John Glesener and Connor Cook tallied two points as each had a goal and an assist. Sam Somers finished with eight saves and had two huge stops in the final minutes to preserve the win. Both stops came during a man-up situation. Dan Grabher had his best performance of the season so far with 11 wins at the faceoff "x" in 16 chances.

The Black Knights came out with a purpose and gained a 3-1 lead at the end of the first quarter. Johnson had two of the three goals in the opening period and Littlejohn tallied his sixth of the year. Johnson netted his second of the day with a great move from behind the net and beat Sawicki on a diving shot. Lehigh got its goal from Kaunas, which tied the game at 1-1 early in the contest. Read More

Army Claims Four Leaf Tournament Title, Blanking Five Opponents

Army Claims Four Leaf Tournament Title, Blanking Five OpponentsNEW YORK, N.Y. - The Army men's rugby team posted a dominant performance in the 12th Annual Four Leaf Tournament, claiming the tournament title with five victories. Army blanked each of its five opponents, earning wins over Seton Hall, Loyola, American, Fairfield and Stony Brook. Army kicked off the morning with a contest against Seton Hall, earning the 37-0 victory on the snow covered fields of Randall's Island.

Andrew Yoon kicked off the scoring with a try in the early minutes of the first half, putting the Black Knights up by a score of 5-0. Ben Lemon made it 10-0 just a few minutes later with his first try of the season. Captain Collum Magee put the Black Knights on top by a mark of 15-0, sending his team into the break with the commanding advantage.

In the second half, Donald Goff posted a try and Dan Myers succeeded on the conversion to put Army up by a score of 22-0. He was followed by scores from Greg Walker and Ryan Manion, earning the Black Knights the 32-0 advantage. Read More

Pham, Zaremba Earn Atlantic Hockey Postseason Awards

Pham, Zaremba Earn Atlantic Hockey Postseason AwardsROCHESTER, N.Y. - Rookie Tyler Pham led Atlantic Hockey in points among first year skaters and was named the league's Rookie of the Year, while Zak Zaremba was the recipient of the Sportsmanship Award as the postseason honors were awarded on Thursday night. Pham finished the year with a team high 29 points on nine goals and 20 assists. The forward led the team with five multi-point games with his best outing coming against Mercyhurst on Nov. 8 with a season high four points on two goals and two assists. He skated in the next game and put up a season-best three assists against Holy Cross on Nov. 14 in an overtime victory.

He started his career on a four-game point streak and had a team long five-game streak in the middle of the season, highlighted by a three-point night against AIC with all of the points coming in the first period. He was dynamite down the stretch with eight points in his last nine games and had two multi-point games. He had a two-assist night against Canisius in a 2-1 win on the road and then had a goal and an assist at home on Senior Night to help the Black Knights to a 5-1 victory. Read More

Two Army Wrestlers Advance to Friday at NCAA Championships

Two Army Wrestlers Advance to Friday at NCAA ChampionshipsST. LOUIS, Mo. - A pair of Army wrestlers will advance to the second day of competition at the NCAA Championships, as senior Cole Gracey (165 pounds) and junior Brian Harvey (174) each finished 1-1 during Sessions I and II on Thursday at Scottrade Center.

Seeded 14th in the 165 bracket, Gracey posted a 9-5 victory over Cal State-Bakersfield's Adam Fierro in the first round before falling in a narrow 9-6 setback to third-seeded Isaac Jordan from Wisconsin in the second round. Gracey will face Oklahoma's Clark Glass in a second round consolation match to begin the day on Friday.

Harvey dropped his opening match, with an 11-9 loss to sixth-seeded Logan Storely from Minnesota. Harvey rallied back in a 174 consolation match, defeating Rider's Ryan Wolfe by major decision, 12-3. The junior will continue his tournament Friday against fifth-seeded Blaise Butler from Virginia in the second round consolation at the 174 weight class. Read More

Athletic Director's Update, March 18th

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AD's Update

Army Honored At Yankees Spring Training Center

Army Honored At Yankees Spring Training CenterTAMPA, Fla. - The Army women's softball team was recognized on George Steinbrenner Field at the New York Yankees Spring Training Center in Tampa Tuesday evening during the singing of God Bless America in the middle of the seventh inning of the game with Toronto.

On the way off the field, Yankee manager Joe Girardi was shaking the players hand and thanking them for their service. Fans stood and honored the players as well and many came over to thank them personally or talk.

It was an exciting evening for head coach Michelle DePolo, her staff and players as a representative of the Yankees greeted them upon their arrival at the game and took them to their seats. Full Story »

Army Men Sweep Duals at Anteater Four-Way

Army Men Sweep Duals at Anteater Four-WayIRVINE, Calif. - The Army men's track & field squad kicked off the outdoor season with a trio of dual scoring victories over Cerritos, Long Beach State and UC Irvine in the Anteater Four-Way hosted by UC Irvine on Saturday. Army defeated Cerritos by a score of 103-75, Long Beach State by a score of 92-75 and UC Irvine by a mark of 92-68.

"The early season meets are really good training opportunities as we work through heavy training loads, nonetheless the scoreboard matters and we intend to have a complete team. Our depth was good today and we were able to score in almost every event and that helped us score more points than our opponents."

In the 100m dash, Jose Santana led the way with a first place finish time of 10.80. He was followed by Patrick Taylor's second place time of 11.12 and Kenner Broullire's fourth-place mark of 11.21. Read More

Women's Track Claims Two Dual Victories at Anteater Four-Way

Women's Track Claims Two Dual Victories at Anteater Four-WayIRVINE, Calif. - The Army women's track & field squad kicked off the outdoor season with a pair of dual scoring victories over Cerritos and Long Beach State in the Anteater Four-Way hosted by UC Irvine on Saturday.

Army defeated Cerritos by a score of 94-69 and Long Beach State by a score of 86-79. They dropped the dual with host UC Irvine by a score of 86-85.

"Our intent in scheduling our spring break this year was to prioritize good weather and good competition," said head coach Mike Smith. "We have great weather here with light winds, warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine so we can't complain after being forced inside all weekend. Read More

Commandant Delivers Founders Day Address

West Point celebrated the annual Founders Day Dinner March 5 at the Mess Hall with Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. John C. Thomson III as guest speaker.

“Tonight is one that we should think about what constitutes the foundation of the Academy,” Thomson said. “I argue that as much as a piece of parchment signed by President Jefferson, this institution is founded by its graduates. From the first graduating class made up of Joseph Swift and Simon Levy, ‘through the years of two centuries told,’ West Point’s graduates have poured a foundation of service and sacrifice for us to continue the tradition of ‘Duty, Honor, Country.’”

“Our 1,944th graduate, a native of Delafield, Wisconsin lived up to his Class Motto “Per Angusta, Ad Augusta,” Thomson said. “Two years and one week after graduating, he and other members of the June Class of 1861 played vital roles in the Battle of Gettysburg. On the battle’s second day, their class valedictorian, Patrick O’Rourke made the ultimate sacrifice while leading a charge just in the nick of time on Little Round Top.”

Thomson explained that on the third day, the class goat, George Armstrong Custer, commanded a cavalry charge that broke up a Confederate flank attack under Jeb Stuart.

“That same afternoon, Cullum number 1,944, Alonzo Cushing, found himself commanding an artillery battery consisting of six three-inch ordnance rifled cannons at what some argue was the most decisive point at this critical battle of the Civil War,” he said.

Cullum number 60,574 from the Class of 2004 commanded Special Forces Operation Detachment Alpha 3132 in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan.

“His team was called on to serve as a quick reaction force after enemy fighters breached the walls of a coalition military compound,” Thomson said. “He led his men in two vehicles toward the attack, where two vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices had torn through the base perimeter. Continually exposed to enemy fire, he coordinated efforts to defeat the withering attack and was credited with saving multiple friendly lives.”

Will Eberle became the third USMA graduate since Vietnam to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Full Story »

Story and photo courtesy of Kathy Eastwood Pointer View

Staff SGT Jeremy Gaynor Competes on The Voice

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Weeks after performing on NBC's The Voice, Staff SGT Jeremy Gaynor (Lead male vocalist of the West Point Band) relives those few nerve-wracking moments. "I was just so ready to perform and sing to the back of the chairs, it was amazing," said Gaynor. He impressed all four judges, who turned their chairs around showing interest in him. And with production now on break, Gaynor said he's back where it all started.

With his West Point Band at the United States Military Academy Friday, Gaynor said it was his commander here that encouraged him to audition for the show. "I saw it as an opportunity to tell the Army story. I went up and auditioned and it's just became an amazing journey from there," said Gaynor. Gaynor has been in the Army since 2009 and said he started singing when he was a child. In 2010, he started performing with the Army Entertainment Detachment in Kentucky - eventually landing with the West Point Band as lead male vocalist in 2013. Read More

Lindner Collects Pair Of Honors

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army second baseman Kris Lindner picked up a pair of honors after leading the baseball team to a three-game sweep of the University of Massachusetts last weekend. Lindner was named the Corvias Patriot League Player of the Week and the Army Athletic Association Athlete of the Week after posting hits and scoring at least one run in all three victories.

A sophomore from Morehead, N.C., Lindner, went 5-for-9 over the weekend with five runs scored. He scored three times and had two hits in a 9-2 win, scored the winning run in a 2-1 victory on Sunday and added another single in a 5-2 triumph. Story

Army Hustles To Sweep Of Minutemen

TAMPA, Fla. - Jacob Page knocked in a run and Kris Lindner hustled for another as Army swept a three-game series with the University of Massachusetts with a 2-1 victory, Sunday at Jesuit High School. Army took both games of the doubleheader on Saturday and swept the series on Sunday.

The Black Knights won their fourth consecutive game and improved to 9-4 overall and 3-0 on their spring training trip to Florida. Lindner had two of Army's four hits and helped Army to its 10th straight win over UMass.

Julian Larimer started on the mound for Army and threw six innings, allowed five hits and one run. He struck out six and walked one. Justin French threw a scoreless seventh inning. Matt Ball struck out a pair in the eighth and one in the ninth and earned his first career save. French collected the victory, his first of the season. Read More

New USMA Barracks Named for Benjamin O. Davis Jr.

WEST POINT, N.Y. –– The newest cadet barracks, expected to be completed in late 2016, at the U.S. Military Academy, will be named in honor of Gen. Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr., Class of 1936.

“General Benjamin O. Davis Jr., epitomizes the essence of character and honorable living we strive to inspire in every cadet at West Point,” said Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, superintendent. “It is particularly fitting that today, on the 213th anniversary of the founding of the academy, that we make this announcement and pay tribute to his demonstrated acts of perseverance, courage and humility throughout a lifetime of selfless service to the nation,” continued Caslen.

Davis was a pioneer of his time. Despite being “silenced” during his four years at West Point, where no cadets, faculty or staff members befriended or spoke to him except on an official basis, he persevered to become the fourth African-American to graduate from West Point and the first in the 20th century graduating 35th in his class that numbered 276. His ambition was to enter into aviation but due to segregation, he would wait until 1941 to be accepted as one of the first Tuskegee Airmen, earning aviation wings one year later. During World War II, as a lieutenant colonel, he commanded the 99th Pursuit Squadron flying P-40 Warhawks. Following promotion to the rank of colonel, Davis assumed command of the 332nd Fighter Group known as the legendary “Red Tails” flying P-51 Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbolts. Under his leadership, the unit was commended for its outstanding combat record and was held in such high regard for their discipline and performance that they were sought by bomber crews to escort the most dangerous missions over Germany. Davis was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal for meritorious service and gallantry. It was his continued obsession with flight that led him to transfer from the Army to the U.S. Air Force in 1947 when the new service was established. There he led the development of policy improvements for ethnic integration in 1948 and spent the next two decades as a prominent leader in the Air Force focused on ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for all. After commanding the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, in Korea, he held various command and staff positions before culminating his service time as a lieutenant general and the 13th Air Force commander, Clark Air Base, Philippines. This West Point graduate internalized Army values with a persistent sense of duty and resilience and became a leading innovator behind the development of the modern Air Force.

After Davis retired in 1970, he continued to serve with distinction and was appointed deputy secretary of the Department of Transportation. In 1995 he was awarded the Distinguished Graduate Award by the U.S. Military Academy’s Association of Graduates.

Davis’ final promotion to general (four stars), U.S. Air Force, occurred on December 9, 1998, in the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C. There while addressing the original surviving Tuskegee Airmen, President Bill Clinton said, “To all of us, General Davis, you are the very embodiment of the principle that from diversity we can build an even stronger unity and that in diversity we can find the strength to prevail and advance. If we follow your example, America will always be strong, growing stronger. We will always be a leader for democracy, opportunity, and peace. We will be able to fulfill the promise of our founders, to be a nation of equal rights and dignity for all, whose citizens pledge to each other our lives, our fortune, our sacred honor, in pursuit of that more perfect Union.”

Davis passed in 2002 at the age of 89.

A formal dedication ceremony will be determined at a future date.

Dean's Weekly, March 13th

Department of Law

On 3-4 March, the Center for the Rule of Law (Department of Law) and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Department of History) co-sponsored a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Twenty five cadets traveled to Washington D.C. where they toured the museum and met with scholars. Presentations included talks on the camp system, the surprising "independence" of the German judicial system, and presentations from the Museum's senior historian and the current Atrocity Prevention and Response Advisor. The trip was capped off with a talk by Henry Greenbaum who survived years in ghettos, work camps, and Auschwitz before being liberated by the U.S. Army.

Department of Foreign Languages

Russian: Cadets studying intermediate and advanced Russian were recently given a lecture entitled "Military Conflict and Patriotism as Represented in Music: Analysis of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture" presented by SSG Anna Pennington of the USMA Band. The lecture included a performance of the Overture conducted by the Band's 1LT Theriot. SSG Pennington analyzed Tchaikovsky's famed overture, explaining the cultural importance of each portion of the music, and why it is so widely heard in the United States during our Independence Day celebrations.

Arabic Language Club: “In honor of International Women’s Day, the Arabic Language Club helped facilitate a “Women’s Majlis” (النساء مجلس ) to discuss what it's like for women - and women officers - living and working as professionals in the Middle East. A group of thirteen cadets gathered in the home of Mrs. Carolyn Clark, SOSH Professor and U.S. Foreign Service Officer, to partake in tea, coffee, and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, while talking with USMA professors and USMA spouses who have worked in the Middle East in both officer and civilian capacities. Mrs. Clark (SOSH), LTC Hailey Clancey (Chemistry), Mrs. Stephanie Irani-Tehrani (Farsi), along with Mrs. Mary Ann Ebner and Mrs. Mai Attiya offered their perspectives and answered questions.”

Department of Systems Engineering

Capstone team and Instructors attend the MORS Education and Professional Development Colloquium at George Mason University. CDTs Samantha Dorminey and Daniel Lasche (Dr. Kwinn's capstone) traveled to the MORS Education and Professional Development Colloquium held at George Mason University. The cadets had the opportunity to present their capstone project to an audience consisting of OR professionals and students from other schools, including Navy, Air Force, the Citadel, and VMI. The cadets also had the opportunity to compete in the annual Rosenthal Competition, and CDT Dorminey was a member of the winning team, which also included students from Navy, Air Force, and VMI. Pictures attached of the cadets presenting their work, and of CDT Dorminey receiving her award from the President of MORS, Dr. Rafael Matos.

DSE Professor speaks at MD Anderson Cancer Center. On 9 March, the staff and faculty at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston invited Dr. Mike Kwinn to give a parent's perspective on the journey and the impact of losing a child to a brain tumor. Dr. Kwinn's presentation, titled "14 Months with Michael: And the Rest of my Life without Him," focused on the devastating effects of pediatric brain tumors, his son's development of The Friends4Michael Foundation and how these researchers need to involved parents and kids in their research efforts for motivation and support. The briefing was very well received and appreciated.

The West Point Chapter of the Women Engineers (SWE) attends the Regional SWE Conference. On 27 February 2015, 6 Cadets (including 2 DSE majors) and 1 OIC (DSE Instructor) from the West Point Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) traveled to Boston, MA to attend the Region F SWE Conference. This year’s conference theme was “SWE are the future.” Cadets attended workshops and seminars focused on sustainability, creativity, and preparing oneself to be successful in the engineering profession. The Cadets also presented a bid to host next year's Region F Conference at West Point and won the bid. Next year's Regional SWE Conference will be hosted at West Point with the them: Leadership in Engineering. We are very happy to have been selected to host the 2016 conference, given that is the 40th anniversary of the first class of women entering West Point.

Network Science Center

IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference. On Saturday, 7 March, Lori Sheetz presented at the IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference held at Princeton University. The purpose of the conference was to provide an opportunity to share cutting-edge research and experiences with integrated approaches to the study of science, math, and technology through experiences and activities based in engineering and other design disciplines. Her presentation on, ‘Professional Development for Network Science as a Multi-disciplinary Curriculum Tool’ generated a lot of conversation and positive comments providing an opportunity to broaden awareness of the field of network science and its application to curriculum as early as high school. The conference also organized a poster session for high school and undergraduate students to share some of their research. Through NetSci High the Network Science Center at West Point has mentored teams of high school students doing network science research for three years. Three NetSci High student teams had posters accepted to be presented at the conference. This experience was very beneficial to the high school students who are in the process of applying for scholarships and admission to college. It also brought great exposure to West Point and the Network Science Center for some of the cutting-edge work they have done in the field of network science education at this level.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Army Sailing’s first regatta of the season. Although the Hudson may still be frozen, CPT Matty Haith and the Army Sailing Team traveled to Old Dominion University to compete in mere 34ᵒ water on 7 & 8 March. Despite fierce competition, Army Sailing came from behind to defeat Princeton, Drexel and Stevens Institute, but fell to sailing powerhouses like New York Maritime and St. Mary’s College. Cadets Mike Danko (’17) and Mike Wegner (’17) performed exceptionally well as wind speeds peaked at above 14 mph on Sunday. In addition to the regatta, the team attended the Hampton Roads Founders Day Dinner at Ft. Eustis, where BG Trainor served as the guest speaker. Like others at West Point, Army Sailing looks forward to warmer weather and finally being able to practice on the Hudson. Any officers interested in sailing and serving as a team OIC should contact CPT Haith.

Department of English and Philosophy

Hudson Valley Culture Forum Trip to Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie. Twelve members of the Hudson Valley Culture Forum conducted a day trip in order to remember the past, eat at a hidden gem, and support the local arts. The first stop was President Franklin Roosevelt’s residence in Hyde Park, NY, which has been preserved largely in its original condition since the president last visited. A former Army sergeant, now a National Parks Service guide, gave the Cadets a guided tour through the residence. Afterward, the Cadets toured the newly renovated Roosevelt presidential library and museum, the nation’s oldest presidential library. The second stop was the Mill House Brewing Company in Poughkeepsie, NY. Situated in downtown Poughkeepsie, Mill House Brewing Company uses ingredients from local farms and dairy farms. The Cadets ended their trip with a visit to the Martel Theater at Vassar College where the touring Shakespeare group, actors from the London Stage, performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Actors from the London Stage is one of the oldest touring Shakespeare theater companies in the world, and they have an innovative approach to acting out the plays—five actors perform all of the parts in the play, each handling multiple roles. The performers hail from such stages as the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

Officer Women Leadership Symposium, Arlington, VA. From 6-8 March, LTC Naomi Mercer accompanied a group of nine Corbin Forum Cadets to the Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS). The two-day conference took place at the Women in Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. The conference consisted of multiple panels and coaching sessions regarding women’s service, professionalization in the military and the civilian sector, and the conference’s theme of “Learning from the Past – Leading into the Future.” The conference’s message of empowerment was inspirational, as was the opportunity to learn from others’ varied experiences.

Department of History

Accompanied by MAJ Erik Davis, MAJ Rick Anderson, and CPT Mark Ehlers, 34 plebes from HI 155 – Advanced History of the United States toured Independence and Valley Forge National Historic Parks in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 28 February and 1 March 2015. The trip provided cadets an opportunity to expand their understanding of the origins and context of not only the American Revolution, but also the U.S. Constitution. Cadets began their trip in Philadelphia with a stop at the Benjamin Franklin Museum. The museum is one of the National Parks Service’s flagships for the integration of technology and interactive learning. After lunch, the cadets watched the “Freedom Rising” presentation at the National Constitution Center and toured the museum, where they saw one of the original fourteen copies of the Bills of Rights. The cadets ended their day in Philadelphia at the historic Christ Church, an Episcopal church founded in 1695, for dinner and a tour. During dinner the cadets were joined by a member of the Society of the Cincinnati who presented on his organization’s history and current mission. Additionally, the cadets met and discussed West Point history with COL(Ret.) William Dieal (USMA ’62). The second day of the trip began with a tour of Independence and Congress Halls. After a short bus ride, the cadets enjoyed a quick film and tour at Valley Forge National Historic Site. Rangers at Valley Forge rode along on the bus to discuss the three main sites visited by the cadets, including the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts, Washington’s Headquarters, and The Grand Parade Field under the statue of Baron von Steuben.

In a first-of-its-kind study, cadets from West Point’s class of 2018 joined with ROTC cadets and history students from Purdue University for a staff ride of the Gettysburg battlefield 6-8 March 2015. The staff ride was led by the Department of History in collaboration with the West Point Band. The cadets and students joined in an exploration of the role of command decisions, terrain, information, and technology during the battle. The Purdue students are members of the new "Technology, Innovation, and the Civil War" course offered by joint Purdue-Army Cyber Institute faculty member Dr. Nick Sambaluk. They have been examining the intersections between factors such as political and strategic goals, invention, resources, command, leadership, and ideology in shaping the development and exploitation of innovations such as the rifled musket, railroad, telegraph, ironclad, repeating rifle, and balloon as well as the incorporation of African-American units in the Union Army, the role and impact of civilians in military telegraphy, and changes In transportation and care for the wounded and the sustenance of the army in the field. LTC Dave Siry, LTC Jason Musteen, and MAJ Greg Jenemann facilitated cadet-led discussions that highlighted the use and understanding of terrain on the battlefield, while MAJ John "Rocky" Rhodes helped cadets and students understand issues such as movement across terrain. West Point Band members SGM Eric Sheffler, MSG James "Butch" Barnard, and SSG Jorge Zepeda played period music as the cadets marched Longstreet's attack into the Devil's Den and Pickett's Charge. They also explained the vital role of regimental bands in the war, from mobilization to morale to discipline and communication, and they described acts of valor and service that constituted part of the role of a military band at that time. The students and cadets posed insightful questions to each other and to faculty, while also offering analysis about commanders' roles, in the tradition of the Army staff ride.

The History Department hosted another successful History Trivia Night event at the Firstie Club on 10 March 2015. Although attendance was down from last month’s event because a research paper for HI 302—History of the Military Art was due the next morning, approximately 40 cadets attended the event. The History Department is happy to know that at least forty HI 302 papers were not written the night before they were due. Department faculty collectively came up with three rounds of twelve questions across four categories: general history knowledge, history of science and technology, history of sports, and history of entertainment. The prize for the most creative team name went to “Les Quizerables.” In an extremely competitive night of trivia, an interdisciplinary team of History and Social Sciences majors edged out representatives of the women’s rugby team by two points to win the grand prize of $100 in DCA gift certificates. Cadets had a great time and some asked for more rounds of trivia. The History Department and DCA look forward to hosting the next History Trivia Night event at the Firstie Club in April.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS Systers On 26 February, there was a gathering of EECS Systers to share a meal and stories of their experiences. The EECS Systers consists of the female Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology majors and includes EECS staff and faculty, as well as a few faculty members. The faculty members in attendance were: LTC Tanya Estes, Dr. WenLi Huang, Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews, Professor Susan Schwartz, MAJ Ben Klimkowski, CPT Janice Blaine, and CPT Mari Torres. Cadets in attendance were: Cadets Holly Rodeo, Alissah McGill, Vanda Niemi, and Rebecca Marigliano. This gathering takes place every semester to build camaraderie and foster long lasting professional relationships. Cadets engage with faculty members about their current courses, projects and interesting research initiatives. Membership is open to all female EECS majors. If you are interested in participating in future EECS Systers functions, please contact Dr. Matthews or CPT Torres.

EECS Cadets Attend 2015 SIGCSE Conference. Four EECS cadets and Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews attended the 2015 SIGCSE conference, held on March 4-7 in Kansas City, MO. SIGCSE is run by the Association of Machinery, and is the premier computer education conference in the field. Students also have an opportunity to network with students, researchers, and faculty from other universities. The cadets presented their accepted poster at the ACM Student Research Competition held at SIGCSE. Dr. Matthews for her part chaired a paper session and presented as part of two special sessions at the conference. The first was on two small parallel clusters that she designed and uses for teaching Parallel Computing (CS 485). The second was a lab on Packet Sniffing that she co-designed with LTC David Raymond, director of the Army Cyber Institute.

EECS Capstone Team’s Outreach in Newburgh. The Cadets educated the students on the Linux operating system, and gave an introduction to the Ubuntu and Kali Operating distributions, using some techniques to test a website for vulnerabilities. The high school students walked away with knowledge of the cross-site scripting and remote file inclusion vulnerabilities as well as how to build better secured websites. This paralleled the student's high school studies in building web sites in a well-timed guest lecture. Our cadets received feedback on their Vulnerable Web Server curriculum and will incorporate their knowledge into a paper which will be submitted for the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education conference this summer.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

Members of the Sociology Program of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L) contributed to the Eastern Sociology Society (ESS) Conference. Members of the Sociology Program of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L) contributed to the Eastern Sociology Society (ESS) Conference in New York City, New York, from 26 February to 1 March 2015. Dr. Morten Ender, LTC Remi Hajjar, CPT Jessica Dawson (Duke University graduate student – reports to BS&L in June), Cadet Ian McWilliams, and Cadet Chelsey Miranda all presented their research. Dr. Ender and LTC Hajjar also presided over multiple panels at the conference, and Dr. Ender was one of two major co-organizers for the special military mini-conference embedded within the overall ESS. The military mini-conference included six panel sessions comprising 24 presentations with 36 participants. Additionally, Major Laura Weimer brought twenty BS&L cadets for a one day visit (26 FEB) to participate in and observe panels of the ESS (see photograph). USMA presentations included: Dr. Morten Ender (“Are Military Brats More Tolerant?”); LTC Remi Hajjar (“Military Linguists: Vital Intercultural Intermediaries;” and, “The Potentially Powerful Teaching Tool of Auditory Feedback”); CPT Jessica Dawson (Duke University and BS&L inbound – “The Halo Effect: Does Status Affect Perceptions of Wrong Doing in the Military Moral Community?”); Cadet Chelsey Miranda (“Female Relational Aggression: The Impacts of Tokenism at West Point”); and Cadet Ian McWilliams (“Why Do Veterans Miss War?”).

BS&L's West Point Negotiation Project ran a 1.5 day training seminar for 35 Navy SEALs, special warfare combatant craft crewmen, and Air Force XXX enrolled in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Platoon Leaders Course. From 23-24 February 2015, BS&L's West Point Negotiation Project ran a 1.5 day training seminar for 35 Navy SEALs, special warfare combatant craft crewmen, and Air For ce XXX enrolled in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Platoon Leaders Course, at Naval Amphibious Base (Coronado, CA). The mobile training team included MAJ Christina Fanitzi (BSL), Mark Gordon (Vantage Partners), MAJ Michael Rybacki (BSL), CDT Gene Fogh (B4, ’16), and CDT Lewis Black (F3,’16). During the workshop, leaders (E-7 through O3) were introduced to negotiation as a leader competency, learned how to analyze negotiation situations, and practiced managing difficult negotiation counterparts. Cadets and faculty visited the Navy Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS) Complex and completed the BUDS Obstacle Course. The Project has run training for SEALs two times annually, since 2011, and expanded to serve as the primary negotiations training team for all four NSW Platoon Leader’s Courses, annually. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

Civil Engineering Cadets Visit New Cadet Barracks: Students from CE472 (Advanced Soil Mechanics) and CE450 (Construction Management) were given tours of the New Cadet Barracks construction project site by Matt Ludwig and CPT Ben Shean (CE ’06), both members of the USACE project team for the project. Working 5 sections through the site, students were able to learn about many aspects of the project, including excavation details, project management challenges, rock bolting details, column placement and crane design. This collaboration with the USACE team is a great resource for educating cadets and a real bonus for the Civil Engineering students

SAE Baja Off-Road Driver Training: On 28 February 2015, an experienced off-road racer, Mr. Tim Tokarsky and members of the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering’s SAE Baja capstone team conducted drivers’ training. The training started with a classroom discussion of off-road driving techniques, ways to increase vehicle survivability and methods to reduce pit times. Next, the SAE Baja team conducted hands-on training with a UTV at Camp Natural Bridge. The training concluded with driving and testing of the SAE Baja vehicle, noting areas for improvement in the design. The cadets thoroughly enjoyed all training and will implement the recommendations for their competition at Auburn in April.

Athletic Director's Update, March 12th

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AD's Update

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • On 8 March, the West Point Triathlon team hosted an indoor time trial for the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (NECTC) in the team’s state-of-the-art indoor Compu-Trainer studio in Cullum Hall
  • The indoor event was an inclement weather alternative to the duathlon planned at Camp Buckner
  • Athletes throughout the NECTC, to include Syracuse, Rutgers, Bentley, and Yale, came to compete head-to-head at the Central Park time trial simulation
  • The event was open to the public and there were three non-collegiate athletes who tested their skills on the course
  • In addition to hosting the event, five West Point Cadets raced with CDT Paige Dougherty (‘18), putting down the fastest female time in her first-ever cycling competition
  • Top collegiate male score went to James Peterson of Bentley University, who is also NECTC conference director
  • The overall fastest time was set by Mr. Richard Ringling, who is a DOD school teacher at West Point Middle School, as well as a volunteer representative for the West Point Triathlon team
  • In addition to serving as a great racing event, the indoor TT served as a sanctioned conference qualifier for the USA Triathlon National Championship in Clemson, SC, on 24 April 2015


  • On 8 March, the West Point Marathon Team participated in the Celebrate Life Half Marathon in Rock Hill, NY
  • The Celebrate Life Half Marathon supports cancer victims who cannot afford their treatment
  • The West Point Marathon Team took all top four overall spots, despite running in the sleet and snow
  • First place was CDT Connor Roche with a time of 1:16:57; second place was CDT Chris Boyle with a time of 1:17:14; third place was CDT Aaqib Syed with a time of 1:17:35; fourth place was CDT Jake Schmitz with a time of 1:17:38; CDT Jennifer Moore placed fourth in her age bracket with a time of 1:39:39


  • On 7 March, cadets from the competitive and recreational rock climbing teams traveled to the Catskill Mountains in order to train on the fundamentals of ice climbing
  • The purpose of the training was to increase confidence in the equipment as well as increase reactivity in novel and uncomfortable situations
  • Climbing the ice required cadets to be physically resilient, persistent, adaptable, and critical thinkers; all participants left with a better appreciation for the technical and physical difficulty of the sport

Team Handball (Men’s):

  • This past weekend, the West Point Men’s Team Handball Club hosted the annual CPT Scott Pace Memorial Tournament
  • CPT Pace was a West Point graduate and fellow Handball player, who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Afghanistan on June 6, 2012
  • Teams from around the country, as well as Canada, competed in the tournament providing a very challenging pool of competition
  • On Friday evening, the “Black” team took on Air Force Academy and defeated the Falcons by a 16 point margin
  • The “Gold” team struggled in their early games and suffered close losses to Chicago Inter HC, WP Black, and NYAC 2
  • WP Black came out to a great start on Saturday, defeating NYAC 2, WP Gold, and later CalHeat HC in a tightly condensed match; WP Gold got the first win of the tournament against NYC 2 that afternoon
  • WP Black’s 4-0 record propelled them to the semifinal games where they took on a Chicago team that had given them trouble in the past; WP Black spurred on by a great defensive effort from the entire team, and defeated the Chicago Squad 28-20, moving them into the Championship game
  • WP Gold secured victories over NYC 2 again and NYAC 2
  • WP Black faced NYC in the championship game; NYC is one of the most dominant teams in the country, and unfortunately WP Black succumbed to their skilled play
  • An awards ceremony was held after the conclusion of the championship game where Firstie Goalie David Brown was award Most Valuable Goalie plaque; also, Captain Coree Aten was recognized for being the leading scorer of the tournament


  • On 7 March, the West Point Equestrian Team traveled to Briarwood Farm (Black River Stables) in Ringoes, NJ, to participate in the last English riding show of the semester be-fore Regional’s
  • The team competed against Centenary, Bard, Marist, Drew, William Paterson, SUNY New Paltz, Sarah Lawerence, Stevens Institute of Technology, Kutztown, and Vassar
  • The team did an excellent job and took the title of Reserve Champions
  • CDTS Laivan Greene, Danielle Diulus, and Jared Ross placed 1st in Class 1 (walk/trot); CDT Madeline Arnold placed 2nd in intermediate Fences and 1st in Intermediate Flat; she will go on to English Regional’s
  • CDT Crystel Calderon placed 1st in walk/trot/canter and will also be going to Regional’s for English and Semi-Finals for Western
  • CDTs Moira Fontenot and Alex Vinson placed 2nd in their classes of Novice Fences and walk/trot/canter
  • The team had a successful season with eight of its members going to English Regional’s for English and Western styles


  • The West Point Women’s Fencing Team, after completing a winning season record, qualified to compete in the National Women’s Fencing Conference Championship sponsored by the NIWFA at Lafayette College; Army set the standard as one of the only club teams who qualified nationally
  • CDT Tessa Knight finished as the highest ever for West Point Women’s Fencing in the weapon of Epee for West Point, taking 17th place in a pool of 950 women; her leadership helped bring the Epee Squad to their highest finish in the championship
  • CDT Alex Blair led her women’s sabre weapon squad to their highest finish as well, and advanced to the individual finals, a bracket of 16, as one of the only Army Fencers to achieve this; she finished 16th, and was also awarded the NIWFA All Academic Conference Award
  • The Men’s Fencing Team qualified for the championship, and after outpacing rival Navy throughout the day, came out on top as the Club Championship 3-Weapon team
  • CDT Marvin Hargraves finished 2nd place in a hard fought combative bout against an opponent from William and Mary in the finals 16 bracket; the Epee Weapon Squad also finished 2nd place overall
  • In the weapon of Sabre, CDT Blake Gordon also finished 2nd place, only being defeated by a nationally ranked fencer from John Hopkins; the Sabre Squad took home a 3rd place finish
  • The Men’s Team was also honored with the MAC Conference Team Sportsmanship Award for the third year in a row

Water Polo:

  • Last weekend the Army Water Polo team hosted the 6th Annual Memorial Tournament, formerly known as the John Hallett Memorial Tournament
  • This event was a three-pool, 42 game tournament in Arvin Gymnasium; the players were in charge of set-ting up all three pools, planning out the game schedule, and hosting the Naval Academy Cadets for the weekend
  • Army played in five of the games, while simultaneously working as lifeguards, and staffing scoring and timing tables in all 42 of the games
  • The team’s first game was on Saturday morning against Maryland; Army won the game 11-9, led by top scorers CDTs Brenden Cagney and Shelby Lee
  • The team’s second game was against Navy that afternoon; both teams traded goals until the very end, with Army coming out on top 8-7, also winning the Star Match
  • Army finished out the day with only one loss to Boston
  • On day two of the tournament, the Army team went to have one loss, to Greenwich, and one win, to NYC Le Femme
  • Many players got playing time in these games, and the team was able to get a good idea on where the team will be at next season
  • The tournament went very smoothly, and the Army team looks forward to hosting a CWPA tournament next fall

Academic Clubs

Model Arab League:

  • From 6–9 March, eleven cadets of the West Point Model Arab League set out for the Southern California Regional Model at La Verne University in the foothills east of Los Angeles, CA
  • Upon arrival at the conference, the cadets represented the Syrian National Coalition and the Kingdom of Morocco in a parliamentary competition against other schools from the region
  • In order to return to West Point before Monday, the cadets had to depart before the final plenary and awards session, but feedback from other advisors indicated that the team won several awards

Wargames Committee:

  • On 6 March, five cadets for the Wargames Committee Club traveled to the Lancaster, PA, to participate in the Cold War Convention, hosted by the Historical Miniature Wargames Society
  • All of the cadets involved had a fun and educational experience playing wargames themed in the age of the Roman Empire, to the killing of Bin Ladin, and everything in between
  • The cadets also had a lot of exposure to the convention goers, as they were very easily recognized wearing their Cadet Grey’s
  • Almost every convention attendee was extremely excited to see the cadets and interact with them, especially at a historically themed convention such as this


  • On 6 March, the Army Debate Team traveled to compete in the JV and Novice National Tournament, which was hosted this year by Binghamton University
  • The trip was very successful for the Army Team, with the Novice Team Army GM, CDTs Seamus Matlack and Quintessa Gould, placing second over all at the national tournament
  • Also, the Novice Team Army CW, CDTs TJ Collins and Matt Watts, advanced to out rounds, but were forced out due to the Army GM team being the stronger of the two
  • CDT Matlack received the 14th speaker award in the Novice Tournament



Support Clubs

Pipes & Drums:

  • On 3 March, the Pipes and Drums and the dancers were invited to the SUPT’s house for an Ice Cream Social
  • The band was recognized by the SUPT for its excellence in defeating Navy in the annual Army-Navy Battle of the Pipe Bands
  • The cadets received a house tour of Quarters 100 and enjoyed socializing in the parlor while eating
  • The members of the band especially enjoyed looking through old yearbooks for photos of the band, and some enjoyed researching pictures of their Old Grad Parents
  • The band made quite an impression on LTG Caslen, as they appeared at the event dressed in Highland casual; Pipe Major Coulter played the band into the SUPT’s house on his Pipes as well
  • Overall it was great to see the cadets recognized for excellence and we hope this will inspire them moving into second semester and next year


  • This past weekend, the West Point Parachute Team sent three cadets to Nashua, NH, in order to learn Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS)
  • During this trip, SFC Diaz and LTC Alex MacCalman taught the three team members how to fly on their backs, a crucial skill that must be mastered before moving on to sit flying and head down vertical flying
  • This was the first tunnel trip for the Class of 2018, and for many of them, it was their first time belly flying
  • The coaching staff spent the day teaching the newest members of the team the basics of flying on their belly, and by the end of the day all were able to fly stable

Military Clubs

Small Unit Tactic Club:

  • On 15 Feb., the USMA Small Unit Tactic Club visited NYC to discuss subterranean operations with the New York Fire Department (FDNY)
  • The Small Unit Tactic Club spent the past three months studying the tactics, techniques and procedures required to operate in these environments, and the trip to NYC was a chance to experience the environment first hand while hearing lessons learned from the firemen
  • The FDNY senior members shared tactical lessons learned from experience, including how to communicate, navigate, and conduct casualty evacuation in subterranean environments
  • The group began the day by touring the East Side Access Construction Site, an active construction site being executed by the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to bring the Long Island Rail Road in to a new East Side station that will travel under and connect to Grand Central Terminal
  • This project is the largest construction site in the United States and just hap-pens to be 160 feet underground, and provided the cadets with real life experience of operating in subterranean environments (tunnels, caves, subways, and underground railroads)
  • The group was escorted by Bill Goodrich (USMA ‘73), who is the Executive Vice President and Senior Program Executive for the East Side Access Project
  • The cadets also toured Grand Central Station to gain an under-standing of a completed complex infrastructure site containing many levels of subterranean environments; the group was escorted by Metro-North’s Fire Chief, Sal Oliva
  • The tour included active steam tunnels, labyrinths of subway and railway access tunnels, and central power and railroad command/control operation sites

Hobby Clubs

Alpine Ski:

  • From 1-7 March, the Army Alpine Ski Team participated in the U.S. Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association Nationals at Mt. Bachelor, OR
  • Over 100 of the top skiers from the country were present to compete for individual and team titles in Giant Slalom (GS) and Slalom (SL); CDTs Chris Emerson, Josh Ische, Patrick Kearney, Ayrne Riley and Sawyer Harkins all competed in the Nationals
  • CDT Emerson had a solid GS finish, although he struggled a little in his first SL run, he ended with a solid-fast 2d run in SL
  • CDT Ische finished the season very strong with the teams fastest over-all times in both GS and SL
  • CDT Harkins made a strong showing in SL; CDTs Kearney and Riley completed both of their runs in GS and SL
  • The entire team benefited from competing with some of the Nation’s fastest racers and longer courses, and will carry the experience moving forward to the next season

Ultimate Frisbee:

  • From 28 Feb.– 1 Mar., the West Point Ultimate Frisbee Club hosted its first annual West Point Classic
  • Entering the event as the last seed, Army was ready to showcase the results of all their hard work and practice
  • During day one, Army preserved through temperatures in the teens in order to go 3-0, including wins over Central Connecticut State 13-4, 11-10 against the number one seed Wesleyan, and 11-5 against Wentworth Tech
  • Day two brought the arrival of snow and slippery fields, a detriment to Army’s superior athleticism
  • Army lost 13-8 to the team that would go on to the championship game, Bates
  • Army then entered the final game for third and fourth place, but Army was narrowly defeated by Central Connecticut State
  • Hamilton University from Clinton, NY, defeated Bates from Boston, MA, for the championship
  • Hosting a successful tournament and playing, Army finished at 3-2 in its first outing of the season
  • Army Ultimate will be traveling to New Jersey at the end of March to compete once again at the Garden State annual tournament; on 2 May, Army will face Navy in a head-to-head match-up up in NYC


  • On 7 and 8 March, the Army Sailing Team competed in their first regatta of the season
  • Although the Hudson may still be frozen, Army Sailing competed at Old Dominion University in mere 34 degree water
  • Despite the fierce competition, Army Sailing came from behind to defeat Princeton, Drexel and Stevens Institute, but fell to some sailing powerhouse schools such as New York Maritime and St. Mary’s College
  • CDTs Mike Danke (‘17) and Mike Wegner (‘17) performed exceptionally well as the wind speeds peaked at about 14 mph on Sunday
  • In addition to the regatta, the team attended the Hampton Roads Founders Day Dinner at Ft. Eustis, where BG Trainor served as the guest speaker


  • On 8 March, the Tournament Paintball Team practiced at Longlive Paintaball in Monroe Township, NJ
  • The purpose of this practice was to ensure gear was in working order, refresh paintball skills, play as a team, and positively represent USMA in New Jersey
  • The team practiced for approximately five hours; practice consisted of scrimmages against local teams, including teams from NEIC, such as Penn State
  • Scrimmaging against competitive tournament paintball teams provided a look at different approaches to playing certain layouts, as well as how to play against different types of skill levels

DCA Happenings

CDT Rector was the winner of the contest held at the Book Store in February, naming all of the U.S. Presidents in chronological order; the winning prize was a Skateboard. Of all of the entries, five cadets were tied, submitting 100% correct results. A playoff was held with a new challenge with CDT Rector coming in first place.

LTG Everard Delivers the 68th Annual Kermit Roosevelt Lecture

Lt. Gen. James Everard, Commander Land Forces, British Army, visited West Point to deliver the 68th Annual Kermit Roosevelt Lecture, Mar. 11. The purpose of this lecture series is to foster better understanding between the U.S. military and the United Kingdom, and to educate cadets in international affairs and relations.

The lecture series started in 1947, and has been at West Point since 1997. The series is also held at the U.S. Army War College, Armed Forces Staff College and the Command and General Staff College. A lecturer from the U.S. speaks at the Military College of Sciences, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Joint Services Defence College and the Ministry of Defense in the U.K. Story

Photos courtesy of Anthony Battista

Four Black Knights Qualify for NCAA Wrestling Championships

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Four members of the Army wrestling team will appear in the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships next week in St. Louis, Mo., including automatic qualifiers Russell Parsons (157 pounds), Cole Gracey (165) and Bryce Barnes (197) and Brian Harvey (174), who received an at-large selection on Wednesday.

Barnes will make his third straight NCAA appearance, while Gracey and Harvey will each represent Army for the second time at the NCAAs. Parsons earns his first NCAA qualification after sitting out last season due to injury. Gracey was slotted as the No. 14 seed in the 33-man 165 weight class, while Army's other three qualifiers were unseeded.

Barnes, Gracey and Parsons punched their tickets to the NCAA Championships at the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) Championships last weekend. Read More

Class of 2018 Takes Charge of Plebe-Parent Weekend

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Ring Weekend, 500th Night, Yearling Winter Weekend and 100th Night have all come and gone. Plebe-Parent Weekend is here and now is the time for the Class of 2018 to celebrate.

Each year, plebes are given the opportunity to invite guests to a weekend where we showcase what we have been doing for the past nine months. Plebes will have the chance to guide family and friends through their barracks, classrooms and to the different military and physical demonstrations on Friday and Saturday. Plebes will also demonstrate their etiquette and professionalism during the parade and a banquet, during which Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson will be introduced as our honored guest speaker for the night.

Plebes will not only escort family and friends around post this weekend, but they are also in charge of regulating and maintaining standards and discipline through a plebe chain of command. Many hold this opportunity as perhaps the most important aspect of Plebe-Parent Weekend; a time to hone our professional discipline and practice peer leadership. Read More

Photo Courtesy of Cadet Meghan Wentz ’15

Crew Conducts Golden Oar Run to Honor Former Teammates

WEST POINT, N.Y. — The Army Crew team’s Golden Oar ceremony and run was established March 2 to honor the memory of U.S. Military Academy graduates and rowers who have been killed in action, wounded in action or have inspired others through their dedication to living the Army Values. Nearly 100 members of the Army Crew family and guests gathered at Battle Monument to reflect on the lives of Lt. Col. Jaimie Leonard (USMA Class of 1997), Capt. Matthew Carpenter (USMA Class of 2003) and retired Capt. Sam Brown (USMA Class of 2006).

Leonard was killed in action June 8, 2013, while serving with the 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, in Sharana, Afghanistan. Carpenter, who served and deployed as an Armor officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2009 and died Dec. 1, 2010. Brown was wounded in action while serving as a rifle platoon leader deployed to the Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. In September 2008, his patrol was struck by an IED and he suffered burns to over 30 percent of his body. Read More

Photo Courtesy of Mike Strasser

Rugby's Andrew Fargo Earns Athlete of the Week Distinction

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Posting two first half scores in the Army men's rugby team's spring opener, Andrew Fargo led the team to a 28-16 victory from Foley Athletic Complex. For his performance, the sophomore has been tabbed as the Army Athletic Association Athlete of the Week. Fargo opened up the scoring in the fifth minute, muscling his way through the UMass defense for the try and giving the Black Knights an early advantage.

He closed out Army's first half offense with a score in the 36th minute and helped the Black Knights to a 14-6 advantage at the half. Army ultimately earned the 28-16 win, improving to 9-1 on the season to remain perfect in regular season action during the 2014-15 campaign. This is the first Athlete of the Week nod for Fargo who garnered All-Rugby East first team and All-American Collegiate Rugby Conference first team recognition at the conclusion of the fall season. He posted 20 points in his nine starts during the fall, earning tries against Penn State, Iona, Buffalo and Wheeling Jesuit. Read More

McCants Secures Patriot League Weekly Honor

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Following his performance in helping Army win three of four games over the weekend, senior outfielder Mark McCants has been honored by the Patriot League as the Corvais Player of the Week. The recognition is the first of McCants' career.

The Flower Mound, Texas, product batted .461 with a pair of doubles and a home run and drove in a team-best seven runs in four games. McCants was 3-for-7 with a double and plated three in Army's doubleheader sweep over Mount St. Mary's on Friday, before going 3-for-6 on Saturday with a two-bagger and a three-run home run. His four-RBI showing in game two helped the Black Knights salvage a split of their twinbill with Coppin State as they came away with an 11-3 victory.

Through 10 games, McCants is leading Army with a .375 batting average and has 16 runs batted in. His two home runs are the most on the team and McCants is one of five players with at least three doubles. Read More

Men's Rugby Opens Spring With 28-16 Victory Over UMass

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Kicking off the spring portion of the 2014-15 season, the Army men's rugby team posted a late 14-point run to claim a 28-16 victory over regional foe UMass from Foley Athletic Center at West Point. Army got on the board first when sophomore Andrew Fargo muscled down the far side of the field to put the Black Knights up by a score of 5-0. Dom Larkin converted the kick and the Black Knights took an early 7-0 lead in the fifth minute.

UMass answered just three minutes later with its first of two first half penalty kicks, cutting Army's lead to 7-3. Fargo did it again in the 36th minute with Larkin again succeeding on the points after, putting the Black Knights up 14-3. With stoppage time ticking off the clock in the first half, UMass posted another penalty kick, sending Army into the break with the eight-point advantage. Read More

Van Everen: 150th Career Win in Army's Victory Over Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - The Army gymnastics squad continued its success against conference opponents Sunday afternoon, claiming a 414.700-412.200 victory over the Pride of Springfield College. The win marks the 150th dual victory of head coach Doug Van Everen's career.

Army claimed four team victories and four individual event wins. The Black Knights claimed the still rings, vault, pommel horse and high bar titles while Sam Kusnitz posted top marks on floor exercise and Jesse Glenn earned first place finishes on vault, parallel bars and high bar. Glenn also earned the all-around title, posting a score of 84.050 to best Springfield's Jon Zirna's mark of 82.850.

"Today was a tough meet," said Van Everen. "Seth Cannon and Connor Venrick did very well and helped lead us to the win. We'll need to keep improving and getting better if we want to have a shot at the conference championships, but I'm happy we came out with the win today." Full Story »

Women's Tennis Cruises Past Siena

WEST POINT, N.Y. - With a lineup filled with experienced players, the Army women's tennis team cruised past Siena, 6-1, Saturday afternoon at the Lichtenberg Tennis Center. The Black Knights improve to 7-8 on the season after today's non-conference victory.

Army swept the Saints in doubles action winning in all three contests. The First doubles team of Eva Sung and Hannah Dahlem Garrity and Singh of Siena 8-3. Carolyn Pitman and Julian Mok teamed together to clinch an 8-3 win at the No. 2 position. At third doubles, the firstie duo of Elle Taylor and Maya Parker beat their opponents 8-4. Read More

Wrestling Produces Five Place Winners at EIWA Championships

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Five members of the Army wrestling team finished in the top eight of their respective weight classes, including three who grabbed automatic bids to the NCAA Championships, during the final day of the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) Championships on Saturday at Stabler Arena.

Russell Parsons (157 pounds), Cole Gracey (165) and Bryce Barnes (197) each met the finishing requirements that were determined in the NCAA qualifier allocations that were unveiled last week.

Parsons began the day with a pair of victories, including a 9-1 major decision over Casey Mitchell of Sacred Heart. Parsons was next handed a pair of setbacks before defeating Penn's Brooks Martino, 10-3, to finish fifth in his weight class. The top seven finishers at 157 pounds automatically qualified for the NCAAs. Full Story »

Army Comes From Behind for 48-45 OT Win Against Colgate

WEST POINT, N.Y. - No. 2 Army needed an extra period to overcome a six-point deficit and defeat No. 7 Colgate, 48-45, in the Patriot League quarterfinals on Friday evening at Christl Arena. Army improves to 23-6, while Colgate slips to 9-22.

Army trailed by six points with 4:50 remaining in the second half before junior Aimee Oertner hit a lay-in with two seconds left to cap a 6-0 run and send the game into overtime.

Colgate senior Missy Repoli made a three-pointer 10 seconds into the extra period, but Army rallied back to force a 45-45 tie with 1:07 left. Oertner converted a lay-up with 38 ticks to play in overtime and classmate Kelsey Minato hit one of two free throws to give the Black Knights a 48-45 lead with 14 seconds to go. The Raiders missed a pair of three-pointers in the final seconds, as Army held on for the victory.

Three Black Knights scored in double figures, including Minato, who netted 14 points to go along with five assists and four steals. Oertner finished with 12 points and four blocks, while senior Olivia Schretzman added 11 points and seven rebounds. Read More

Baseball Sweeps Mount St. Mary's in Twinbill

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. - The Army baseball team opened its weekend with an impressive 11-1 victory over Mount St. Mary's, before walking off in game two with a 3-2 win over the Mountaineers on Friday at Big Rock Stadium. The Black Knights improved to 5-3 on the year, while the Mountaineers dropped to 2-6 overall.

Collectively, Army pounded out 12 hits on offense en route to scoring 11 runs for the third time this season and backed Alex Robinett's second victory of the season. Robinett improved to 2-1 and kept his earned run average under a run as Mount St. Mary's was limited to three hits.

The Army offense was paced by center fielder Jacob Page and third baseman Jon Rosoff, who each went 3-for-4 in the seven-inning win. Page scored three times and Rosoff drove in two runs, while Mark McCants contributed an RBI double. Read More

Dean's Weekly, March 6th

Department of English and Philosophy

Ethics of War Conference (Upcoming Event) On 27 and 28 March (Friday and Saturday), West Point will host the second annual conference on the ethics of war, a joint project between West Point and Villanova University. The conference will feature the work of some of the most renowned experts in the field as well as undergraduates from West Point and Villanova University. Nigel Biggar, Richard B. Miller, Fiona Robinson, and Jeremy Waldron will each address plenary sessions while Michael Walzer will provide the keynote address. The conference is a rare opportunity for officers and Cadets to discuss these urgent and complex issues with civilian experts and students. For more information, please go to www.westpoint.edu/dep. With the exception of the lunch and dinner, participation in the conference is free for all West Point personnel.

Acting and Improvisation Workshop at Vassar College. On 27 February, students enrolled in EP394 Shakespeare visited Vassar College to participate in an acting and improvisation workshop with the Actors from the London Stage, one of the most respected touring Shakespearean theatre troupes in the world. Throughout this workshop, students engaged in various theatrical exercises that emphasized vocal performance, movement and gesture, character development, and storytelling. Later that evening, after having dinner with Vassar students, the Cadets attended a performance of Macbeth by the theatre troupe, during which five actors played the more than 25 roles in Macbeth. The dexterity and dynamism of the actors, who seemed capable of switching roles/characters/personas in an instant, greatly impressed the Cadets and the rest of the audience.

West Point Initiative Visits Vassar College. On 27 February, as part of the DEP-sponsored West Point-Vassar Initiative, twenty-two Cadets traveled to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie for training and fellowship opportunities. Cadets enrolled in EP394: Shakespeare participated in an acting workshop conducted by Ben Warwick and Annie Aldington, two members of Actors from the London Stage (AFTLS), a touring ensemble of five British actors. Meanwhile, another group of Cadets participated in Title IX/Sexual Assault prevention and intervention training with Vassar College students. Vassar College students then took all of the Cadets on a tour of the college's library, followed by a group dinner and AFTLS's performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth at Vassar's Martel Theater. Following evening social activities, a small group of Cadets remained overnight in the Vassar College dormitories with student hosts. The next morning these Cadets and their hosts gathered for a group breakfast before concluding the exchange. This weekend visit reciprocates a visit made by students of Vassar College to West Point this past fall, and it follows upon numerous other events designed to bridge the civil-military divide.

Department of History

The History Department hosted another successful “Night at the Movies” event on 18 February 2015. It featured a viewing and discussion, facilitated by Professor Jen Kiesling, of the 1957 Stanley Kubrick film, Paths of Glory. The film, starring Kirk Douglas, is an examination of the nature of courage and the effects of poor leadership. Douglas’s character is given the task of defending soldiers forced to stand trial for cowardice in order to save face in the wake of a failed assault.

On 19 February 2015, CPT Mark Ehlers and LTC David Siry gave a presentation to the Hellcats of the USMA Band that drew attention to the importance of field music in armies of the American Civil War. The following day, the Hellcats, accompanied by Civil War reenactors, returned the favor by playing bugle, fife and drum calls for cadets enrolled in HI395, History of Civil War America. The cadets found the demonstration to be a valuable supplement to their study of the political, social, and military experience of the American Civil War.

LTC Rick Black served as the guest speaker for the 2015 Black History Month Ceremony at Ebenezer Baptist Church in the City of Newburgh on Sunday 22 February. The ceremony was also attended by the local chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club as well as SSG (R) Sanders Matthews, who was a member of the 10th Cavalry Regiment at West Point from 1939-1945. LTC Black’s remarks focused on local black history with a military connection. He spoke about Will Lee, who was a slave belonging to George Washington and served as Washington’s enlisted aide throughout the American Revolution. He also spoke about the 369th Infantry Regiment, more popularly known as the “Harlem Hellfighters.” The talk concluded with a look at the 9th and 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, highlighting not only their accomplishments in the American west during the post-Civil War era, but also their contributions here at West Point, primarily in the instruction of cadets in horsemanship from 1907 until 1946.

On 27 February 2015, MAJ Brett Lea took the Royal Military College of Canada Men’s Volleyball Team and its coaches on an historical tour of Trophy Point and Fort Putnam. The players braved three feet of snow to reach Putnam's heights and take in the beauty of the Hudson River Valley. Once there, the group enjoyed a discussion about the circumstances surrounding Benedict Arnold’s treasonous attempt to deliver the fortifications at West Point to the British during the American Revolution. The team was here to play matches against club volleyball teams from USMA and VMI. Despite MAJ Lea’s best efforts to exhaust them before the match by trudging through the snow of Ft. Putnam, RMC squeaked by USMA in an extremely competitive match.

Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Modern Nuclear Weapons Briefings: During 2-3 March, Dr. Brian Lansrud-Lopez, a Nuclear Weapon Design Physicist from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), visited the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering and presented information about modern nuclear weapons in several different forums. He presented briefings entitled “Modern Nuclear Weapons, Current Stockpile, Safety” to NE450 students as well as all physics and nuclear engineering majors; “Future Experimental Techniques” to students enrolled in NE400 Seminar; “Modern Nuclear Weapons at a Higher Technical Level” and “Computational Capabilities at LANL” to staff, faculty, and students. All of the presentations were at the Secret-RD level.

Defense & Strategic Studies Program

On Thursday, 26 February, Major Ford (DSS) traveled with five (5) cadets to Yale for an evening lecture with General (ret.) McChrystal’s Leadership course at Yale University. The Cadets had very positive feedback and the interaction with the Yale students went very well in both the classroom and afterwards. The group received a tour of the Campus with and then ate dinner at one of the College's dining halls. After dinner, the group attended the lecture, where GEN (ret.) McChrystal had the entire class introduce themselves. This past Friday, 27 February 2015, the Combating Terrorism Center hosted LTC Alla, an Iraqi Special Forces Officer. The Defense & Strategic Studies department hosted a war council in conjunction with this visit during Dean’s hour in WH 5006. Panelists included Iraqi Special Tactics Unit LTC Ala'a, Battalion Commander; CPT Ali, Operations Officer (S3); CPT Ali, Company Commander; US Special Forces MAJ Keener, Company Commander.

Department of Foreign Languages

Arabic: The Eight Arabic students continue their studies in Morocco and Jordan. The five Cadets in Jordan report they escaped the snow in Amman to visit Wadi Rum and Petra, and are planning a weekend trip to the Red Sea. In Morocco the three Cadets there continue their studies and look forward to a spring break trip to Europe.

Chinese: The cadets on Semester Abroad celebrated the Chinese New Year in traditional fashion. The cadets in Tawain travelled to Cad Yan’s family home in the south of Taiwan. While away from school for the week they took the opportunity to try scuba diving lessons (in Chinese). The cadets studying in China also had the opportunity to see Chinese New Year Celebrations in the traditional manner with the families they have met in China. Cadet Young made some interesting observations of their travels.

“Our trip to Guilin was enhanced by meeting up with one of our Chinese language partners/friends who is from Guilin. She was able to show us parts of Guilin that are familiar to locals and give us an experience that we wouldn’t have been able to get on our own. We went to her uncle and aunt’s house for tea and it was like role playing a dialogue from our textbooks back at West Point. We are able to learn a lot more from being out talking and interacting with local Chinese people than from textbooks. This experience is priceless.”

German: USMA German Club attended a German mass at St. Joseph’s in NYC (Yorkville). Following the service, USMA cadets enjoyed coffee/cake and German conversation during a reception with the German Vice Consul – New York Mission, and members of the Yorkville German community. The USMA cadets also enjoyed a German lunch at the Kolping Society house near the church. St. Joseph’s is located in Yorkville, the traditional German section of New York City (E. 87th St.) and was the place Pope Benedict XVI held mass in 2008 during his trip to NYC. The USMA cadets also visited Glaser’s German Bakery in the neighborhood and ate delicious German pastries made by fourth-generation Glaser family members.

International Cadets of West Point (IWCP): 23 International Cadets, 3 American Cadets, and 1 Officer in Charge from the International Cadets of West Point (ICWP) club traveled to the United Nations in NYC last Thursday 26 FEB. They received a tour of the UN Headquarters, several briefings at the UN Foundation, and then visited the Republic of Chad’s Mission to the United Nations.

The briefings received at the UN Foundation were from the Iraq Desk Officer of the Humanitarian Affairs Office, the Political Minister-Counselor of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations – New York, the Public Affairs Section Chief of the Department of Peace-Keeping Operations, and the Communications and UN Relations Officer of the UN Foundation.

Arabic: Friday 6 March through Sunday 8 March 11 Cadets from the West Point Model Arab League will travel to La Verne University, La Verne, California, to compete in the National Council on US-Arab Relations’ Southern California Model. There the Cadets will represent Syria and Morocco in parliamentary debate against students from other universities representing other nations in the League of Arab States. This second regional competition will set the Cadets up for success at the upcoming National Model at Georgetown University 10-12 April.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Student World Affairs Council for the Weekly. On 28 FEB 15, eight cadets along with MAJ James Sturm participated in the 2nd Annual Student World Affairs Council at Marist College. Sponsored by the World Affairs Council of the Mid Hudson Valley, cadets participated in six panels where undergraduate students from USMA, Marist, Vasser, SUNY New Paltz, Bard College, and the University of Delaware presented thesis projects with this year’s theme centered on Conflict and Crisis Resolution. CDT Sean McQuade presented his paper on stability in the Korean Peninsula during the panel on the Conflict in Asia. Additionally, the event’s key note speaker, Dr Susan Thomson presented her findings on research conducted in Rwanda as well as her experiences as a USAID officer.

Athletic Director's Update, March 5th

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AD's Update

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs

Men’s Volleyball:

  • On 28 Feb., the Men’s Army Volleyball (MAV) team hosted the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) for a service academy tournament at Arvin Gym
  • MAV triumphed over VMI in the first best-of-five match, but fell to RMC in a spirited and competitive match
  • The MAC OIC, MAJ Brett Lea, took the RMC players and coaches on a historical tour of Trophy Point and Fort Putnam on Friday, and MAV hosted a dinner Saturday night at the Stadium Restaurant in Garrison for the entire RMC team

Team Handball (Women):

  • On 1 March, the West Point Women’s Team Handball hosted the lat-est Northeast League match day, bringing together five teams for a day packed with handball
  • West Point Black went 2-0, almost guaranteeing an overall league title, defeating the Ocean and New York City team handball clubs
  • Playing with a short bend, Black came out defensively strong, completely shutting down a New York City club known for its offensive capabilities
  • Firstie Captain, CDT Ashton Wolf, dominated at center back, offensively making things happen during a low-scoring first game
  • Yearling CDT Dana Robertson dominated at the wing position, cutting behind the opponents’ defenses multiple times
  • West Point Gold also made a strong showing, losing to a tough Boston Club, but are continuing to show improvement with each game played
  • Plebe CDT Lauren Muckey served as the team’s high scorer, scoring four goals, a personal high
  • Both teams will be back in action at the end of this month for the 10th Annual Laura Walker Memorial Tournament

Climbing (Mountaineering):

  • On 28 Feb., nineteen cadets from the West Point Climbing Team traveled to the Gravity Vault in Chatham, NJ, for the 3rd CCS local Climbing Com-petition
  • The event drew many collegiate teams from around the Northeast to include: Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, RIT, Princeton, Colgate and Cornell
  • CDT Julian Barker (‘16) took 3rd place in bouldering and routes; CDT Marcie Jhong (‘15) took 3rd place in bouldering; and CDT Zhaina Myrzak-honva (‘16) won the speed event

Women’s Boxing:

  • On 27 Feb., the West Point Women’s Boxing Team competed in the Brigade Boxing Open at Eisenhower Hall
  • CDT Yomanda Martin (‘15) and CDT Rita Wiley (‘15) fought against each other in the seventh bout of the evening; CDT Martin won the bout
  • On 28 Feb., the team hosted the Annual West Point Women’s Boxing Invitational
  • The afternoon was scheduled to contain four bouts; two bouts featured boxers from the University of Maryland, and two featured the debut of the USAFA Women’s Boxing Team
  • In the first bout, CDT Gabriela Barrera-Gutierrez (‘17) fought USAFA CDT Hope Stremcha (‘15); CDT Barrera claimed victory by TKO in the second round
  • In the second fight, CDT Rita Wiley (‘15) faced off against Shayne Zaplitny from the University of Mary-land; CDT Wiley lost by TKO in the second round
  • In the third fight, CDT Kimberly Wolfe (‘18) fought against USAFA CDT Joy Fordyce (‘18); this was CDT Wolfe’s first fight, and she emerged victoriously
  • In the fourth and final bout, CDT Melissa Box (‘15) fought against Lindsey Ferry from the University of Maryland; after three grueling rounds, CDT Box lost the decision


  • On 28 Feb., the West Point Equestrian Team traveled to Briarwood Farm in Ringoes, NJ, and had the privilege of participating in the team’s first English Riding Show of the semester
  • The show was a success, and the West Point team did a wonderful job
  • CDTs Caroline Harris and Katherine Iwanyk placed 1st in Class 1 (walk/trot); CDTs Madeline Arnold and Crystel Calderon placed 2nd in their classes of intermediate fences and walk/trot/canter; CDTs Laivan Greene, Vanda Niemi, Alexandra Vinson and Shawna Moore, placed third in their respective classes, Class 1 (walk/trot), walk/trot/canter and open flat
  • The team competed against Centenary, Bard, Marist, Drew, William Paterson, SUNY New Paltz, Sarah Lawrence, Stevens Institute of Technology, Kutztown, and Vassar
  • The team overall finished fourth out of ten schools

Academic Clubs

Opera Forum:

  • On 28 Feb., Professor Marc Napolitano and MAJ Michael Kieser chaperoned a trip section to the Metropolitan Opera to experience a performance of Gioachino Rossini’s “La Donna del Lago,” a Romantic opera based on the poetry of Sir Walter Scott
  • The cadets in the Opera Forum had the opportunity to watch world-renowned mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato in the title role of “The Lady of the Lake”
  • The cadets came away from the event with a deep appreciation for both the talents of the lead singers, and for the majesty and grandeur of the Metropolitan Opera House, one of the most beautiful and historically important performance spaces in New York City

Speech and Parliamentary Debate Forum:

  • On 27 Feb. through 2 March, the West Point Speech and Parliamentary Debate Forum traveled to Berkeley, CA, to compete in the Berkeley Debate Tournament
  • The West Point team won first place at the Tournament
  • CDT Meyer Ungerman and CDT Nathan Hernadez won the varsity division
  • In the final round they debated Stanford, proposing that a 4% surcharge tax be added to the income tax during times of war
  • CDT Hernadez won the best speaker of the tournament award
  • CDT George Ngoh and CDT D.S. Dalisay won the novice division for USMA as well
  • This tournament featured teams from Stanford, University of Chicago, Brown, and others
  • The team also won numerous best speaker awards at this tournament: CDT George Ngoh (5th Novice Speaker); CDT D.S. Dalisay (3rd Novice Speaker); CDT Robert Laval-Leyva (10th Varsity Speaker); CDT Meyer Ungerman (8th Varsity Speaker); CDT Dalton Combs (5th Varsity Speaker); CDT Nathan Hernadez (1st Varsity Speaker)

Cadet Community of Civil Military Operations:

  • From 26 Feb. to 1 March, seven cadets from the Cadet Community for Civil-Military Operations (C3MO) traveled to Tufts University to attend a symposium on Russia
  • The symposium covered topics from the Russian economy to the possibility of a nuclear Russian Military
  • This event was hosted by the Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services, or ALLIES, which has a sister chapter at West Point under C3MO
  • Cadets were able to make relationships, with not only students from various universities and academies, but also foreign dignitaries and experts; cadets learned many lessons about US relations with Russia and it’s people

Support Clubs

Pipes & Drums:

  • On 28 Feb., Pipers from the United States Corps of Cadets Pipes & Drums team traveled to Albany, NY, to compete in the Scotia Glenville Indoor Competition in both Solo Performances and as a Quartet
  • CDTs Kyle Williams, Liam Bradley, George Roden, and Michael Kenny all competed for the first time as soloists in the Grade 4 Senior Competition, where they each received valuable feedback from Judge Lezlie Webster
  • CDT Kyle Williams received 5th place in Grade IV
  • CDT Andrew Coulter competed in Grade 1 and won the Grade 1 Competition by placing 1st in both the March/Strathspey/Reel (MSR) and the Hornpipe/Jig; he also placed 2nd in the Piobaireachd
  • The Quartet ended the day by placing 3rd in the Grade 5 Quartet Com-petition
  • On 1 March, the West Point Pipes & Drums Team attended the Mid-Hudson St. Patrick’s season kick-off event
  • The Pipes & Drums Team and the Dancers performed for over 500 members of the Greenwood Lake, NY, community in the Arthur Finnegan American Legion Post, and were very well received
  • The afternoon was full of groups performing traditional Irish music, local Irish dance groups, and local bagpipe bands
  • Greenwood Lake, NY, is a vibrant community of Irish decent (to include GEN Martin Dempsey, a local home-town hero in Greenwood)
  • The band and dancers were also treated to a meal of traditional Irish fare: cornbeef and cabbage
  • This event was a great opportunity to showcase the Cadets and celebrate Irish heritage and contributions to our American culture

Diversity Clubs

Society of Women Engineers:

  • On 27 Feb. - 1 March, the West Point Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) went to Boston, MA, to attend the Region F SWE Conference
  • This year’s conference theme was “SWE are the future”
  • Cadets attended workshops and seminars focused on sustain-ability, creativity, and preparing oneself to be successful in the engineering profession
  • The Cadets also presented a bid to host next year’s Region F Conference at West Point and won; next year’s Regional SWE Conference will be hosted at West Point with the theme: Leadership in Engineering
  • The 2016 Conference will mark the 40th anniversary of the first class of women entering West Point


  • On 27 Feb., the Spectrum Club traveled to NYC, to see “Cabaret” at the Roundabout Theatre
  • In order to enhance relations with the greater LBGTQ community, the club reached out to the star of the show, Mr. Alan Cumming (Tony Award Winner), to develop a relationship and provide insight into the Spectrum Club’s history here at West Point
  • After the performance, Alan Cumming invited the group backstage to talk and discuss future club activities and Mr. Cumming’s LBGTQ outreach
  • As a token of appreciation, the club presented Mr. Cumming a cadet Tar Bucket with plumage as a memento

Military Clubs


  • On 27 Feb., the West Point Pistol Team traveled to Annapolis, MD, for the annual Army-Navy Pistol Match
  • In the three Open Events (Air Pistol, Free Pistol, and Standard Pistol) the men and women competed equally
  • West Point won with an aggregate score of 6351 to Navy’s 6317
  • CDT Jeff Schanz shot the match high score of 564 (out of 600) in Air Pistol; CDTs Ames Evans and Minhee Pak followed closely, both shooting a 558; CDT Anthony Veith completed the four person scoring team and shot 551
  • CDT Travis Moody had the team high score of 512 in Free Pistol; CDT Jeff Schanz shot a 503; CDT Anthony Veith shot 500; CDT Ames Evans completed the team, with a score of 498
  • In Standard Pistol, CDT Schanz had the team high score of 537; CDT Veith shot 526; CDT Moody shot 524; CDT Pak completed the team and shot a 520
  • In the two women’s only events (Women’s Air Pistol and Sport Pistol), West Point won with an aggregate score of 2710 to Navy’s 2612
  • CDT Minhee Pak shot the match high scores for both events with a 372 out of a possible 400 in Air Pistol and a 546 in Sport Pistol; CDT Sarah Baermann rounded out the Air Pistol Scoring team with a 356; CDT Haana Yu rounded out the Sport team and shot a 519

Hobby Clubs

Skeet & Trap:

  • On 1 Mar., the West Point Skeet and Trap Team braved the frigid temperatures and challenging winds to once again claim the Hudson Cup in a semi-annual match against rival Yale
  • The match was hosted at Yale’s shooting fields in East Lyme, CT, and resulted in a strong performance by the Cadets who defeated the Yale shooters by 7 targets, with a score of 458-451
  • The teams have competed as rivals against one another since 1940, and have developed a strong but competitive friendship over the years
  • The next time the two teams will meet is in late March at the Collegiate National Championships in San Antonio, TX

Tae Kwon Do:

  • On 1 March, The Army Taekwondo Team competed in their fourth tournament of the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference season at Princeton
  • The team scored 197 points, mathematically eliminating 2nd place Penn State and 3rd place Rutgers from winning the Division championship with one tournament left in the season
  • The Men’s and Women’s beginner teams took home Gold, winning their brackets in a dominating fashion
  • The Men’s team consisted of CDTs William Xu, Tom Le, and Christian Merrick and they took home gold, coming in 1st place out of 35 teams
  • The Women’s team consisted of CDTs Alexandra Baker, Jennifer Lee, and Liana Blatnik, coming in 1st place out of 23 teams (for the third tournament in a row)
  • Two Men’s Black Belt teams tied for 5th out of 36 teams, with strong performances from CDTs Ziwei Peng and Colin Hwang
  • CDT Colin Hwang had the only knockout of the day with a jump spinning hook kick to the head, and CDT Ziwei Peng made a living kicking his opponents in the head to end matches quickly
  • Next up for the team is Taekwondo Collegiate Nationals, with an amazing 40 cadets eligible to compete in the singles format tournament for a chance to become a National Champion

DCA Happenings

Upcoming Book Signings
13 March @ 1100 –1600: Roger Miller, author of An Inside Look of the Long Grey Line; and Elaine Lowry Brye, author of Be Safe, Love Mom
14 March @ 0900 - 1200: Roger Miller, author of An Inside Look of the Long Grey Line; and Elaine Lowry Brye, author of Be Safe, Love Mom

Venrick named the (ECAC) Specialist of the Week

WEST POINT, N.Y. - After shattering his career best mark en route to a first place finish on pommel horse in Saturday's tri-meet with Springfield and William & Mary, Army senior gymnast Connor Venrick has been named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Specialist of the Week.

Venrick tied for the top spot on pommel horse with a mark of 14.900, surpassing his previous career best of 14.650 set in last year's dual with Springfield.

In addition to his top mark on pommel, the Centennial, Colo., native also earned first on still rings, posting a score of 13.900 to best the field of Army, Springfield and William & Mary gymnasts. Read More

Stackpole Nabs Defensive Player of the Week Honor

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Long-stick midfielder Tim Stackpole was named the Patriot League's Corvias Defensive Player of the Week after scoring a goal and adding three caused turnovers in Saturday's 14-3 win over Lafayette.

The Massapequa Park, N.Y., native garners the first weekly honor of his career and is the second Black Knight to earn weekly honors this season after Cole Johnson got offensive player of the week accolades in the first week. Stackpole came off the bench and scored the 11th goal of the game at the end of the third quarter to give Army a commanding 11-3 lead. He capped off a five-goal frame that blew the game open. He also recorded a career-high three caused turnovers and had a ground ball in the win. Read More

Hockey Big Second Period Sends Army to Senior Night Win

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army hockey team exploded for five goals in the second period and cruised to a 5-1 win over American International on Senior Night at Tate Rink.

Army (8-20-4, 8-15-4 AHA) was led by Brendan McGuire, who recorded a career-high three points on two goals and an assist, while C.J. Reuschlein and Tyler Pham tallied two points with a goal and an assist each. Joe Kozlak was the other goal scorer for the Black Knights in the big second frame. Parker Gahagen stopped 34 shots in the win with double-digit stops in all three frames.

"Senior night is such a special night," head coach Brian Riley said. "It's so great to have it end on a good note. Since we've come back from holidays we have been finding a way to get points. Last year it was up to chance and this year we made it happen and we are ready to take on Sacred Heart."

Army has locked up the ninth seed in the upcoming Atlantic Hockey Tournament and will travel to eighth-seeded Sacred Heart on March 6-7 with a third game if necessary on March 8. The Black Knights have earned points in four-straight weekends. Read More

Women's Lacrosse Defeats NYU, 13-4

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Following its 13-8 defeat of Northeastern's club team earlier in the day, the Army club women's lacrosse team earned a 13-4 victory over NYU's club squad on Saturday afternoon at Shea Stadium to improve to 2-0 on the season.

Freshman Taylor England led the Black Knights with four goals after scoring two in the team's first game against Northeastern and junior Leah Wasserman provided a hat trick and four ground balls.

Freshman Kristen McCarty netted a pair of goals and tallied two draw controls and two ground balls, while classmate Kiersten Spencer finished with a marker and three draw controls. Senior Amanda Harrison, sophomore Sage Klemek and freshman Haley Robinette each accounted for a goal and junior Anna Smith caused three turnovers. Read More

Viana Named Scholar-Athlete of the Year

CENTRAL VALLEY, Pa. – Due to his outstanding performance in the pool and in the classroom, Will Viana has been recognized as the 2015 Patriot League Men’s Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete of the year. Viana is not only the Scholar-Athlete of the Year, but earns Academic All-Patriot League Honors.

"Will epitomizes the term student-athlete," said head coach Mickey Wender. "He is the consummate team player and is well respected by all of his coaches and teammates. He is very deserving of this honor. I was really impressed with Viana's performances this season. In the past 10 days he has had career-bests in the 100 free, 200 free, 100 back, 200 back, 200 IM, 400 IM and in the 100 fly."

Viana, who hails from Stuttgart, Germany, earns the honor for the first-time in his career and is only the third Black Knight to garner the accolade from swimming and diving. Steve Haley was named Scholar-Athlete of the Year in 1998, while Dan Downs earned the honor in 2001. Full Story »

Plomb and Wilson Garner All-Patriot League Accolades

WEST POINT, N.Y. - A pair of Army men's basketball players, juniors Tanner Plomb and Kyle Wilson, were recognized with All-Patriot League honors, it was announced by the conference on Monday afternoon. Plomb landed on the All-Patriot League second team, while Wilson was a third team choice.

Together, Wilson and Plomb were the top scoring duo in the Patriot League in 2014-15 with an average of 33.4 points per game. Wilson was second in scoring in the conference at 17.7 points per game, while Plomb ranked fourth overall with a 15.7 points per game average.

Plomb, a native of Mukwonago, Wis., was even better during conference play and was second in the league in scoring with 16.9 points per game. His 6.0 rebounds per game were eighth in conference play and he grabbed an average of 5.4 boards per game overall. Plomb was Army's best free throw shooter, hitting on 81.1 percent (73-of-90) of his attempts, and averaged 2.2 three-pointers per game, good for seventh in the Patriot League. He was one of two Army players to start every game this season and finished with 22 steals, which tied for second on the team. Read More

Army Improves to Second at ECAC Championships

PITTSBURGH – The Army men’s swimming and diving team finished second at the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Championships after a first-place finish in the final relay event. Following three days of competition, the Black Knights accumulated 428.5 points.

“Today’s performance was a ending to the meet,” said head coach Mickey Wender. “It was great to see the men rally to finish second. We will not be satisfied until we win, but to finish second was an accomplishment after being in fourth after the first two days. The men win the last event in the 400 free relay was great. It was a developmental meet for the team and we learned a lot. This meet allowed different members of our team to contribute to the team and score big points for us to get us to the second-place position.”

The 400 free relay team finished the meet on a high-note when they won. They touched the wall in 2:59.80 to ensure Army’s second-place finish at the championships. In the 1650 free, Matt Kane won the B Final to cap-off his career. He touched the wall in 16:02.71, which was 25 seconds quicker than his previous career-best. Garrett Simon also showed dramatic improvement after recording a career-best 16:05.77 during exhibition. Read More

Women's Basketball Finishes Second in PL Regular Season

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army women's basketball team will enter the upcoming Patriot League Tournament as the No. 2 seed in the 10-team conference tournament. The Black Knights will face the winner of Wednesday's 7/10 match-up between No. 7 Colgate and No. 10 Boston University in a conference quarterfinal game on Friday at 7 p.m. at Christl Arena.

Army finished the regular season 22-6 overall and 14-4 in the Patriot League to place second. American (21-8, 16-2) enters the tournament as the top seed.

The first round of the Patriot League Tournament is set for Wednesday, March 4 and will feature the No. 6 through No. 10 teams, which will compete for a spot in the quarterfinal round on Friday. The league semifinals are slated for Monday, March 9 and the title game is set for Saturday, March 14 at 6 p.m. All Patriot League Tournament games will be played at the home court of the higher seed. Read More

2015 West Point Brigade Boxing

I-3 Company's Juan Migel Archuleta and F-3 Company's Michael Garrett both connect with right hooks during their 139-pound title fight at the 2015 West Point Brigade Boxing Open Feb. 28 in Eisenhower Hall Theatre at West Point. Archuleta would outlast his opponent by earning the decision and the 139-pound title.

Other champions on the evening were Joe Broderick (E-1, 156 lbs.), Faaolataga Pulou (E-4, 195 lbs.), Alan Alvarado (H-1, 119 lbs.), Tyler Payne (C-4, 125 lbs.), Angel Reyes (B-3, 132 lbs.), John Kroc (E-2, 147 lbs.), Yomanda Martin (B-3, 142 lbs. women), William Estes (D-3, 165 lbs.), Christopher Bledsoe (E-3, 175 lbs.), Adam Kanavos (C-4, 185 lbs.) and Ryan Gibeley (B-1, Heavyweight). Story

Photo courtesy of Eric Bartelt

Army Closes Out Trip To S.C. With 4-2 Win over Brown

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Freshman Xiomara Perez smashed a pair of two-run homers going 2-for-3 and Kristen West pitched seven strong innings as the Army softball team closed out its trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., defeating Brown, 4-2, Sunday morning at Grand Park Athletic Complex.

The Black Knights, who avenged a 7-3 loss to Brown on Friday, claimed their third straight win to post a 4-1 mark this weekend to stand 7-7 overall.

Army jumped off to a fast start with a pair of runs in the top of the first inning with two outs when Perez blasted a two-run homer with Kristen McPeek, who drew a walk, on board. Full Story »

Plunkett Wins Gary Freeman Invitational, Army Finishes Second

Daytona Beach – Marcus Plunkett was the individual champion at the Gary Freeman Invitational with a score of 73-73-74--220, winning by one stroke. The Army golf team shot 45-over at the LPGA National Golf Course, The Hills Course and finished in second place. Three Black Knights ranked in the top 10 individually.

“While we weren’t able to come out on top today, there were a lot of positives,” said assistant coach Rich Brazeau. “Most notable was Marcus’ personal victory. He was a leader on and off the course all weekend and it showed in his performance. He played consistent in tough conditions and it was a great way for him to start the spring.”

Plunkett boasted a four-over to win the tournament one stroke ahead of the second-place finisher. This is Plunkett’s third individual tournament victory as a Black Knight. Read More

Junta Garners Academic All-Patriot League Honors

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - After earning a third place finish in the 3000m run at the Patriot League Championships, senior Lisa Junta has been named to the Academic All-Patriot League team, announced by the conference Friday afternoon. Junta boasts a cumulative grade point average of 4.147 as a life science major.

At last weekend's Patriot League Championships, she collected a pair of top-10 finishes, earning third in the 3000m run with an Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) qualifying time of 9:51.60 and joining her teammates for a seventh place finish in the 4x800m relay.

Junta opened the season with a second place finish in the 1000m run at the Army 5-Way (3:05.50) and placed 12th in the mile (5:09.56). She was a member of the fourth place 4x800m relay squad at the Beantown Challenge and placed seventh at the Upstate Challenge in the mile (5:10.84). At the Armory Invite she ran on the 10th place 4x800m relay team and followed that up with a second place showing in the 3000m run (10:00.05) in the Star meet victory over Navy. Read More

Firsties’ Milestone Marked with 100th Night Show

Musical comedy presents the lighter side of life at West Point with song and dance

One of the best ways for firsties to remember and relive their 47-month experience at West Point is to poke fun at it with a musical comedy.

This year’s 100th Night Show titled, “The Class the Stars Fell On … Literally” premiered Feb. 20 at Eisenhower Hall Theatre and was presented to the Class of 2015 and guests Feb. 21 following the traditional banquet at Washington Hall.

The show is modeled off the “Saturday Night Live” television program and is a sketch-based look at the Class of 2015.

“Instead of creating a story that takes us through the last 44 months, as is typical for the 100th Night Show, we decided to focus in on specific events that our class remembers most or had the greatest impact on our class,” Class of 2015 Cadet Daniel Trainor, 100th Night Show director, said. Full Story »

Photo courtesy of Kathy Eastwood

Dean's Weekly, February 27th

Department of Law

On 23 February, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation, Mark Peters, discussed with cadets in the Criminal Law course in the Department of Law how corruption originates within public institutions. Commissioner Peters discussed how his office identifies circumstances that lead to the public's loss of trust in institutions. He focused specifically on long-term problems at the large prison in New York (Rikers Island) and bribery of city building inspectors. Commissioner Peters, fourth from right, is pictured here with his Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Jeri Powell, fifth from right, and some of the cadets from the Criminal Law class.

Department of Foreign Languages

Spanish: The Spanish Language cadets continue studying Spanish and the opportunities to enjoy experiences in Mexico outside of the classroom. They are finishing their first month of courses at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Last week the cadets visited the canals of Xochimilco, what is left of a pre-Colombian Aztec transportation system. They also recently visited Tepotzlan, an Aztec and Nahua cultural center, to see ruins there. They are integrating well with other International and Mexican students joining them in their studies and cultural activities in Mexico, enjoying Mexican cuisine, visiting local museums, and Cadet Fydenkevez made a recent trip to the symphony.

German: On February 18th 2015, cadets from LTC Rolf Metz’s German Military Speaking and Reading (LG476) and Dr. Johannes Vazulik’s German Civilization II (LG484) classes visited the United Nations in New York City. Representatives from the UN German Delegation provided the cadets a guided tour of the facilities and discussed, in German, the organization’s history and current role in international relations. Following the tour, the group enjoyed a traditional German meal of schnitzel and baked potatoes at the German mission.

German: COL Mark Gagnon lectured on the 1955 Austrian film, "Sissi," to more than 30 people at the Cornwall Public Library's Foreign Film night on 19 February. Cadets enrolled in German also participated in the event. One of the most popular German-speaking films ever, the movie tells the story of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria. An expert on German film, COL Gagnon spoke about the importance of the film in the context of postwar Austria and Germany. For the fifth year in a row, West Point Cadets have participated in the Foreign Film night at the Cornwall Public Library. This forum provides an opportunity for Cadets to gain a deeper cultural perspective as well as interact with the local community. Prior to the event the Cadets enjoyed an authentic Austrian meal at a local restaurant.

Chinese: The cadets studying abroad in China and Taiwan are currently off from classes for the week for the Chinese New Year and will be taking this opportunity to travel in both locations. The cadets in Taiwan are visiting sites on both ends of Taiwan. The group in China is visiting Shanghai and Kunming.

Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Briefing: On 18 February, PaNE supported a request from MA255 leadership (MAJ Peter Young) to provide their cadets with engineering applications of differential equations. This took place during the Dean’s Hour in WH5300. Dr. Brian Moretti, MAJ Andrew Decker, and COL Bryndol Sones each discussed examples of nuclear engineering applications from the topics of Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Weapons Effects, and Medical Applications, respectively.

Department of English and Philosophy

Plebes Visit USMA Special Collections & Archives for Hands-On Literature Lesson. On 17 and 18 February, three sections of EN102: Literature joined forces for a visit to USMA Special Collections & Archives. The purpose of the visit was to make some of the authors and texts the cadets are studying more tangible. To this end, cadets were able to interact with several pieces from the West Point archives such as a 1770 edition of Shakespeare’s plays; a facsimile of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass manuscript; a signed first edition of Siegfried Sassoon’s Memoirs of an Infantry Officer; and several artifacts from Edgar Allan Poe’s brief tenure as a USMA cadet, including the record of his 1831 court-martial and a letter written in Poe’s own hand to COL Sylvanus Thayer. A special thank you goes out to Elaine McConnell, Susan Lintelmann and Suzanne Christoff for taking time to share this material with approximately 180 cadets over four class periods.

Author Michael Pitre speaks to the Creative Writing Forum and Cadets in EN102. Michael Pitre, author of Fives and Twenty-Fives, visited West Point on Thursday, February 19th. Fives and Twenty-Fives was published to significant acclaim by Bloomsbury Press in August, 2014. Michael drew from his own experiences in Iraq, and largely from the experience of his friends, to construct the characters and the narrative. In it, he endeavors not to “fetishize combat,” but to capture the true and complete experience, not just of the deployment, but of the readjustment upon returning home.

The visit was an opportunity for cadets to discuss creativity and writing with an accomplished veteran and author. Michael enjoyed lunch in Washington Hall with cadets from the Creative Writing Forum where he took questions on developing characters and converting personal experience into compelling prose. He spoke to EN102 cadets about the creative process and narrative construction. In his discussion he emphasized that creativity can only be productive when coupled with a disciplined work ethic, attention to detail, and true dedication to one’s craft, characters, and message.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Cadets study Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On February 19th, Major Miller and 14 cadets enrolled in EV376, Geography of the Middle East, braved the bitter Manhattan cold and ventured to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they experienced the art of "Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia." During their museum visit, the cadets explored cultural themes, patterns, representations and images found in the wide array of exhibits that included everything from Persian tapestries and Arabic calligraphy to Damascus chainmail and Arabesque motifs. The cadets also considered how art was as a cohesive element across the geographic expanses of the early Islamic world. And of course, the trip also included delicious-and piping hot-shawarma and falafel from the museum food trucks!

EV398 Data Collection. On February 23rd and 24th, Cadets from EV398 (Introduction to GIS) braved the cold to collect GPS data for their GIS problem sets. This exercise introduces real world data collection, along with importing the data into ArcGIS, and preparing it for future analysis.






US Army Public Health Command Guest Lecture. On Thursday, 19 February, Mr. Paul Hopp and Mr. Terry Meade of the US Army Public Health Command presented a guest lecture to cadets enrolled in EV397 (Air Pollution Engineering) on US Army Air Quality Monitoring. In addition to recounting results from monitoring missions, they gave hands-on demonstrations of some of the equipment used to monitor air quality and thus protect Soldier health in both home station and deployed locations.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Goethals Infrastructure Challenge. The Goethals’ Infrastructure Challenge (GIC) is a 4-day student competition that educates students on how to approach Grand Challenges through the study of wicked problems in infrastructure. The GIC completed its third successful iteration 4-7 December 2014. This iteration of the GIC included 4 teams at West Point comprised of majors from Civil Engineering, Foreign Languages (Chinese and Spanish), Strategic Studies, Economics, and Management. This test validated the 96-hour length of the competition and the manner in which participants receive guidance toward a final submittal. Student teams have more room for innovation in presenting their results because new submittal requirements only dictate which stakeholder group must be addressed. The winning team of Cadets Christopher Corbett ‘15, Corey Archibeque ’16, Alejandro Aguilar ’15 and Andrew Wolgemuth ’15 are congratulated on their ability to make Chuck Norris fear them!

Cadets Visit AMRDEC for Capstone Update: Cadets Frank Conroy, Mike Grajera, and Micah Uchida with project advisor, COL Daisie Boettner, traveled to Redstone Arsenal, AL, 8-9 February 2015, to update Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Command on their capstone project in support of the Multi-Mission Launch (MML) Platform. Their device must level the antenna supporting mast within 0.5 degree, weigh less than 400 lbs, and fit in the given area on the MML trailer. They will present their final prototype on Projects Day, 30 April 2015.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership


MAJ Cheveso “Chevy” Cook shares Negotiation Experience with West Point Negotiation Project Cadet Program. On 4 February, West Point Negotiation Project hosted MAJ Chevy Cook as their Spring Kick-Off Guest Speaker. During his hour-long talk, MAJ Cook shared his experiencing negotiating with Iraqi locals to include the idea that assumptions matter, you must understand your interests and alternatives, and taking a deliberate approach to planning/executing negotiation is valid as an Officer, Cadet, and Civilian. Cadets enjoyed additional time together and with MAJ Cook over dinner catered by American Burrito. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

West Point Negotiation Project helps prepare USMAPS Vanguard Leadership Group for their Spring Break STEM Project. On 7 February, West Point Negotiation Project led a three-hour workshop for 14 USMAPS Cadet Candidates (CCs) from Dean Melanie Wong-Dodge’s Vanguard Leadership Group. The workshop, led by MAJ Christina Fanitzi (BSL) and CDT Gene Fogh (’15, B-4), taught CCs skills to manage difficult conversations. During the session, CCs were introduced to frameworks and skills to gain greater understanding of others’ perspectives and increase their own communication skills as they prepare for their Spring Break STEM trip. MAJ Michael Rybacki (BSL), CDT Rima Gasparini (’17, G-1), and CDT Richard Martin (’18, 1-2) served as Role Players/Facilitators to allow CCs to test, observe, and analyze their newly acquired frameworks and CDT Xavier Olivo (’18, I-2) and CDT Ty Moore (’18, B-1) served as volunteer participants, as prior CCs, which elevated CC learning through their insightful contributions. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

The Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership hosted the first "West Point Idea Friday.” The Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership hosted the first "West Point Idea Friday" on Friday, February 20th in the West Point Club's Gray Room. "Idea Friday" is a TED talk-inspired forum for cadets, faculty, staff, and friends to share and debate ideas to foster intellectual growth and diverse leader development. Sharing ideas at this event were Cadet Zachary Cohen '17, Cadet Alexander Grinberg '17, and LTC Remi Hajjar. Following each short 4-7 minute narrative presentation, the speakers fielded questions from the audience leading to a stimulating intellectual debate.

Glesener, Somers on Tewaaraton Watch List

Seniors John Glesener and Sam Somers are two of 50 male lacrosse players from around the country that have been selected to the watch list for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award.

The Tewaaraton Award annually honors the top male and female college lacrosse player in the United States. The selection committees are made up of premier collegiate coaches and are appointed annually by The Tewaaraton Foundation. The lists include the top 50 male and female players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse and highlight the early contenders for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award presented by Under Armour.

Among 2015 watch lists returnees are five former finalists. Four of the five 2014 women’s finalists return to the watch list, including Megan Douty (Maryland), Shannon Gilroy (Florida), Kayla Treanor (Syracuse) and 2014 winner Taylor Cummings (Maryland). Last year’s co-winner, Lyle Thompson (Albany), returns on the men’s side. Full Story »

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • This past weekend, three cadets from the West Point Marathon Team traveled to New York City, to take place in the Central Park Marathon
  • Due to the inclement weather, the Central Park Marathon was turned into a “fun run”, which means that it cannot be used for a Boston Qualifier
  • Despite the slushy conditions, the cadets chose to partake in the run anyways
  • Two of the cadets ran what would have been qualifying times (2:52), and by choosing to run regardless of the situation shows the resilience and tenacity of the team

Boxing (Men’s):

  • On 21 Feb., the Men’s Army Boxing Team competed in the West Point Invitational on the 4th Floor of Arvin, in the North Boxing Room
  • The Invitational was preparation for the Regionals in March and the Nationals in April
  • The teams that competed were: The Coast Guard Academy, Shippensburg University, and UMASS
  • Army Boxing went 15-1, and at one point won thirteen straight bouts
  • In attendance was the Superintendent, the BTO, and even MG Clarke stopped by, as he was visiting WP this weekend


  • The U.S. Fencing Association, the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport in the United States, has named three West Point Cadets as “All Americans” in the sport of Fencing
  • In the past, only NCAA Athletes in Fencing were given this collegiate honor
  • The USFA had decided to honor certain non-NCAA fencers based on their achievement of current or prior National Championships in the sport at the Collegiate level, along with those ranking 1-3 in the nation
  • The following were given the award: CDT Blake Gordon (current collegiate National Champion in Sabre, ranked #1); CDT Marvin Hargraves (former collegiate National Champion in Epee, formerly #1); and CDT Gus Williams (ranked #2 in Sabre)

Support Clubs

Pipes & Drums:

  • On 21 Feb., four pipers from the West Point Pipes and Drums, which included the future lead players of the band, traveled to Newark, NJ, to watch the Metro Cup Solo Piping Invitational
  • The Metro Cup is the premier professional solo piping event in North America, with Gold Medal pipers and Glenfiddich champions coming to compete
  • The band members arrived at the Ramada Inn hotel, and met a few of the judges, as well as John Bottomley, the current piping instructor of the band
  • The event first featured the piobaireachd competition, and then the medley competition took place
  • After the winners of the competition were announced, the band members met up with Dan Lyden, one of the judges who favored the West Point Pipes and Drums back during the Army/Navy competition in December
  • The band had a productive conversation with Mr. Lyden about piobaireachd and competitions, and he gave the band members tips for the upcoming Scotia-Glenville competition
  • CDTS Hanson and Kenny also conversed with Pipe Sergeant Gordon Walker, formerly of the Royal High-land Fusiliers (British Army)

Academic Clubs


  • On 20 Feb., thirteen cadets from the Army Debate Team traveled to Danbury, CT, to participate in the qualifying rounds for the National Debate Tournament
  • The National Debate Tournament is the debate version of the NCAA final four; only 72 pairs qualify for this event each year
  • CDTS Michael Barlow and Quanzy Caston got qualified this weekend, and will now be competing in the National Debate Tournament
  • Additionally, CDT Tessa Gould and Seamus Matlack were semi-finalists in the Novice Division

Debate: Model Arab League:

  • On 20 Feb., six cadets of the Model Arab League traveled to Clifton, NJ, for dinner at the La’Ziza Lebanese Restaurant
  • The purpose of this trip was to build team rapport and deepen the understanding of one facet of Arabic culture and cuisine
  • The cadets tried a variety of Lebanese dishes including hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, falafel, kibbeh, shish tawook, kufta, and grilled meat served Levantine style
  • Spending several hours lingering over a meal and conversation is very common in the Arab world the cadets are learning about; this trip was a great team-building and learning experience

Hobby Clubs

Alpine Skiing:

  • On 20 Feb., the West Point Alpine Ski Team competed in the USCSA Mid-East Division Regional Championship at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort for the first time in three years
  • Among the thirteen competing schools were Cornell, Syracuse, Skidmore, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Binghamton Universities
  • CDT Sawyer Harkins (‘18) was selected as all-conference second team skier
  • Army Alpine will finish its season at Mount Bachelor, Oregon competing in the USCSA National Championship, that will take place 1 - 7 March

Nordic Skiing:

  • On the weekend of 20-22 Feb., the West Point Nordic Ski Team at-tended their last event of the season, the Eastern Collegiate Ski Conference (ECSC) Regional Competition held at Camp Ethan Allen Training Center in Jericho, VT
  • Five members of the team competed in the events, which included a 8.5K Classic race and a1K Sprint Qualifier race followed by elimination heats on Saturday, and a 15K Skate race on Sunday
  • Several of West Point’s men showed great improvements in their 8.5K Classic race times; CDT Landon Hanson (‘16) finished in 33:59, CDT Spencer Read (‘16) completed the course in 39:33, and CDT Dylan Gahm (‘16) finished with a time of 35:42,
  • In the women’s 8.5K Classic, the team also showed improvement; CDT Emily Beecher (‘17) finished the course in 43:00, and CDT Rebecca Sauter (‘16) came in close behind with a finish time of 44:45
  • While all of the team members competed in the 1K Sprint Qualifier race, none finished within the top 16 places to continue on to the elimination heat races
  • In the Women’s 15K Skate race, CDT Emily Beecher finished with a race time of 1:37:29 and CDT Rebecca Sauter completed the race in 1:43:28
  • In the Men’s 15K Skate, CDT Dylan Gahm was the first finished for West Point, with a race time of 1:13:24
  • CDT Spencer Read was the next West Pointer to finish, completing the course in 1:17:10; CDT Landon Hanson was the last West Point finisher, with a race time of 1:23:37
  • This last event demonstrated that with more time on the snow, every member of the team got better at both skiing technique and speed

DCA Happenings

This past weekend 1900 Cadets and guests attended the Class of 2015, 100th Night Class Reception and Banquet in the Cadet Mess Hall. Cadets wore semi-formal civilian attire to the event. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii was the guest speaker; she is also a Captain in the Hawaii National Guard 29th Brigade Combat Team and has received a Meritorious Service Medal during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After the banquet, cadets and their guests moved to Eisenhower Hall to view the 100th Night Show.

Athletic Director's Update, February 25th

Click the Cover to read the entire update.

AD's Update

CDTs Meyer & Voet Capture Debate Team Win

The annual exchange between the U.S. Military Academy and the Royal Military College of Canada was highlighted once again with equal parts camaraderie and competitive spirit from all participants. The 2015 USMA-RMC Exchange was set up both at West Point and in Kingston, Ontario, for cadets and officer cadets to experience a day of normal routine – classes, meals and extracurriculars – and another day of scheduled competitions and demonstrations.

Class of 2015 Cadet Ken Voet was part of the team that won the trophy in 2013. This year, he paired with Class of 2016 Cadet Meyer Ungerman – as two engineering majors debating on the resolution of nuclear power being essential for future global energy security.

“It didn’t sit well with me that the trophy didn’t return from Canada last year,” Voet said. “I got used to seeing it around at practice and then it disappeared. It was always in the back of mind that I’d like to get it back.” Read More

Minato Leads Women's Basketball Past BU

WEST POINT, N.Y. – The Army women’s basketball team received a game-high 26 points from junior Kelsey Minato as the Black Knights got back on the winning track with a 64-50 Patriot League victory over Boston University on Wednesday evening at Christl Arena.

The Black Knights improve to 21-6 overall and 13-4 in the conference with the win, while the Terriers fall to 5-23 and 2-15.

Minato shot 9-for-15 from the field and 5-of-8 from three-point range while also adding five assists. The junior raised her career scoring total to 1,728 points and moved into second on Army’s all-time scoring list with a jumper at the 18:11 mark of the second half. Minato passed Cara Enright (USMA ’08), who netted 1,719 points over her career.

Sophomore Dani Failor finished with eight points and four rebounds for the hosts, while senior Ciara Jackson and junior Jean Parker also tallied eight points. Jackson’s eight points come as a career high. Full Story »

Szekely, Viana Garner All-Patriot League First Team Accolades

CENTRAL VALLEY, Pa. – After finishing as the runners-up at the Patriot League Championships, Chris Szekely and Will Viana of the Army men’s swimming and diving team have garnered All-Patriot League First Team accolades. Michael Dustin, Colin Kanzari, Sam Mo, Josh Sembrano and Josh Urnezis were named to the Second Team.

“Chris and Will both have been incredibly influential, their impact to the program has been profound in and out of the pool. It’s not surprising so me that they both earn spots on the first team”, said head coach Mickey Wender. “I think the fact that we only had two first teamers was a little disappointing, but it says a lot about the depth of our program. We were able to come back to second-place with only two standout swimmers. That says a lot about the quality and depth of our program across the board. We are all about the team approach and I think is shows in these awards. The bulk of our points come from our depth and, just as we tell the team, every single person on our squad is important and that every race is critical, so this just solidifies that.” Read More

Women's Lacrosse to Host Free Clinic on Saturday

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army club women's lacrosse team will hold a free clinic at the Foley Athletic Center next to Michie Stadium on Saturday morning before its home opener against Northeastern's club team later in the afternoon. The clinic is available to girls in grades K-8 and will run from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Army women's lacrosse players and coaches will be on hand to provide lessons and instruction to participants throughout the clinic.

The event will precede the team's contests against Northeastern (1 p.m.) and NYU (3 p.m.), which will take place at West Point's Shea Stadium. Both games are free to the public. The Army men's lacrosse squad will also play at home, as it hosts Lafayette at noon at Michie Stadium. Read More

Army Athletics Play of the Week

Logan Everett Takedown vs. Navy.

Mr. Thomas, Civil Rights Activist & Vietnam Veteran Visits USMA

The West Point Department of History and the Center for Oral History were honored to have Mr. Hank Thomas, a Civil Rights Activist, Vietnam Veteran, and Businessman, visit on February 23rd. Mr. Thomas was at West Point speaking at the African American History Month luncheon, and then sat in on an American History class, provided an oral history interview, and discussed The West Point Guide to the Civil Rights Movement with COL Seidule.

Men's Tennis Sweeps Past St. Bonaventure for 8th Straight Win

WEST POINT, N.Y. – The Army men’s tennis team defeated St. Bonaventure, 7-0, to grab its eighth win in a row on Sunday morning at Lichtenberg Tennis Center. The Black Knights move to 8-3 on the year following the win.

The Black Knights claimed the doubles point after victories from junior Harrison McCormick and sophomore Grant Riechamnn (No. 1), junior Austin McCasin and sophomore Kyle Barnes (No. 2) and freshmen Michael Sienko and Daniel Zheng (No. 3). Read More

Lacrosse Makes Moves in National Polls

WEST POINT, N.Y. – After a hard-fought game at No. 2/3 Syracuse last night, the Army lacrosse team made moves in all three national polls, including a jump to ninth in the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Coaches’ Poll.

The Black Knights are ranked in the top 10 for the first time since the 2011 season when Army was ninth in the nation at the beginning of April. Army is ranked 9th by the coaches and moved up two spots from 11th last week. The Black Knights earned 131 points in the poll and are the highest ranked Patriot League team in the rankings. Denver remains in the top spot, followed by Syracuse. Loyola dropped from eighth to 14th after losing to Holy Cross on Saturday. The Crusaders made their first appearance in the poll at No. 19, while Colgate held steady at No. 20 as the Raiders are off to a 3-0 start. Read More

Army Claims Plate in USA Rugby Sevens Tournament

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Competing in the consolation bracket, the Army women’s rugby team claimed the tournament’s Plate award, defeating BYU and Ottawa. Army earned its first victory over BYU by a score of 17-12 in overtime and moved on to the Plate final to defeat the Ottawa Ravens by a score 12-0.

Against BYU, the Cougars got up by five early on, but a try from Ashley Mohr halfway through the first half tied the game at 5-5 heading into the half. BYU jumped out to a 12-5 lead in the opening minutes of the second half, but a try from Allison Wilson and a successful conversion from newcomer Nicole Heavirland tied the game up at 12-12 and sent the teams into overtime. Read More

West Point Boxing Dominates at Home Show

Congratulations to the West Point Boxing team on dominating their 2015 Home Show.

The team won 16 of their 17 bouts, and will compete next in the Brigade Boxing Open here at Crest Hall, Feb. 27. West Point Boxing

Wrestling Earns 21-10 Star Win Over Navy

WEST POINT, N.Y. – The Army wrestling team came away with a 21-10 victory over Navy to end the Midshipmen’s winning streak in the series in front of 1,004 fans on Sunday evening at Christl Arena.

Army’s win is the first over Navy since the 1996-97 season and snaps the Midshipmen’s 14-year winning streak and 17-year unbeaten streak in the series, as the teams tied during the 1999-00 campaign.

The match opened at 157 pounds, with No. 18 Russell Parsons winning a 7-1 decision over Navy’s Drew Daniels to give Army (3-6, 3-4 Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association) an early 3-0 advantage. Navy (3-5, 1-3) answered with a 5-3 victory at 165, as 16th-ranked Peyton Walsh defeated Chandler Smith. Read More

Ferguson Sends Men's Basketball to Win Over American

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army used a 20-2 run surrounding halftime and rode Kevin Ferguson's career-high 23 points to a 72-63 victory over American on Sunday afternoon at Christl Arena. The Senior Day win helped the Black Knights complete the season sweep of American. Ferguson also led Army (15-12, 6-10 Patriot) with a career-best 12 rebounds for his fourth-career double-double as Army held a 35-27 rebounding advantage. Kyle Wilson scored 17, Tanner Plomb had 15 and Dylan Cox finished with nine for the Black Knights in a 52.3 percent shooting performance.

Charlie Jones netted a team-high 16 points for American, while Jesse Reed and John Schoof also scored in double figures, with 13 points and 12 points, respectively. Army reached 15 victories for the third consecutive year, marking the first time the Black Knights have had three straight 15-win campaigns since Bob Knight's teams each won at least 15 from 1967-70. Full Story »

Men's Track & Field Takes Fourth at Patriot League Championships

ANNAPOLIS, MD – A fifth straight title for Clyde Wilson was the highlight for the Army men’s track & field team as they wrapped up the Patriot League Indoor Championships on Sunday in fourth place overall. Wilson turned in a Patriot League Championship meet record time of 1:50.70 in the 800m to take home his fifth straight individual title in the event, dating back to his sophomore season.

The senior wasn’t done there, as he led off the 4x400 relay team that cruised to first place with a time of 3:15.41. Running behind Wilson was Patrick Taylor, Bradley Gibson and Jose Santana. Santana was the leading individual scorer for the Black Knights on Sunday, finishing second in the 60m with a time of 6.88 and third in the 400m, crossing the line in 48.68. He was one of three scorers for Army in the 400m, with Taylor joining in fourth place with a time of 48.73 and Bradley Gibson finishing with a personal best time of 49.58. Read More

Dean's Weekly, February 20th

Department of English and Philosophy

Bard’s Seminar. On 10 February, seventeen cadets and five faculty members from EP395 Special Topics in Philosophy attended the first of four joint sessions with their colleagues and counterparts at Bard College. This multidisciplinary course examines the complex nature of human intolerance through the diverse perspectives held by faculty and cadets from four West Point departments (English and Philosophy, History, Law, and Social Sciences) and their counterparts at Bard, who are drawn from a comparably wide range. The Bard students graciously hosted the cadets for lunch and an informal “meet and greet,” which was followed by a two-hour seminar at which Bard students presented commentaries in response to essays in the course reader written by West Point faculty. Each commentary generated excellent discussion by both students and faculty. Near the end of the course a second joint session at Bard will take place at the Bard campus in preparation for Projects Day at West Point. In between, there will be two joint sessions hosted by West Point. The first of these takes place on Tuesday, 17 February, in the Haig Room, during which COL Ty Seidule (Head of the Department of History) and Professor Jonathan Becker (Vice President and Dean of International Affairs at Bard) will speak.

The Poetry of T.S. Eliot, Art, and Architecture: EN102 Cadets visit NYC. In order to understand and contextualize both the adherence and deviation from poetic conventions in the work of T.S. Eliot and his contemporaries, twenty Cadets from EN102 spent the day analyzing various forms of art and architecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Modern Museum of Art, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The visit enabled them to see how traditional focuses upon form in representing ideas in poetry as well as classical, Gothic, and Renaissance art were not abandoned but heightened in modernist works. At the same time, students explored concepts identifiable in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that relate to the ethics of art forms subservient to a state or ideology through study of futurist paintings, sculptures, and writings.

Department of History

The History Department hosted another successful “Night at the Movies” event on 4 February 2015. It featured the 2005 film Kingdom of Heaven, which depicts the events of the Second Crusade in the 12th Century. Cadets enjoyed not only the film itself, but also the valuable insights and analysis provided by a lively panel that included Professor Rasheed Hosein, Professor Dan Franke, Cadet Bryan Houp, Cadet Troy Szwaczkowski, Cadet Jacob Sanborn, and Cadet Francis Ambrogio. The panel provided a far-reaching and fascinating discussion of the depiction of the Crusades in the film, and also an incisive analysis of how leaders and states have motivated soldiers throughout history to sacrifice their lives for causes that move beyond individual interest. The History Department’s next “Night at the Movies” event will take place on 18 February and will feature a screening and discussion of Stanley Kubrick’s 1957 World War I drama Paths of Glory.

On 10 February 2015, the History Department hosted its inaugural edition of History Trivia Night at the Firstie Club. The event was a phenomenal success. Over one hundred cadets filled the club and competed in 26 teams for the top prize of $100 in DCA gift certificates. An additional prize was also presented to the team that came up with most creative team name, which went to "Kosciuszko’s Garden Gnomes." Teams of four competed in three rounds of history trivia, and the team with the most points from all three rounds were awarded the top prize. A team of history majors, creatively named "Chicago Style," scored the highest and won the DCA gift certificates. The History Department and DCA plan to host another History Trivia Night in March.

Department of Foreign Languages

Arabic: Eight Arabic students continue their studies in Morocco and Jordan. In Morocco, cadets got a chance to escape the snowy weather in wintry Ifrane to visit the desert city of Meknes, only an hour away. Meknes is an ancient city that is also home to the Moroccan Military Academy. In Jordan, our five Cadets continue to pursue their studies and continue their service-oriented outreach work with the orphanage.

Spanish: Cadets Benjamin Greif, Brian Fydenkevez, Nathan Swanson, Jeremy Tetro, and Connor Wernecke are settling into Mexican university life. They are enjoying local food, customs, and sports. Several of the cadets have joined club teams, such as water polo, at the university and they are having no trouble meeting local friends as well as fellow international students. The cadets are enjoying their classes and the slower pace of life in Mexico, especially the slower pace of food preparation and eating! In Mexico City, they have visited the Zócalo, the historic city center of Mexico City, which was the ceremonial center of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. They have also visited local markets and are enjoying the ease-of-use of the Mexico City metro system. They spent last weekend visiting cultural sites, including the pyramids at Teotihuacan, the site of the Aztec Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Athletic Director's Update, February 20th

Click the Cover to read the entire update.

AD's Update

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • On 15 Feb., the West Point Men’s Fencing Team competed in their second weekend of MAC Conference Matches and finished on top once again
  • The men went 3-1 overall, defeating Lafayette College by a score of 15-12, Rutgers University 19-8, and Drew University 20-7
  • The men only dropped one match to Cornell University with a 6-21 score
  • The Sabre Squad led the day going 3-1, with top finishes going to CDT Blake Gordon (9-3) and CDT Gus Williams (10-2)
  • The Foil Squad also had an impressive day going 3-1 for their record, with the top athlete going to CDT Josh Qualls at 5-3
  • In the weapon of Epee, CDT Aaron Mellstrom was 7-5
  • The men were behind with Division I Lafayette by a wide margin, however, they rallied and came back with eight consecutive bouts to overtake Lafayette in the last round

Climbing (Mountaineering):

  • On 14 Feb., nineteen cadets from the West Point Climbing Team went to the Prime Climb Gym to compete in the second Collegiate Climbing Series competition of the season
  • Competitors from Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, Cornell, RIT, WPI, Smith, Wesleyan and Princeton were all represented
  • The West Point Team climbed strong, and brought home placements in all three disciplines
  • CDT Marcie Jhong took fifth in boulders; CDT Zhaina Myrzakhanova placed third in speed and second in routs; CDT Julian Barker placed second in boulders and third in ropes, as well as third in speed
  • Many of the team members showed vast improvements on their performances

Men’s Volleyball:

  • On 14-15 Feb., the Men’s Army Volleyball team traveled to UC-Davis to compete against some of the best teams in the country at the Far Westerns Volleyball Tournament
  • While the team was unable to come away with a win, the experience of playing against top-flight squads was invaluable
  • The team was also able to visit San Francisco and tour one of the last two remaining WWII-Era Liberty Ships in the world

Boxing (Mens):

  • On 12 Feb., the West Point Men’s Boxing Team attended the 88th Annual Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament Kick Off as the special honored guest of Mr. Teddy Atlas
  • Teddy started the Dr. Teddy Atlas Foundation, named after his late father to help the needy in the NYC area
  • Teddy is a famous boxing trainer and a long time ESPN personality; his relationship and reverence with Army Boxing and Dr. Barone goes back several years as Teddy has done the BBO at West Point on numerous occasions

Support Clubs

Glee Club:

  • Over President’s Day Weekend, the Glee Club traveled to Philadelphia and to the Washington D.C. area for several performances with the West Point Alumni Glee Club
  • While in Philadelphia, the club was treated to a private, guided tour of Independence Hall, complete with a performance of the National Anthem outside its steps
  • After seeing one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the famous Liberty Bell, the club performed with the Alumni Club at the historic Christ Church
  • The joint performance, entitled “The Spirit of ‘45”, honored the 70th Anni-versary of the end of WWII and the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War
  • The Cadet Glee Club also premiered a work by British Composer Bob Chilcott, commissioned by the Glee Club, entitled “Everything That Grows”
  • This choral piece borrows its lyrics from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet XV and featured the West Point Band’s SSG Yalin Chi on piano and SSG Kristen Mather de Andrade on clarinet
  • After Christ Church, the Glee Club traveled to the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, VA, to perform for the Jewish Military Veteran Society with the Alumni Glee Club
  • The cadets and alumni also held a joint concert at the Stilesigner Theater on the Northern Virginia Community College campus in Alexandria, VA

Academic Clubs

Cadet Competitive Cyber Team:

  • On 29 Jan. - 1 Feb., the Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) competed head to head with other service academies at CyberStakes Live; the DARPA sponsored event took place at the Soldier and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cadets and Midshipmen from the Military, Naval, Air Force, and Coast Guard Academies participated as team and individuals in a variety of security challenges
  • Highlights from this year’s competition were the new Joint Capture the Flag event in which mixed participants from each of the academies moved into new groups on the second day of competition
  • This year also introduced a complex and challenging Cold Boot challenge
  • This event gave participants the task of extracting keys directly from memory by chilling the memory to help preserve its state and then transferring it to another system in order to bypass memory protections
  • The competition was organized and hosted by For All Secure, a company founded by a team of computer security researchers from Carnegie Mellon University
  • CyberStakes is an Olympic style event with awards for each event, but no overall rankings are given
  • Members of the C3T won awards in the Cold Boot, Live CTF, Joint CTF and Lock picking events and performed admirably throughout the competition
  • This event was designed to give students from each of the academies an opportunity to network, engage in friendly competition, learn new skills, and sow the seeds for future joint cyber operations

Hobby Clubs


  • On 13-16 Feb., the USMA Scuba Team traveled to Key West Florida for its annual advanced dive training
  • Thirteen cadets, an OIC and the NCOIC, took advantage of the warm weather to hone advanced skills by diving at deep depths on The Vanderbura, a well-known and large World War II shipwreck
  • During the dive training, the team’s instructors (Firsties) focused on evaluating the instructor candidates (Cows) and Divemasters (Yearlings)
  • NCOIC, SFC William Rothrock also gave cadets a tour of Key West’s Special Forces Underwater Operations School (SFUOS)

Alpine Skiing:

  • On 16 Feb., the Army Alpine Ski Team hosted Navy and Cornell's’s alpine race teams at the annual Army Navy Alpine race Invitational at the Victor Constant Ski Slope
  • Army is the winner this year against Navy, beating Navy in Giant Slalom by one second and Slalom by nearly four seconds
  • Cornell, once again, showed that they are one of the fastest race teams in the Eastern Collegiate Ski Conference
  • The cadets and middies both enjoy the relationship that they share with Cornell, as they raise the level of play for all competitors
  • Individual standouts for Army include CDT Sawyer Harkins (‘18) who placed 9th in Giant Slalom (GS) and 8th in Slalom (SL); CDT Josh Ische (‘16) placed 10th in GS and 9th in SL of 30 total racers
  • Also racing very well were Team Captain CDT Chris Emerson (‘15), CDTS Ayrne Riley (‘17), Patrick Kearny (‘17), and Logan Trust (‘18)
  • The cadets along with the mids and Cornell worked alongside together to set up the race
  • LTG Caslen was in attendance for the race; he ran some gates with the racers, as well as presented the trophy to the Cadets at the Award Ceremony

Military Clubs


  • The West Point Pistol Team hosted the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academies this past weekend for an Intercollegiate Sectional Pistol Match
  • Results from this match and sectional matches fired all over the country, were the qualifying events for Nationals that will be held at Ft. Benning, GA, on 22-27 March
  • West Point swept all five events for the match; for the three open events (Free Pistol, Standard Pistol, and Air Pistol) West Point shot an aggregate score of 6289 to Coast Guard’s 5903 and Merchant Marine’s 5821
  • West Point won the Air Pistol event with a four person team score of 2208 to USCGA’s 2114 and USMMA’s 2072
  • West Point shot a team score of 1967 in Free Pistol; USMMA shot a 1800 and USCGA shot a 1769
  • West Point won the final Open Event, Standard Pistol, with a team score of 2114 to USCGA’s 2020 and USMMA’s 1959
  • West Point won both Women’s events with an aggregate score of 2717 to USCGA’s 2653; Merchant Marine did not field a women’s team; West Point won the Women’s Air Pistol event with a three person team score of 1092 to USCGA’s 1074
  • West Point won the sport Pistol event with a team score of 1625 to USCGA’s 1579; Minhee Pak led the scoring with 555 out of 600; Sophomore Haana YU shot a 536 and Melody Yap shot a 534

Drill Team:

  • This past weekend, the Black Knight Drill Team traveled to New Orleans, LA, to compete in the Tulane Mardi Gras Drill Meet
  • The event featured several schools from across the nation such as North Georgia University, Norwich University, and Texas A&M University
  • The team placed second in the platoon exhibition category, and CDT Michael Leinen (‘16) placed second in the individual exhibition category
  • After the event, the team was hosted for a dinner of traditional Cajun Food by the local chapter of the VFW; the dinner allowed the team to bond as a unit and share experiences with a group of veterans from another generation
  • The following day, the team visited the WWII museum
  • The national competition served as a capstone for the drill team’s preparation over the course of the last year, allowing them to showcase all of the hard work they have put in since August

DCA Happenings

Tickets are now available for the
100th Night Shows at the Eisenhower
Hall Box Office.
Tickets for Cadets are free, and are
$15 for guests and/or anyone else.
Show time for Friday, 20 Feb. is 2000
Show time for Saturday, 21 Feb. is 1900

Cadets Earn Army Achievement Medals

On 30 JAN 2015, three chemical engineering majors, Cadets Dave Brown (’15, D2), Sean Crain (’15, H3), and Lauren Ng (’15, B1) received Army Achievement Medals from the Brigade Tactical Officer, COL Merkel, for their quick-thinking and calm action during a medical emergency. On 15 NOV 2014, the three cadets were in Atlanta for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) National Competition. At approximately 2000 local, the three cadets were returning from dinner when they heard a scream. They turned to the sound and saw an elderly woman being hit by a taxi cab. CDT Brown called 911, while Crain and Ng assisted the woman and moved her belongings out of the street. The cadets helped bring the situation under control and cared for the woman until emergency responders reported. Story

West Point Honors Henry O. Flipper

Since 1977, the U.S. Military Academy, through the Corps of Cadets, conducts a dinner in honor of Henry Ossian Flipper, the first African-American graduate of West Point in June 1877. This year’s dinner was Feb. 12 at the Cadet Mess Hall, with Col. John Baskerville, academy professor of Arabic in the Department of Foreign Languages, as the guest speaker. Baskerville spoke about the trials of Flipper during his 47-month experience at West Point.

Baskerville said Flipper, who was shunned by his peers at West Point and spent most of his time alone, overcame harassment, isolation and insults to become the first African-American to graduate from West Point.

“Flipper’s story is one of inspiration, a story of perseverance and a story of great courage,” Baskerville said.

The Flipper dinner also included the presentation of the Henry Ossian Flipper Memorial Award, which is awarded to a First-Class Cadet who has demonstrated the highest qualities of leadership, self-discipline and perseverance in the face of adversity. Read More

Photo Courtesy of Kathy Eastwood

Womens Basketball Comes Back to Top Colgate, 48-47

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Junior Kelsey Minato made a three-pointer with 1:15 remaining in the second half to break a 45-45 tie before the Black Knights held on to defeat Colgate, 48-47, and grab their 11th straight victory on Wednesday evening at Christl Arena.Army improves to 20-5 overall and 12-3 in the Patriot League, while Colgate drops to 5-21 and 4-11. With three regular-season games remaining, the Black Knights are in sole possession of second place in the conference standings with a 12-3 mark and stand one game behind American (13-2) and three games ahead of Lehigh and Navy, which are each 9-6 in the league.

Senior Missy Repoli converted a three-pointer 26 seconds into the second half to put Colgate in front by three before the Raiders extended their lead to five on two different occasions, doing so for the final time at the 17:58 mark.Army used a 7-2 run during the next 7:17 to climb back to a 33-33 tie before Colgate netted eight unanswered points to take its largest lead of the game, 41-33, with 6:50 to play. Read More

Academy Record Set in Session One of Patriot League Championships

LEWISBURG, Pa. – The Army men’s swimming and diving team ranks third with 91 points after the first session of competition at the Patriot League Championships at the Kinney. The Black Knights won the 200 medley relay and set an Academy record in the 800 free relay.

“I am really proud of the men for winning the medley relay,” said head coach Mickey Wender. “It has been a while since we won a relay at the conference championships. I am also very excited about the record broken in the 800 free. Both the men and women did well and there is a lot that we can build off of as we head into the meat of the meet. It was a solid first night with definitely a lot more swimming ahead of us, the best is yet to come.”

Army won the 200 medley relay when the team of Josh Sembrano, Colin Kanzari, Michael Dustin and Chris Szekely touched the wall in 1:28.12. Read More

Goff Garners Rookie of the Week Honors

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Following yet another consistent performance against Navy, Army plebe Nathan Goff has been named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Rookie of the Week.The Tucson, Ariz., native earned two top five finishes on Saturday, claiming first on pommel horse with a career-best 14.500. He tied for fourth on parallel bars with a score of 13.850.

Goff helped the Black Knights to a season-best team score of 421.600 and a Star victory over Navy (416.550). He also competed on floor exercise (14.000), still rings (13.450) and high bar (13.200). Story

The February Network Science Center Newsblast Vol 5 Issue 2

Network Science Center NewsblastUsing Twitter and its friends (big data, networks, and cyber) as a Microscope for the Social Sciences.

By Dr. Chris Arney
Twitter, perhaps the biggest of the Big (social media) Data, seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. What can be done with big data from social media and how can you use it to understand society are questions that I frequently receive from cadets in my network science classes and often come up in my conversations with faculty researchers when we discuss these issues as well. Is Big Data (social media, Tweets, Facebook) gathering really the microscope of the social sciences as Duncan Watts indicates in his book Everything is Obvious? And how do the concepts associated with big data, Twitter, networks, and cyber all fit together in modern society undertakings or in military operations? While I can’t definitively answer these overarching complex and challenging questions, I can describe some of the investigations that the cadets at USMA are conducting in this exciting area.

For several years, cadets in the Academy’s applied mathematics and operations research programs have taken required and elective courses in modeling, information technology, social network analysis, network optimization, graph theory, cryptography, fundamentals in network science, cooperative systems, applied statistics, networks and counterinsurgencies, and chaos and fractals. Read More

Visit the West Point Network Science Center Website and Blog

Glenn Grabs Second Athlete of the Week Honor

WEST POINT, N.Y. - After collecting another all-around title and posting two individual event victories, leading his team to a 421.600-414.550 Star Meet victory over Navy, Army gymnastics junior Jesse Glenn has been named the Army Athletic Association Athlete of the Week.

Glenn earned first place finishes on parallel bars and high bar, posting marks of 14.150 and 14.500, respectively. He took first in the all-around completion, besting Navy's top finisher by more than three points, earning a season-best score of 86.800.

The Porter Ranch, Calif., native finished in the top three on all six events, taking second on floor exercise, second on pommel horse and third on still rings. Read More

Softball Earns Two Of Three PL Weekly Honors

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Junior co-captain Kasey McCravey and freshman Hailey Megge garnered Patriot League weekly honors with their selection as Corvias Player and Rookie of the Week, respectively, with sophomore Kristen West named honorable mention in Monday's announcement by the conference office.

McCravey, a preseason All-Patriot League selection, went 7-for-14 with a pair of home runs, three runs scored and four RBIs at the First Pitch Classic over the weekend hosted by the Charlotte 49ers.

The Army third baseman hit safely in all four games with multi-hits in three games. McCravey went 2-for-4 with two runs scored along with a home run, her first of the season, in the team's 9-8 rallying win over Ohio. Then in a 3-2 heartbreaking eight-inning loss to host Charlotte in the final game of the tournament, the native of Scottsdale, Ariz., opened the scoring with a leadoff blast for a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Full Story »

Lacrosse Moves Up in National Polls

WEST POINT, N.Y. - With a 3-0 start to the season, the Army lacrosse team has moved up in multiple polls this week, highlighted by a ranking of 11th in the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Coaches' Poll.

The Black Knights moved up nine spots in the poll after a preseason ranking of 20th in the first rankings. They received 93 points in the poll. Army and No. 4 North Carolina are the only teams with a 3-0 record in the poll. Denver remained at the top after beating third-ranked Duke in one of the biggest games of the weekend. Syracuse, Army's next opponent, moved up to second in the nation with a win over No. 8 Cornell on Sunday. Loyola and Colgate are among Patriot League schools in the poll with the Greyhounds at eighth with a 1-1 start and the Raiders snuck in at No. 20 with two wins to begin the year. Read More

Athletic Director's Update, February 13th

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AD's Update

Constitution Island and the Oldest Residence at West Point

Constitution Island once sheltered American soldiers during the Revolutionary War. The historic site is currently undergoing renovations to include a new Education Center and restoration of the Warner House.

Find out what else is going on at the east part of West Point: Click Here

Dean's Weekly, February 13th

Department of English and Philosophy

Novelist Margaret Atwood speaks to EN102 Literature Course. On 5 February, acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood spoke to Cadets enrolled in EN102: Literature about The Handmaid’s Tale. During her visit, Ms. Atwood stopped by the Cadet Bookstore for a book signing, dined in the Cadet Mess, and spoke to students in Eisenhower Hall about how she developed the ideas for The Handmaid’s Tale and the rules she established for herself when writing. As part of a course-wide experience, all Cadets enrolled in the Spring session of EN102 Literature read Atwood’s canonical novel along with Ursula LeGuin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.”

Plebes Meet Comics Artist and Theorist Scott McCloud in New York City. On 3 February, 16 plebes from EN102: Literature traveled with five DEP faculty to New York City to hear comics artist and theorist Scott McCloud speak at the 92nd Street Y. McCloud is the author of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (1993), a book that defined comics theory and elevated comics as an art form. He was in New York to celebrate the publication of his first full-length graphic novel, The Sculptor. The cadets met with the artist privately before his talk, when he answered their questions about the process of composing comics and the state of the art today. McCloud detailed the work of drafting and revising his new novel, a five-year process that gave form to a story about love, death, and art that he had carried with him since his youth. The cadets on the trip section will be reading a graphic novel during EN102.

Cadets Feel the Magic of Goblin Market on Stage in Garrison Eight cadets from EN102 and a group of DEP faculty crossed the Hudson on 8 February to see a rare performance of Goblin Market at the Depot Theatre in Garrison. The 1985 musical adaptation of Christina Rossetti’s 1862 poem, which cadets will study in class, was written by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon. Local actors Maia Guest and Jenn Lee brought the enchanting story of desire and heroism to life in an intimate setting with beautiful voices, costumes, and choreography. Donald Kimmel directed the production, which runs for the next two weekends.

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Travel to Enhance Collaborative Efforts with DARPA’s Warrior Web Program Performers: On 4 February 2015, LTC Michael Benson and Dr. Becky Zifchock, representing the Civil & Mechanical Engineering Department as well as the Center for Innovation and Engineering, travelled to Cambridge, MA and Orlando, FL to meet with collaborators from DARPA, Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering (NSRDEC), ARL (Human Research & Engineering Directorate), Harvard/Wyss Institute, and other program performers to discuss the progress of DARPA’s Warrior Web Program. The goal of the Warrior Web Program is to design a lightweight suit that can assist with the prevention and reduction of musculoskeletal injuries caused by dynamic events typically found in the warfighter’s environment.

The meeting in Cambridge, MA was focused upon a specific program performer: the Harvard/Wyss Institute. The follow-up meeting in Orlando, FL allowed further interaction and collaboration discussions with the Harvard/Wyss Institute as well as other program performers including Arizona State University, the University of Delaware, and Honeywell.

The meetings are expected to yield immediate and future opportunities for faculty and cadet research. An AIAD at Harvard/Wyss Institute is planned for summer 2015, which is likely to evolve into a funded Firstie Capstone project related to elemental redesign of the Harvard/Wyss Institute soft exoskeleton. Future research opportunities with NSRDEC, ARL, and Harvard/Wyss are expected to engage cadets in the validation of the Warrior Web as an effective assistive device.

CIE hosts the Quarterfinal Round of the Soldier Design Competition and the DARPA Service Academy Innovation Challenge: CSM Lebert Beharie (RDECOM), SGM Kenneth Agueda (RDECOM G-3/5/7), and SGM Kevin Connor (ARL) joined SGM Eric Usbeck (USMA G3), Professor Led Klosky (D/C&ME), and COL(Ret) Dan Ragsdale (DARPA) in judging the integrated Soldier Design Competition (SDC) and DARPA Service Academy Innovation Challenge (SAIC) quarterfinal round on Friday, 6 February. Twenty-eight cadet teams presented their work in 15-minute windows to convince the judging panels to keep them in the competitions. Entrepreneurship cadets joined the audience, looking for business development opportunities, and several journalists documented the day’s innovation efforts. For the SDC, six teams of cadets are competing alongside M.I.T. students in this RDECOM-sponsored competition to develop solutions to satisfy soldier and first-responder equipment needs, with nearly $17,000 in cash prizes available for winning teams at the 4 May competition. The DARPA SAIC occurs on 28 April and showcases three teams from USAFA, USNA, and USMA and their innovative, high impact projects.

Department of Systems Engineering

Engineering Immersion Internship with Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC). COL Rob Kewley, head of the Department of Systems Engineering, traveled to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama to visit cadets being jointly hosted by AMRDEC and University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) for a semester-long Engineering Immersion Internship. This pilot program places cadets in key engineering jobs in support of AMRDEC’s mission to “Deliver collaborative and innovative technical capabilities for responsive and cost-effective research, product development, and life-cycle systems engineering solutions.” These cadets work 20-25 hours per week in their internships. The program is designed to inspire deeper desire for learning engineering through working with some of the Army’s best practicing engineers. In addition, the cadets take three courses at UAH and conduct military training with ROTC students at UAH and Alabama A&M. CDT Zack Sostak, and Engineering Management Major, is working with the Army’s Product Manager for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems developing a small unmanned aircraft acquisition strategy for the next 5 years. CDT John Geiger, a Mechanical Engineering Major, is working with the Prototype Integration Facility to model the use of composite materials for the Army’s Gray Eagle UAV. CDT Matt Loza, a Systems Engineering Major, is working with the Software Engineering Directorate to develop control algorithms for the Multi-Mission Launcher that can fire a variety of different air defense munitions. CDT Owen Bailey, an Engineering Management Major, is working with the Prototype Integration Facility to engineer a fully digital cockpit for the UH-60V Black Hawk Helicopter upgrade. This program is a cooperative effort between the West Point Department of Systems Engineering, AMRDEC, and UAH. Results of this program and its impacts on leader development will be assessed in the context of the overall leader development experience for the participants.

Department of Foreign Languages

Arabic: Eight Arabic students continue their studies in Morocco and Jordan. The three Cadets in Morocco are exploring the various aspects of Moroccan culture and cuisine, including dining with a host family in Rabat. In Jordan, the five Cadets there report things quickly returned to normal after classes were resumed 5 February. Classes had been cancelled and the Embassy had cautioned against travel to some parts of Amman in anticipation of protests against ISIL. As the Cadets’ routines begin to return to normal, they are looking forward to continuing to volunteer their time with refugees at a local orphanage.

Chinese: The Cadets studying in Beijing have settled into their lives as exchange students. Cadet Lashondra Maddox’s observations of the week were; “This week would be described as interesting, if anything. Tuesday I did something out of the normal. I took the bus 10 stops to go have dinner with my language partner. It was exciting. I realized how selfless some people here are. She goes out of her way to help me whenever I need it. She helped me and the other West Point cadets book tickets so that we could leave for Spring Festival. She didn't leave until she made sure that we had the tickets secured. She constantly checks on me to make sure I have eaten dinner. There have been two occasions where someone has offered to pay for something, because some places require Chinese bank accounts to purchase things, a teacher or friend never hesitated in offering to use their card to help out. Even if they don't personally know me, they instantly trust me. Second is the frequency of using “thank you”, “I'm sorry”, and “I love you”. I realized that I say sorry and thank you too much for the liking of Chinese citizen. I learned that it implies you're not close if you use it with friends. Also, I love you is rarely said in a family because that is the least you should expect from them. I still do not fully understand stand why the use of "I love you" between family members is still reserved, but hopefully I can come to a full understanding soon.”

Russian: This week cadets on study abroad in Daugavpils, Latvia had an opportunity to visit Border Guards posts along the Latvia-Belarus border and discuss immigration and customs enforcement issues with the Latvian border guards. This excursion was part of a course on the history and socio-political relations between the Baltic states, Russia, Poland and Belarus.

German: Language or International Club key events: USMA German Club met with Columbia University’s German Club for dinner at the “Zum Schneider” German restaurant in New York City on 30 January 2015. Members of the two clubs enjoyed delicious German food in an indoor Bavarian-style Biergarten, practiced their German-language skills, and discussed plans for future meetings and events both in NYC and at West Point. This was the first meeting between the two clubs and the first engagement for the new USMA German Club committee which was formed in November 2014. Meetings with German Clubs in the area are a major focus of the USMA German Club’s mission and support the Superintendent’s strategy of “Building Partnerships with NYC” and the region.

Center for Leadership and Diversity in STEM

The Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CLD STEM) supported the LEADS Atlanta event on 23 January 2015 by holding a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® workshop for middle school students and a VEX Robotics workshop for 9th graders. Faculty members and cadets led a total of 68 middle school students through the workshops as they assembled and then learned to program their robot introducing the students to basic programming logic. The culminating event at the workshops was a competition to see who could apply these new skills to program their robot to complete a task most successfully.

Mobile Robotics Workshops in Stamford The Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CLD STEM) partnered with College for Every Student (CFES) to hold a Mobile Robotics workshop on 30 January 2015. Faculty members and cadets traveled to Stamford, CT to conduct a workshop at Cloonan Middle School. Throughout the day the students learned about STEM fields, education and pathways that lead to careers in STEM fields, and they also learned a little bit about what life is like at West Point. Cadets and faculty then led the middle school students and educators through assembling and programming an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology. The workshops ended with a competition to see who programmed their robot to follow a set track most successfully.

CLD STEM partner with SWE for a STEM Workshop at West Point The Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CLD STEM) along with 10 cadets from the West Point Society of Women Engineers (SWE) hosted a Civil Engineering Workshop on 31 January 2015 for 35 6th and 7th grade girls and 5 teachers from the Public Prep Network of schools in New York City. The group spent the day participating in two workshops; one taught the geometry behind building strong Truss bridges and the other taught the fundamental physics of cantilevers. For the culminating event at both workshops teams competed to see who could apply their new understanding to complete a task most successfully. Throughout the day the guests had a chance to interact one on one with the cadets from SWE and went on a short tour around the academic area. The students enjoyed seeing the Mess Hall, the special displays in Jefferson Hall, and learning about the IOTC in Arvin Gym. They also gained a new perspective of life at USMA.

The Career Communications Group is a large and prestigious organization committed to Diversity in STEM fields and education. Professionals from government and industry, faculty, graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students come from all over the country to attend their conferences, to include the Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) conference, geared towards recognition of excellence, professional development, diversity, and STEM opportunities. It also serves as a great opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing within the STEM community.

Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference. Dr. Kendall Williams, the Associate Director of West Point’s Center for Leadership and Diversity in STEM, was invited by the Vice President of Recruitment and Training as well as a Senior Account Manager and Veterans Affairs Manager to moderate one BEYA panel session as well as serve as a panelist of a different session. The two panels on which he served were entitled Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Managing groups and cultures when you are not in charge and The Digital Economy: How the cashless society will impact finance, retail and privacy. Several faculty and cadets from USMA were also in attendance at this annual conference and have been award recipients in previous years at other Career Communications Group events.

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

BS&L Cadets and Faculty participate in Project HOPE in New York City. The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership took 26 cadets and 6 faculty members to Project Hope Count in New York City (NYC) on February 9, 2015. The group provided community service to NYC by helping to provide the Hope organization with an accurate count of homeless people, and also facilitating homeless peoples' voluntary movement to shelter.

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • On 8 Feb., the West Point Fencing Team traveled to the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, to compete in the MAC Conference Varsity Matches
  • CDT Marvin Hargrave, with a record of 15-0, took first place in the individual rankings as the only undefeated epee fencer competing at the MAC Conference’s Varsity Matches
  • CDT Blake Gordon also finished first as the highest ranking sabre fencer standing at 14-1 (only one loss on the day)
  • The Sabre team finished with a record of 4-1 against the other squads with CDT Noah Kambili having his most impressive outing at 10-5
  • Both the epee and foil squads were tied at 3-2 a piece and in the weapon of foil, CDT Josh Qualls went 9-3 (the highest for Army Foil in three years)
  • Overall the Men’s Fencing Team only dropped one loss to host Stevens Tech by a score of 10-17, but then went on to defeat New Jersey Institute of Technology (14-2), Hunter College (18-9), Yeshiva University (20-7) and the College of New Jersey (19-8)
  • The match against NJIT was a split decision at 13-13 until CDT Matt Swartz nailed the final win and put the men over the top

Water Polo:

  • On 6-8 Feb., the Army Water Polo team traveled to Rochester, NY, to participate in the Rochester Invitational
  • The team played three games; the first game was played against one of the two Kitchner teams that entered the tournament
  • Kitchner jumped to an early lead against Army, putting up two quick goals; Army ad-justed their defense to better handle the strong set players and was able to shut Kitchner down for most of the game and went on to win 13-9
  • CDT Shelby Lee (‘18) gained several offensive opportunities in hole-set; CDTs Matthew Fox (‘16) and David Bennett (‘16) showed exceptional leadership and ability to control the flow of game
  • The second game of the day for Army was against an outmatched Rochester Team
  • Army dominated the game from the beginning, scoring at will and shutting Rochester out in the first quarter
  • CDT Shelby Lee put up three quick goals in the first quarter and the Army team won the game 18-5
  • The final game of the tournament featured Army taking on the second of the two Kitchner teams, which proved to be a bit of a challenge; Army ended up falling short on scoring and lost 9-6

Volleyball (Men’s):

  • On 7 Feb., the Men’s Army Volleyball team hosted a divisional tournament of the EIVA East Division
  • The West Point Men’s Volleyball Team, as well as six other teams, competed in a round robin tournament
  • The round robin tournament determines points for qualifying for the EIVA Championship
  • Men’s Army Volleyball struggled to incorporate new players for the spring season into the line up, and was only able to win one match
  • The experience of playing against top competition in the region will assist the team long term and help them to play better

Hobby Clubs


  • On 8 Feb., the West Point Soccer Club participated in the 2015 Philadelphia Flames SC 17th Annual Indoor Soccer Tournament in Warminster, PA
  • The team was able to practice at the USMAPS indoor training facility with the help of volunteer Coach Robert Partridge
  • This was the first indoor tournament of the year
  • The team finished 3rd in the competition out of 10 teams, after playing 5 matches with 16 goals for 8 goals against
  • The club soccer team had the opportunity to play the US Naval Academy Club team, winning with a score of 6 to 2
  • CDT Macauley Hoyt (‘18) was the leading scorer with eight goals including three for a hat-trick against the Naval Academy; other top scorers were CDT Samuel Dowd (‘16) with four goals, and CDT Kyle Morris (‘16) with two goals
  • The club is now aiming to enter the National Indoor Soccer Championships, which will be held in Chicago in late March

Skeet & Trap:

  • On 1 Feb., the West Point Skeet and Trap Team enjoyed a day of shooting with the Mount Pleasant Shooting Club at their range near Pleasantville, NY
  • After an in-route exercise and in-mounted land navigation, the team arrived to a warm welcome by the club’s members, including Veterans from the Korean War era, and Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • The competition included 100 rounds of American and handicap traps; at the end of the day, the Cadets came out on top by 2 targets, narrowly defeating the home club
  • On 8 Feb., the West Point Skeet and Trap Team enjoyed an unforgettable pheasant hunt at the Mashomack Preserve Club, one of the finest shooting and hunting clubs in the Eastern United States
  • The team was accompanied by the Superintendent, who joined the cadets and the Mashomack club members in a highly successful hunt with many birds bagged
  • Following the hunt, the team was treated to a gourmet lunch and a brief program with presentations by the Superintendent, the team OIC, and the Mashomack leader-ship

Alpine Skiing:

  • On 7-8 Feb., the Army Ski Team competed in the 4th League race of the Mideast Intercollegiate Conference at Gore Mountain, NY
  • The team placed 3rd in Giant Slalom and unofficially placed top 5 in Slalom
  • CDT Sawyer Harkins (‘18) competed very well, finishing second in Giant Slalom (GS) and fifth in Slalom (SL) of 45 racers
  • CDT Josh Ische (‘16) had a top 15 finish, and a top 20 in GS, while CDT Chris Emerson (‘15) had top 20 finishes in both SL and GS
  • CDTs Ayrne Riley (‘17) and Logan Trust (‘18) also raced at the varsity level and both continue to demonstrate great improvement
  • The Cadets have raced well enough, that we anticipate the Army Alpines will make Regionals held at Bristol Mountain, NY 21-22 Feb.
  • Army’s next and last regular season conference race will be at Toggenburg Mountain, NY 14-15 Feb., and then will host the NAVY and Cornell alpine race teams Monday, 16 Feb. at Victor Constant Ski Slope for the annual Army Navy Invitational

Academic Clubs

Corbin Forum:

  • On 7 Feb., six cadets from the Corbin Forum traveled to New York City to experience the fifth annual Athena Film Festival that took place at Barnard College
  • The Athena Film Festival is a celebration of films highlighting women’s leadership in real life and the fictional world
  • Dr. Mary Anne Myers of the Department of English and Philosophy accompanied the group, who had been invited by the Barnard's Athena Center for Leadership
  • After a luncheon where they met students from Barrand and other colleges, cadets attended screenings of Dear White People, Justin Simien’s 2014 film about complex race relations at a fictitious Ivy League College, and Rosie O’Donnell: A Heartfelt Stand-up, a new HBO film intended to raise awareness of heart disease, the leading cause of death among American women

Diversity Clubs


  • On 6-8 Feb., Cadets from the United States Military Academy’s Gay-Straight Alliance, “Spectrum”, attended the Harvard University LGBTQ Student conference
  • This year marks only the second year that Harvard has held the conference, and West Point Cadets have been in attendance at both annual events
  • This year’s conference was planned and executed by a team of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School students, many of whom are West Point Graduates
  • Of note are the two conference chairmen, Dan Lennox (Class of 2007) and Larry Choate III (Class of 2009), who were the first same-sex couple to wed in the Cadet Chapel here at West Point
  • The conference theme this year was “Connect and Catalyze”, and held an inspirational line up of notable leaders across a variety of industries in the U.S.
  • The conference opened with the 12th Dean of Harvard Law School, Martha Minnow, specifically welcoming the cadets from the United States Military Academy
  • Key and notable conference speakers were: Francisco Polo (founder of change.org in Spain), Ms. Paula Boggs (Starbucks’ company General Counsel and appointee to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities), Dr. Catherine Marrone (Prof. of Medical Sociology at SUNY Stonybrook), Richard Socarides (New York Times columnist and head of public affairs for Gerson Lehman Group), Reverend Allyson Robinson (West Point graduate and now the only openly transgender ordained Baptist Priest), and Jonathan Capehart (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist)
  • Cadets were welcomed enthusiastically by all members of the conference committee and keynote speakers; they were also given the chance to socialize with students from all of the schools in attendance
  • The cadets learned about the politics of social justice movements, and the importance of authentic leadership and courage in leading or participating in movements focused on aligning the nation’s laws with the nation’s views

DCA Happenings

On 7 Feb., the Class of 2017 celebrated Yearling Winter Weekend with a class reception, receiving lines, banquet and hop at Cullum Hall. The CEO of Mercedes Benz, Stephen Cannon, was the guest speaker; music was provided by The Benny Haven’s Band.

Historic First, USMA Ice Hockey Club to Face Navy Sat Feb. 14

WEST POINT, N.Y. (Feb. 4, 2015) — ​The West Point Ice Hockey Club will host the U.S. Naval Academy’s top club at Tate Rink 4:30 p.m. Feb. 14. The game, which will be free to the public, will represent a historic first, as the academy has never hosted an Army-Navy hockey game.

Since the midshipmen do not compete in hockey at the NCAA level, there has not been an opportunity to take the Army-Navy rivalry to ice. The emergence of the West Point Club Hockey team as a force in the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s (ACHA) Division 2, however, has made it possible to extend the spirited rivalry. Read More

Army Womens Basketball Holds On For 53-51 Win at Holy Cross

WORCESTER, Mass. – The Army women’s basketball team overcame a slow start and held on for a 53-51 victory over Holy Cross in a Patriot League match-up on Wednesday evening at the Hart Center.

Army (18-5 overall, 10-3 Patriot League) led 53-49 with 53 seconds remaining in the second half before Holy Cross (11-15, 7-6) junior Molly Hourigan made a lay-in with 30 seconds left to bring the Crusaders back to within two. Neither team scored in the final 29 seconds, as the Black Knights hung on for their ninth straight victory.

Junior Kelsey Minato scored a game-high 19 points and grabbed seven rebounds for Army, while senior Olivia Schretzman contributed 10 points and six boards. Freshman Daizjah Morris chipped in eight points and junior Aimee Oertner scored six. Read More

Class of 2015 Post Night

Members of the Class of 2015 got one step closer to graduation on Post Night to receive the locations of their first duty assignments and start dates for Basic Officer Leadership Course. Watch the video to get a glimpse into the excitement of the evening.

4th Regiment Tested for Sandhurst

All nine Sandhurst teams from 4th Regiment conducted training Jan. 28 in the first of three regimental-level competitions for skills assessment. Squads made their way from MacArthur Statue to the snow-covered field between Shea Stadium and the softball field where they were briefed about possible enemy in the area and shown the location of their objective.

Squads were tested on their ability to move tactically as a squad, react to contact, effectively employing hand grenades, searching an enemy combatant and tactical combat casualty. “This is a regiment competition but the overall goal is to assess the squads, so far, in their development leading to the objectives for being successful at Sandhurst,” Class of 2016 Cadet Thomas Huxtable, the Sandhurst operations officer, said. Read More

Photo Courtesy of Mike Strasser

Army Lacrosse Cruises Past VMI 24-3

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The 20th-ranked Army lacrosse team scored the first 10 goals against VMI and cruised to a 24-3 win at Foley Athletic Center on Monday afternoon in the Black Knights' home opener. It was the first regular season game at the Foley Athletic Center after the game was moved inside due to weather. Head Coach Joe Alberici was very appreciative of the work of the administration and facilities crew at West Point in allowing the contest to be shifted.

"I can't say enough about the administration and facilities staff here at West Point," Alberici said. "It was a bad weather day and the quick change was exceptional. The facilities folks, headed up by Mike Rubbino and Brad Brown, I can't thank them enough for getting everything running smoothly. It was the first game in Foley and it was a good one to get." Full Story »

Star Meet Performance Earns Winters Athlete of the Week

WEST POINT, N.Y. - After posting two individual victories and one relay victory in the Black Knights’ 94-87 Star Meet win over Navy, junior Haley Winters has been named the Army Athletic Association Athlete of the Week.

The Spanaway, Wash., native earned top marks in the 60m dash, 200m dash and was a member of the first place 4x400m relay team, helping guide the Black Knights to the Star victory over Navy from Gillis Field House.

In the 60m dash, Winters recorded a time of 7.79 en route to her first individual title on the afternoon. She followed that up with a time of 25.70 in the 200m dash to claim yet another top spot. Read More

Bares Named Patriot League Rookie of the Week

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. – After hitting a career-best 5.10m mark in the pole vault in the Star Meet against Navy, Lee Bares has been named the Patriot League Male Rookie of the Week, as announced by the conference Monday afternoon.

Bares bested the Patriot League’s top vaulter in Jiles Maness to take the top spot in the team’s 102-79 defeat at the hands of the Midshipmen from Gillis Field House. His 5.10m leap puts him in second on the Patriot League’s season best list, and was an IC4A qualifying mark.

Saturday’s individual title was his second of the season and sixth top five finish on the year. He opened up the indoor season tied for second at the Crowell Open with a mark of 4.56m and followed that up with a first place nod at the Army 5-Way with a mark of 4.95m. Read More

Brown Tabbed Patriot League Field Athlete of the Week

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - Claiming her fourth shot put title in five competitions, freshman Briyah Brown has been named the Patriot League Female Field Athlete of the Week, earning the honor for the third time this season.

Brown helped the Black Knights to a 94-87 victory over service academy rival Navy in the annual Star Meet on Saturday afternoon, claiming first in the shot put and third in the weight throw.

The New Rochelle, N.Y., native hit an Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) qualifying mark of 14.11m in the shot put en route to the top spot and followed that up with a toss of 14.32m in the weight throw to capture third place. The shot put mark was better than any other Patriot League athlete this year and just .35m off of her personal best. Read More

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • The West Point Triathlon team sent CDT Dylan Morgan (‘16) to Punta Guilarte Arroyo Puerto Rice to compete in the Pan American Cup International Triathlon Union race; Coach Amy Maxwell accompanied Dylan to the race
  • CDT Morgan earned his USA Triathlon professional license in the Clermont Elite Developmental race in the spring of 2014 in Clermont, FL
  • Punta Guilarte was CDT Morgan’s first race as a professional triathlete in an all-pro field
  • CDT Morgan finished 15th place against an all-professional division, beating many seasoned full-time athletes and finishing the run leg with a strong 32 minute 10K
  • The ITU triathlon race is a unique draft-legal discipline that uses the same format and rules used in Olympic competitions
  • Specific to ITU, athletes are allowed to draft on the bicycle and each of the swim, bike and run courses consist of multiple legs; if an athlete is lapped at any point during the race, they are not allowed to finish
  • Dylan and several other draft-legal West Point men and women will return to Clermont in March to compete in the Clermont Challenge against the best young athletes in the country, to include those from Navy
  • The Clermont race will be a lead up to the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals in Clemson, SC at the end of April where the entire team will look to once again stand on the podium and beat Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard

Climbing (Mountaineering):

  • On 31 Jan., the Army Rock Climbing Team traveled to the Gravity Vault indoor rock climbing facility in Upper Saddle River, NJ
  • The competition was hosted by West Point and involved 177 competitors from teams including Rutgers, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, RIT and Navy
  • The competition lasted for four hours in which each climber completed their five most difficult boulder problems and/or three hardest rope climbs (top-rope and/or lead climbing) as well as the better of two speed climbs
  • The West Point Climbing Team did very well; CDT Zhaina Myrzakhoanova took first place for women in speed and third place in ropes; CDT Julian Barker took third place for men in both ropes and bouldering
  • The rest of the team performed admirably with numerous personal records contributing to an impressive team score
  • Team scores have yet to be officially published, but we do know for certain that we absolutely annihilated the Navy Climbing Team and are off to a very strong start for this season

Team Handball (Women’s):

  • On 31 Jan., the West Point Black Handball team competed in the NE Team Handball Tournament hosted in NYC
  • West Point Black finished with a 1-1 on the day, losing by six to DC, and pulling with a win by 7 to Ocean, NJ
  • Top performers included CDTs Cora Moody and Dana Roberston, who scored the majority of the teams goals
  • DC Handball played very aggressive offense with a high level of physical contact against West Point’s defense, allowing them to score more points than West Point Black
  • After the loss, the team had to regroup and play a high-pace, high-intensity game against Ocean, NJ Handball
  • They fed off of each other’s energy and outscored Ocean to walk away with a 1-1 record for the day

Hobby Clubs


  • On 24 –25 Jan., 27 members of the USMA CCT at-tended MSATO’s Operation DEFCON in East Shoreham, NJ
  • The purpose of this trip was for IOT practice and to validate MOUT and woodland training acquired during the summer and academic year
  • MSATO’s Operation DEFCON is a simulation event in which USMA CCT participated as Coalition forces
  • The Area of Operation was an abandoned nuclear power plant full of large and complex rooms and hallways
  • This event was honored to have as one of its comanders former Delta Force operator, Dale Com-stock
  • On 31 Jan., the Tournament Paintball Team practiced at Hardcore Paintball in Bound Brook, NJ
  • The purpose of the practice was to ensure that the gear was in working order, to refresh paintball skills, play as a team, and positively represent USMA in New Jersey
  • The team practiced for approximately five hours; practice consisted of scrimmages against local tournament paintball teams
  • The paintball team is preparing for the upcoming spring paintball season, which includes PSP, conference, and national collegiate paintball, so it is imperative that practice continues throughout the season
  • Scrimmaging against local tournament paintball teams provides an outlook of different approaches to playing different layouts, as well as working on skill sets not seen before in collegiate play

Alpine Skiing:

  • On the weekend of 31 Jan. - 1 Feb., the West Point Alpine Ski team competed in a two-day Mideast Conference collegiate ski race at Greek Peak, NY, hosted by Cornell University
  • Six members of the team participated in both the Slalom and Giant Slalom, taking third place overall in the Giant Slalom out of nine teams in the competition (just seconds in combined time behind Cornell and RPI)
  • CDT Sawyer Harkins (‘18) finished in the top ten in both events, earning fifth place in the Slalom out of over 40 competitors

Nordic Skiing:

  • On the weekend of 30 Jan. - 1 Feb., the Nordic Ski Team had five male and two female racers compete in the Clarkson Invitational held at the Mt. Van Hovenbery facility in Lake Placid, NY
  • Notable race results include a 5th of 45 finish for CDT Josh Bassett in the Men’s Skiathlon, and an 8th of 16 finish for the team in the Men’s Sprint Relay
  • It was a cold weekend with below zero temperatures when racing started on Saturday, and temperatures in the single digits for the racing on Sunday

Academic Clubs

Domestic Affairs Forum:

  • On 25 – 28 Jan., the USMA Domestic Affairs Forum participated in the 2015 West Point Military and Defense Study Tour in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • This trip provides DAF members with an intense introduction to relevant policy issues for one of our closest allies and largest trading partners
  • As part of the itinerary, cadets received policy briefings from officials in the Canadian departments of foreign affairs, trade, and development, immigration, natural resources, energy, and the privy council office
  • Additionally, the cadets toured Parliament Hill; attended a reception with the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman, at his official residence; visited the Canadian War Museum, and received briefings at the Royal Military College
  • During the tour of Parliament, the cadets visited Canadian Minister of National Defense, Robert Nicholson
  • The Consulate General of Canada in New York coordinated this ambitious and rewarding itinerary

Debate Forum:

  • This past weekend, the Army Debate team traveled to the 5th Annual Jersey Shore Invitational at Monmouth University
  • The trip was a strong showing for the Army team with Open Debater Michael Barlow and JV Debater Veronica Bryant walking away with speaker awards
  • Also, Novice Team Army GM, CDTs Matlack and Gould, advanced to out-rounds in their first ever tournament together
  • JV Team Army BS advanced to semi-finals in debater Bryan Silverman’s first tournament in about a year after re-turning from a semester abroad
  • Finally, Open Team Army BC, CDTs Barlow and Caston, continued their win streak going unbeaten at Mon-mouth; it was a great weekend for the Army team

Military Clubs

Tactics (Law Enforcement):

  • On 26 Jan., the Law Enforcement and Tactics Club participated in low light pistol training at the Rockland County Police Academy urban training range
  • Mr. Steve Heubeck, head trainer for the Rockland Police Academy, facilitated the instruction
  • Cadets learned valuable lessons on officer safety, weapon and light placement as well as clearing operations under low light conditions
  • Eleven Cadets participated in the training that included scenarios on barricade suspects, search and seizures, and armed threats
  • Cadets learned about K9 (military working dog) integration and culminated the day with what they gained from Mr. Heubeck’s instruction

Religious Clubs

Catholic Chapel Choir:

  • This past weekend, fifteen cadets from the West Point Catholic Chapel Choir traveled to Martins Creek, PA
  • The trip was an excellent developmental experience for the Cadets, especially the CIC who is a 3rd Class Cadet
  • CDT Sommervold performed admirably during his first trip section in a leadership position, and by all accounts the trip was a resounding success
  • At St. Rocco’s parish, the cadets sang the musical liturgy of one service on Saturday, and two on Sunday with a total congregation of approximately 1,000 people

DCA Happenings

Upcoming Cadet Bookstore Events

  • 6 February : Sean Parnell, author of Outlaw Platoon, from 1345-1430 outside of Robinson Auditorium
  • The Class of 2016 Ring Show - 9—12 February from 0900 - 1800 in Eisenhower Hall
  • The reading for the Commandant’s Book Club on 21 April, Lions of Kandahar, is now available at the Academy Stores for $22.95
Athletic Director's Update, February 6th

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AD's Update

Dean's Weekly, February 6th

Department of Chemistry and Life Science

Cadets Awarded AAMs: At lunch Friday, 30 JAN 2015, three Chemical Engineering majors, Cadets Dave Brown (’15, D2), Sean Crain (’15, H3), and Lauren Ng (’15, B1) received Army Achievement Medals from the Brigade Tactical Officer, COL Merkel, for their quick-thinking and calm action during a medical emergency. On 15 NOV 2014, the three cadets were in Atlanta, GA, for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) National Competition. At approximately 2000 hours, the three cadets were returning from dinner when they heard a scream. They turned to the sound and saw an elderly woman being hit by a taxi cab. CDT Brown called 911, while Crain and Ng assisted the woman and moved her belongings out of the street. The cadets helped bring the situation under control and cared for the woman until emergency responders reported. Their actions reflect great credit on them, the Corps, and the Army

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

On Thursday, 29 January and Friday, 30 January, Mr. Tom Tierney, BS&L’s Class of 1951 Chair of Leadership Studies, visited West Point to start the second year of his partnership with the academy. Similar to his last four visits, Mr. Tierney held two 3-hour discussion-based leadership seminars with 20 cadets, this time focusing on power and influence within leadership. Feedback from the cadets mentioned the an appreciation for the value of reflection time toward self-awareness, an interest in various aspects of influence such as winning an argument vs. building relationships, the focus on submission versus often-preached dominance, and the concept of managing up and adding value to your relationship with your boss. One Class of 2015 cadet said, “I think in the past I have been prone to simply wish my boss was doing something different or was better or was less formal, etc., instead of accepting the reality of who they were as a leader and trying to adapt.” Mr. Tierney also held a small group session with six junior officers from three different academic departments and BTD, discussing personal definitions of success and how to manage time and energy to work towards them. Mr. Tierney continues to add tremendous value to numerous populations at West Point as he pours into our young leaders with his experience and personal mentorship. His next visit will be on 24-25 March, after spring break.

West Point Negotiation Project helps prepare 3BCT, 82nd ABN Division Commanders for Iraq Deployment: On Wednesday, 7 January, West Point Negotiation Project ran a 1-day training seminar for 25 Battalion and Company Commanders and primary staff leaders of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The mobile training team included MAJ Christina Fanitzi (BSL), Michael Kalikow (Vantage Partners), CDT Gene Fogh (’15, B-4), and CDT Rima Gasparini (’17, G-1). During the workshop, leaders (O-3 to O-6) were introduced to negotiation as a leader competency, learned how to analyze negotiation situations, and practiced managing difficult negotiation counterparts. The Project developed specialized scenarios for the unit as they prepare for their January 2015 Iraq Deployment in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

West Point Negotiation Project attends Military Fellows Luncheon in NYC: On Wednesday, 13 January, West Point Negotiation Project attended East-West Institute’s (EWI) exclusive panel discussion and luncheon at the New York Yacht Club on the topic of “Global Security from a Military Perspective”, hosted by EWI Board of Director Member, Ralph Isham. The panel consisted of four military fellows from the Council on Foreign Relations who provided their insights and predictions on the issue of global security in 2015. During the luncheon, MAJ Christina Fanitzi (BSL), CDT Valerie Kutsch (G-4, ’15), and CDT Samuel Mahle (B-3, ’17) met with 12 Business Executives, EWI Key Leaders and Board Members, and CFR Military Fellows. Cadets engaged these leaders through lunch and then spent focused time speaking to COL Michael W. Rauhut, the Army Fellow, following the panel. The West Point Negotiation Project is a USMA faculty effort to improve the ability of military leaders to negotiate and is an activity within BS&L's West Point Leadership Center.

Faculty Member serves as guest speaker at the USAG West Point’s Leader Development Program: On Friday, 23 January, LTC McCoy served as the guest speaker for USAG West Point’s Leader Development Program. Speaking on the topic of Leading and Managing Change, LTC McCoy shared insights from BS&Ls expertise on organizational change and led members of the garrison staff through Kotter’s 8 step model on change management.

The Department of Behavior Sciences and Leadership attended United States Naval Academy Leadership Conference, from 25-28 January 2015. Since 1984, the Naval Academy has hosted an annual leadership conference for senior cadets and midshipmen from each of the service academies. In 2002, the conference expanded to include students from civilian universities and broadened its scope to include leadership topics relevant to government, business, and academia, as well as the military. The USNA Leadership Conference now includes more than 200 participants from over 45 military and civilian colleges. This year’s Conference theme was “Leading in an Interconnected World”. The Conference consisted of three keynote speakers and three panels that held a variety of outstanding Leaders serving in the military and civilian sectors. Keynote Speakers included: Patrick S Finn VP of Cisco, General Stanley McCrystal, Mike Spanos President and CEO PepsiCo China, Client Bruce former NFL player and Navy Seal, Richard Karlgaard Publisher Forbes Magazine. During the breakout discussions our Cadets and faculty offered value by providing insight and sharing their experience. The breakout discussion topics included: “The Conscientious Leader-Operating in the Realm of Perceptions,” “The Referent Leader,” and “Building Relationships in the Age of Technology.” Panel Members: Maria Zuber, Vice President for research MIT 2006; Renee Forney, U.S Department of Homeland Security; Courtney Radsch, Journalist UNESCO; Jim Brady, CEO at stomping Ground In’; Jeffrey McClellan, Associate Professor Frostburg State University; R. Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary; Thomas Furlong, VP Data Center Facebook; Harry Ingo, President and CEO District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce; Pete Blackshaw, Nestle Corporation; Jim Messina, Campaign Manager for President Obama.

Cadets spend some time visiting the Safe Haven Homeless Shelter, Bronx, NY: On 31 January, Cadet McGinnis led eight other cadets on a trip section to the Safe Haven Homeless Shelter, Bronx, NY. The shelter is operated by Volunteers of America and sets aside 40 beds for homeless veterans. The cadets served lunch to approximately 25 residents and spent a couple hours talking and playing games with them. They were also able to tour the facility and get first-hand insight into the city's homeless services programs. Despite the group being newly formed of members of the Cadet Gospel Choir and current/former PL100 students, all cadets worked well together during the community service activity. The visit was well received by the shelter staff and the group concluded the trip by sharing lessons learned. As the Co-President of the Cadet Gospel Choir, Cadet McGinnis assisted the OIC by providing oversight of the trip, conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, and demonstrated the care indicative of a leader of character.

Department of Systems Engineering

USMA Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Student Chapter attend a STEM workshop in Atlanta, GA. On 22 January 2015, 17 Cadets (including 4 DSE majors) and 2 OIC’s (both DSE instructors) from the Society of Women Engineers traveled to Atlanta for a Leadership, Ethics, and Diversity in STEM (LEADS) Workshop at North Atlanta High School and a follow-on service product at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. At the workshop, cadets mentored local Atlanta students in a variety of STEM and Ethics-based exercises. Cadets facilitated various exercises with the goal to help students realize the importance of ethical leadership. An additional goal was to help students understand the significance of having high scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competence to maintain a competitive advantage. The Cadets also provided support to the Atlanta VA Medical Center’s monthly town hall meeting as well as set up lunch for the Veterans in attendance. The Cadets learned a great deal about Veteran’s benefits, healthcare, and heard many difficult and heartbreaking stories from Veterans, many from the Vietnam era, struggling to receive benefits and services. Afterward, the Cadets had lunch with members of the local Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple (Chapter 465/William H. Cunningham Chapter).

SE capstone team advisor visits TRAC White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) and presents at a Systems Engineering conference. Mr. Scott Hunter visited TRAC-WSMR (forward attached at Ft. Bliss) on 29 January to present the Hierarchal Value Model tool that the Command Post Agility capstone team created. Additionally, he presented at the International Test and Evaluation System-f-Systems conference on the very same model. Both venues received positive feedback.
During his visit to West Point in late January, General Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, visited the Combating Terrorism Center for a briefing on the latest developments at the Center. The briefing, the CTC’s second with General Votel at West Point, focused on the CTC-SOCOM relationship as well as the Center’s current research on foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria and the composition and nature of the fighters themselves. The latter information will be published in its entirety in a forthcoming special report by the CTC.

Twenty-two USMA Cadets with the Combating Terrorism Center’s Irregular Warfare Group participated in tactical shooting training at West Point’s Tronsure Range Complex on 31 January. Mentored by USMA faculty and the USMA Combat Weapons Team, the Cadets focused on improving their shooting techniques through numerous iterations on the M4 rifle and M9 pistol. The event, which also featured Cadet interaction with Special Forces officers, culminated with a marksmanship exam. The IWG, which was established by the CTC in 2014, exists for the purpose of enhancing Cadets’ understanding of irregular warfare concepts and skills.

Department of English and Philosophy

Cadet Fine Arts Forum Hosts Screening of “Amira & Sam”: On 28 January, the Film Forum, the Cadet Fine Arts Forum, and the Department of English and Philosophy hosted director Sean Mullin (USMA ’97) and actress Dina Shihabi at the pre-release screening of “Amira and Sam.” MAJ Rik Miller (Film Forum OIC) served as Moderator and Master of Ceremonies at the event. Immediately following the screening of the film about a veteran who has an unlikely affair with an Iraqi immigrant, Mr. Mullin and Ms. Shihabi engaged in a discussion panel featuring COL John Nelson (who teaches Film and Film Theory), Cadet Cyrus Cappo (’17, co-CIC of the Film Forum), and Cadet Bradley Hodgkins ( ’15, a former Film and Film Theory student). In addition to the panel discussion, the audience engaged in Q & A. After fielding questions about the creative processes of screen-writing, directing, and acting, Sean Mullin and Dina Shihabi addressed several of the movie’s themes: the military-civilian divide, re-integration of combat-veterans into society, immigration, and ethnic tensions between Muslim-Americans and their fellow citizens.

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS Awards CDT Adam Kratch Best-in-Course for EE360. COL Lisa A. Shay, EE Program Director, awarded CDT Adam Kratch the best-in-course award for EE360, Digital Logic with Embedded Systems. CDT Kratch earned the highest A+ out of 67 cadets in the course. CDT Kratch was also one of the few Yearlings in the which had 22 Cows and 38 Firsties.

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Cadets prepare for the100th Night Show. Class of 2015 cadets, including several very talented G&EnE majors, are working hard on their 100th night show. The cast and crew are sacrificing nights and weekends through the month of January and February to get ready for the 20-21 February performances. In this photo, nearly the entire cast runs through choreography for a spectacular show-stopping number. LTC Mindy Kimball, as the Officer-in-Charge of the Theatre Arts Guild (TAG), has been assisting the class leadership with the show since December, and is ensuring that TAG cadets provide sets, lighting, and sound support for the production. While the show is a Class of 2015 production, the backstage support comes from TAG cadets in all four classes and is guided by the extremely skilled civilian staff at Eisenhower Hall Theater. The Class of 2015 is ready to put on a stellar performance, and faculty is encouraged to attend either of the two performances. The show runs Friday, 20 Feb at 2000hrs, and Saturday, 21 Feb at 1900hrs. The show will run 90 minutes with no intermission. Tickets are $15 each and are available at the Ike Hall Box Office.

Highland Falls Elementary School Geography Club. West Point’s local super hero, Dirtman, made a surprise visit to the Highland Falls Elementary School on 3 February to help the school’s Geography Club. The club consists of more than 15 first and second graders who are interested in learning more about the geography of the world and the West Point area. Dirtman entertained and educated the students as they looked at topographic maps and models and assisted with the student’s geography craft. As the children continued to work on their crafts, Dirtman’s parting words to them were, “You Rock!” The Department of G&EnE is reaching out to the local community schools and assisting both the Highland Falls Elementary and Intermediate Schools with their Geography Club events.

Department of Foreign Languages

Arabic: Eight Arabic students studying in Morocco and Jordan have begun their studies. In Jordan, classes were cancelled for 4 Feb in response to current and potential protests following the release of the video showing the killing of Jordanian Air Force Pilot Moaz Kasabeh by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Cadets there report all is quiet, and they are receiving constant updates from AMIDEAST and the US Embassy. Cadets in Morocco report all is calm and business as usual, with no fallout in response to events in Jordan.

Chinese: Cadets McKenzie Beasley and Peter Neise had an opportunity to dine with relatives of Cadet Neise. The cadets spent the weekend with Cadet Neise’s great uncle and his family. Cadet Neise had never met any of these relatives before this weekend.

Department of History

On January 30 and 31, Dr. David Frey, Dr. Rasheed Hosein, and Captain Nathan Jennings of the Department of History escorted 80 plebes who have demonstrated academic excellence in American and International history courses on a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. After staying the night in the Hotel Harrington just blocks away from the National Mall, which the cadets were allowed to explore the evening of arrival, the group spent the entire next day in the museum. The experience included two hours of self-guided tour throughout four levels of displays, theaters, testimonials, and material evidence; a working lunch with discussion led by Dr. Frey and museum staff where the cadets reflected on observations; assessment of a temporary exhibit titled, “Some Were Neighbors”; and finally an intimate discussion with Holocaust survivors who told their stories in small-group settings. Designed to expose cadets to the commemoration and study of Holocaust history, the trip compelled each attendee to assess the role of military leaders in preventing future atrocities. One cadet thoughtfully summarized the value of this learning when he concluded that, “History is more about how we remember than what we remember. It is ultimately about the lessons we take away from it.”

International History major Cadet Lorraine Ariail, who is currently studying abroad in Hamburg, Germany, recently visited the nearby Neuengamme concentration camp. Her impression follows: “The grounds themselves are very unassuming- my friend and I got off the bus, walked down the road, and there was nothing but a sign and a small reception building marking the entrance. It was a typical dreary north German day, so the remains of the old railroad track and the rows of leafless trees were particularly chilling. In fact, if I did not speak German I might not have known it was a former concentration camp at all. The grounds are always open, and they are quite extensive. Over 100,000 prisoners were held in the camp. Most of the barracks are no longer standing, their former locations now marked by rocks and wire along the ground. The site of the crematorium is now just a concrete slab with a plaque.” “One of the most interesting aspects was learning that as early as 1950, a prison was erected on site for the regular German prison system. It was not closed down until the early 2000s due to protests, and there was really any sort of move to memorialize the site until the 70s. I suppose that is fairly typical, since it wasn't until around that time that the Second World War period of history was even incorporated into the German public education system. It is just fascinating to see how they have chosen to depict the site.”

Army Women Hold Off Lehigh for Seventh Straight Win

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Army used a late run to pull away from Lehigh during a 66-62 Patriot League victory on Wednesday evening at Christl Arena. The Black Knights earn their seventh consecutive win to improve to 16-5 overall and 8-3 in the league, while the Mountain Hawks slip to 15-6 and 7-4.

Junior Kelsey Minato scored a game-high 23 points on 8-of-18 shooting and grabbed five rebounds for Army, while senior Olivia Schretzman posted her fourth double-double of the year with a season-high 19 points and 11 boards. Junior Jean Parker nearly reached a double-double with nine points and nine rebounds.

Army converted each of its first three field goals to take an 8-0 lead before going on to hit five of its first seven shots and extend its advantage to nine, 12-3, after the opening 4:51 of the first half. Freshman Destinee Morris stole an errant pass at the 13:27 mark and finished a fast-break lay-in at the other end to bolster the Black Knights’ advantage to 13 points, 16-3. Full Story »

Army vs. Rutgers Will Be Played At Michie Stadium

WEST POINT, N.Y.  – The Army Athletic Association and the New York Yankees announced today that the Nov. 21 contest against Rutgers will be played at Michie Stadium. The contest was originally scheduled to be played at Yankee Stadium. “We are grateful for the tremendous partnership we have with the New York Yankees,” Army Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Boo Corrigan said.

“We discussed it and it makes the most sense to play the game at Michie to allow our fans plenty of time to plan accordingly for this game.” Army will now host six games at historic Michie Stadium during the 2015 season. The Black Knights will open the campaign on Sept. 4 against Fordham, welcome Wake Forest on Sept. 19 and host Duke (Oct. 10) and Bucknell (Oct. 17) on back-to-back weekends. Tulane will play at Army on Nov. 14 as well.

“Our fans, cadets, athletes and staff had a great experience at Yankee Stadium last year,” said Corrigan referring to Army’s 35-21 win over Connecticut on Nov. 8. “We will continue our partnership with the New York Yankees and look forward to our next event.” Season tickets for the 2015 football season will go on sale in early February at www.goARMYsports.com, by calling 1-877-TIX-ARMY or in person at the Michie Stadium Ticket Office. Story

Army Debate Team Has a Strong Showing

This past weekend, the Army Debate team traveled to the 5th Annual Jersey Shore Invitational at Monmouth University. The trip was a strong showing for the Army team with Open debater Michael Barlow and JV debater Veronica Bryant walking away with speaker awards. Also, Novice team Army GM advanced to out-rounds in their first ever tournament together.

JV team Army BS advanced to the semi finals in debater Bryan Silverman's first tournament in about year after returning from a semester abroad. Finally, Open team Army BC continues their win streak, going unbeaten at Monmouth. Great weekend for the Army team! Story

Army Football Season-Opener Moved To Friday Night

WEST POINT, N.Y.  – Army Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Boo Corrigan announced that Army’s football season-opener vs. Fordham has been moved to Friday night to preserve Labor Day weekend for the Corps of Cadets.

Army and Fordham will kick-off at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4, at historic Michie Stadium. The game was originally scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 5 and was moved to help cadets maximize leave time over the holiday weekend. Read More

Baseball Picked Second in Patriot League Poll

WEST POINT, N.Y. - The Army baseball team was selected second in the Patriot League's annual preseason poll, it was announced Tuesday. Senior pitcher Alex Robinett and third baseman Harold Earls each claimed a spot on the Preseason All-Patriot League Team. Patriot League head coaches and sports information directors were responsible for voting and could not choose their own team or players.

Bucknell, the 2014 Patriot League champion, was a unanimous choice to repeat and earned 50 points and 10 first-place votes in the poll. Army and Bucknell shared the regular-season title last season and the Black Knights followed the Bison with 37 points and one first-place nod. Lehigh also earned one first-place vote and was third with 30 points, while Navy (29), Holy Cross (19) and Lafayette (15) rounded out the rankings. "We are excited to begin the 2015 season," head coach Matt Reid said. Our guys are working and preparing very hard. Read More

Goff Named ECAC All-Around Gymnast of the Week

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Making his debut in the all-around category for just the second and third times over the weekend, Army gymnast Nathan Goff has been named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) All-Around Gymnast of the Week. His 81.300 at Air Force tied his career best, set earlier this season at the West Point Open.

On Friday against the Huskers, he posted score of 13.900 on floor exercise, a season-best 14.000  on pommel horse, 12.800 on still rings, a season-best 13.500 on vault, 13.700 on parallel bars and 12.700 on high bar. Against the Falcons, he earned a season-best mark of 13.950 on floor exercise, a score of 13.800 on pommel horse, 13.550 on still rings, 12.600 on vault, 13.800 on parallel bars and 13.600 on high bar. Read More

DCA Update - Extracurricular Clubs

Competitive Clubs


  • This past weekend, the Army Crew Team challenged the Royal Military College of Canada at the 2015 USMA-RMC Indoor Rowing Championship at Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center
  • The event opened with a 2000 meter varsity heat followed by a 2000 meter novice heat, a 1000 meter coxswains heat and a 2000 meter relay heat
  • The last time both schools competed in head-to-head indoor rowing competition was in 2001 (Army Won)
  • Army crew was the only competitive club to compete for a championship during this year’s RMC exchange
  • The Army Team won every heat and posted the fastest combined time to win the championship
  • CDT Ross Downum clocked the fastest 2000 meter time of the day at 6:23.8, more than 36 seconds faster than the nearest RMC competitor
  • CDT Ali Darby, a novice rower, posted the fastest time for the women at 7:55.3
  • The fastest time by a novice man was recorded by CDT Chris Wagner at 6:31.1
  • CDT Michaela Farris lead all coxswains in the 1000 meter piece, finishing in 3:50.3
  • In the final event of the day, a 2000 meter relay, CDTs Brennan Nesaralla, Ethan Grogan, and Gavin Hoffman won by a wide margin of 39.7 seconds
  • Members of the Army Crew hosted the RMC Cadets from Thursday through Sunday, and attended a banquet honoring the event on Friday in Washington Hall
  • They also participated in a joint practice on Friday morning at 0530, followed by a team breakfast
  • The weekend culminated with the Men’s Team Captain, CDT Court Adams, accepting the perennial championship plaque from LTG Caslen during the first intermission of the RMC-USMA Hockey game

Team Handball (Women's):

  • On 24-26 January, both the Black and Gold teams of Women’s Handball Team travelled to Levis, Canada (near Quebec) to compete in a five team tournament
  • West Point Black went 3-1 over the weekend, losing the first game to the host Levis 1 before winning the next three over West Point Gold, Levis 2, and Laurier
  • One key highlight was the tremendous defense during the third match against a very physical and a more experienced team from Montreal
  • The handball courts were much shorter than the regulation court that the team normally plays on, which minimized the fast-break offense, so a strong defense was required and the team stepped up
  • Individuals also stepped up their game, to include an overall impressive play from CDT Cora Moody who had the first alley oops goal in team’s recent memory
  • The Gold team showed strong development over the entire weekend, playing Levis 2 in a close one point match and frustrating Levis 1 with their defense
  • CDT Lindsey Kiernan demonstrated a fantastic wing shot that she’s de-veloped which significantly contributed to her team’s improved offensive success compared to past tournaments
  • The trip was a fantastic cultural experience for both teams, allowing Ca-dets to interact with the Canadian clubs with a much higher understanding and level of experience in handball compared to many clubs in America

Inline Hockey:

  • On 24 Jan., the West Point Inline Hockey Club travelled to Lawrenceville, NJ, to compete against the Rider University Broncs at Loucks Ice Center
  • The Cadets jumped on the Broncs early, scoring the first goal of the game at 18:13 of the first, and then another at 10:28 to extend the lead; Army finished the period with an 18-15 edge in shots
  • Starting the period with a 5 on 3 powerplay, Army took advantage and scored twice early, giving the Cadets a 4-1 lead
  • The physical intensity of the game continued to pick up in the second period, and multiple penalties put Army on the penalty kill in the period
  • Looking to protect the lead, Army settled into a stifling defensive stance in the third period, and scored another goal to close at the Cadet victory at 5-1

Academic Clubs

Model UN Forum:

  • From 22-25 Jan., the USMA Model UN Team competed in the McGill Model UN Assembly in Montreal
  • Throughout the weekend, Cadets engaged in vigorous debate en-compassing various topics across the spectrum of world issues and historical crises
  • Cadets also engaged socially with members of dozens of universi-ties from around the world and discussed cultural issues
  • At the conclusion of the weekend, the USMA Model UN Team was awarded the Outstanding Small Delegation Award, defeating all but one university, and beating both Navy and RMC
  • The following Cadets were awarded individual commendations in their respective committees: CDT Jack Bagdadi (Outstanding Delegate), CDT Ezra Engel (Best Delegate), CDT Patrick Beauregard (Outstanding Delegate), CDT Christine Sidu (Outstanding Delegate), CDT Brittany Scofield (Outstanding Delegate) and CDT Jon Paul (Book Award)

Military Clubs


  • This past weekend, the West Point Pistol Team defeated MIT with a three event aggregate score of 6221 to 6178
  • MIT won the Free Pistol event with a team score of 1961 to West Point’s 1957; both teams tied in Standard Pis-tol with a score of 2061
  • West Point won the final event, Air Pistol, with a team score of 2203 to MIT’s 2156
  • MIT won the Women’s Air Pistol event with a team score of 1071 to West Point’s 1066
  • The West Point women won the Sport Pistol event with a team score of 1637 to MIT’s 1616, giving the Women’s Pistol Team the overall win with an aggregate score of 2701 to MIT’s 2687
  • Army will host a sectional match at Tronsrue Marksmanship Center on 14-15 February, which is the qualifying match for Nationals

Support Clubs

Pipes and Drums:

  • The West Point Pipes & Drums hosted the Bands of the Cana-dian Royal Military College as part of the 92nd Annual RMC-USMA Exchange Weekend
  • The Pipes & Drum Team has worked with the RMC Band for over 30 years, and it was another great weekend of workshops, performances, and fellowship
  • On Saturday, the bands held workshops in Crest Hall, where they broke down into sections and rehearsed sets to perform later in the day at the Hollender Center
  • While the bands rehearsed, the dancers of both programs met in Arvin Gymna-sium and held a workshop there where the talented dancers of RMC trained with the West Point Celtic Dancers in several new routines
  • The bands came back together for a group rehearsal, and later that evening went to the Hollender Center to perform for the largest crowd the combined bands have performed for while at USMA
  • The performance before the hockey game was a huge success and the crowd loved the performances of the band which included: solo performances, dance performances, and a fantastic rendi-tion of Amazing Grace, which featured the Brass and Reed section of the RMC Band
  • Following the performances, the bands attended the Hockey match and the cadets cheered the Army team on to a victory

Snow Support (Ski Patrol):

  • The West Point Ski Patrol Club travelled to Elk Mountain and participated in the East-ern Division’s Ski and Toboggan Patroller School
  • There the Cadets learned ski instructor skills and valuable skills from professional ski patrollers
  • Candidate patrollers trained with professional patrollers on handling toboggans loaded with patients and unloading the to-boggans
  • The candidate patrollers were able to familiarize themselves and gain confidence in transporting potential patients down any terrain in a toboggan
  • Experienced cadet patrollers were given the opportunity to hone their skills specific to their platform, whether it was skis or snowboards; they also spent time refining their skills with handling toboggans

Hobby Clubs

Nordic Skiing:

  • On the weekend of 23-25 Jan., the West Point Nordic Ski Team competed in the Cornell University Invitational Ski Meet held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury Common, VT
  • Eight members of the team participated in both skate/freestyle and classic style Nordic ski competitions
  • On 24 Jan., in the Men’s 15K state race, CDT Joshua Bassette took third place overall with a race time of 45:34, just three min-utes behind the first place skier from Cornell University
  • CDT Benjamin Brea was the next finisher for Army in 26th place, with a race time of 1:04:24
  • The rest of the Army field included: CDT Keith Basnett coming in at 1:09:15 (30th); CDT Landon Hanson with a fin-ish time of 1:22:05 (34th); and CDT Spencer Read, competing the first time ever, with a finish time of 1:29:07 (36th)
  • In the Women’s 15K state race, CDT Rebecca Sauter, in her very first Nordic Race, finished with a time of 1:59:20
  • In the Sunday 8.5K classic races, the women skied first and both Army women completed the course, with CDT Emily Beecher finishing at 1:06:54 (20th), and CDT Rebecca Sauter finishing at 1:25:32 (21st)
  • In the men’s competition, CDT Joshua Bassette finished in fourth place with a race time of 30:47, CDT Ben Brea fin-ished in 20th place with a time of 42:17, CDT Keith Basnett finished in 26th place with a time of 44:31, CDT Landon Hanson finished in 29th place with a time of 51:17, and CDT Spencer Read finished in 31st place with a time of 1:02:40
  • In overall team points Army finished in 4th place in both of the men’s events

Religious Clubs

Catholic Chapel Cadet Catechists:

  • On 21-22 January, Catholic Cadets travelled to Washington, D.C, to attend the March for Life
  • Archbishop Broglio of the Archdiocese of the Military Services (AMS) invited the cadets to accompany him to the event
  • Attended by an estimated 650,000 people, the March allowed Cadets to witness firsthand, in a vivid and compelling way, American political life in action and the first amendment right of free-dom of assembly
  • The March also gave them the opportunity to reflect deeply upon two principles that are fundamental to our military profession: the intrinsic value of all human beings and the defense of human life
  • Prior to the March, the cadets received a tour of the AMS headquar-ters building, where members of the Archbishop’s staff explained the organization and function of the Archdiocese

DCA Happenings

Cadet Programs

Cadet Programs presented a Masquerade Ball for the Class of 2018 at Eisenhower Hall on 23 January, where over 500 cadets and guests attended. Music was provided by the Benny Haven’s Band. Complimentary photos, games, prizes and refreshments were provided. Kudos to the class leadership for their planning and supervision of the event!

Army Football Caps Season With Awards Banquet

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Larry Dixon was named the most valuable player and Joe Drummond collected the Black Lion Award as the Army football program gathered for its postseason banquet. Varsity letters, senior accolades and 10 awards were handed out Saturday evening at Eisenhower Hall. Rich DeMarco served as master of ceremonies while head coach Jeff Monken spoke about the 2014 season and expectations for the upcoming season.

Dixon, a senior running back, was selected as the Thruston Hughes Memorial Award winner. It was established in 1939 to honor the team MVP and will be presented officially during the Awards Convocation prior to graduation. Drummond, a senior defensive lineman, wore the Black Lion patch during the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA in December. The Black Lion is presented to the football player who best exemplifies the character of Don Holleder, an All-America defensive end for Army who was killed in action. Holleder’s daughter, Katie Fellows, presented the award.

Drummond also was honored with the William C. Whitehead Jr. Memorial Award as the graduating senior with the highest grade point average. He also took home the Lt. Gen. Garrison Davidson Award for having the highest military grade and earning distinction in the areas of honor, country, sportsmanship and leadership. He also collected the Army Football Lifter of the Year for his commitment to his personal development on and off the field.

Sophomores Robert Jenkins and Matthew Kauffman shared the Col. Joel B. “Dopey” Stephens Award as the outstanding football players on the scout team. Senior Todd McDonald was named the Col. James B. Gillespie Memorial Award winner for his outstanding dedication, unfailing performance and contributions to the Army football team. Dixon and classmate Geoffery Bacon shared the Creighton W. Abrams Memorial Award as team captains. Senior Jimmy Forgrave was named the 1st Lt. Chase Prasnicki Memorial Award winner. Forgrave was honored for sharing the characteristics of Prasnicki who was killed in action. Prasnicki always put the team above self and lived the values of loyalty, selfless service and teamwork. Full Story »

Minato Earns PL and AAA Weekly Honors

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Army junior guard Kelsey Minato earned Patriot League Player of the Week honors for the second week in a row, while also garnering Army Athletic Association Athlete of the Week accolades. Both the Patriot League Player of the Week and AAA Athlete of the Week awards mark Minato’s third of the season and the 11th of her career.

Minato averaged 25.0 points and 4.5 assists per game in two outings last week, helping Army win both of its contests and extend its winning streak to a season-long six games. The junior netted 30 points, while making a program single-game-record eight three-pointers on 10 attempts during a 65-40 victory at Boston University on Jan. 29. Minato shot 10-of-14 overall, added four assists and helped the Black Knights set a team single-game standard of 13 triples in the victory. Read More

Porter Named Patriot League Female Tennis Player of the Week

CENTRAL VALLEY, Pa. – After earning Army four singles points and hailing three wins in doubles, yearling Nancy Porter has been named the Patriot League Female Tennis Player of the Week, announced Monday afternoon.

“Nan has been working really hard and is very focused,” said head coach Paul Peck. “I am proud of where she is right now, she is playing great tennis for us. She is more focused and it is showing on the court.”

The Amarillo, Texas native earned wins at sixth singles against Nebraska and Air Force two weeks ago. This past weekend, Porter garnered points for the Black Knights after winning at fourth singles against Binghamton and in fifth singles against Seton Hall. She has won all four of her singles matches this season. Read More